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  2. Mine were on my last cc statement that I got today. May 2 cruise.
  3. Yes they probably would and I hope they’d deal with you swiftly. Sorry but I hate people who try and cheat the system.
  4. Saved on gas. I’m one of the very blessed ones that kept my job while working at home. I have left my house to market shop and go to Lowe’s. But kept it at once a week. I do not like delivery services. I like to go out and see people. My husband works for the P.O. and works 6 days a week. We really haven’t changed much. I will add that at first I was NOT happy with becoming a homeschooling mom also; however, I think it was a blessing in disguise. I helped my daughter with things she was struggling with and the teachers were too busy for her. She is definitely ready for 8th grade!
  5. 1. No 2. No 3. Maybe but I fail to see how it would work and be enforced.
  6. A. No B. No C. Yes. But in reality, space on deck is prime...I don’t see it happening.
  7. I made Prime last year, but my partner did not. I was given a prime sticker on my Seapass card, which gives me free drinks in the casino. Let's say that on our next cruise, I give my partner the sticker from my old Seapass card, and get a new one on the new cruise. Do you think the casino bartenders/casino staff would notice? NOTE: I know this is unethical and breaking the rules. I'm honestly just curious to see if you think they'd notice. Or what kind of trouble we'd get into for doing it
  8. We are still waiting for our 3/14 cruise refunds on both cruise fare and all cruise planner purchases. Total amount owed to us is $8200. Have not received a cent yet. Official cancellation was done on 3/15 so I have lost count of how many days it has been waiting for our refund. I understand that this is a tremendous task to refund millions, but when people are posting that they have had their refunds processed and received on bookings for April, May, June etc and we are still waiting. Have made contact with RCCL reps and have been told on numerous occasions - ït is being processed". Please sort the system out and refund people in a timely and ordered manner. Don't mean to rant but needed to vent to somebody. We are regular cruisers and have always been Loyal to Royal. Have another cruise booked for 4/12 2020 from Sydney AUS, just praying that this one sails.
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  10. There are a lot of first responders out there on the front lines that wear masks. Let me know when you want to go up to the firehouse with me to tell the firefighters that real men don’t wear masks.
  11. No, No and No Real men do not wear masks, it is a sign of weakness. Some wear masks in public just for show(or if they know the camera is on them) but they do not wear them at home in their basement with their wives. I find that odd, very odd.
  12. Just hung up the phone with RCCL, booked the last minutes “Flash Sale”. I sent a email to my last cruise planner, Greg Rosa, who works for RCCL and system returned with “email address doesn’t exist”. I double checked and sent again, and returned again. I don’t know if he got laid off. So sad they have to cut their own cruise planner and customer service.
  13. If I have to wear a mask, I am not cruising. Real men don't wear masks! Also, if Royal increases the gratuities charge, no cruising for this real man.
  14. I enjoy the entertainment provided by those who downplay the serious of coronavirus in all aspects but choose not to live their lives pre c-19 and instead do not leave the house or go anywhere and rely on others to perform the daily activities so as to minimize the entertainers exposure to coronavirus. I appreciate the essential workers and express it while others appreciate the entrepreneur but leave out the hard working employees. And I tip very well. 😄
  15. That big, honking pair of pants that my wife bought me for Christmas....
  16. A leader being honest, how refreshing!!!😷 I agree that the numbers are suspect, they are higher. On the bright side soon, very soon, it will be down to zero. 🤡
  17. I am old enough to remember when the hoax coronavirus was being compared to the flu. Now to justify 100,000 deaths, it is being compared to cancer. Think about that.
  18. I’ve gotten a few extra books knocked off my to be read pile.
  19. @Chadster Netflix, Hulu or any streaming service 😜. I have to put on mindless garbage, otherwise I am behind. The worse is when you put on a kid show/movie that you don't expect to actually watch and end up loving it.
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  21. A bunch of people have said masks. I think masks are going to be around for a while. I’m a bit concerned about the cruise industry if the comments here reflect a percentage of the potential cruisers. Matt’s recent Facebook poll seemed to show the same results.
  22. I would wait unless there’s another option you are ready to pull the trigger on now. Most sources say airlines will take years to recover so I doubt there’d be a huge jump in airfare cost (hard to tell as I don’t know where you are located) or the flights being sold out that far out.
  23. I’m with you on this one. We had never done it before last year and now have cruises booked for the next two thanksgivings. It’s great as it still leaves vacation days for later on and only two days off of school for my daughter.
  24. Hopefully they give you guys plenty of notice when/if Odyssey gets delayed. I’d guess right now that Thanksgiving bookings are lighter than last year so hopefully you guys have time to make alternate arrangements.
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