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  1. Same with respect to convenience and no concern for the bill. Royal definitely makes money off of me, but it's the convenience. One big plus for me, is reading what's in a specific mixed drink or a new wine and being able to give it a try without worrying if I'll like it or not. If we pay per drink, then I will just stick to drinks that I know I like.
  2. Can't comment on recent cruises, but we got that on Symphony. It was a great deal. Just note that it wasn't offered until near the end of the cruise. I forget exactly when but either the last day or second last day. PS - Correction to above....Just looked up my report and it was offered on day 4.
  3. I am so livid about this. I don't see the issue if we are sticking to our car, driving straight home and then going into quarantine there. Isn't that better anyways than staying in a public hotel with someone needing to disinfect the room afterwards, etc? My worry too is that I can see Mr T keeping this around for a long time.
  4. Same on both of those - the date and way of getting there (from Ontario). Before this clause, we probably would have paid it off and then watched closer to the sail date to see if things had calmed down. But with this new clause, we will cancel before final payment. Such a shame as we keep trying to get on this very cruise.
  5. @Jax, yep that's the new clause. I'm with you. So upset as who knows how long this will stay and we have to keep cancelling cruises or trips to the US.
  6. Anthem for xmas cruise Dec 2022 is about $60 USD regular price and $75 USD on sale .... not a typo.....the sale price is more than the regular price for some reason. Guess that's typical with their IT...lol. (We're Canadian so the above is converted). We got last xmas cruise for about $49 USD for comparison. Having said that, we jumped on the price at $60. That is much more than we would have ever bought it in the past....but am determined to have the drink package for our next cruise, whenever that is. I agree with MattG....I watch prices regularly and it always toggles between two numbers. And often Black Friday is that same number.
  7. Looks like we are toast for our March cruise. We were planning on driving, but our government has now added a clause that we are subject to $5000 fines if we cross back to Canada and are positive....even though would still quarantine at home. This is one of the times that it sucks to be Canadian. Hope they remove this in the next few months but pretty sure they'll keep it over our March break.
  8. We typically stay in a balcony type room, but DH and I did try a JS once on Adventure as the price was right. The bathroom difference wasn't a huge deal for us (I don't remember more space, just the shower was a tub-style shower in the JS), but what I found great was the walk in closet and all the drawers for storing our stuff. With a regular room, we are always scrambling for space for our things (not that I bring too much or anything...lol). Extra room space was nice too, and of course double points if you book upfront. Having said that, we only jumped on the JS once due to the price. Typically it's too much of a difference, especially when travelling with our kids (or for similar price, we will get connecting balcony rooms) and we manage fine in a regular room, or rooms.
  9. Yeah, I have a spreadsheet that I have kept over the years. Prices definitely vary by ship/sale date, and overall are much more than they used to be. I do find though, that every few weeks, prices tend to yo-yo between two prices....regular price and sale price.
  10. Similar thoughts with border and quarantine. Btw. We ended up cancelling Oasis and will go with anthem if we go due to being able to drive. Too bad though as it would have been great to meet you
  11. We are also up in the air about our March cruise. To be honest, not hopeful. For us, we can, and are planning on driving so don't need to worry about air fare and can just see how things go over the next couple months (and buys us time to decide). Final payment is mid Feb. At that point if it's still a maybe, then we may pay it off (FCC) and ride it out as Royal has the 48 hr cancellation. Or if things are still very bad with omnicron, we'll just cancel and try again end of the year (we have a backup one booked but it's much more $$$). We are ok with masks and protocols but to be honest, would suck is no shows and limited activities. Also, if we catch it, we can drive ourselves home, which is a big factor on the plus side....but, if we are hearing of many getting quarantined for "close contact" or other during the cruise, then we will cancel. For you, it depends...are you ok if you miss those ports? Do you drive or need to fly to the port? Are you ok with a lesser ship experience with things not running or limited? When if your final payment? You can at least wait until then and cancel (before) if you decide.
  12. Thanks for taking us along and sharing your experience. Am really happy for you and your DH that things worked out and you were finally able to to cruise again. Sounds like an amazing cruise and only negative is not long enough, but they are never long enough. Safe travels home, and happy holidays with your kids.
