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  1. Have an awesome time @Andrew72681 !
  2. @melmar02 have an amazing time! We'll also be following!
  3. It is truly strange how many people have no clue what cruising is like... and when they try it, most of them are hooked! I tell them imagine that your all-inclusive resort travels with you from exotic port to port. At least a ship can navigate around/avoid storms and change an itinerary if necessary. If you are at a land resort and you get hit with bad weather you're out of luck and you're not going anywhere. What is the stat? Something like 20-30 million people cruise each year? Yes, something could happen, but what are the odds? Reduce those odds significantly and stay away from Carnival... LOL! Had to get that in! 😎
  4. LOL! Just don't touch or eat anything if you go Carnival... another failing sanitation grade from the CDC! At least they weren't stranded at sea with no working plumbing this time! One of the only cruise lines that I have no desire to sail (unless it was free). https://www.newsweek.com/carnival-cruise-ship-fails-health-inspection-report-dead-flies-1453497 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/carnival-fantasy-cruise-ship-fails-inspection-by-federal-centers-for-disease-control-and-prevention/ https://nypost.com/2019/08/15/gross-carnival-ship-earns-the-lines-worst-sanitation-grade-ever/
  5. Hi @bburke! I agree 100% with @SpeedNoodles ... we purchased the Key (along with our friends) back in May on Allure and absolutely loved it at $19.99/day! If you want the VOOM package anyway and you can get the Key in that price range, then the decision is much easier since all of the nice perks are effectively less than $10-$15/day. My wife and I are not booking suites any time soon 😢 and are only Platinum in Crown & Anchor so it's the only way to enjoy these perks. You're going to get opinions for and against, but it all depends on how you value the perks.
  6. The "A"'s have it and Cape Liberty loves you! Wow!
  7. Thank you! Jake keeps the puppy in Bella alive for sure! Bella was starting to get a little chunky... Jake now has her at ideal weight. We refer to her "exercise routine" as "Body by Jake"! 😊
  8. Love all of the dog pics! 😎 I can't pass up an opportunity to post pics too! I have to start taking some nice DSLR shots soon (my wife keeps reminding me!). Quick pics that I had taken with my iPhone. Bella (left and top in second pic) turned 7 in May... we rescued her at 13 months. Jake (right and bottom) just turned 2 this month... rescued at 16 months. We have their papers, but who knows (both were owner surrenders)... don't know the rep of the breeders. We both volunteer for the rescue we adopted them from. Bella desperately needed a buddy to keep her company while we are at work (both of our cats passed last year). 😞 Needless to say, I think they bonded! LOL! Maybe I can sneak them on Symphony... just put on rescue or service dog vests! 😜
  9. The last I heard, Royal has not specifically addressed publicly whether or not any of the staterooms will be refurbed too on Oasis or Allure... they only confirmed the common area changes like restaurants, slides, escape room, etc. I'll wait and see if someone chimes in with updated information!
  10. Here is the newest one which includes Odyssey of the Seas... http://www.royalcaribbeanincentives.com/content/uploads/2019-2020-Fleet-Guide-1.pdf
  11. Welcome @ScottL ! Thank you for your service and have a great time! We were on Allure back in May and had an amazing time!
  12. Hi Carol! Yes, just ask your stateroom attendant and they can open the partition. Here are shots of the CP balconies we had on Allure back in May (Oasis should be identical). We too sailed with another couple in an adjoining cabin. The frosted glass partition is hinged and rotates out of the way and is secured to the rest of the solid partition... Have a great time!
  13. Hi @Ashlee ! Take a peek at this section of the blog that Matt put together. Hopefully it will answer many of your questions! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/getting-started This is one of the links in that section which answers one of your questions (what is included in cruise fare): https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/05/31/whats-included-your-royal-caribbean-cruise-fare
  14. Maybe an attempt to recover some of what they lost with the $18/day screw up? That would not be a good idea... I certainly would not spend that much for the DBP!
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