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  2. I've never been up there then again it depends how important it is to visit. I normally begrudgingly take my elderly parents on a cruise with my partner so it's a bit of the opposite taking kids seeing as I have to babysit them as their elderly on their early 70's and of a different cultural background which tends to be content with what's around them and not look for more. If anyone on this board is obligated to take their elderly parents on a vacation you'd know as it becomes less about what you want to do but to babysit then. They would never dream of going to an on board bar and sitting theremuch less ordering alcohol or anything that isn't free because their mindset is.. tea coffee and water all free. Tried getting mother and father a soda once. They were no because it ain't free. Why pay more for packages when Tea coffee. and Water plus juice is included. The same mindset also goes of them preferring an inside over a suite even though I've pitched and offered a suite to fit all of us... they are not cheap by any means but prefer to save every nickel and dime since in their logic...a drink is a drink... a meal is a meal.. a shirt is a shirt... a room is a room. Etc. So this is why even though I can speak highly of NCL Haven which was higher than what we normally do... if they come along my partner and I have to pretty much come down to their level. I think last cruise I drank more water than anything else. So a suite lounge... their mindset is a lounge is a lounge and a cruise is a cruise. Save save save. Be happy one has free drinks aka those three on board and free food in MDR. no other pennies to be spent.
  3. I love the location. I think you will be very happy being close to the elevators. To be completely honest, I was very disappointed in the Quantum class Grand Suite. We had one in Feb on Anthem right before they shut down cruises. Most of the GS on other classes are very spacious. The Quantum class GS has a wall that separates the living room and the bedroom and it causes the room to be extremely small, IMO. I found it to be about the same size as a JS on the O class ships. Consequently, I will not book that room again. The good news is, you will be Sky class so you will enjoy all of the Suite perks.
  4. Received our Casino offer yesterday and saw the feature with the itineraries listed and love it. The wife was thrilled to finally see some offers appear and decided to take the 5/2 out of Galveston. Now the fingers are crossed for sailings to restart.
  5. My sentiments exactly. There was a time I was too type A to let someone else handle things for me. As I’ve gotten older, just don’t enjoy the work involved anymore. I don’t have the time or energy to make weekly calls to RCCL. So happy to have someone do it for me. So now I’m maybe type B+ 😁
  6. I hope that if all my backups do not sail out of down south then at least my consolation Alaska 7 nighter from BC will sail in May its eight months from now and it's my last backup of backups. Assuming Nov Feb and April fall. MAY is the final retaining wall I have 🙂
  7. Same analogy about clothes which I always use. Its optional to be clothed but if one was to go onto a street unclothed they'd be arrested. Simple as that. They would be forced to cover up as human beings. Simple as that. If we adopt the same mindset for the new normal like they do in other parts of the world where no one questions or makes a fuss about things then cases would turn around. Also have you ever had surgery. I wonder because if one has a surgery and a doctor in the operating room was not wearing a mask because it was their choice not to... guess who liable. Why is it in Souh Korea and in Japan no one questions this. Their liberalized countries with many freedoms and rights. If its mandated and even if it's not it's a social responsibility to act in the best interest of others rather than to cite the charter and everything else since it all ties into the clothing analogy. If clothes are not forced on us then people ought to have the freedom to not wear any and well they'd be charged. Its semantics simple as that.
  8. Oh hubby will love that! He’s such a snob, loves flashing that gold sea pass card around! 🙄
  9. I realize this thread is more about Oasis class but I would like to know what it is like on Quantum in a 1 BR GS. We will be on an Alaska cruise in August 2021 and we are suite rookies. We are on deck 12 near the aft elevators which that is important to me. The concierge club is on the same deck which seems convenient but I not sure what happens in there. Coastal Kitchen is just on deck 14. I'm not sure what else we need to check out.
  10. Sure. You can take drinks out of the SL. Waaay back in the bad ol', good ol' days they would restrict you, but not these days.
