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  2. I found plenty, just pretty poor reviews. I'm not overly concerned. My internal debate is transportation. Last time we rented a car, dropped it off in Texas city and i ubered back to the hotel. Not sure i want that hassle this time
  3. The Book is in two70º? On the Ovation, I think it was in the main theater
  4. @Galveston Steve, thanks for the valuable input on the terminal prognosis. I like your option … keeping both sailings ! Agree about the Priceless comment
  5. I wouldn't bet against Royal pulling off a surprise Amplification. We'll see. First tip-off will be if she stays in Cadiz much longer. She arrived on July 18. If she leaves Cadiz and heads toward Freeport then it will fuel the speculation!
  6. For now it's Show Girls, Past, Present, Future in the main theater and The Book in Two70°. This is consistent with most of her sisters. Anthem is the only Quantum class with anything like a Broadway show but We Will Rock You isn't actually from Broadway.
  7. Come from Away may be within their budget, but Dear Evan Hansen might still be very costly to license. Give it some more years.
  8. @smokeybandit, I found two that will book the one night you need - Harbor House close to the pier, and Courtyard. Harbor house is also within walking distance of a good seafood restaurant. sometimes hotels will only show for a minimum of 2 nights during peak times like Spring Break. But if so, and you call directly, you can often book for 1 night, Good luck!
  9. For me, spending two nights on the Allure simulation cruise erased any misgivings I had about all the crap casting shade on the pre-cruise excitement I used to experience but had lost touch with.
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  11. Am I the only person who cruises that actually likes Cats?
  12. We bought the Unlimited Dining Package for $248pp last week for the 8/28/21 Odyssey. We cancelled and rebooked today for $224pp. The drink package was on sale very briefly overnight on 8/2 into 8/3 for the 8/22 Odyssey sailing for $44 a day or $49 with Voom. We were not getting drink packages so it was no help to us. I think it was a mistake as when I checked again later yesterday it was $62 & $75.
  13. @smokeybandit, which week in March? Lots of Texas school districts have March spring breaks (in this area, the 2nd or 3rd week) and Galveston beaches are a Spring Break destination. But - there should be hotels available for you. Good luck!
  14. If you want to get a quote from an MEI go to RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com on the right hand side you'll see a yellow form to fill out to request a quote from a MEI travel agent. There's no obligation. Looks like this:
  15. No problem! We will find out for ourselves on 8/22 See you then!
  16. 8.5 hours later and we're at the top of the bottom step.
  17. Wonder if we'll start seeing booking and rule fatigue? A point where most good natured cruise enthusiasts will just say - "we're waiting until the craziness ends to rebook". Lots of disappointed folks with the wave of recent cancellations and the uncertainties with port requirements. (We bit the bullet and got the jabs, but the ever changing requirements with port visits, masks on/off/on, and pre-tests is killing the vacation buzz.)
  18. Veering off topic slightly, is anyone concerned about even boarding the Harmony in Barcelona thanks to the CDC's recent guidance warning against even traveling to Spain? We are booked on the Sept. 12th departure, but my wife is balking at traveling there now.
  19. @SpeedNoodlesis there a way to tell who the tour operator is thru Royal? Did you find out once you met them? Thank you!!!
  20. Close in hotels (on the island) fill very quickly and are quite pricey. Far more plentiful if you push outside the immediate area and accept a longer drive in the morning.
  21. Other than Nassau Royal Caribbean has required masks indoors and the testing requirement was announced days ago. Carnival restarted with 95% vax and 75% capacity but that was it. They had no protocols on board. It's a free for all on Mardi Gras right now, like the old days of cruising with 4,000 passengers and 1,400 crew on board jammed into bars and comedy clubs to capacity. Combine the guest count across all Royal ships sailing this week and that's lower than the number on one Carnival ship. MSC is a lot closer to Royal when they restarted this week with 100% testing at check in, vax or no vax and they require masks indoors. If anything Carnival is falling in line with where the rest of the industry has already arrived. Interesting tactic. Offer mask free cruises while others were saying masks and tests, then today tell booked guests, sorry, masks and testing will be required. I'm booked on a Carnival and Princess cruise and the FB groups are lighting like a bad thunderstorm. Naturally there are claims of "bait and switch". Many claiming to cancel. Guess my cruise may not be as full as Carnival thought it would be. If those are vax passengers cancelling they'll likely be forced to cancel unvax kids they have just granted exemptions to in order to maintain the 95% quota. That'll go over well days before a cruise. No one, including myself, liked it when Royal announced masks indoors early July. I even cancelled an Odyssey cruise. Yet here we are, pretty much all cruise lines now requiring masks indoors, even the holdouts like Carnival and Princess. What can we do? People didn't get vaccinated and numbers soared. While largely now an unvaccinated pandemic it is spilling over into a small number of vaccinated. That's okay on land where it's hardly reported but on a ship the media has a parade every time a case is announced on a ship. Cruise lines gotta go into into heavy protocols mode to protect the industry. It is what it is, but I do think Carnival was a little sleazy in the way they reached where they are today. But, it is what is needed right now and I'll board my Carnival cruise feeling a little better for it.
  22. I'm probably in the minority, but I think it is possible that the amp is going forward. Consider: Liberty has been in drydock for quite a while. In fact it's a week late getting to Galveston All of the stuff has been purchased and sitting in storage. Therefore, it can't be that much more money to go forward with the amp According to the earnings call, bookings are stronger than expected, so royal may feel they can afford it Royal might feel it's cheaper just to knock it out now rather than continuing to pay storage on the amp equipment and taking Liberty out of service in a year or two. None of this says it is happening, just that it could. I'm really looking forward to seeing her when she arrives!
  23. We booked it through Royal, but it was operated by Allen Marine Tours. The boats were good sized, but not as large as the one in the photo that Twangster posted above. The employees were fantastic (but I'd imagine you'll find that with the majority of tour operators up there).
  24. We use Port Parking in Galveston. It is the first large building on the right when you drive in and their shuttle drops you off in front of the terminal. It is easier to get in and out of their spot. Already have it booked for our next cruise from there.
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