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  3. Wow, that is a very detailed document - I read it twice and it would appear that these tests could in fact work for cruising. Thank you so much for sharing! The only issue I could see would be the wording about testing twice within 3 days...obviously RCCL just requires the one test. I've emailed switch health and will circle back with RCCL. Confirmation either way would be so helpful to the Canadians who are planning to cruise in the near term. I will share if I receive a response. Thanks again!
  4. I take it the Mimosas under the American column incur a fee just as the rest of the American breakfast items regardless of my drink package? Had to ask.
  5. A vaccinated 10 year old can use these tests, correct?
  6. I just wanted to provide this link: https://www.fda.gov/media/155123/download This lists approval for the SD Biosensor (including address on test kit etc from the box) from the SWITCH health kits and it is designated as Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA on Jan 5, 2022 So it is now approved! I printed a copy of it to bring to the cruise ship
  7. I saw somewhere that some of the crew wanted salty snacks and they couldn't shop in ports. I've got some care packages to take and I wanted to know if it was worth bringing microwave popcorn.
  8. Everyone will create their own accounts. It doesn't matter whose name is on the initial order. Anyone can use the tests.
  9. We sail her later in the month so would love to get your feedback postcruise. I've heard the stories that Enchantment needs some love.
  10. I saw this tip before my cruise and brought my Yeti totally expecting to use it for mixed drinks, and NEVER ended up using it. I also had a Yeti can cooler that I used for the cans, but I didn’t do the cans as much as cocktails. YMMV.
  11. Just got back from a 4 night cruise from Galveston on Adventure. We docked across from them in Cozumel. It looked busy, but no more busy than a past spring break cruise I went on, on Allure. (That said, you can't really see into many of the common areas while standing on a shorter ship, the hot tub and el loco fresh looked pretty busy, anyway) Looked like they were having a lot of fun, that said, I was glad to be on the boat with only 800 people on it.. I don't like crowds or lines. Plus the service was amazing with so few people.
  12. I believe even Royal had a cruise ship arrested once or twice. They were held in port till some fees were paid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_of_the_Seas#Incidents It happens but this company is trying to avoid their ship being seized so they can avoid paying anything if they can.
  13. We are on the March 6th cruise on Liberty and just completed one with her on January 16th. Windjammer is definitely open and we saw many families there eating and enjoying themselves (we never go anywhere else when we have the G-kids along). You do not need reservations and the only advice would be checking for the line. It was long only at opening otherwise there was never a wait. They scan your ship card for number of guests present and typically scan it on the way out. The Washy-Washy check-in folks are the best! The staff serve the portions to you as you hold your plate typical to many buffet style restaurants currently. Our grand kids loved the pools and on Adventure Ocean just check for reservations and the protocols for the week as soon as you get onboard as they may change due to the number of kids for that sailing. Have fun and enjoy!
  14. Awesome. Added to bucket list. Thanks for sharing.
  15. We've got Navigator of the seas booked for March 18th and trying to figure out what to do now we can't do the PCR test with Royal like we did last month
  16. We recently went on the Maho Beach Plane Spotting excursion and it was a lot of fun. I thought I would post a review along with some videos that I didn’t upload on my live blog. We were there on December 23rd so SXM was busy. There were at least 30 take offs and landings during our 2+ hours at Maho Beach. This.was a highlight for our 16 year old son who has been watching videos of Maho Beach jet blasts for years. The excursion was reasonably priced at around $50pp. Upon arrival we rented 3 beach loungers for $10pp The amenities are basic but if this is on your bucket list, it didn’t disappoint. Video of Takeoff https://youtu.be/ewiSWOsB7ug Video of Landings https://youtu.be/YNYvNtbZm4Q https://youtu.be/a9DyvsW9_QE
  17. Helpful hint. If you call and speak to someone you can ask for a corner room with city and harbour views. The room is slightly bigger as is the bathroom. The room does not cost extra but cannot be specifically booked online. I call and ask for this everytime. Another heads up is that while this is a luxury hotel and the location experience is unmatched (I don't believe there is another hotel anywhere in the world that has cruise ships dock literally right next to it) the hotel is getting older and some areas may show its age.
  18. Hubby and I will be onboard. We just got our boarding time a few minutes ago. 11:30-12;00 again just in time to hit the WindJammer for lunch! Maybe we'll get lucky and Capt Johnny will be there too! For us too it's a reschedule from last year.
  19. I’m with you! We booked 4 specific stops that we don’t usually get to go on. We were excited for DR and San Juan. They should add back DR since the original email I got said they removed it because the pier construction wouldn’t be done… and the pier is clearly ready and ships are stopping there. Shouldn’t they refund the port fees/taxes the the 4th port?
  20. We are also going on this cruise with another couple and was scheduled to cruise February of 2020 and now hopefully we can go May 2,22. Have never experienced a transatlantic cruise before. Booked a balcony to observe the big waves and hoping to spot some marine life.
  21. Well we are in the home stretch. 7 days and we will be on board! That’s if testing goes well. Temperatures in Miami and Coco Cay are looking a tad chilly for Saturday through Monday.
  22. We will be on her as well driving down from Ontario, Canada on February 4,22 and looking forward to it.
  23. Another update: A car service with driver was provided from Huntsville to Birmingham. Royal Caribbean had everything handled. My wife is pulling up to the house and I am waiting for the connecting flight in Miami. She will be home 4 hours ahead of me.
  24. We had a great cruise thanks to The Travel Shop Abingdon Va a little disappointed with some features on ship namely no television in Casino and unlike Oasis class ships guest must navigate from one section to another to get around ship. . Entertainment was not the expected quality. However, the food at all venues was excellent. Staff was of equal quality !!! In summary just great to get out there again never heard one report or rumors anyone on ship having any Covid issues.
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