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  3. The Original poster clearly states that these measures and restrications are in place on Qots. I understand this is not a cruise out of US but i would imagine that any measures found to work on these "test cruises out of Asia or anywhere else " will be implemented across the fleet.
  4. I would very much to be able to get my allotted free drinks any time of the day. Seems there is lines everywhere, in regular bars not just diamond lounge, waiting for 4:30 to arrive and get free drinks. It would not cost the cruise line any more money to offer drinks all the time, or at least a larger window.
  5. The rules being suggested for cruising have not been applied. There has been no cruises or even test cruises. I think all these restrictions will change more than once before cruises actually begin. So, am not worrying about it. May or may not happen. I have had numerous cancelled cruises and keep booking. I currently have 9 cruises booked. And yes, I would cruise with the current restrictions. It will take a long time for cruises to be "like they used to be". They have changed so much from when I started cruising in the 80's and I am fine with it. I very much miss my cru
  6. They only release a season at a time. There's no chance anything in 2024 is getting released in 2021.
  7. Depending on when you paid, if you used a credit card, I'd give them a call and see what they have to say about the 120 day refund. The credit card company might take the money out of their account and back to you much faster.
  8. They keep pushing the FCC expiration date. Let's put it this way, if people who want to be vaxxed are unable to do so before late 2022, we have bigger problems than cruising
  9. Yes your TA can change your promo to kids sail free later if it is a better deal (it's not always a better deal).
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  11. To be honest ... my next cruise isn't until October 1st, 2021. It is a 15-day Panama Canal cruise which I really don't think will happen. I've gotten over that Quantum won't be doing Alaska cruises this summer. I'm not going to worry about anything until a cruise actually happens from a port in the United States. I'm somewhat concerned about the financial aspect of these restrictions. It already seems like I'm paying more for a cruise and much of the WOW comes in the form of restrictions. Muster 2.0 sounds good though. People can be grouchy on a cruise and I can see fights breaking
  12. If everyone operated with honest intention, there would be a way to separate those with legitimate reasons (either no access or a true medical reason to avoid the vaccine) from the people who would view those reasons as a loophole to be exploited (our brand of rugged individualism in the US manifests in troubling ways occasionally). I suppose you could do something along the lines of "if a vaccine has been authorized for use in your demographic for x months, then you must have had it to sail" but even something like that could be abused. I doubt issuing an FCC in a minor's name knowing fu
  13. Another thing if they do require everyone to have the vaccine shot then why change anything?????
  14. Drinking at the bar only?? I sure do not care for that. Why would you want everyone hanging around the bars? Also are they going to increase the room service, like more option, drinks, staff, etc. Allow you to order from the specialty restaurants. ? I mean with everything limited i may wish to set on my balcony and order drinks, snacks, lunch, more drinks in stead of going to the pool... or out to dinner. Expand room service to cover everything!!!!
  15. I'm unsure of the tone this was intended, but surely you can see the problem with issuing an FCC with an expiration date when there are no certainties about when a vaccine may be available to select populations.
  16. I was speaking more on the “anti vaccination” people, not to when people qualify for the vaccine.
  17. Something to keep in mind is that rooms that hold 3/4 are usually in a different (more expensive) category . So even if Passenger #3 is "free", Passenger #1 and #2 are paying a slightly higher base fare. Sometimes the difference can be very large, but I've usually noticed this when my travel agent booked me into agency group space for the double occupancy room, but was not able to do so for the triple occupancy room.
  18. I've been kicking around whether or not to jump in on this....then I said to myself "Why not?" We have decided that we want to cruise multiple times a year. To be able to do so, we have cruise as inexpensively as possible. If we didn't, we'd be hard-pressed to do one cruise a year. We stopped drinking alcohol 15 years ago and are very content with the complementary dining choices onboard so no money spent there. Other than something like when I forgot my hat at home and needed to buy one onboard, we can end a cruise having spent nothing else above the cost we paid when we booked (
  19. Thanks for your thoughts. Pretty much what I was thinking, with two "hidden agendas" on my part: Science: Any science I see these days that points people towards rolling up their sleeve, washing their hands, wearing an appropriate mask, physically distancing gets me on a ship quicker. The science is not easy to follow (I am just a dumb Engineer), but it is much more reassuring and helpful than the folks who are using "crystal balls" and "Ouija boards" to chart their course (pun not intended). It is just a matter of time: Israel is the "Canary in the Cave". They are ahead of ev
  20. Saw some Millennium in 2023 but also saw a few Vision OS and Explorer OS itineraries from PR in '22
  21. I can't enlarge the graph but I have seen the source study and am familiar with the results. The Israeli's are leading other countries in vaccinating their citizens as a percentage of total pollution. In the under 65 cohort its hovering just below 30%. In over 65's it's over 40%. The study you cite is a narrow study that looked at two arms. One control arm had no vaccinations and the study arm had at least one vaccination but only some had two. The groups were not particularly large by virtue of availability of study participants in a small country to begin with. It is also a pre-publica
  22. Not everyone will be able to get a vaccine before their next cruises are planned, and even if they can meet the requirement their travel companions may not.
  23. I received my credits also (01/22/21).
  24. thanks for your reply , I have already asked for full refund and been told will be paid within 120 days
  25. When at home and its raining we sometimes dont go outside! When on vacation and its raining we just get on with it! We are not going to let a little bit of rain stop us from making the most of our vacation. So same applies here! Either be at home with restrictions in place or be somewhere new with restrictions...for me its a no brainer simply because getting away anywhere eases the mindset of lockdown
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