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  2. What ever it is, one thing is certain, more money from the cruisers pocket.
  3. I do find it curious that Royal hasn't amended the description of The Key in the Cruise Planner; at the very least, the site should have a banner or other form of notice that some of the CP offerings have changed, and should provide a link to the changes. I wonder if everyone who has purchased The Key has gotten the change letter, or just through a certain date? My sailing is at the end of November, but it appears the changes will be in effect at least through February 2022. I can definitely see why those who paid more than, say, $20/day for The Key would be inclined to cancel. Personally, I find the changes to be satisfactory, but, 1) I'm sailing solo 2) I mainly wanted the Voom - 1 Device, and since The Key price was less than the price for Voom (and then increased to $0.50/day more), I went for The Key, thinking that the other perks would be nice. 3) While I probably won't use Room Service, it will be nice to have the option and not have to pay the $7.95 fee; I don't have any specialty dining packages, so if I see a deal on board then I'll apply my 25% discount and be happy. 4) Although the priority boarding is limited to within one's check-in time, it will still be somewhat of a boost in line, I would think.
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  5. Yes I did. Another cop told me about the tunnel. The first cop I asked said Port Blvd was the only way into the Port.
  6. Yes, we also received an e-mail notice from Royal a couple of weeks ago for our FEB sailing outlining the new Key program. "Priority access" is not even a perk since you cannot enter the terminal early anyway (still must arrive "within booked arrival time"). They have eliminated the Chops embarkation day lunch in the MDR due to strict boarding times and social distancing. Also, debarkation day breakfast in MDR was eliminated. Now you get a "grab and go" bag? No thanks! We rarely use room service, so that perk is useless to us. I'm assuming that 25% off dining is only good for onboard dining purchases, so if you purchased a dining package pre-cruise through the Cruise Planner it makes that perk somewhat useless. One thing I do not like is the handling of the access to the shows. On our last cruise with the Key, our group would arrive just 10-15 minutes before the show and we would get great seats in a reserved section. Now, you are just granted "early" access to the venue so you can find a good seat. Not looking forward to showing up 30-40 minutes before a show for good seats. IMO it's not really a perk anymore. We might be cancelling the Key due to the changes. I understand the need for the changes in this climate, but it really kills the overall value IMHO. They have also raised the prices. We absolutely loved having the Key on Allure back in 2019, but the shine is not there for us at this time.
  7. It may have been a vaccinated only session. Throughout the cruise they had shows/events/activities that were designated vaccinated only and masks were not required even indoors.
  8. Thanks!! I'm quite surprised it was maskless as its and indoor activity!
  9. We did the escape room on Oasis the week of 10/3... 12 of us in the room plus Hanna (escape room guide/host). It was $19.99/person and you can only book once onboard... you can book it through the app. These pics are not that good, but you can see there were 12 of us (second group pic taken by Hanna)...
  10. The are going to fix up the HV Horizon and set it out on a world cruise.
  11. Two different descriptions of The Key online. I had to call Royal to find out which one was correct. The room service description is the right one.
  12. It has to be a destination based on the C&A page teaser. South American cruises?
  13. Well that makes your Europe flight much easier. You can get a direct or just 1 stop. I almost always use Delta airlines because of sky club and loyalty points, etc. You will have great trip! Venice is about 2 hours from Ravenna. I understand transfers back and forth are common.
  14. Nice! That's our next SC cruise. We'll be in 9730. It was originally going to be a 2BAT on Symphony in 2022 and then Allure came out with crazy good deals and we jumped ship from Symphony to Allure to save almost half! I'll be watching for your posts next February!
  15. There are some pieces of it laying around in the shipyard. But using the world emoji would seem to indicate it's a destination or itinerary perhaps!
  16. I heard that Mr. Bayley picked and will be announcing the first Icon class ship name- Hyperbole of the Seas.
  17. I pretty much travel solo, no biggie. This is the tail end of a mostly solo S2S2S, I start Indy on the 10th, then do Harmony and end with this Mariner.
  18. Following. We are doing two bedroom Aqua suite on Allure in February!
  19. FYI...It has been gnawing at me that I had to pay full price for all these latest excursions. I feel that since it was no fault of our own that our itinerary changed 3 times and the last one at such a late date, that we get scooched out of any discounts. I had pretty decent ones on my originals for Labadee because I had planned them so long ago. So tonight I wrote them about it. Let's see if they respond.
  20. Thanks. I will have to keep an eye out for the meet up of solos for excursions.
  21. Never went solo before...can't imagine it honestly
  22. I doubt it will have to do with CSO or Covid protocols, things going back-ish to normal is not news of a lifetime. Also getting rid of protocols won't happen until everyone can be vaxxed. Even with the CSO expiring, they will still follow certain safety protocols. It has to be a destination, ship or specialty something....i.e. a particular itinerary or sailing.
  23. we did "see Antigua by sea" , never been as well, hopefully its good!
  24. If that’s the case I better soak up reduced capacity to the max next week on Symphony
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