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  2. For ease we just use the rental car. It is usually 6.95 and then tolls. Which this last time were 1.05. The most I think we have been charged is 12.95 total. I don't think that is very expensive like others have mentioned. It does take about a month or 6 weeks to get the charges on your credit card.
  3. 10 Carnival sailings under my belt. They used to waive solo supplements at one point (on select sailings). When that ended I found Royal. If I'm paying full double price solo I want a full cruise line.
  4. I just sailed on Rhapsody using a printed seapass card and everything, including pictures uploaded. We still checked in, but they didn't take a picture. It was fairly painless, but I didn't think we saved any time.
  5. We sailed on Mariner in Dec. Someone at the Port was directing us upon entry asking if we had expedited arrival. I wasn't sure and we opened our app and sure enough it said we did. We went in that line. If someone hadn't been asking we would have totally missed it. We then walked pass the ipad that scanned our face, spoke with a RCC lady that asked for us by name, went through security and upstairs. Once upstairs we again luckily found the signs that said expedited and after the gal checked our app walked through the large section of empty chairs and right onboard.
  6. That's one good thing about fog...It keeps Carny from running down the tall ship Elissa while it's tied to the pier! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  7. That is exactly what I was afraid of- them changing the whole excursion activities. I chatted with them on FB and one rep told me that it was cancelled and replaced with the new one... so I called and then they told me that nothing was cancelled, it had just changed names. The activities were all the same.. So lets hope for the second one.. I dont care to shop- Im going for the experience of swimming and Mayan rituals LOL
  8. That's a great question, if it did appear, I don't know if I noticed it or knew it meant something special. I'll have to look on my next cruise when I check in next month at the 90 day mark. I did scan our passports with no issues...I'll pay more attention to what it says on the app next time, this helps thank you.
  9. Did I read that right? On a carnival ship? Iโ€™m guessing you weโ€™re trying to sell them a lifetime supply of rusty white paint?
  10. Thanks, very logical - not sure why I couldn't find it...
  11. Top of the page "Events" https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/events
  12. Does anyone know where I can find info on the Anthem GC to Norway in July of 2021? I can't find a link...
  13. I found my newest bucket list cruise. We're trying to figure out a way to do this one (hopefully it'll be offered in 2022) https://www.azamara.com/voyage/pr12u218/12-night-ireland-intensive-voyage
  14. That's because you appear to be a rational human being capable of empathy and not a... Hmm. Gonna need one of @SpeedNoodles's cookies.
  15. Each person has an onboard account. By default when a card is swiped that person's account is billed much like a credit card. If you want to pay for everyone's drink, use your card. If you want everyone to buy their own drinks, take all the cards to the bar or wait for a server and let each guest hand their card to the server with their order. There are no master accounts or pooled accounts.
  16. @Jazzcrusing It's like a Disney magic band that can be used like your Sea pass card. It is waterproof, I have mine in white but I have seen them in blue and yellow also. It is linked to your account and you can open your cabin door with it as well as make purchases instead of using your sea pass card. I had my daughter wear it and I used my card. It was a very convenient little bracelet. I believe they are a few dollars and you can purchase on the ship, we had a suite and were given them upon entry to our cabin, they were inside the room. I looked for mine for a pic but alas can't find it anywhere. Maybe someone else here will post a pic for you. I posed this same question before my first sailing also, it was a nice option. FYI from what I am told they can be re programmed from sailing to sailing!
  17. I suspect the offer code verbiage is left over from days gone by. When you price a cruise on the website using your CAS number it should include all available discounts for your CAS level. I have taken some well priced cruises close in however I don't know that the discount was any greater as a close in deal for CAS or because I have the D+ balcony discount or because they just wanted to sell cabins. The Going, Going, Gone Flyer is updated weekly: http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Multi_Dest/Special_Offers/rci_sales_event.pdf This may not not be include everything offered at a lower price close in but it's a good place to start.
  18. Since you scanned your passport on the app, did "Expedited arrival" appear on your setsail pass on the phone app? This is my first cruise on royal. I'm on the oasis right now and the checkin and boarding on last sunday was super quick. We arrived at port of miami around 12pm and on the ship around 12:15pm. When you check in on the app, make sure to scan your passport and not manually input the numbers. It will give you expedited arrival. There was a separate security line/ boarding line at miami for people with expedited arrival. I didn't stop to get the physical seapass, just show the pass on your phone to the agent at the expedited arrival line. The physical card was on the door when I got to my room.
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  20. Obviously, the frequency of ships at Coco Cay, on the same day, is increasing. Should not be much of a surprise, when "New Day" @ Coco Cay was opened; certainly had to expect the number of ships going there would turn out to be the norm. With the Summer Cruise Season, just around the corner, wouldn't be surprise to see an uptick in itineraries there. New Day @ CC has been an humongous hit...Royal is not slowing it down anytime soon.
  21. That was my thought, just bring your own
  22. Pardon my ignorance, what is a wow band?
  23. Rage is a normal phase of grief, and there is no rage (and no grief) like that of a bereaved parent. It's not rational, it's purely emotional.
  24. The Escape Room was so much fun. Well worth the $
  25. I was there in September on Symphony and we were the only ship there!
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