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  3. Just my two cents, but I am going to have to agree with the popular vote here.....I would not and can not fly in the same day. There are FAR too many things that are out of your control that can go wrong. I know how crazy things are and I can tell you that I am a planner and even getting there a day early I still carry some stress until we are curbside. Flying in the day of the cruise would drive me absolutely insane! I know for a fact that I would need to be heavily medicated in order to make the trip to the port that same day.I live about three to three and a half hours away from Baltim
  4. BTW, @Yesiamtherethere is a Star Loft Suite that has opened up on that March 14, 2021 Allure sailing ! Up until very recently, all of the STar Class suites were sold out o that cruise.
  5. AWESOME ! So glad to have you in the "Club" and I think, without a doubt, if you officially start a blog on your trip, you WILL get the trophy for longest lead time for a live blog ! Also, welcome to the blog and we are expecting big things from you !! You will love the Deck 8 ATS. There is nothing like them in the entire fleet. Unless I'm mistaken, I do believe that @Lovetocruise2002has one of the Deck 8 ATS on Allure booked for March 14, 2021 so be looking for that live blog ! ...and yes, we are very bad influences...and proud of it !!
  6. We used these exact numbers last year and it worked great. Brought some cash just for tipping and used the rest for our room attendant when we checked out. We also tip a little extra at the bar even having the drink package.
  7. Due to the “bad” influence of all you regular bloggers, I have booked Star Class on Allure of the Seas (Feb. 27th, 2022.) The price I got was a bit “unreal” for a deck eight, two bedroom Aqua suite. Also, it seems trophies are awarded (I love trophies) for earliest start of a live blog. I’m not a professional, like you all, but this Old Casino Woman refuses to die without some sort of trophy....so, if I start now, would I be in the lead?
  8. Back up to my Harmony Group Cruise sailing added: Allure of the Seas, October 24, 2021. I'll be on one of them - I'm looking forward to knowing which one!
  9. Was this the morning that the offer was first announce. They were very confused that first day, that is putting it mildly. Royal kept changing their terms and conditions all day long. I am pretty sure that by the end of day, what they told you in the screen shot does not apply. You can still receive the double points even with the C&A discount. But we'll see if @Matt or @Sharla or @michelle can confirm.
  10. The Blue Lagoon excursion with access to the Dolphin and Stingray habitat is pretty fun
  11. I recall several rookie mistakes on our first star class cruise (which also happened to be our first RCI cruise) when it came to tipping. LOL Thankfully it all worked out with the help of members of this community.
  12. This is my first post after signing up, love the blog and the podcast! I had booked a cruise onboard in 2019 for October 2020. Obviously this was cancelled and i have since lifted and shifted this to October 2021. When i saw the double points offer i contacted RCL, via there FB page, and they confirmed my cruise qualified for double points! I asked what the criteria was to "qualify" and they mentioned something about a CAS discount not having been applied but it didn't make much sense to me (see screenshot). My advice would be to simply contact them on FB and provide them your reservatio
  13. Here's an intriguing option: https://www.ecowatch.com/amp/dogs-detect-coronavirus-2648427157
  14. I was Gold on Royal when I did my first Celebrity cruise. I chose Celebrity over Royal on that occasion taking all aspects of status and climbing the C&A ladder out of the equation. It was a better ship for money. I could have climbed Royal faster and deferred Celebrity but I took status off the table and looked at the choice on the basic merits of the ship (itinerary was identical). No regrets. Even as I have reached C&A milestones it wasn't lost on me I would have been here one cruise sooner if only... yet looking back I made the right choice and I'd do it again.
  15. This is good advice. Thank you @twangster Our “long” cruise plan for 2022 is a repositioning not the Canal, but the advice still makes sense.
  16. Based on this, it looks like I should try to reach Diamond before trying Celebrity. I also will postpone the canal until I make Diamond, then I can choose between Celebrity and RC (although RC seems to transit the canal very rarely). The historical significance is the reason this particular cruise is on my bucket list. The engineering feat continues to amaze me! My daddy was a civil engineer and loved David McCullough's book.
  17. We’ll be at 79 points by the end of 2021. We considered having me do a short solo cruise to hit 80+ but decided against it. I’m already doing a 7-night solo after my wife’s and my 7-night in august. I have more vacation time than her, but I would feel like a jerk doing two cruises in one year without her (although the opportunity to do more diving in the Caribbean would be great). I can’t justify booking a cruise for the sole purpose of raising our status. Diamond will come for us in 2022.
  18. She's a great ship.. but I'm biased.. She was the first ship we ever sailed on I loved the Solarium pool and hot tubs..
  19. January 2022-I would not think of booking anything before late summer 2021-I'm slightly concerned about my late August 2021 sailing.
  20. OP we are in exact same situation as you. I looked at upgrading us to a JS for one of our cruises next year, which would put us above 80 after 2021, but the price difference isn't worth it to us. It would be $1k-$2k depending if we stayed refundable or took a gamble on non-refundable. That could pay for a drink package. So for us, we will wait one more cruise to get to Diamond. We also can't fit another cruise in (and this is based on the fact that we are most likely cancelling our early cruise in 2021). I was going to ask if you live near a port so you could fit in a short cruise for small
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