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  2. I read the call transcript. Arnold gave the same answer Royal has given when asked about selling ships. Given the right opportunity, yea, they'd sell. The reality is that "right opportunity" isn't coming. No one is buying cruise ships with any kind of demand at the moment. IMO, their answer is like anyone's answer would they sell their house they're in right now. "Yea, if someone gave me a million dollars, I'd sell my house right now". You're not ruling it out, but it's not going to happen.
  3. Would love to even be able to try to switch if they would give me my official cabin assignments for my B2B in 20 days, lol. Got a pretty crappy location for the 1st half (using the bar code trick). 2nd half is fine but no harm in checking for other options there either. Sorry, just venting. We'll have a great time no matter what. If I truly cared about my cabin I wouldn't have booked the GTY ones I did.
  4. You need to get a Covid test before your Royal Caribbean cruise 2 days, not 48 hours, before your cruise
  5. Agree with @Matt. Pay of all but a small balance. There are a few things that you canNOT do once your cruise is paid in full so there really is no advantage to paying in full in advance (other than having it over with !!) so just leave a small balance. Congratulations on your cruise !
  6. Go on Brilliance or Mariner of the Seas and then you'll know what we're talking about
  7. The advantage to paying it off now is you're done with it. I'd recommend paying it off, minus ~$500. That way, if there's a price drop, you can more easily take advantage of the price change. Price drops are easier/faster if they don't have to refund you any money.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Try again. They will definitely allow you to change your room IF they have another one available in the same category.
  9. We ate dinner at Chops as we sailed out of Tromso. I have to say this Chops experience was just decent. Not bad, but not excellent — either in food or in service.
  10. Can adults (e.g. grandparents) get access to just watch (not participate) their grandchildren without paying the admission fee?
  11. I've been told by some bar staff that they don't like getting $2 bills because they have to get rid of them due to their home countries not accepting them when they go to deposit the money.
  12. Day 5 - Tromso This is one of the larger cities in northern Norway, about 80,000 people. They are also going from 50 cruise ships docking in 2019 to nearly 500 expected in 2022. Crazy! A lot is due to uncertainty in the Baltics, so many lines are looking for alternate ports. Also, Norway opened up a bit faster than many other countries in the region. They have a huge tunnel system for getting between the sections of town scattered on different island. I’ve never been in a tunnel system so expansive that it needed traffic circles We did the Highlights of Tromso tour. We saw part of the Tromso Museum, specifically the portion dedicated to the Sami people who were the indigenous reindeer herders that occupied northern Scandinavia starting about 2000 years ago. Our guide did an excellent job of talking us through this section. Next we took a cable car to the top of the hill outside of town. A four minute ride and then some amazing views. The weather was excellent again today! We also had a tasty local waffle with jam and brown cheese. Last we visited the Arctic Cathedral. There was a concert going on at the time so we didn’t get too many pictures on the inside. Here’s a decent shot of the Cathedral as we were sailing away: One of the other tour buses broke down, so we got to see what a heavy duty Norwegian tow truck looks like: Shots of town during arrival and sailaway, in no particular order: And some scenery as we headed north:
  13. Same at Port Liberty. While I fumbled around looking for my Passport the customs people sort of mocked me like I was supposed to know I didn’t need it. Clearly they didn’t bother to see that I wasn’t understanding them… definitely a great way to check out, faster than ever.
  14. Only Quantum class have a galley attached to the pub. It's left over from the relationship with Michael Schwartz. Oasis class had 150 Central Park with Michael Schwartz menus while Quantum class had the gastropub with food from Michael Schwartz. When the relationship ended 150 CP reverted to a similar but Royal menu and the pubs on Quantum class changed over to a Royal menu in the pubs. No other pubs in the fleet have a galley attached to the pubs so they don't have food for purchase including Oasis class. You can however always carry food into the pub. The most common is pizza from Sorrento's or cafe Promenade. I see that often and am guilty of doing it myself. The wings from room service are cheaper than the wings in Playmakers. Both are great, the PM option includes hot wings (spicy hot). The room service version are good but not spicy hot.
