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  2. Ray

    Cure for constipation

    How can they justify the price?
  3. 1500 dollars for half hour session photo shoot. Onboard allure. sent me running for the restroom I s... myself
  4. This cruise is on our bucket list to do as well, but the price has to drop before we even think about it. Everyone i've ever met has said that this cruise is the cruise you have to have a balcony on to really enjoy it. Problem is the prices are crazy...$7700 is the cheapest I've seen for a balcony with 2 people, that's insane.
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  6. Were 90 days out and still nothing in the entertainment & activities section to book. It's always remain a mystery to me when the drop those for booking. Seems like they do it further out for the Oasis class, but everything else is subject to day to day guess. 😂
  7. So this was something you paid extra to add to your travel insurance? If so, I stand corrected as I haven't heard if that one before.
  8. 1. I did the booking online myself, so no travel agent. 2. I didn't buy travel insurance. Honestly, if I was told about the 75% penalty I would not have cancel my trip.
  9. I tried calling my credit card, unfortunately it has been over 90 days since I made the payment so they can't file a dispute.
  10. Broons77

    Time to Disembark

    On our just completed cruise from Port Liberty, everyone was off by 9:30. Embarkation for the next cruise started at 10:30, I'd imagine yours would be a similar timeframe.
  11. So Ive been hearing rumors of Johnny Rockets replacing Kung Fu Panda noodle shop on Ovation of the Seas. And this, Also heard on facebook of a fish and chip restaurant opening? Make sense tho, With the transition to Alaska-Australia sailings.
  12. AGSLC5

    Casino Royale - the end of an era

    Tony you and I are on exactly the same page! I love playing blackjack and Roulette as long as possible. I love meeting fellow table mates who end up becoming my gambling partners and friends all week and yes getting the free alcohol is also fun. I either travel with my boyfriend who does not mind that I enjoy gambling as long as I have dinner with him, see shows with him, and spend little quality time with him lol. We have no children so I don't have to worry about that. If I am not traveling with him I am traveling with my best friend and fellow gambler so again no problem there with being able to gamble lol. I agree with you people who don't live in Florida and deal with the heat just don't get how we feel but thats why I don't criticize others cruising habits and thats one of the things I love about cruising the variety and that there is something for everyone. I also don't enjoy the smoke and went on a celebrity cruise last year which was great because they don't have smoking in their casino's but It was a short cruise and I didn't have the opportunity to gain enough points to get a free or discounted cruise. What I wish is Celebrity could look at my play with Royal and offer me a deal and that way I would have a chance to go on a 7 night cruise on celebrity and gain some status but every time I ask they say no thats not our policy. Anyway I'm always happy to chat with a fellow gambler and I bet one of these days we will end up on the same sailing since we live so close and I'm sure club Royale is always sending you offers too. I'm going on the Signature cruise this Sunday on Oasis so I'm excited the casino will have a lot of fellow gamblers to play with!
  13. Sorry, but you're somewhat incorrect @Balsam- Cancel For Any Reason (e.g., change of mind... just did that two weeks ago and it IS covered) added to the trip insurance would have covered this EXACT situation.
  14. Not sure if travel insurance would be helpful in this situation. In effect, this is simply a change of mind by the OP, and travel insurance doesn't cover that. The original change was due to Zika virus, and the situation with that outbreak did not change between booking the cruise and the first change. In any case, it seems the OP was actually satisfied with RCI's solution there anyway. The cancellation was just a change of mind, so an insurer would not pay out there. The issue here is the information provided by RCI, so that's where the focus needs to be. The credit card provider avenue could be helpful, and it's also another reason not to pay the full amount until the last possible moment.
  15. RatedPG

    Solo Cruiser Question

    Here's another solo cruiser question: Has anybody seen spray on sunscreen for sale on board? How about bug spray? Since I'm by myself, I need the spray on type instead of the lotion type. I don't think newfound cruise friends will be willing to apply sunscreen on my back. LOL I'm flying in so I can't take aerosols with me. EDIT: Looks like I can have them in my checked luggage
  16. This Is the perfect example of why you should get/had travel insurance. A little caution goes a long way.
  17. Just remember to pack your luggage and leave all that baggage at home.
  18. Day #7
  19. Unfortunately, the fine print will get you every time. RCI has rules that all will follow and this is one of those times.
  20. tonyfsu21

    Casino Royale - the end of an era

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I too live in East Fort Lauderdale and I can throw a rock at the Harmony from my backyard on her way out the inlet every Saturday. In Fort Lauderdale it’s an endless sunny summer of paradise and our reasoning for cruising I’m guessing is different then the majority. Most are fleeing the awful frigid Winters in the North to get a week long reprive and bask in the sun. I do still see the shows and enjoy the dining as well but the sun and fun on the pool deck or the beach days in Labadee are just another average day in Fort Lauderdale for us. Now hanging in the casino playing blackjack or roulette for as many hours as I can get away with while the wife and kids are doing their thing is what I call “fun”! I like the atmosphere (not so much the smoke), talking with fellow players and drinking free alcohol! That’s what I would consider fun for 7 days while being disconnected from work and everything thing else back home! And then once we arrive back in Fort Lauderdale I’m walking through my front door before the crew makes it off the ship and has their coffee at Starbucks on 17th street!
  21. Was this with the Deluxe Drinks Package or the Refreshment Package?
  22. Yesterday
  23. catsndogs

    Time to Disembark

    Our cruise in March 2019 docks back in Miami at 6am, however, we don't catch our return flight until 3pm. Do we have to exit the ship immediately or can we enjoy breakfast and leave later in the morning. I understand the ship has to prepare for the next group of passengers. What would be the absolute latest time that we can leave the ship.
  24. catsndogs

    Shore Excursions

    Thank you for the information. Nassau Hilton looks perfect!
  25. AGSLC5

    Casino Royale - the end of an era

    Michael not to discredit your opinion but isn't that the point of a cruise? Everyone gets to do whatever they want. I live in Ft. Lauderdale and I don't want to bake in the sun on my vacation. I do that all day everyday.. What I can't do is play blackjack in a casino. Do you know why because in my state of Florida the only place blackjack is legal is in Indian run Casinos like Hard Rock. Well I refuse to play there because in my opinion it is rigged and never once have I won there. However, on the ship I have won thousands of dollars. I have also lost but I love the fact that I also walk away every time with a free cruise.. Infact this year alone I have 8 free cruises from my play in the casino and its fun for me. I absolutely love sitting in there for 8 hours a day playing cards. Do I still do other things of course. I see all the shows and go to all the restaurants but I don't sit out at the pool because thats boring for me and I can do that at home. So I think its all about perspective and what you like to do. Also I am diamond plus with 290 points and I have been on 48 Royal cruises so all the shows and activities are quite repetitive and sine I cruise like 8 times a year what I like doing is sitting and playing cards. This is why I love Royal everyone can do whatever they want and meet up for dinner to talk about their day. So im glad you enjoy other activities on the ship and Happy Cruising!
  26. Lovetocruise2002

    disembarking and waiting for afternoon flight

    It took us about 45 min on a Friday morning with light traffic.
  27. Ray

    Some people will never learn!!

    Agree with this, shouldnt matter where you go you should always obey the rules of the country, unless its the UK where you can do and say whatever you like and nothing gets done
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