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  2. Formal Night Suit-pant leg

    No one said anything about the little people or even inferred as such. Your words, NOT mine. If you're going to go on a cruise, have some sense of decency and dress the part, even a little bit. A pair of ironed slacks and a button-down collar won't break the bank and you'll feel better about yourself and look great in photos too. I know people with million$ who dress down, but would never show up to a formal night in a pair of shorts or pool-side attire.
  3. Formal Night Suit-pant leg

    This is very true, HOWEVER, I have to live with myself and my photos and those of my family. Believe it or not, being Diamond, I have run across fellow Cruise Masters on other boats, so I really have to live with myself and them. Shorts, jorts or sandals do NOT belong in a formal dining room. A lil sense of class never hurt anyone and enhances the whole cruise experience. Again, I may be Old Skool, BUT I am not old!! When in Rome....................
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  5. Formal Night Suit-pant leg

    I kinda understand the shorts thing but to judge someone for what they are wearing I don't understand. Maybe that couple you see in the main dining room has save all their life to go on this once in a lifetime vacation and can't afford a suit that they might not ever use again. So if you think they should go to the Windjammer and eat with the "little people" maybe your the one that needs to go to the Windjammer and eat so you don't have to be around them. I am not pointing a finger at anyone in particular just making a statement in general.
  6. Magnets

    If you get a magnet too close to your seapass card it will mess up the magnetic strip on the back that basically controls everything the card does. If your card quits working just take it to guest services (front desk) and they will issue you another. Relax and have a good time....remember your on vacation!
  7. Diamond Status & Family

    Wr cruised my our daughter. We are Diamond she is lower. Even though I shared a stateroom with her she didn't get Diamond.
  8. Diamond Status & Family

    I don't think so, there was a big discussion on here last year, had to do with a young lady and her boyfriend, he got her status because they proved they lived at the same street address. So if I understood what I read last year, your extended family would all have to reside at the same address, then they could benefit from your status.
  9. Just wondering since this loyality program is so loopy, would my family fall under my status since I paid for them. IE: I am diamond status and my brother and family are not. I paid for their cruise fare. Does this mean they all assume my status for the cruise duration? Thanks.
  10. Symphony Of The Seas 14-21 April semi live blog

    Ah....ol' Napoli. I will be there next week.
  11. C&A balcony discount

    This is why I never log in when I'm first scanning for cruises. Only when one catches my eye will I log in and check with program discounts.
  12. Royal App

    Jay assumed James' identity from pre-school on in a grave conspiracy about the letter M on chalkboards...
  13. Complimentary Stateroom Upgrade

    That would be awesome!
  14. Ultimate Dining Package -- tips

    it is my understanding that it is included
  15. newbee help

    Thank you, very helpful😀
  16. Voom assistance for VOOM newbie

    First, I want to know who gets 92 texts?? LOL! We depart in 12 days. Hubby, "Suppose I win $10,000 in the casino and you're at the pool, how do I get in touch with you", Me, "I only purchased one Voom", hubby, "Can't we text?, Me," NO"..... So do I need to purchase a second voom and then will texts work? On Lady G, older ship so not sure anything will work and then odds of Hubby winning $10K in the casino are zero to none.
  17. Changing names

    There's risk with anything you do, but I believe sharing your name and where you live is quite unrisky. There's far more personal info about you floating around. I'll share one story...last Halloween I volunteered to give out candy (while my wife went trick or treating with the kids). One family came by the house and said "Trick or the blog!"
  18. Great job on the blog and thanks for the bonus photos!
  19. Complimentary Stateroom Upgrade

    I’m about to get one after my horrific casino experience on Enchantment. I’m hoping for GS to Royal Loft Suite but most likely it will be GS to crown loft suite. Either way, I’m satisfied with the resolution and will continue to gamble in the casino on Allure.
  20. Royal App

    Who is "James"? Doesn't RC know your name is Jay???
  21. Voom assistance for VOOM newbie

    You just need to put your phone into Airplane Mode. If you have an iPhone, it's quite simple:
  22. Next Cruise Planner discount?

    I'd expect one on Memorial Day weekend at the very least.
  23. Boardwalk Cabin Freebies?

    Yes it is. Since you're staying in a Boardwalk balcony, you get Meal for up to 4 at Johnny Rockets Two soda packages Private rock climbing wall session You don't have to do anything special to get this. It will be automatic.
  24. newbee help

    Here's a first timer's guide to Anthem of the Seas and Top 10 Anthem secrets
  25. Complimentary Stateroom Upgrade

    never here either would think santa could come just once
  26. There's certainly no harm in asking the Concierge
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