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  1. I'm guessing this has to do with the change to final payment now being only 30 days prior for cruises Oct 1 - Dec 31. Our check in (and final payment) was supposed to be next week and now check in shows in Nov (for our xmas cruise)....Note that the date seems to be 45 days before. I've heard of others with a cruise in this date range to have their ability check in now gone. Don't know if any previously check ins are void or just on hold until the new date. It's funny too that check in is 15 days prior to final payment.
  2. From my understanding....the PCR test is for anyone who needs it to return home (need to request it)
  3. I was planning on making final payment this weekend for our xmas Dec but guess we can wait now. Question...I assume this doesn't impact FCCs? i.e. we can apply these anytime up to final payment as long as within FCC terms?
  4. I hear you...much cheaper. We're a family of 4 so it's even more (but NJ airfare is less than flying to Florida). It's also safer covid-wise being in your own car vs airport. We are also thinking of driving in the worst case scenario where one of us test positive (i.e. if can drive ourselves home). Our downside is our cruise is Dec so weather is a big risk (Oct you would be fine). Plus, I have back issues and can't sit that long so would need many stops.
  5. Curious as I see you are from Toronto as well. Does that mean that your hope is to drive to NJ? We have Anthem out of NJ in Dec and are debating between driving (if border opens) or flying. We do have refundable flights booked.
  6. I wondered the same but have also heard of no issues. Just make sure that you bring both pdfs (first dose and second dose) as I heard they do look at both of them.
  7. Yeah, it sucks as would be nice to have access to these too. We plan on getting our test done at Shoppers. When the time comes nearer, will look closer and see if we can pre-book or if it's just a first come first serve.
  8. I agree with this. Unfortunately it seems like covid is here to stay....and we just have to find the best way to go on with it in our lives. So I can't see Royal (or any travel) dropping it unless someday it goes away...which seems unlikely. Hopefully at some point, masks will be gone, or minimized to when in small confined spaces....but I really think vaccinated rules for anyone who is approved is here to stay for a long time.
  9. Thanks so much. I am Canadian and see it on amazon ca so can order it and give it a try.
  10. So smart about the contacts. Wish that was an option for me. Used to wear them all the time but about 10 years ago, I had to stop due to my eyes being too dry. Glasses are the biggest issue for me with a mask...can't figure out how to not fog up. Have tried different masks and different spots for the glasses. Do you have a specific branch that you recommend? Our next cruise is Anthem and so will be a lot of mask wearing since indoors.
  11. If you end up switching to Independence, don't miss Grease. Great production. We were on Indy and loved it. We were supposed to go on Freedom this past August but had to cancel. Was looking forward to the amplification. Pool seemed to have similar changes to Navigator which was really nice. Can understand you wanting to avoid the hassle of switching and I'm sure either will be an amazing cruise.
  12. Do you know how many they allow in the escape room at a time?
  13. If the covid coverage by Royal does in fact expire Dec 31,st, then that is also a big factor for us too, for going on Dec cruise (plus lower crowds...maybe...cause we have the xmas cruise so am guessing it won't be that low) We currently have a flight booked for the day before so with current protocols, the 2 day testing still works for us (but who knows what it will be by Dec)
  14. Thanks for the replies on home tests. Didn't think they were available in Canada at current time, but just making sure (and good though they are in the UK)
  15. What horrible problems.....lol.... Looks wonderful so far!
  16. Another question for fellow Canadians...these at home tests that you read about are only in the USA, right? Seems like Shoppers antigen test is the best option for us (as of now...who knows later this year)?
  17. Amazing review so far. Am really excited for you that you are sailing now. Have a wonderful cruise.
  18. I still see Dec 31st. I'm wondering if it's a caching thing??? When I selected the link from my phone, it showed Oct 31st. When I copied the link and pasted into a browser, I get as below...
  19. Thank you. I swear that same link has flipped twice over the past two days (Dec 31 to Oct 31 to Dec 31). I'll take Dec 31!
  20. I hear you......so anxious to get back on a cruise as well. Not too long for you. Have a wonderful cruise!
  21. Or maybe you just grabbed a great price to begin with. Our one that dropped is connecting balcony rooms for next year at March break (on Anthem...not Oasis). Xmas is quite a bit more so no price drop, but that was a L&S with a good price to begin with.
  22. It's funny as in the past I never would have multiple bookings for things...but now with the pandemic, we are double booked all over to give options. Sounds like we are not the only ones. That's so smart with the flight options with border opening vs not. For Dec, we also have an AI booked as a totally different kind of holiday. It'll be easier to get there, but then still need that PCR test in order to return. You are so right....things change often and so who knows by December. That's why it's good to have a few options that are refundable. We are even debating on straight out cancelling Dec before final payment...or just pay it off to give us more time. Pretty sure though we are going with the latter. Most of the base cruise fare can be paid with FCC anyways so may as well pay it off to give us more time with the changing times.
  23. For any Canadians on here, are you cancelling your cruises in 2021 or still planning on going? We have Anthem booked over xmas. At the moment, we are leaning towards going (but we change our thoughts each day). We have booked refundable flights up to 24hrs before. Originally we were thinking of driving (if borders open) but with the 2 day requirement now, that isn't even an option. And just to get the antigen test prior to the trip is very tight (esp if we wanted to use the results to confirm we are flying vs refund). Other issue...is that unless it changes when the ship gets to the US, not all things are running (e.g. rollerblading, escape room, The Gift, cupcake class...which I thought would be fun to try on this one) and line ups for the pool. But there are still many activities and our kids are aware of the limitations and seem ok. And a ship with lesser capacity is a bonus. I'm not even clear if Royal's covid coverage is until end of Oct or end of Dec...so that may be a factor too. And if we wait until next year, who knows if it will be any different (and perhaps there will be additional requirements for boosters) How about others? Are you still planning on cruising this year or waiting?
  24. Silly question but what is AK? We just got a nice price drop on our Anthem March 2022 cruise....and never seen 2 connecting balcony rooms so low. Only thing is the price drop is kind of useless for us. If we keep our Dec Anthem cruise, then we will cancel Anthem March anyways (we also have Oasis booked for same week so would do that). Or if we cancel December, our FCC exceeds even our current Anthem cost before the price adjustment. Normally we do 2 cruises each year so we would have still used the remaining FCC in the summer, but next summer we are going to Disney as a special gift for our DD....so remaining FCC will be thrown out anyways (unless Royal extends use by past Sept). Still, a very good price. Anthem March 2023 is the opposite. Paying much more for 2 interiors than 2 balcony rooms.
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