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  1. You can add me for Dec 19th on Anthem (fingers and toes crossed that cruises are back up and running!)
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Great to hear you loved it so much. Sadly our Anthem cruise in March was cancelled so we missed the excursion. But we re-booked the cruise for December and we also re-booked Kennedy Space Center. Fingers and toes crossed we get to go. The port hours on this cruise are actually better as we are in port from 7am - 7pm (vs the hours on our cancelled cruise which was 12pm-9pm....with KSC closing at 6pm). So won't feel as rushed.
  3. Thanks for the info @Lovetocruise2002 . Haven't heard that (but never needed to know abut FCC before last summer). That sucks if that's true. The one expiring in Aug that will be re-issued isn't as much. Thus, our cancelled Anthem one will be more beneficial for Dec Anthem, esp with the price increase. Will definitely ask prior to having any applied. Thanks! We could apply one to Harmony (Mar 21) as that one has already gone up and price drop is unlikely. But then if we end up changing that one due to reshuffling... It's all so complicated.
  4. Thank you. So if we apply 1 and 2 to December, and then Dec gets cancelled, the FCC should be re-issued. Hopefully the August one gets a new expiry date. PS - Hopefully a non-issue and Dec goes ahead.
  5. I have a feeling we are going to end up with lots of FCC and with things so uncertain, I have a question. Sorry in advance as it's a bit of a long post.... We are going to end up with multiple FCCs. First one was from last August from Hurricane Dorian. My daughter's FCC was applied to our March cruise that got cancelled under Cruise with Confidence and will be re-issued. The rest will be re-issued if we end up having to cancel our upcoming cruise in August (hoping we won't have to but I'm not optimistic). Expiry was Aug 2020 (for the one issued for Dorian). Second one was from our March cruise (Anthem) got cancelled under Cruise with Confidence. Expiry is Dec 2021. Third one....Doesn't exist yet but will if we end up having to cancel this Aug. If we cancel, it will also be under Cruise with Confidence. Expiry will be Dec 2021 if we end up cancelling. We also have In 2020: Dec cruise (replacement for our cancelled March cruise). Counting on that one to go ahead, but of course, it's possible that will be cancelled too if things haven't started up yet, or if there is a second wave of the coronavirus. In 2021: Mar and Aug In 2022: Mar Here's the thing....For August 2020, we had this whole Disney World + cruise trip booked. So if we have to cancel, we may want to change our Aug 2021 cruise so we can rebook similarly (i.e. select cruise out of Port Canaveral instead of New Jersey). And if we have to cancel our Dec 2020 cruise, then we miss Anthem again...and so not sure at this point if we would want to book Anthem for Mar 2021 or Mar 2022 instead of what we have booked. So many unknowns.... Next logical step is to apply the FCC from item 1 above (i..e the ones expiring Aug 2020) to our Dec cruise. Then apply the FCC from item 2 above to Dec cruise. But then what happens if Dec gets cancelled? The first FCC would be expired. Add one thing we don't want to do is apply it far out as then you can no longer watch for price drops (as the FCC will bring the price down) And what happens if we for example, apply FCC to Mar 2021 (Harmony) , but then we end up switching Harmony with Anthem (if Dec is cancelled)? DO we lose the FCCs, or would they be re-issued?
  6. Completely agree. We never get internet for this reason. And it's a vacation for me...no cooking or cleaning. I'll second what others have said. Love the feeling when you take that first walk on the ship, relaxing with the family and at the same time, participating in activities such as scavenger hunts, sky pad, waterslides, abyss, etc, MDR each night followed by a show, the game shows and fun evening stuff, the drinks (Lava Flow, Mojito and Blue Hawaiian!), exploring the ship, walking laps on deck 5 (depending on the ship) where you can see the water...so peaceful. And like others, I'm a planner so love the anticipation of the next cruise, daily price checks for cruise an cruise planner, researching ports (although it's more about the ship than the ports for us). Of course, this time it's hard as you don't know if those cruises will go ahead so its bittersweet. I honestly said to DH yesterday that if we can't cruise for our family vacations, and Disney is also out of the picture, I can't think of any alternative that even comes close.
  7. I got the email for my August cruise. It's the 48 hr cancellation policy. If we cancel up to 48 hrs, then Royal will give FCC for the value. If outside of final payment and non-refundable, then get FCC for deposit and refund of any additional funds paid. If past final payment, then FCC for cruise fare Nothing about OBC or 125% if we cancel. I suppose the other will come into play if Royal ends up cancelling and we have not.
  8. We have 4 days at Disney prior to our August cruise and to me, this is worse. You go on a ride, touch the handle bar to keep you in place, which x people have touched before you. Much easier to spread than a cruise ship. And likewise as you say with other places. Cruise ships get a bad rap as they can count the number of cases as everyone is still there.
