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  2. Around the 70`s sounds good enough for me, a really good Swedish summer is around 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit, in the winter and especially February it can go as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit so coming to Miami will feel nice ā˜€ļø
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  4. Currently having extreme difficulty getting any replies via email and no help over the phone in regards to a drink package exclusion for my partner . Has anyone got any helpful information on how to " shake the tree " . We have sent 2 emails as they requested and followed up by phone after their 72hr reponse promise . Any hints for a frustrated Aussie would be appreciated.
  5. Agree with Matt, we would like to see a permanent RCI presence here in NO. History does not favor this however.
  6. We wanted a particular cabin a couple years ago on the Jewel T/A. One member on our roll call had booked it however. This member was waffling on canceling his sailing, so we called and were put on "waitlist" for this cabin. We were told that we would be first to get this cabin if it was cancelled. This person DID cancel so we called RCI and were told it was booked. When we questioned this with a manager, we were told they had made an error and saw our waitlist hold still there and it was overlooked. Just a heads up, give it a try with a grain of salt.
  7. Check out the RC smoking policy under the RC FAQs: RC Smoking Policy (FAQ)
  8. I am from Houston, born and raised. I live 30 mins. from Hobby (HOU) and about 45 mins. from Galveston. We sailed on Liberty this past summer and loved it so much we are sailing on her again in March for Spring Break. Haven't sailed on Freedom, but I agree with others stating the extra days and savings are worth the hassle of getting from HOU to Galveston. My recommendation would be to stay in the Clear Lake area, specifically Webster either in a hotel on Bay Area Blvd. at or near I-45 or on Nasa Road 1. This would put you near or even walking distance to restaurants and shopping depending on the hotel. If you have kids with you and your flight gets in early enough, Space Center Houston at Johnson Space Center is great! Tons of hands on stuff for the kids and you can actually go into the Enterprise, the mock shuttle used to train our astronauts. There are some "nice" hotels near HOU, but the area is very limited on decent dining options. The area is straight up sketchy, though. From reading your live blogs, @Lovetocruise2002 I think you would be happier in the Clear Lake area rather than staying near the airport. I can recommend restaurants, especially knowing your love for Mexican food. šŸ˜
  9. Oh, I see what you're asking. I suspect the answer will be no, but maybe someone else has organized a group and can answer authoritatively. Is your group an actual group sailing? If so you might ask the group coordinator at Royal for some assistance. If not, your best bet is a past, recent compass for the same itinerary. Activities will vary every sailing to some extent, based on the demographics of the cruisers and the availability of various crew members and staff to run them. Sorry I don't have more for you.
  10. You can bring all the cigarettes on the ship that you want, no limit. Most ships have at least two places to smoke. Most having smoking in the casino and on the pool deck. Some of the ships have another small smoking area. Look at the past cruise compasses on here for your ship and they list where on each ship you can smoke. Don't forget an extra lighter.
  11. Hi KristiZ! thanks! I saw those and noticed that activities varied based on the date for example not all sailings had the Quest activity at night. Iā€™m designing an itinerary for a group trip and want to include some of the ship activities but I want to make sure Iā€™m accurate. hopw someone can assist
  12. Is the cancellation due to any type of "activity" in the area or was it just not selling well enough. Either way I really had my heart set on this so it is unfortunate news.
  13. This is not my mistake - but let's go with not having a general packing list for the basics needed on the cruise. My DH was a little irked that I wanted to review the basic clothes that we had packed for one cruise....so I just let it go. Come to find out that he completely forgot to pack any underwear - none, nada, zilch. All he had was what he wore to travel. Did I mention that this was a 15 day Panama Canal cruise? It made for a memorable cruise. We were sailing with his parents and to this day we have never told them what happened. That cruise was in 2006. Needless to say, underwear is the first thing we both pack and we try not to burst out laughing when we do so.
  14. For any dining request, I recommend heading to the station at the entrance to the MDR. There should be someone there as soon as boarding starts. Just let them know what you'd like. Unless traveling with a group, whenever we've had fix seating/traditional dining, we always request a two top, and out of hundreds of nights at sea, we once dined with another couple on the first night (though we could have just gone to another venue if we wanted).
  15. So glad you reached out and had it dealt with. This will benefit so many future cruisers who might just suffer through it.
  16. Taking a princess cruise as our first cruise and not becoming addicted to cruising sooner
  17. You gave us hope! We didn't want to cancel our booking in this suite. Much appreciated!
  18. Related question, does anyone know if there are there also lockers over by the excursions pier?
  19. Appreciate appreciate feedback! I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense that it's not really an upgrade since they are both interiors. We actually prefer the "interior view" rooms to a balcony šŸ™‚ Already looking at our next cruise and will go with a central park view then !
  20. All the cruise compasses have been uploaded to the blog for those of you doing your Rhapsody research
  21. +1 for this. We did the Med in October a few years ago. It was sunny, but two of the days were very chilly (like 3C). We still had a great time, but wore a lot of layers those days šŸ™‚
  22. Hi! There is a link in the list across the top of the page called 'Cruise Compass'. You can then select for Navigator specifically. There are lots of past ones to browse through. Hope that helps!
  23. Hi everyone, i am sailing on Navigator of the Seas and would like to know what activities will be scheduled during the cruise. Is there any way to get the cruise compass before? I have seen sample compasses posted from previous cruises but how do I know those same activities will be scheduled on the same days for my cruise? Thanks in advance
  24. My husband and the boys are very active. I'm the only one I think I'd worry about. šŸ™‚
  25. You cannot smoke on your balcony. There is a smoking area, usually on the pool deck. You can smoke in the casino on most ships/itineraries. A few ships have a cigar bar-type room you can smoke in as well, although these are being removed.
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