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  2. I picked it up at the $25 rate for my September Allure sailing - definitely brought it back in to the range of reasonable for what you get.
  3. Matt

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome @MiAMiA !
  4. You will have a great time! The view from the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen is great! The 2BR is a bit of an overkill for two people, but I think it's definitely ideal for families. The walk all the way aft was a bit tedious, but enjoying dinner on the balcony with the aquatheater show in the background was worth it. It's almost a shame that this room exists on the OA class as there was just so much to do on the ship that we didn't get that much time to just enjoy the room. It was my first OA class and I had to do ALL THE THINGS and really didn't just relax. My father did enjoy the balcony a bit, though.
  5. Matt

    Calling All ☘️March☘️ Cruise Ship Periscopers

    Mariner of the Seas March 15 Mariner of the Seas March 18 Mariner of the Seas March 22
  6. Matt


    On my next trip to Juneau I plan on not booking any excursions, but just taking a cab into Mendenhall Glacier and exploring. It's an incredible place.
  7. I fly for a living and sitting in coach is a dread of mine, unless I can get the extra legroom seats.
  8. If you want anything other than amateur hour experience, pack your own.....assuming of course you are allowed to bring darts onboard
  9. I have considered the 2BR Aqua Suite. I would enjoy the balcony very much. At night the noise would be okay since there is a show to,go with it. Being on 17 keeps me close to the Coastal Kitchen and amenities I am looking forward to. I am looking forward to #1718!
  10. Matt

    Oasis Class #6 !!!!

    I'm actively working on what I've codenamed "Project Sabrina" as a way to weed out the unwanted and/or Canadian posts.
  11. Matt


    You are correct, I was making a generalization.
  12. BTE


    I was looking at purchased since this is my first trip at the RC excursions
  13. We recorded a podcast episode all about cruising with young kids. I think you will find this very helpful:
  14. FWIW there is a new Cruise Planner sale that just started. Perhaps related to that. The way to know is after sale ends, if price jumps back up.
  15. twangster


    Are you looking for a purchased excursion or do your own thing? Mendenhall Glacier is awesome and a frequent stop on many purchased tours. It's also possible to do it on your own where you'll have more time to explore the visitor's center and area at your own pace. I find the visits that are part of a tour tend to be rushed and just hit certain highlights of the park. The Mt. Roberts tramway will provide awesome views on good weather days and it's right there by the ships. Whale watching is popular in Juneau. Float plane excursions are also popular and the float plane base is very close to the ships. One time I did a helicopter to Mendenhall Glacier and we walked in it. That was expensive but so worth it. Years later on return visits I still remember what it was like actually trekking across the glacier.
  16. Matt

    Ovation suite question

    In my experience, the suite guests order whatever they want from their Genie and it doesn't matter who else they invite in, provided it does not borderline on abuse. As an example, a Star Class guest invited me and my family to a meal in their suite and had no issue (or additional cost to me) to enjoy the food. Likely not. The reserved Star Class seating is for Star Class guests. They could certainly ask their Genie if you could take the seats if no other Star Class guests arrive.
  17. Rose City Cruiser

    Early morning coffee?

    If you really want to brew your own coffee, the Aeropress is great for travelling.
  18. Both these links by @melski94 and @twangster are fantastic ways to learn about what Adventure Ocean offers.
  19. Yes, your ship will offer Adventure Ocean. It is wonderful children's programming
  20. Atlantix2000

    2 Sets of Aft Stairs on Harmony?

    I see the staircases you mention on decks 11 and 12 and I also note that area is white space on the next few decks up and down. I can't say for certain but I'm guessing that is a set of stairs and or elevators for only the crew to use and it probably should not appear on the deck plans. That said, I just looked and all the Oasis class ships show that same staircase on decks 11 and 12 only with white space above and below.
  21. Cez

    Missed the Boat!

    lol - Jan 30 2019. I've got the message in the morning, five hours and $ 200 US later (without any spelling mistakes) I was seating on the airplane to Montreal with connection at JFK. When talking to my TE she confirmed that it was a fair price but nothing extraordinarily cheap. Ironically, instead of watching airplanes from Maho beach I was in one of them 😞 I have to give kudos to Royal - they refunded unused portion of my drinking package, internet and excursions. Very professional and helpful throughout entire process.
  22. Matt

    Milk allowed? (non infant)

    Over the years, we've hoarded our fair share of milk for our kids. There is ample supply onboard, and almost always milk available somewhere onboard. Not sure which ship, but Windjammer or Cafe Promenade are always great places to get some. I don't know I'd hassle yourself with bringing milk onto the ship. There is plenty available onboard and they do not care if you grab a bunch to bring back to your room.
  23. BTE


    Does anybody have any suggestions in JUNEAU? I was looking at Whale Quest, Orca Point Lodge & Mendenhall Glacier but am open to other ideas. Thanks
  24. When I used to fly a lot, being top tier on the airline meant free upgrades to first class were a guarantee. I flew for two years in a row doing over 250 flights a year and all of them in first class while buying a coach ticket. One time there was a weather delay and I missed my connection. All they could was put me in coach on the last flight of the day. I remember one of the first times I had to fly in the back. I thought to myself... It's so small back here, how do people do it? My knees are touching the seat in front of me!
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