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  2. 2 balconies would probably be the way to go. You could open the balcony dividers and make 1 huge balcony and also have 2 bathrooms. 1 bathroom with 5 people sounds busy.
  3. I MIGHT do a couple. I feel a little weird looking at myself on screen. maybe after my 3rd lavaflow. RC Mariner May 13 Cyclingva
  4. Is there a list of age and/or height restrictions for the onboard activities like rock wall, water slides, flowrider etc......prior to embarkation
  5. I had a friend miss final payment before and they sent out a threatening email and he paid about 5 days late with no problem.
  6. Surprisingly enough, Although it is a Disney ship, it is not over Disneyfied. However, that is coming from someone that goes to Disney a lot, so I may just be used to it. But although certain themes maybe be Disney, it is not thrown in your face. However, I definitely understand not having a Casino. The Oasis Class is also much bigger ships than Disney.
  7. We toyed with the idea of DCL but afraid it’s gonna be Mickey overload. At least when we visit the theme parks when it’s time to go we just exit the park and say goodbye but not sure I would be ok with not escaping the mouse on a cruise ship. Plus no casino!!!!! I think we are better off on Oasis Class ships as there is plenty to do for kids. We can’t keep them off the carousel or kids rock wall.
  8. Evil.....just evil...….
  9. +1 for don’t miss your final payment
  10. I’ve never tied my wife to mine besides booking her with me in my room and she is at my level when she would be a level lower.
  11. Missed the $24.99 sale and bought it at $37.99. Hoping it drops in price again 😐
  12. In February one of the guys at Sabor Bar on Oasis told me that Playmakers was replacing Sabor. He seemed very confident of this.
  13. If your next sailing is more than 2 weeks after the end of the cruise you level up on. Points and tier status updates take about 2 weeks after a cruise ends to reflect in your C&A Account.
  14. And we got what I believe is our last pre-cruise email from my new BFF, advising us of our drop off location when we arrive at the port, which is Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal, Zone 6. We shall be onboard 48 hours from now. 🍾🥂🍺
  15. Only if you call in and specifically tie your spouse to your status. If you just show up on the ship and expect your spouses seapass to reflect your status you will have a challenging time if they are checking seapass cards at the diamond lounge.
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  17. Are all the offers just for America? I am in the UK and sailing from Southampton in September, but the only offers we are getting are only for the refreshments package.
  18. From previous live blog, I know OP is based in USA. Recommendation from Barcelona airport is to be checked in for non-Schengen flights at least 3hrs before boarding. https://www.aeropuertobarcelona-elprat.com/ingl/check-in.html
  19. Thanks John! I am just realizing I used my $150 OBC to purchase the original package when the price was higher. I am guessing if I cancel I won't be getting that back? I have learned a valuable lesson Drink Package scouting lesson for my next cruise, if so!
  20. Replacing what....where would they put it? Not sure I see that happening; even though that would be great.
  21. To be clear, you absolutely do not need to be checked in at 12:55. I'm not aware of too many airlines or airports that require three hours of check in (it exists, but it's rare, and unlikely at BCN). OP doesn't state the airline or route, and that would help if there's any question as to when they should check in, but there is also a chance that the check-in counter may not even be open three hours in advance, especially if their first flight isn't longhaul or "international" (by that I mean leaving Schengen).
  22. WARNING! This was the killer! More than one month later, I still have pounds that I have not lost yet thanks to those late night snacks! 🤣
  23. Nope. Lunch rotates through two menus. Day 1-4 and 5-7. I have the Day 5-7 menu posted on my live blog from HM in March. I know where I can find the Day 1-4 one but I will have to post after work tonight. I don't like CK as much for lunch. I mainly have breakfast and dinner there. Breakfast menu does not change. Same each day.
  24. @Lovetocruise2002 Thank you so much for posting the dinner menus!! Are the lunch menus similar to the dinner?
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