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  2. Hello Everyone. It That Time Again. It Cruise Time. Anyway I Am Going To Keep This Story Quick. So Here Is Are Ports Of Call. -Day One- Port Miami -Day Two- Coco Cay -Day Three- Nassau -Day Four- Coco Cay So With That Said Let The Blog Begin!!!
  3. True. The time slot booked has no bearing on use, you may visit anytime when the facility is open. The value of the spa pass is in the eye of the beholder. I'm not a huge spa person but do like taking advantage of certain features from time to time.
  4. You could also put the scissors in your toiletry bag since a lot of kits come with them in there already...
  5. If it wasn't for my mother's 80th Birthday, I'd be all in for that ....... Hey...... This just gave me an idea for an 80th Birthday present ..... hmmmm, will have to watch the itineraries.
  6. A lot of folks posted on here - what did people think? Also - I cannot tell - some things I've read said that the times are not restrictive; i.e., that one can show up at whatever time they wish, not just the times that they booked. Is this true?
  7. Technically anyone can use the self-serve machines, with or without the DX. Without the DX you are charged for the beer just like you would be at a bar.
  8. I ordered chicken wings twice around midnight on Rhapsody. I'd estimate it took 20 - 30 mins each time.
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  10. Grandeur of the Seas - The Farewell Cruise - March 26, 2021
  11. Chris970 - as I said we are not into the normal tourist things like temples, old buildings and museums. It is all about the food for us lol. We eat where the Asians eat, food courts and street food. So I am probably the wrong person to ask about 'must see and do'. Did Saigon today and headed for the Ben Thanh market. Street food in market was awful. They dropped us off at Bitexco, a 10 min walk to the market. The food court on the 5th floor of Bitexco was amazing - so would recommend eating there rather. Ben Thanh is like any market in Bangkok. Lots of the same shops selling the same thing. What surprised me was a few lanes of the most amazing fabric. Hand painted and hand embroidered stuff. We had 6 hours to spend in Saigon. KWofPerth - my husband has a thing about paper. He throws stuff away. I will attach today's one for you. 2nd last night on cruise tonight. Have enjoyed the rest and relaxation. Next problem is getting rid of gained weight. I did find the gym on board, but chose to walk past it lol.
  12. One of our crew ordered a Pizza (on Empress) at 2 in the morning. It took less than 30 minutes to get to us! (nothing like the post bar crawl munchies 😋 )
  13. Chris, I have to commend you!!! You put everything you need for a six month cruise in one suitcase.....we go on a seven day cruise and take five suitcases!!! That is amazing! I enjoyed your vlog and look forward to more. I am subscribing to your channel for sure. Keep them coming!
  14. We sailed on Empress Nov 2018 out of Miami. My husband and I were Gold level, and the other 4 in the group were NOT. There was a separate and longer line for the NON-loyalty members to check in. We told the person directing the passengers that they were with us and kindly asked if we could all check in together. They let us! There was no separate lounge, but we were able to board just in front of the non-gold members! Hope it works for you too! Happy sailing!
  15. I know its probabaly like how long is a piece of string but how long does room service ususally take if you were to order a few hot items (chicken wings, pizza etc) late at night?
  16. We got there at 12:21 (running a little behind since we had a group of 6... someone didn't print out their information like their cruise planner <me> told them to 🤣). Got into the ship just before 1pm (I say it wouldn't hurt to get there at 10! since we met a lot of people on board who arrived at 10am
  17. Love the vlogs! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us!
  18. The free champagne has been around at least since we booked our last cruise to Cuba in Nov 2018 on RCCL. On this November sailing we got and extra $200 OBC just for using the AMEX, PLUS the champagne. You DO have to purchase either through the AMEX Travel website, or an affiliated TA. This offer applies to AMEX Platinum and Centurion card members. We booked all our travel through our AMEX Affiliated TA who secured us the benefit. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/amex-platinum-cruise-privileges-program/ The other option is to pre-purchase the bottle in your cruise-planner before booking. Usually you can save 20-30% off onboard prices. It's still 3x the offboard prices... but I suppose if you're not getting the drinking package (or don't want to go to the bar and don't want to pay for room service as the OP indicated) it may not be the worst option!
