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  2. I feel like the 4th of July is not only a major American holiday but the true official/quintessential start of summer. So I can see why they both used this day as a reference. I personally don't get why this would insult you. The cruise industry has been roaring to get back into motion since last year...yet everything else has been allowed to commence. Full baseball stadiums, bubble sports, and limited capacity theme parks are in full swing. Your statement actually proves everyone points. People read headlines about one cruise ship that couldn't dock because we didn't know enoug
  3. Marco Rubio first needs to get Ron DeSantis under control and they both need to get on the same page if they want to see results. Just yesterday Ron DeSantis came out against luxury cruise liner Silver Seas plan to require all passengers be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination before they are allowed to board. According the the Sun Sentinel the Governors press office came out against this requirement stating the governors executive order barring companies from inquiring or requiring vaccines also extends to cruise lines. Although according to the paper they are not sure if th
  4. I play myvegas games often for the comps. I’ve gotten a cruise before, but of course was cancelled.. sad face.. I’m hoping with this thread, anyone who wants to help me watch it can be notified when they pop up. I check it almost everyday. But when they are listed they sell out very quickly. Let’s help each other out with a free cruise!! If interested, follow this topic and maybe we’ll get lucky!! Thanks!
  5. sounds like about two weeks of work for a bureaurcracy ...
  6. I am booking one immediately and most likely another one for about 9 months later...and will go from there!!!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Great news, heading in the right direction again!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes it would.....especially since they aren't sailing full fleet yet.
  10. If my husband let me it would be as many as I could. But in reality it’ll probably be one or two.
  11. That awesome- although I’ve never won one of those bids yet- I guess I’m too stingy. we have gotten any emails regarding RoyalUp as of yet.
  12. Welcome!!! we can’t wait either! Nothing as it relates to checking-in, I feel that they are still printing the finishing touches on what needs to be collected for check-in for that to happen. im lost with the Bahamas Health Visa, I created an account but got lost like you stated too. I’m secretly hoping Royal comes to the rescue and makes it all super clear real soon.
  13. The same can be said of smartphones. What was mind blowing single digit years ago is now greeted with... meh. It's really hard for smartphone makers to blow any more minds. They try folding screens and other gimmicks but it often comes back to upgrading a core component - the camera. Is that evolution or revolution? A camera in a smartphone is now a basic component, no longer an "Oh wow, it has a camera!" instead it's expected. Oh wait, it has six lenses. Meh.
  14. Good news! They dropped off a truck with the stone for the kitchen. Depending on the weather, it's possible they will start that tomorrow.
  15. I thought you were quite clear in your post. Why are you "insulted" that the cruise industry wants to resume cruising? The President is the one who mentioned July 4th as a goal for getting back some sense of normalcy. The cruise industry is simply asking to be included in that.
  16. If I had more room on my credit card the answer would be c) --- as many as I can fit on the calendar! (Dean is lonely)
  17. Bob, I just saw this thread and wanted to say thanks for the amazing message and for supporting Michelle and MEI-Travel! We truly appreciate it!
  18. Parking is easy at the new terminal. The way in is much easier then the way out though so be prepared. The elevator at the garage bottlenecks and holds everyone up. Significant delays most of the time during the high traffic hours of disembarkation.
  19. I've seen appeals for cruisers to write their legislators and officials in support of the cruise industry. Are there parallel moves involving workers impacted by the cruise suspensions? I think the better approach to this is not to invoke the "freedom to cruise" but to highlight the job losses from the suspensions.
  20. Nice. It doesn't even let me submit an offer, says my cruise is more than 30 days out (as would yours, odd).
  21. Being saying this since May of last year, when a number of members of Congress(both in the house & senate) express their desire for these " 'foreign entities' to become taxable...because they register their ships out of the country, like illegal off shore companies; and yet, rake in the benefits, off the backs of US tax paying citizens & feel they need to fall under US regulations(employment, environmental, & operation) & pay their fair share of taxation." Of coarse, many here just ignored what these opportunistic politicians express, as if to keep out of the forum's eye for di
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