  15. Yes, this was recent, late May I believe. From what I read, that's part of the reason Mariner exclusively uses Terminal 5 now. It was using both 1 and 5 for a while and that made the Terminal 1 parking garage overcrowded. It was also occasionally leaving from Terminal 1 and returning to Terminal 5, causing passengers to be shuttled back to Terminal 1 if they parked there. Sounded like a mess but things are running smoothly now. There was plenty of Terminal 1 parking for my Harmony 5/29 sailing and I expect plenty for my Indy B2B in 20 days.
  16. Correct I’m getting confused. On to chat late July and aug still not decided on protocol. It’s a bit crazy for that to be in page when antigen still required. It should be in that message when booking as people like myself will assume not reqd if had booster
  17. I tip my server when he/she delivers my dessert. I want to make sure they get it themselves and not leave it on the table where anyone can just pocket it. I guess I’ve always tried to treat my server with respect, look them in the eye, say their name, and express my thanks for their good service while I hand them the money. Makes it much more personal. It doesn’t take much to please me and on the other hand it takes really bad service for me to be unhappy. Even then, I’ll make the effort. It’s surprising how many times the server, who probably had been having a bad day, wasn’t expecting anything…but lit up like a tree when I tipped.
  18. I hope that's right. On an MSC cruise last fall there wasn't facial. Port Canaveral has gotten busy with so many ships between Disney, Carnival, NCL, MSC and Royal. I love it! Great variety to choose from and more "new to PCN" ships are coming.
  19. Pretty sure someone reported that it was added to Terminal 5, currently used by Mariner. No clue about any other terminal as I only sail RC.
  20. It's an interesting study in consumer behavior. As @ScooterScott22 mentioned in 2019 I was able to ride North Star nearly every day as a standby passenger. People were not showing up or not booking the complimentary rides when most of the time it was complimentary. On a Hawaii cruise there were no charged times in 2019. It was so easy to ride it nearly every day, port or at sea. Once they added charged times the demand increased. The complimentary times are often full and even as a single it's harder to get on as a standby rider now. By implementing charges they have increased demand for the complimentary rides. Before it seems the consumer attitude was... "it's free so it doesn't matter if we do it" while now it seems the consumer attitude has become "there are some limited free times so we better do it while we can".
  21. Surprised to not see @twangsterresponding to this thread yet! He was the master & commander of the North Star on our Ovation - Alaska cruise in 2019 if I recall correctly. There are days that the North Star will not charge and those are usually sea days, in Alaska the days with an associated charge were while we were at the glaciers. On port days, I don’t recall a charge but I think that they did not open the North Star in all ports. That should likely be the trend but someone who recently sailed should be able to provide a more current experience, since they might be trying to increase revenue and adding times that require a fee. And he snuck in a response as I was typing!
  22. There is an evolving change on Quantum class ships. Since the restart in 2021 and since Odyssey was the first Q class to restart they kicked off that ship with a complimentary in port, charged at sea approach to North Star. Other ships have taken the charge farther including Quantum and Ovation in Alaska in 2022. There were select times when it was complimentary but there were charged rides in port at times. All sea times were charged and premium rides at the glaciers had an even higher charge. So on Ovation and Quantum it didn't follow Odyssey's approach exactly, the complimentary rides were fewer while the charged versions were more prevalent. The complimentary version remains to be the shorter up/down with a slight turn to port and starboard at the top while the paid versions are a little longer and go over the sides of the ship. Since it continues to evolve I'd be careful making assumptions or predictions based on what previous guests experienced recently. There could come a time when all rides are charged or if sales are slow they might back off and add more complimentary rides. None of us know what Royal plans to do in the future.
  23. Today
  24. I believe they added chicken wings to the room service menu, but Allure doesn't have Playmakers but on ships that do, that's where you can order them.
  25. Under 7 days to go!! Gathering the random items and essentials today to start packing. 6 days until cruise, 4 days until flights to Seattle. Starting to feel real! WooT!!
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