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  1. Symphony on the move... at least when I posted this! Still fun to watch! https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  2. Yes, very scary... Symphony (4/24/21)... $89... will wait for Black Friday!
  3. Some new items appeared in the CP for our 4/24/21 Symphony cruise just today... current DBP price almost gave me a heart attack! 😱 We got the DBP for $45 on Allure and $51 on Oasis (5/31)... I know this is the full price... let's see what they do around Black Friday!
  4. OK, I'm running out of food photos... I'll have to make up for it next cruise! Polpettone at Giovanni's Table for lunch... sounds better when they describe it! Huge and delicious!
  5. OK... that first lunch at Chops Grille... embarkation day w/ the Key (back when it was actually in Chops Grille last year)... Filet Mignon... pic does no justice and the sides are on another plate... delicious and cooked to perfection for my taste! Some Wild Mushroom soup... Warm chocolate cake and New York Cheesecake!
  6. I'm not sure when Chris shot this video, but he posted it today... at the airport...
  7. Here is Matt's update... https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/03/29/positive-cases-of-coronavirus-reported-oasis-of-the-seas-among-the-crew
  8. ... I also miss that first tropical drink after lunch to kick off the cruise!
  9. That's me too! I also take so many photos at every port and just stare at the ship for a few moments before moving on for the day. Sometimes it drives my wife a little crazy, but she of course knows me! LOL!
  10. Now for the Izumi enthusiasts! Complimentary Edamame... Shrimp wonton soup... Pork gyoza dumplings... love gyoza! Snow crab California roll and Surf & Turf roll (I believe is the name)... yumm!
  11. OK, now some dessert in the MDR (same Allure cruise)! Baked Alaska! Birthday cake... silly friends (wasn't my birthday)... embarassing! Royal's 50th Anniversary cake... Pavlova...
  12. Everything except for the last day! If I had to pick one thing... definitely the moment after checking into your cabin and the unpacking is complete... realizing that your cruise is just about to begin and you're now ready to leave the cabin and explore the ship!
  13. Beef tenderloin and Lobster tails on formal nights in MDR (Allure, 5/2019)... Another French Onion Soup pic... ... here's a video I just stumbled upon that makes my mouth water and crave the next cruise! Overview of Symphony's food operation... $1 million weekly budget! Somewhat of an abbreviated version of the Mega Foods episode on Oasis... just under 8 minutes long.
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