  19. As said above, we emailed rcldining@rccl.com last week for out 26/10/19 sailing and they have seated 11 of us together on Adventure of the Seas
  20. Guess I need to do the summary , The ship Spectrum of the seas is a wonderful ship with many of the things people love about the Q class (270 , music hall) + some extras as laser Tag and the new coffee shops. The ship as a feeling of a big ship , not crowded at all (beside the WJ) Entertainment: Royal did a good job here , although due to the language difference the shows are more on the physical side (Dancing , acrobats) and singing still they are very nice , Show girls was very good , the home production was nice , the headliner shows were funny, we liked less the Silk Road. We loved the "let it be AC/DC" Activities You will find all the activities you have on other ships , maybe less trivia (although it exist) but all the rest are more and less there , including the quest , lover and marriage and other game shows , the only thing that I did not so was the Bingo , but I Am not really missing it. Just take into consideration that games can take longer as every thing is being translated to Mandarin, But I Guess its the same when you take a ship from ports like Porto Rico or even Barcelona. Parties : There was the balloons dropping party , the 70 party , the silent party (which was very funny) and wild west party. Bars and bar services There were many bars , but almost no one was seating in the bars , service was OK but you never so roaming bar waiters , apparently most of the people that board in Shanghai do not drink or they drink beer and Sodas. The good think is the cost of the drinking package on board , 49$ for the first person and 50% for the second , also drinking card came on day 4 for 12 drinks at the cost of 68$ !. I did not seen any alcohol missing on board but did not try everything. The issue is that most of the bars a closed early (Schonner bar close at midnight for example) beside the Casino Bar and the Music hall . Port of calls Shanghai - Loved the city , very clean very modern in most of the places, very cheep and also interesting , most of the street names and signs in the main area are also in English , transportation is easy and even if you went into a line without English sign its easy to remember the symbol of your last station/direction. I wish I added few more days there. Port is around 40 minutes from the city center. Osaka - Maybe since we had a problem with our shore excursion or for some other reason we thought its not the best port , you have few places to visit unless you want to drive extra time. The plus is that you got a mall and many restaurants just adjust to the port Kobe - nice port with easy transportation , a good port to go and roam a typical Japanese city , test local foods and markets. Tokyo (Yokohama)- port is 20-30 minutes drive, Tokyo is amazing and we felt we could have spent more time there , i would skip any excursion which brings you to the imperial palace as you can not even get near the palace so its quite a waste of time, Go to the center were the big temple is and just walk around. amazing city. Embarkation / disembarkation This was super easy, you come to the port , drop your luggage and go to the international passenger line (which also shared with Platinum + line) , quick security like any other port , quick check in , immigration which can take 10 -15 minutes and that is it , all the signs are also in English , very easy to find things. Disembarkation was the same , you go out of the ship , pass immigration , collect your suitcases and pass via custom , the only thing you should now is the distance to the taxi lines , its quite far 8-10 minutes walk. Food You will find all of the regular menus in the MDR (maybe they change it after people complain) you get the regular menu and the Chinese menu which you can choose from. in the WJ you can find some Western food , Chinese food and many time lots of Indian food , always there is something. Silver dining room - this is exactly like Solarium bistro at night , we did not eat there too many dinners as the main dish are always the same, Service in the MDR was very very good , the best we ever had so far , the waiters did not let our wine glasses to get empty and food came very fast. Pleas mind , in general in all the restaurants they try to bring you the food very very fast , some will say too fast , I guess this is the request of most of the passenger. No issue to find Western food , but I must agree with most of the comments that I read , the Chinese food is not what we know as Chinese food but more I will say , simple , or in other words , real Chinese food. Internet This was very problematic, it worked only 75% of the time and when it worked it was very slow and blocked access to the site. Atmosphere I did not encounter any strange behavior or cutting in lines , yes , on rush time you might wait for the elevators and they will be crowded , more than other ships , not sure. People in general were nice and try to have fun. take into consideration the ship going to sleep quite early. I must say , it was a good idea to add many vacation days after the cruise , it did not felt as real last day as we knew we had lots of more interesting things to do so we loved Singapore after and also Thailand , although I had to cut few days since been asked to fly to a business meeting in the country that serves french fries with gravy and cheese and proud of it. So will not have time to fix my clock , as just after this business trip will need to go to Italy again , and not for cruise. Next cruise for know is April 11 days Med , Jewel of the seas .
  21. Hello Crew Member!! Thank you for all of your hard work. Every day, every moment, making those guests lives a bit brighter because of YOU
  22. I dont think hub and I will be in Baltimore anymore when she finally leaves Baltimore. But if there would be any reason to return, seeing Lady G off is a good reason. I might try to score a "business trip" to Baltimore when she returns home for the last time just to say goodbye
  23. Fantastic, I love Indy, was on her last October and still a cracker. Earned a Sub from me
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