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  2. Their website is down now too 😞 I was really hoping to do this in June and was going to book it tonight. Anyone have any updates? @Matt maybe?
  3. Could be just not offered for your cruise. Sometimes it's not 😞 Other option is your particular booking isn't able to participate -- some agency/group/industry deals are excluded
  4. Hi guys! New to the blog, but not to cruising. For the first time, we're considering a third-party tour (found on viator) for our stop at St. Thomas on Symphony. We're a bit concerned about how to get around on St. Thomas and making sure that we get to and from this tour safely. I'm sure there are several options (and I've found plenty of them by googling), but I wanted people's thoughts, especially if you've done it before. Any tips? Tricks? Recommendations? Warnings? Thanks in advance!
  5. Each time I have cruised, I have never had a passport. I just had my Drivers License and SeaPass each time we got on and off the ship. We have cruised to Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Mexico and Grand Cayman. I am going to Alaska/Canada in June and looking into the passport card because we are going to Canada.
  6. The best way to tell the difference is if the location is listed as “Starbucks” on the deck plans and cruise planner then it is considered a stand alone one and not included in the drink package. If it’s something like Cafe Lattitudes or some other coffee shop on the smaller ships and they happen to have a sign posted saying “we proudly serve Starbucks coffee” (or similar) then it IS included.
  7. Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and... wash your hands often to keep everyone in your household safe. 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Currently battling the flu. Started Tamiflu today with 103 temp. I've slept all day. Not feel much better, but a tad. By Wednesday, I should feel a lot better. My eyeballs even hurt. I looked at it this way, I'm just getting this out of the way for our upcoming cruise in 26 days. Ugh. Yes, I had the quadrivalent flu shot late October. Meh.
  9. I agree. Personally I don't purchase any dining packages because there's so included. We're not big "foodies" so MDR is fine for us. But I do think it is good advice if you want to try something different go with the 3-4 night package. Have a great cruise!
  10. Right back at ya, fellow Louisvillian.
  11. If that is true, entire countries will cease to exist. The cruise industry is a very small cog in a much bigger machone. Airlines will shut down before cruise line do. With all travel and commerce ceased the effects will devastate the world. Most of us will all be out of work eventually. The great depression will seem like a rosie place. On the flip side so far this is a flu like virus that impacts our most susceptible - very young and very old. The flu kills substantially more people every year and we've all grown used to it and shrug it off. If CV remains confined at or below the flu the world survives. Go back a few hundred years. Italy was known to quarantine incoming ships for 40 days during the black plague. That doesn't work for trains or planes. It actually does with cruise ships, assuming you have the time. With planes and trains eliminated cruise ship may become more viable forms of travel.
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  13. We did this itinerary on Enchantment for our honeymoon, but just out of Miami not Galveston, and we personally enjoyed the itinerary. Enchantment is definitely an older ship, and does show the age in some places, but we still had a great time and if Enchantment was doing an itinerary that we wanted to do I would book again. If you’re planning on drinking more than 4-5 drinks a day the drink package is probably worth it for you, plus you can use it on Coco Cay. We told them it was our honeymoon prior to boarding and they did little things to help us celebrate, like decorating a plate when bringing our dessert at Chops, and they did cake and champagne in the Viking Crown lounge one night, couple little things to help make it a little special.
  14. Big American Tourister fan, all my siblings have sets still that were bought in 2012 and have been around the world a lot and are still in great condition. Also you get a great warranty with them. I say go for it!
  15. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if within a few weeks, the entire European cruise industry shuts down like it did Asia. I'm not how how the cruise industry survives. Especially if some experts predictions come true that the Coronavirus is here to stay for the long haul.
  16. @JennyJenny Wow, I am in awe of your strength and bravery to save yourself and your daughter from what sounds like a nightmare of a situation in the past. I’m really happy that you guys are thriving and that you have decided to give cruising another try! This can be like your phoenix cruise (rising from the ashes)! I was on Grandeur this past Thanksgiving and loved it. What a great little ship with such an attentive crew. When I was on, the Solarium bar staff were particularly great. They always remembered what I liked to drink and had some great suggestions for me. And I absolutely know what you mean about a vacation for relaxing. Grandeur is great for that. I also recommend checking out the Viking Crown lounge because it has some great views and comfy chairs! Also there are very few left in the fleet so it’s nice to see it while you can.
  17. My wife and I sail on Grandeur almost every year. She takes the dance classes and I watch. It is individual. She never needed a partner to participate.
  18. In most cases, the on-board deals are just a certain amount of on-board credit. The cruise price itself is the same whether you book on board or online. Normally I'd say book it as soon as you are sure you have your trip picked out. In this case, you are close enough that you could roll the dice that the price won't change dramatically between now and then and get the OBC. Just depends on how much you like to gamble. 🙂
  19. The Next Cruise folks cannot touch a booking that has already been made BUT there’s nothing to stop you from going to see Next Cruise and have them research whatever cruise you already booked. If the deal is better than what you have, you could book with NC and then cancel your original booking. Just be sure you book a refundable deposit the first time.
  20. We just love cruising Royal Caribbean!!! We have been on every class and loved each one! On the Vision and Radiance classes, with all the glass, you get views all over the ship which is great for watching the beautiful scenery especially on Norway or Alaska cruises. We love the ships with the Royal Promenade which are present on Voyager, Freedom and Oasis class ships. (We have enjoyed the rooms overlooking the Promenade with all the action.) The Quantum class is so wonderfully innovative and super fun! Highly recommended! But I do agree that you need to experience the Oasis class sometime! It really has the WOW! You can do everything or with all the space on board you can get off to yourself... Also, the Empress is fun because, being smaller, you see many of the same people and can make many friendships. ( But unfortunately there is no Diamond Event on Empress which for Diamond guest is very disappointing. But that said, we have booked an 11 day Canada and New England cruise on Empress in August because of the great itinerary.)
  21. Many promotions, like booking onboard, do not allow to cancel and rebook. Not saying you might not be able to, just throwing the yellow card "out there."
  22. Ray, Your fridge seems to display unusual characteristics for a 2019-nCoV infection in that the Corona does not seem to be replicating. Rather, I would wager that your virus titer is declining with time; and having a few Scots as colleagues, my guess is that your virus titer will be zero in about zero time. Congrats!! Your fridge is cured!!
  23. I don't know what happens when you are bidding for the upgrade but to upgrade normally (which is what I believe you were referencing) the OBC should increase accordingly. This would be for category or even length of cruise changes. I have done this several times over the years for both my own travel and customers reservations. OBC from an onboard booking does "drop off" an occasional booking while being repriced. I just have the rep watch for this and put it back on the booking.
  24. Well hello, fellow Louisvillian. We've always opted for the Swedish massage, but you may have us looking at the hot stones on our next cruise. 👍
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  26. I have used Delsey luggage for years and have been very satisfied with it.
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