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  1. Following. Have both these ships booked in the future. Sounds like an amazing summer!
  2. You can book refundable when Canadian funds. Go through the mock booking and enter in the details for the passengers. A refundable check box shows on the same page where you add gratuities. Also as a note, I've had a few bookings where my stateroom was only offered as refundable. You can check if this is your scenarios by selecting the 'view cancellation policy' hyperlink with the pricing. The pop up window will show if it is "Non-Refundable Deposit" or "Refundable Deposit".
  3. Happy anniversary! What a special one! Glad you spoiled yourselves with that amazing stateroom, and must have been a great few days away to relax!
  4. Is there an "excursion" for Disney transportation . That was our plan a couple years ago (which didn't happen due to covid). We were going to just take the transportation and spend the day at Disney Springs and/or resort hopping. To pricey for paying for the parks but still was a way to get a Disney fix.
  5. Loving this double cruise report! We were on Anthem in March. Really enjoyed her....It's exciting reading through both your experiences! Is the cruise director still Joff Eaton? He's pretty good (although we only had him for 2/3 of our cruise as he disappeared near the end of our cruise due to the nasty C). Hope you're both having an amazing time!
  6. Wow...that Harry Potter exhibit looks amazing! Like you are really in the movies! So glad you made it safe and sound, negative tests, etc! Looking forward to following along with your Anthem cruise. I know it's not your favorite ship (DH feels the same about Anthem, but DD and I really enjoyed her)....but seems this one isn't about the ship. What an incredible vacation...and your cruise hasn't even started yet.
  7. Cool! We almost booked the week prior, but it will be our son's first year of university and not knowing where he'll be and his last exam, we booked this week instead. Never been on a New Year's cruise before.
  8. Another question about the coffee card. Can you use it in the MDR for a coffee after dinner? Or is it only at the coffee shops (e.g. Cafe Promenade, WIndjammer)?
  9. Just noticed my currently booked cruises aren't on the master list: Liberty - Dec 19, 2022 Oasis - Mar 12, 2023 Odyssey - Dec 31, 2023 Wonder - Mar 10, 2024 Thanks.
  10. Question....does that mean that the card is specific for the ship?
  11. That's funny. I don't really know who she is....except that she was a regular guest star on The Love Boat (which is the show that got me into cruising).
  12. I found there were some neat visuals in Spectra's Cabaret...but my main thought was "very weird".
  13. I'm biased as Mamma Mia is my favorite musical all around...it's just so fun and upbeat. Have seen it 25x to date (with one of those times on Allure). But I would have to say that We Will Rock You on Anthem was amazing...done really well and was able to go twice during the cruise. It's my DD's favorite. I also really enjoyed Hairspray on Symphony and Grease on Independence was good. Gonna guess Cats will be my least favorite but haven't seen it yet. For production shows...the one on Navigator wasn't my favorite as it felt like old cheezy Vegas show (even though the performers were talented).
  14. We were on Anthem in March and it was not running. They had a "puzzle break" activity that I suppose they were trying to mimic that was open to everyone run in the Music Hall (different puzzles/things to solve)
  15. I assume the card is left in your stateroom when you arrive? Drink packages are very pricey now but am considering the coffee card for our next cruise.
  16. When is your cruise? Same thing for our Oasis cruise next March. It shows regular price of $191 CAD and current sale price $172 CAD. That's insane! We just went this past March and paid $65 CAD (and for that, we were the only ship and not full capacity so no crowd issues). Our kids loved the park so hoping it's just so high off since the cruise is out 10 months. They too will be upset if we don't purchase it (but not at that price)
  17. Everyone has their own risk tolerance and how they look at things. The way I see it...If nothing is going on in my life, then sure, I don't want to get sick or pass things to my family, but it's not quite as big deal. But if something is coming up...vacation, or as an example, we have my DD's bat mitzvah next month....then yeah, I personally am extra nervous and we are extra cautious. Since catching covid = goodbye trip or event cancelled, etc. Huge disappointment, big loss of money we put out, and missing out on the event we soooo look forward to. So we definitely take extra precaution AT LEAST the 2 weeks leading up to the event.
  18. We cut back what we could for the 2 weeks prior to our cruise meaning: kids had no get togethers with friends extra curricular programs stopped no family get togethers or seeing friends (didn't do the latter much anyways since covid) kids wore N95 masks to school (normally it's just triple layer) Things that continued: kids went to school DH and I worked, but luckily for our last cruise we were both worked from home (that'll be partially changing soon though) N95 masks when out (supermarket or in stores) Until testing is removed (to get on a plane or on a cruise ship), I will be nervous and do what we can to try and avoid covid.
  19. Yes. Bumper cars needed reservations as well when we went in March. Don't think it was required before covid.
  20. OP, another item to mention....If you are on a ship where you need to book things, then it's good to book as soon as you can in case it fills up. This can include shows, any dining, etc. Also for ships where you need to book activities, such as on Anthem. We booked iFly and North Star right away. Some were disappointed who waited and couldn't get a spot later in the week (the free one or pay option). We also booked bumper cards early in the week, and then we were able to book it again for a second time.
  21. Thanks. That's what I'm thinking...it would be nice to be near pharmacies and the Publix as per your comments.
  22. Thanks. We always book refundable and I watch hotel prices regularly. I find when it's holiday time, prices tend to go up from when released.
  23. Yeah, not surprised. Flights were also very pricey, and even more so than other years (It's Ontario March break for us)
  24. We're looking for a hotel for the night prior to our March cruise. We really like the Brickell area but hotels are going for $500-600 for one night! That's insane! Even airport hotels are very pricey. I guess everyone is trying to make up for losses during the pandemic. Our flight arrives late morning so we will have most of the day. We currently have Candlewood Suites Miami Airport on 36th booked. The hotel iteself gets very good reviews. Does anyone know this area? There are food options but doesn't seem like much else. Another option is to book Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon. It's about $120 more but seems to have more around it. Any thoughts of either hotel or area?
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