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  2. Yea the more I think about it the more comfortable I feel about flying. Because I fly Southwest pretty regularly and I have been keeping an eye on the consistency of their "first" flights out departing on time. I think its going to be the best bet. Also after spending 15 months commuting 2.5 hrs a day I really don't feel like spending that length of time in a car if necessary.
  3. I called and asked them.. You can call 330 days in advance of your return date.
  4. It boils down to your risk analysis. Do you expect that the airline flight will be cancelled and you will miss your flight? We actually have flown three times, and twice we arrived same day as cruise. Despite the plane cancellation and the train breakdown (after airline gave us a train ticket), we still made our connections. So I wouldn't worry about flying. On the driving side, their is risk of car breakdown or major accident (yours). If you are really worried, fly down the day before. I would fly Southwest myself, as I trust them. Just make sure there is a back-up flight you can take if the first one has problems. Also, make sure the flight is covered by your travel insurance.
  5. IMHO, I say go for the flights. Its early enough that even if there are airline hiccups where the flight gets cancelled, you can still drive from Orlando to the port as a backup plan. Three hours in a car sounds less fun then a very short flight.
  6. Hello from another over packer! I usually drive to my vacation destinations, so this cruise should be interesting. It's just hubby and I this trip but I'm already worried about my suitcase being overweight on the return trip
  7. Concur with the above. I once lost my wallet but another guest returned it to Guest Services. They wouldn't reveal who it was, but Guest Services took the cash I gave them and added it to their Sea Pass account. Another thought is to buy them a portrait on formal night....
  8. Hi jakesosa, one of many of the things we were disappointed in. Promised (via comments/ highlights) when i bought the item...read thru this blog items were not provided or given... emailed RC proof via a photo they took 3 weeks to say..um no, we are wrong & misrepresented, that stuff is not included. I fought and got $ back since i had to go buy the items.
  9. Hello All, We were able to book a roundtrip flight from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale for $150/pp. We are the first flight of the day being we would land at 8am (probably before to be honest). I found a place in Ft. Lauderdale called Park N Go that if you pre-pay its $5.99/day versus $13/day. There is even a free shuttle to take you to the port. My question is... Should I keep our flights on Southwest airlines or should we drive down the morning of? I'm worried about traffic on the turnpike and 95. Any suggestions? TIA.
  10. It's possible the insurance coverage wasn't all that great. Usually professional travel insurance is more comprehensive, but it depends what you want covered (medical vs. changing your mind because of a work crisis or fears of losing luggage). I would work backward from what you need, and then determine if CC benefits really fit the bill.
  11. Oh my gosh, the video was goofy, but informative. Too many strange things... i found out that cruising is just not my thing.
  12. And one more difference -- While Celebrity has an upgrade bid option like Royal, I've gotten confirmation from multiple individuals that even relatively recent sailings that were under this program saw somewhat high levels of last-minute cancellations that opened up cabins at or just after final payment. I would wager that this is in large part because unlike Royal, Celebrity continues to allow suite bookings with refundable deposits. For sure those same posters noted that they often make multiple bookings for the same time period and then cancel all but one or two that they decide will be the ones they actually want to take. Assuming his holds, and I don't see why it won't as long as Celebrity continues its current policies, you can still watch for the possibility of cabin upgrades at reasonable prices post-final payment, even without using the bidding system. For sure, I'm looking for one of those opportunities when my Iceland & Greenland sailing gets closer. Would love to move from two inside cabins to a Family Veranda that sleeps four. Just for the space and nicer accommodations.
  13. Hi Hoski, the Chill Island Cabanas allow a total of eight guests. One person buys it...stays on Daily Planner for that one person only. The daily planner seems to allow you to pick the rest of the group, but never makes it to that process on the daily planner. On Chill Island, when we signed in we were only given bands to those standing there with us. We mentioned names and rooms of the remaining expected guests.
  14. I heard some where that Dru Pavalo is no longer with Royal is this true
  15. Just remember 5 letters when you’re on a cruise.. R E L A X You can’t do it wrong!
  16. Food porn! I love it. I promise to add to it after my Dec 5 cruise (1st cruise).
  17. I’ll let you know in September! That’s going to be our first B2B ever.. we’re on Harmony
  18. Today
  19. Thanks for the information, this is disappointing news.
  20. I felt just like your friend on my first cruise as I am prone to sea sickness so I brought meds, Dramamine, bands, and the ultimate plan was if I just hated it I would get off on the first port and fly home. I even went so far as to have flight reservations from Grand Cayman, our first stop. That was now three cruises ago and I ended up loving the cruises. The only issue I have is the effect of swaying once I get off the ship for a couple of days as my brain readjusts to being on dry land. Dramamine can make you drowsy so make sure you get the non-drowsy pills. I have found that Bonine actually works better with my body with no tired effects.
  21. There are also bands that you wear on your wrist to help with motion sickness and pressure points. OR to be safe have her get the behind the ear patch that way she is safe guarded. We did that before we got on the ship my first 4 trips and never needed anything else even with a pretty rocky ship a few times.
  22. Have a fantastic trip! Following along, will be looking forward to the pics and impressions!
  23. I was nervous about going on Allure (my first Oasis class ship) and it feeling crowded. The opposite was the case... We had entire parts of the ship we never even got to and even the pool and sky deck weren't insane. I loved Central Park, vintages and the dazzles 80s party. Park Cafe was the best on embarkation day! Jane
  24. @lauraodonnell86 I'm going to save all your ABC recommendations as that is a HUGE bucket list item for us too! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful experiences.
  25. For my nervous husband's first cruise we did a trip that had lots of ports. That way we knew we could get him off the ship if he got bored. He suffers from motion sickness at times (mission to Mars at Disney about killed him) but he hasn't had trouble once in his two trips and still felt motion). We always bring the motion sickness meds, and then end up throwing them out. But better to have them with you! Jane
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