  11. Let's put it this way as a Candian and for other Canadians on this board although I think I'm the only one from BC ... Yes the new reality is we are in this for awhile and whether it will be 12 24 or 36 months it's a new normal and we just have to mitigate and learn to live with it. We can be proud that ourselves and other countries around the world have mitigated this to a point where even though there are cases and will always be cases...compared to certain other countries where mixed messaging has been common place... we have had a unified response to this. Canadians are able to fly and move about freely by air and nothing has hindered that. One just has to quarantine if they return or visit other provinces. It's a new normal but I'm sure like everything else one just gets used to it. When it does then it becomes as routine as say brushing teeth. In my community we have for the most part adapted and followed the guidance of our top provincial doctor very well. There was even a song about them. News it this morning indicates that our feds have signed an agreement with Pfizer and Moderna for large scale vaccines once they are available and only then will there be a further loosening of restrictions. The key to watch now is the spring and early summer of next year as from a cruising stand point if the whole Down south backups I have fall thru my hope and consolation is to at least be able to sail Alaska in mid May still 8months away but anything can happen between now and then. We ought to consider ourselves as Canadians very fortunate to have weathered and mitigated this well. With CERB scheduled to end in October (which is a whole other debate not for this platform) it seems lots of things are gearing up to begin again then. Less sporting events with crowds of course.
  12. Not sure how that will work..the NHL system seems to work well for them so far...although a whole season would not be reasonable to be played like that.
  13. On Quantum class ships where the lounge is seperate, can you take a drink out during happy hour to dinner? We are doing a Mar 2022 Symphony to Odyssey side to side and don;t want to get the drink package since my liver would need a break after a week.
  14. I am scared of this approach being used in the US. The cost of the pandemic on people with special needs, learning differences, and a myriad other issues has been staggering. I am desperately trying to keep my son with learning differences going, but we lost so much in terms of help , resources, church events, and even preschool (cannot find enough staff now to help him) when this shutdown started. But...if I mention this, I am told we are looking out for the greater good. Hate to break it people, but the greater good is a pretty loose term. Rant over. Sorry.
  15. Yeah, I liked that one too but it's too late in the month for the school schedule and my wife will be back to work.
  16. Just missing you by two weeks! The 8 night itinerary was what sold me.
  17. Good to hear that it's not a huge issue for folks. It would have been interesting this week if the industry hadn't been shut down, we'd have been sailing down the east coast through the storm.
  18. I think at some point there needs to be a primer on trade associations. Lots of people seemed confused by CLIA making announcements, when it reality it’s basically just a press release looking to show a united front in the industry. At any point a member line could not follow that direction, or has happened with the airlines before with Airlines for America, they just stop paying dues and pull out of the association. Viking isn’t part of CLIA at all and still has a great reputation
  19. 07 August sailing. I liked the Labadee/San Juan/St Thomas/Perfect Day itinerary. Hopefully the family wedding next summer won't be then and MD doesn't go crazy and start schools in early August....
  20. My daughter and I both are prone to motion. We don't feel much up there. I find Oasis class to be quite steady.
  21. When next August? @WAAAYTOOO and I are both on the 08/21/21 sailing...Deck 17 of course 😉
  22. Step daughter has a hard time riding in back seats of cars on a highway but didn't have a smidgen of an issue on deck 17.
  23. Yikes. I wonder if the Blue Jays will look to relocate on a more permanent basis, assuming MLB doesn't shut down completely. Maybe next year they'll try the NHL bubble approach.
  24. Thanks I'll still price check but I don't think I'll drop to a GS if one comes open, I'll stick with the Loft. My only concern is any increased motion as my wife can be susceptible to motion sickness but she wanted to try the suite too.
  25. To @WAAAYTOOO's, point, I have a friend test positive, but her family didn't (so, in the world of homeschooling, this is odd). Turns out, they mixed her results up with another woman's. She was covid negative like the rest of her family.
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