  9. Good responses. I'm even questioning if for the next while, if every 1 week vacation will turn into a 3 week vacation because places such as school and work won't let us back for 2 weeks and will want us to quarantine? That is obviously not realistic. Our next cruise is end of August and if things are back, we can't have our kids miss the start of school. The next one is first week of Dec holidays. So we have some room there...as there is a second week of holidays but then to miss the first week back in the new year? Really hope that all eases up if (or when!) cruising resumes.
  10. We know that ships are stopped, ports aren't allowing cruise ships now and airlines have stopped for general travel. Eventually things will start up again, but there will still be the fear of a ship getting hit, etc. But one thing people don't talk about much...do you think they'll be a stigma for anyone who decides to cruise? We have a cruise in August + a few days at Disney beforehand. Today DH questioned that even if cruises are back and the park is open...can we even go? His concerns are things like....Will school let our kids back or will we need to stay home another 2 weeks? Will their friends' parents let their kids see our kids for 2 weeks after? etc. Anyone else think concerns like these may also prevent you from cruising (at least within the first while when things are back)?
  11. Thank you for doing this belated review. It is well needed right now. I love reading about how your love of cruising happened. You never know until you try it . Looking forward to hearing more. Congrats on your engagement.
  12. Thanks for confirming. Yes we got our yesterday at 100%, so what I was expecting. Hopefully you will get your soon and they are considering your issues.
  13. No worries. We'll watch out for the numbers separately. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks so much. Will watch for the refund then on our cc. This is actually a good thing to have part returned directly.
  15. Our FCC includes the cruise price but does not include the taxes and fees, nor does it include the gratuities that we paid at final payment. Is that money lost? Or is our FCC wrong? (We are the 100% FCC scenario....but doesn't seem 100% to me)
  16. So strange. Still not getting notifications from this site. I even tried signing out and back in and still nothing. It's been over a week now so doesn't seem so temporary. ☹️
  17. We like decks 7-10 as we like being mid for top to bottom and near stuff. For front to back, we like between mid and aft so that we are near the stairs for Windjammer (as you mention), MDR, and ships such as Mariner, Navigator, etc have the slides and other at the back of the ship....or Boardwalk on Oasis class. Have never selected Forward staterooms, but I will explicitly avoid them as I worry about movement. Generally don't book on the first few decks, but they would be convenient for MDR, ports and when leaving the ship at the end of the cruise.
  18. Wow sounds really rough time. Am really sorry you went through that (and had some fun too with the house to yourself). Good to hear at least it helped you heal.
  19. Mariner is very similar with Sky Pad, waterslides, Laser Tag and then standard stuff such as Flowrider, rock wall, ice rink, etc It is a bit smaller though so no additional kids pool/slides.
  20. Funny enough, I got your reply. Thanks for letting me know it's not just me. Nothing from any of my regular subscribed threads.
  21. What a long haul for you but so glad to hear your foot is now healed and you are doing better.
  22. Not sure if this is the correct spot to post, but wondering if anyone else has stopped getting email notifications? I subscribe to receive an email for any new post on certain threads, but am not getting anything. Anyone else?
  23. Thanks for the tips. I've heard 270 has amazing views. Looks like a really neat all-purpose room too with entertainment. Really hope things are a go for Dec so can experience it. Great tip too about how to get to the indoor pool without going outside. Definitely will be useful. SeaPlex looks like tons of fun for kids. I worry a bit for the crowds for this cruise, but would try and go before it opens for any event in which they are interested. Same here in Ontario...we had an early snowstorm, then a few after that, but overall wasn't really that bad.
  24. Thanks for letting me know your experience with the weather. Sounds like it's the same 8 day cruise and same time of year so that helps. While our kids are teen/almost pre-teen we prefer connecting rooms, but a balcony and virtual is a great compromise when ready they (or I) am ready for non-connecting. I can get what you mean about the virutal...neat at first but then wore off. That's frustrating too that it didn't even work at one point. We've stayed in promenade rooms and like having a window to see out (even if inside the ship) but do wonder about the virtual. In other circumstances though, I can see us going back to a virtual balcony sometime. We don't spend a ton of time in the room. Appreciate the input. We did end up spending the extra and switched to the 2 balcony rooms. I agree that the natural light will be nice, even if we don't step outside. P.S. - What a great time to cruise! I would actually prefer New Years over Christmas (as we don't celebrate) but New Years cruise was much more for 2020.
  25. Thanks for sharing. Must be so strange being in jackets and even more so seeing snow. Ok.. we know to expect even the outside decks being closed. I assume Anthem has a lot of indoor stuff going on. We know it's not a warm holiday cruise.
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