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How many cruises do you have booked at this time?!

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Hello fellow RCL Blog fans!

With all the excitement of cruising slowly returning across the globe, I was wondering what cruises you currently have booked and are thinking of booking in the near future! This should be a fun thread ?

We are booked on:

  1. Symphony of the Seas in February 2022, first time staying in a Jr Suite!
  2. Oasis of the Seas in February 2023, first time staying in a Crown Loft Suite!

We are soon going to be booked on:

  1. Navigator of the Seas in Summer 2022 out of LA, staying in a Jr Suite!

Cheers to more cruising!

Been on 12 thus far and can't wait to go on more!


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I have 9 booked cruises right now.  3 this year and 6 for 2022.   I am planning on all of next years to be sailing.  But doubts on this Sept. out of Southampton.  And confident that this coming Decembers will work out.  2 of my bookings are on Celebrity Apex and the rest are all RC ships, including the new Odyssey.

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Currently only one booked, Harmony out of Barcelona at the end of September, which is looking more and more like it's toast.

Watching closely for a potential Panama Canal on Navigator. That's a bucket list cruise and to get to do it on a ship like Navigator would be the icing on the cake.

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October 2021 from Galveston

February 2022 from Galveston 

June 2022 Alaska

April 2023 on Allure from Galveston 


Right now, I think all but the October '21 will sail. We're considering going ahead and canceling that one, moving the deposit FCC to the Alaska cruise.

We have a crazy good deal on the February '22 sailing and a ton of OBC too, so that's the one I'm really crossing my fingers for. There might be tears in our house if cancelations go into next year.

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Unfortunately, I only have one booked at a time. (Currently, Odyssey on January 29, 2022)

I would like to think that if I lived much closer to a port (or ports), I would take advantage of short sailings for long weekend getaways. With having to fly (or drive a LONG way) it's just too time and/or cost prohibitive. 

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We’ve got some rookie numbers....only four booked. 

We’ve only lifted and shifted two and had one cancelled because it was chartered.

Our next one is September 5th from Galveston.  We currently plan on paying in full when it’s due and dealing with the cancellation if it happens....although the thought of changing it to an Adventure sailing in the same timeframe has crossed our minds.


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6 hours ago, CGTLH said:

September 2021: Allure*

November 2021: Harmony (Group Cruise)

January 2022: Odyssey

April 2022: Harmony*

November 2022: Oasis*

December 2022: Harmony (Pending deposit)

Heyyyy...looks a lot like mine..cept add:

January 2022: Harmony*

April 2022: Oasis (placeholder til I decide to move the deposit elsewhere)

Contemplating a 2-night Indy sailing end of January 2022..3 cruises in a month isn't too much, right? ?

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We’ve got 3 but 2 are biggies. 

Symphony in October (4th time rescheduling this one) 

Radiance Alaska May ‘22 in a JS

Odyssey out of Rome 12 night Holy Land/Best of Greece October ‘22. (Replaces cancelled Odyssey Italy/Greece) 

#4 might be a spur of the moment 3-4 night Bahamas (we live close to port)

#5 my plan is to hopefully book on the new ICON due in 2023. If she’s not on time, I’ll book Odyssey or an oasis class to the Caribbean 

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At the moment here is my list...but, being from Canada and our problems with the border, quarantine, and lagging vaccine rollout, I am pretty sure that anything prior to December 2021 is going to be a no go. I will be so thankful if I can get one in this year. 

Oasis June 2021

Brilliance July 2021

Symphony August 2021

Navigator November 2021

Allure December 2021

Oasis March 2022

Anthem July 2022

Freedom July 2022

Oasis December 2022

Symphony March 2023

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3 currently booked.  April 2022 on Navigator (moved from 2020 to 2021 to 2022!!!) and am pretty sure that one will sail!  September 2022 on Allure is the second one I booked.  Just this week booked November 2021 on Oasis and am really hoping it will be a go (the sail date coincides with our 42nd wedding anniversary!).  Oh and planning to book Navigator sailing from LA as soon as the schedule opens up!!!

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Right now .... only one officially ... Sept. 19, 2021 on Oasis ....

We're hoping we can book more when on board Oasis for the extra savings ...

Looks like we'll book Explorer for 10/29/22 (I believe that's the date) out of Miami for the ABC's & Halloween

Spring of '23 for a 5-nighter on Lady G going to Key West (hopefully) and Labadee....

Then --- going back to Bermuda later September for our 10th Anniversary (looks like that'll probably be on Enchantment)

All of these we're hoping to secure once we get on Oasis.

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