  13. Thank you. Have an amazing cruise. Anthem looks like a wonderful ship with lots of fun stuff.
  14. Completely gutted. Really appreciate your kind words.
  15. What a rollercoaster of a week....going, not going, going not going....changing every hour. Sunday we decided we were going. Up came the suitcases and we started to pack and make last minutes purchases. Then....one of my fears happened....a kid tested positive in my son's class. At first we were fine (and most importantly he was fine as he wasn't actually near this kid, plus he's negative from antigen test, and even getting a PCR test today required by his school). Then there must have been another kid who tested positive as the quarantine and exposure dates changed. We even changed our plans to leave Thurs very late evening when his quarantine time ended and drive overnight and have our son's antigen test done at the port. The issue? DH found a sample of the health questionnaire and it asks if anyone has been exposed in last 14 days. Even though his quarantine is done by Friday, the number of days as of Friday since exposure will be 11. We are done. Spent awhile on the phone with Royal to confirm this and cruise is cancelled. Soooo...upset, and our kids devastated. Knew this could happen and luck wasn't on our side. We have Anthem booked in March, but if things are the same, then we may cancel that. We even booked next xmas again. Hope you all have a wonderful cruise. Would love to hear back.
  16. The downside is that it will now cost money, but at least they still offer it at the cruise port. Would need to leave time though for your flight home if flying.
  17. I know. It's so nerve racking. Never has there been anything like this where you have to test and if it's the wrong way, the trip is toast. Btw...I assume you mean tests "this" week. Our cruise is almost here!
  18. Yes exactly. We are happy with the stricter mask protocols...and hope that the crew enforces it. As of this morning, we are going. DH even brought up the suitcases, even though he said he wouldn't until Monday. Can understand though waiting until Tuesday. We did discuss with out kids that we may skip some of the activities and spend more time in our room than normal. They are ok with that compromise (as longs as they get treats). Getting close now. Here's hoping negatives for everyone.
  19. Well said. I agree with each and everyone of your posts. It sucks, but is is what it is, and Royal is doing what is best to keep everyone safe...even if it means cancellations and angering people. P.S. - For us, the stricter protocol is a plus in helping us decide whether to go or cancel.
  20. So excited to see your blog. I am 200% with you on the above comment! Have an amazing incredible supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cruise! And happy 25th Dating Anniversary.
  21. Am sorry the new protocols may make you cancel. For us, it's a good thing as it adds comfort, but I can totally understand some find the whole mask thing not likable when on vacation. Great that you are leaning towards going. Earlier today, we were a no...now, back to somewhere between "maybe" and "we think so". As above, the mask indoors protocol makes us more comfortable. Sounds like we are on the same page with being able to drive to the port. It makes a huge difference knowing that we can get home if anyone tests positive. I laughed at your swim comment. That would be a problem. It's December after all. I know...I'm usually jumping off the walls by now, but this time it's such ups and downs. And for me to potentially wait until a couple days before to pack is outrageous. It's funny/annoying too as it's the first time I've taken 2 weeks off at xmas. It may work out perfectly. Or it could be 2 weeks sitting at home doing nothing with everyone on computers, etc. How about others.....anyone else on the fence of going or cancelling?
  22. This hour...we are leaning towards going. (Ask me again later today and probably a different answer...lol). Sounds like you and your family are the same. We may try walk in clinic for booster. We also have a backup appointment on the weekend if that doesn't work (across the border). The booster will make us feel better. Totally understand the kids and school. That's good (cruise-wise) that your son will be online anyways. My younger one (grade 7) can attend online. Not all subjects run but her main teacher seems to run google meet. We actually kept her home today out of precaution as cases are rising. My older one is in high school and is like your daughter with not wanting to miss school...but being online if required is still an option for him that he's willing to do if it means we can go. We do wonder if they will close schools for a bit post-holidays. DH and I have been working from home during the pandemic so not a big deal for us. Keep us posted what you decide.
  23. Tonight my 16 year old made the comment that "we should go for our mental health" .
  24. We had a talk over dinner. Started the conversation leaning towards not going...but still not sure as we may still go for it. We even booked boosters along the way (which I know won't have full strength but anything helps as it's ramping up). So hard to decide...
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