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  2. G.I.Joe guy looked awesome from your pic, almost like one of the guys at DisneyWorld that walk around
  3. Hi, How are you guys doing the testing? Purchased kit (What brand) or going to mobile site? is it 2 days before embarkation? or 4 days? Thanks,
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  5. Cruising solo on the Anthem Nov. 27 out of NY. Did an 11 night solo on the Anthem last February and a 15 night transatlantic solo on NCL Epic last April. Love cruising solo. Just do whatever I want, and I'm in no big rush to try and force myself to mingle. It's so relaxing. Best way to travel solo IMO.
  6. We'll be docking in Geiranger, Norway on May 17 next year -- and May 17 is Norway's national holiday. I've seen lots of travel content elsewhere about how much they turn out for parades, and how shops get closed. Has anyone been on a Norway cruise during this time frame, and what was your experience with the port? Wondering if there will be any difficulty doing excursions or shopping and dining. Couldn't find anything helpful in the Cruise Compass library.
  7. Will harmony of the sea have a custom party for Halloween on the cruise leaving on the 23rd to the 30 2022. Thank you
  8. I noticed it said that the excursion was 3 hrs... which does seem long! Thank you!!
  9. Thanks @steverk for the feedback..... Enjoy!!!
  10. My mom and I are also going on the Voyager OTS with the same itinerary next month! We've also done a similar itinerary in the past, here is what we did last time - St. Lucia - we did a tour to the Soufriere springs. It was a great excursion, BUT it was very long. St. Kitts - we did a bus tour stopping at a few places, one of them being the Romney Manor. It was a nice tour. I have heard great things about the Railway tour! We are thinking about doing a day trip to Nevis this time Barbados - we went to Harrison Caves - we really liked it! St. Maarten - we did a bus tour with various stops, one of them being at a small market on the French side. It was cute, but small, and similar to any kiosk shops you might see near a port. We didn't get to do any other shopping on that tour.
  11. I can't answer your question. But I can point out if confiscated, it would be returned at weeks end.
  12. The way I read it, as long as it's a cruise within North America, no proctoring is required no matter the length.
  13. Wow, Haha, so we just miss it huh.. Oh well.. It is what it is.. Gotta fill out the form and start looking for a place to take a test.
  14. Woohoo ! Thanks. Not sure why I thought we were still forbidden to do longer cruises, but good to know.
  15. Yes. No proctoring required on NA cruises unless you have a unique destination that requires it.
  16. What exactly is this electronic device? HAM radios aren't allowed since different countries have different rules on transmitting radio waves.
  17. Let’s hope it’s a “go” for you this time ! While I am glad we did it, we found the St Kitts railway to be too long. It was interesting and provided beautiful scenery, it just went on and on and on…. Speaking of pouring rain, the day we did the railway it was pouring and we got soaked just before boarding which may have had something to do with our angst. Again….worth doing, just be prepared for a long trip. Enjoy whatever you decide to do !
  18. Any single people want to link up on this cruise dinners etc
  19. I am a licensed Ham and don't see a problem as long as others won't be able to here the code you are generating. If I remember my old practice set had a place for headphones. Good luck with your test. Bill
  20. Next Cruise or travel agent? Who has the better deals/advantages? Thanks for the input.
  21. Darn spell check, corrected, Thank You.
  22. I was hoping for a “Special” RCL version, my wife and I collect them from all of our travels (better than a t-shirt for us). We already have FL and plan to pick up Puerto Rico and Bahama’s on our next cruise (both locations supposedly have several SB locations).
  23. Yup. They had a Florida one and a Miami one when we were onboard this week. You'd think they'd either have a special RCL version, or at least one for the Caribbean/Bahamas.
  24. What excursions do u recommend for the 7 night Greece & Croatia Cruise. Going May 2023
  25. I don’t believe this information is correct. There is no Proctoring requirement, regardless of cruise length, for North American embarkation.
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