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  1. Welcome! Here is the schedule from the RC website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/formal-dress-code-guideline
  2. We're on the same sailing on Oasis... I hope they change one of the itineraries! Only crew-center.com shows just the 2 ships... I hope they are right!
  3. I hope that site is correct for us on 6/3/20 as well! 😊 Indy is showing up on the other sites...
  4. I could be wrong, but with one dock they can only dock 2 ships at one time. It's on Cruisemapper.com too... 4 ships on 6/30/20 and 3 on 7/7/20. They must be tendering... I bet they will revise some of the itineraries... Great! 😞 Now they apparently added Indy to 6/3/20 when we'll be there! Will be interesting if it holds!
  5. Nice! Same thing happened to us! We booked Harmony for APR 2021 last year, then they moved up the 5-year maintenance dry dock and cancelled the APR 2021 Harmony sailings. RC did the same thing and froze the cruise fare and offered us any Oasis class ship sailing in APR 2021 plus $200 OBC (not a suite) as one of our options. We picked Symphony which was $700 more at that time for the identical cabin! $900 value due to the cancellation! 😀
  6. First time for us too! Very exciting! 😎
  7. Yes, I believe the changes will be very similar to Oasis... not sure if you saw Matt's overview video...
  8. Totally agree! I keep telling my friends and coworkers that when they mention the NCL ads... nothing is free! It's worked into the pricing. In almost every case, when I priced a comparable cruise and made it apples to apples, it was the same price (or more) than Royal.
  9. Not sure if this qualifies as it's not something you pack... As suggested frequently here on the blog... If you purchase the DBP, always ask for bottled water when you order drinks and keep them in your stateroom cooler so you always have cool, filtered water either for drinking or rinsing in your stateroom throughout the cruise.
  10. To help limit clutter and ensure you have enough USB ports for charging everything electronic! This is NOT considered a powerstrip and will not be confiscated. It's nice and small and I packed it in my carry on with my camera gear, etc. I got this recommended model and especially like it because it has a detachable power cord which ensures that there will be no outlet clearance issues on the desk in the stateroom (compared to models that have no power cord and must plug directly into an outlet). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00P936188/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Just an FYI... I stumbled across "Dream Cruises" again tonight! It's back in re-runs! Here in NY, and on Verizon Fios, it's channel 669 in HD ("AWE" HD channel) Looks like they are running Season 1 over the next week which includes Navigator (pre-amp of course), Rhapsody, Allure, Brilliance, Explorer, Voyageur, Vision and Legend... also many of the older MSC ships (still very interesting since they also cover some excursions)... They rebroadcast each epsiode many times... Navigator first on FRI, 1/10/20 at 9:00 PM (EST)... I'm going to DVR them to get my cruise fix! https://www.awetv.com/dreamcruises/ https://www.awetv.com/schedule/
  12. I've never sailed out of Bayonne in April, but we've sailed out twice in October. Once in mid-OCT and once in late OCT through Halloween. At that time of year, it's light jacket/sweatshirt weather out of NY. We did not notice rough seas going down on either sailing (Explorer and Liberty), but in both cases it was rocking noticeably late evening/early morning on the way back. My wife joked on the Explorer cruise that she felt like a baby being rocked to sleep! I think part of the reason we had so much motion is because they were trying to make good time back into Cape Liberty.
  13. Yes, you should have lobster night on the last (2nd) "formal" evening of the cruise in the MDR (complimentary). It's usually the last sea day that is not the last evening of the cruise. You only pay extra for lobster if you order a whole Maine lobster (on any evening) which is $29.95 extra. ... and you can have as many as your heart desires... our group had 3-4 tails each and a friend of mine that sailed on Harmony told me someone next to him was on his 11th tail! Our waiter kept asking if we would like more and we had to cut HIM off! 😊 It's not Maine lobster, but we thoroughly enjoyed it! Here is the menu for the 2nd formal evening (Allure, last May)... the menu tends to be consistent across the fleet especially if it's in the same region (eg. Caribbean vs. Mediterranean itinerary):
  14. We're on that Oasis sailing... It's highly unlikely 3 ships on the same day since they can only dock 2 at a time... I don't think they would tender a 3rd. Ah, so my first Royal ship will be there with us too (10 years almost to the week since we sailed on Majesty)!
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