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  1. Hi @sokrplare_10! Yes, the itinerary is still Nassau, Curacao, and Aruba. I have not heard of any issues with these ports in some time, but it's still a day by day situation based on the Covid positivity rate on that particular sailing. We're hoping for the best and can't wait! 18 days to go! Check out @twangster's recent blog... thankfully, it went off without a hitch!
  2. Hi @DebK! Have you seen Matt's article and video yet... very helpful... https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/royal-caribbean-beverage-package-costs-info-tips
  3. Strange, I used my HSA with no issues with Optum... We only needed the 3-pack (2 of us), but the 6-pack is definitely the better deal!
  4. Sorry for the bump! ^^^^^ If our friends book the DBP and one of them is a no-show, do they get a refund for the DBP and any other Cruise Planner purchases? Thanks!
  5. Same experience as with @PG Cruiser... It generally is accessible immediately after making the reservation, but not all of the options/categories (eg. Dining, Beverage, Shore Excursions, Onboard Activities) will be available to purchase right away. As an example, we had booked Harmony for JAN 2023. When we went into the Cruise Planner initially, only the CocoCay shore excursions were available to purchase at that time. No Dining, Internet, Beverage, etc. Ever since they redeployed Harmony and moved us to Wonder, now nothing is available to purchase. I guess they need to finish the swap and then they will open up the CP for us. Right now, this is the generic message you get.
  6. It looks like they just added this Atlantis waterpark excursion to the Cruise Planner for my 2/12/22 Odyssey sailing...
  7. Just FYI... I ordered mine on 1/3/22... shipped on 1/13/22... delivered on 1/18/22.
  8. Purchased from: Optum (3-pack) Order date: 01/12/22 (11:55 PM) Approval date: (UNK, Immediate?) Shipped date: (UNK, No e-mail confirmation) Received date: 01/17/22 (02:55 PM) Manufacture date: 12/08/21 Expiration date: 11/20/22 Effectively 4 day turnaround since I ordered at 11:55 PM.
  9. We're on the same sailing as well! Fingers-crossed!
  10. This is just pure speculation, but I believe Atlantis may have temporarily "banned"/disallowed cruise ship excursions/access to the resort due to Covid. I'm assuming they want to limit access to the resort for their own paying guests. My wife and I had booked the dolphin encounter and water park excursion for our OCT 2021 Oasis sailing, but it was cancelled and all other Atlantis excursions were pulled immediately from the Cruise Planner at that time. No explanation provided. They also do not appear in the CP for our upcoming FEB 2022 Odyssey sailing. Once again, just speculation on my part! I do not know if you can just show up on your own at this time (in the current climate)... maybe contact the resort directly to get a definitive answer before planning any visit.
  11. One more question... If the couple we're sailing with purchased the DBP, the Key, etc., do they automatically reimburse those CP charges for the no-show passenger (husband may not be able to make it)? Thanks again!!!
  12. Hi @Etoh... I received your message... these are the acceptable travel documents that appear in the drop-down menu during the online check-in...
  13. Just ordered the 3-pack from Optum for our FEB sailing. Not taking chances with potential supply and shipment delays. I'll update the main tracking thread when I receive them. Just an FYI... As of this evening, this is the message on the Optum website concerning current shipment window...
  14. Just curious! Does the remaining person in the room get the same C&A points or do they get credit for the no-show as well (double) since they are paying the full cabin rate now? Our friend may have to go solo next month! Thanks!
  15. Once you complete the first guest's check-in, you'll see this confirmation and then you can click on "Check in more guests". As long as their reservation(s) is linked to your reservation, they will appear... You will go to a screen showing all linked guests. Your screen may look a little different since we are all checked in... Even after you check them in, you can always click on the icon on the upper-right to go back in and modify/change your info or boarding window until the check in period closes... And, as usual, you can always come back and update your check-in info until the check-in window closes...
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