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  2. Unfortunately you can not do what you want to do, the calendar is not "open source" it is ONLY for Royal sanctioned activities
  3. Hi @CruisingMomMN and welcome to the boards. I have a booking on FOS at that time too (December 7th) and noticed the exact same thing. In my case, I'm not particularly worried since I booked it refundable as a place holder and almost certainly will be changing it anyway but I totally understand your concern. When I originally booked I did notice that Freedom was blocked for the month of January 2025, so when the December sailings dropped off (apart from the one over Christmas), I did wonder if they might have decided to bring forward whatever it was they were planning to do then. Given the circumstances and if your budget allows you to pay out a new lot of 5 deposits, @Ampurp85's suggestion might be well worth considering. At least that way you would lock in an alternative sailing that would suit you, rather than waiting it out and potentially getting left high and dry.
  4. Thanks, I ended up finding it through the app, didn't even think to change days. Looks like I'll have to book for dinner.. as I expected they dont have a whole lobster for lunch.
  5. In my opinion. No way. I’d rather not go under those circumstances. Don’t expect/plan any last minute deals.
  6. Unfortunately, no. You can only add things that are in the RC app/cruise planner. So, for example, once on board you'll be able to add all of the trivia, shows, etc. you want. But it won't let you add your own entries. Which has always seemed dumb to me and something I wish RC would change.
  7. No, no changes, all paid, and not GTY. But 30 days just today.
  8. It should be 30 days unless the cruise has itinerary changes or your room is a GTY.
  9. No way to add extra tip (other than cash), but by ringing up the drink, he gets credit for it somehow. For a drink paid for with a package, he would get a slice of the 18% that was added to the package price. For the diamond and up drink vouchers, the source of their tips isn't clear but I'm confident they are getting credited from some tip pool Royal has that covers the diamond drinks.
  10. If you change to the current Nav sailing in the app, you can see the menu on Day 4
  11. When the documents file usually gets posted online? It's 30 days till, and still not there...
  12. Today
  13. I did not get my certification on a ship but I have done "shore excursions" thru a ship. Yes, I was in a group of beginners, taking lessons. While we traveled together to the dive shop, we were split up during the dive. I think it would be a great experience for your family. If for no other reason than you can join them on your next cruise. I would recommend that you contact the RCCL dive shop directly with your questions. Their email address is [email protected]
  14. Before the cruise, you'll only see events that you have purchased or reserved ahead of time (i.e. shows & excursions). Once you're on the ship, connected to the ship's wifi, you can add anything from the daily planner to your personal calendar. For example, if you see pickleball at 9am tomorrow and you want to try it, you can click "add to calendar" but that option is greyed out before you board.
  15. We stayed at the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. Very nice hotel with lots happening and right on the beach. Unfortunately when we were there last month it was quite windy and a little cool so we didn't go to the beach. Plenty of taxis right outside the door and about a 10 minute ride to the port.
  16. A journey of a thousands miles begins with the first step. As long as Royal enforces it I'm happy. If people have to scan their seapass cards to get their belonging back it'll become pretty obvious in a hurry who the offenders are.
  17. We did two previous cruises out of San Juan, both times we just stayed at the Sheraton Old San Juan and took a cab to the port. It is right across the street from the Old San Juan port, but that isn't the one RC uses for embarkation. We arranged the cab ride early and added an extra hour to get to the port - the traffic getting the last couple of miles was really bad. If you choose this option, seek out Finca Cialitos - FANTASTIC coffee. Not a rush in, rush out type of place but well worth it. Also, for breakfast, Chocobar Cortes. Amazing breakfast.
  18. Haven't been able to find this anywhere. I see reservations are available for Hooked on Navigator of the Seas for lunch. I can't find a lunch menu though, and its not available in app. Anyone able to get one for me?
  19. I read it again, still no reference to a guarantee of 24 x 7 service. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't make me a defender of Royal. I have repeatable slammed Royal's practice of throttling speeds per user. I've pointed out time after time that Royal is technically inept for doing so and that is an old and abandoned practice. All Royal has stated is that they desire to leverage Starlink to provide a better guest experience while never stating a specific performance target to measure "better". Maybe we both can at least agree that Royal failed to provide a better experience. However in Royal's defense Starlink has misled a lot of their customers. For the most part the only customer's staying with them are the ones that have no other choice. Royal sort of falls into that category because Royal is a financial disaster right now and they can't afford a decent provider. As far as hotel internet, as a former frequent business traveler I've encountered so many bad hotel internet experiences I used to carry my own hotspot with me. The company had no issue paying for it because they knew hotel internet sucks often.
  20. I understand, But my point was without a paper receipt, there's no way to add the tip to the no charge drink. And he's not getting 18% either, since charge is zero!
  21. This is an odd one from the app. The other day I was just looking around on the app and went into the non-alcoholic beverage packages. I saw packages offered of basically the same thing, one offered 12-24 bottles packages so I clicked on to see the price and I made a mock booking of it under my name. I didn't hit buy or choose between 12 or 24 bottles. The next thing I know I received an emailed that it was reserved. I haven't been charged, and didn't choose between 12 or 24 but it says reserved. There is another water package under that one that is just 24 bottles. Is this a known glitch in the app?
  22. Facebook post this morning from the cruise director. Sea trials begin tomorrow.
  23. Finishing on Odyssey this week and my usual bartender at Schooner bar always gives me the one for fourth drink and let's me know it's last one.
  24. Last year we stayed at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Juan. We booked it through RCCL and included transfers. The hotel was nice with a great breakfast. We would stay here again but would Uber to the ship rather than RCCL transfers. Uber would have been much quicker and cheaper than the transfers. Good luck with your cruise. Bill
  25. One thing to remember about the RoyalUp program, is the price you bid is per person - for the first two. This means if you were to bid $100 to be upgraded to a balcony, you will be paying $200 if you win the bid. The present prices are $429/Interior, $450/Outside view, and $629/Balcony. Ha, but when I went to do a mock booking, I found even lower prices if RCL picks your room and higher prices if you pick your rooms. Interesting. If any of those prices are within your budget, I would call your TA or RCL and asked for the upgrade now instead of waiting for RoyalUp.
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