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  1. Happy 35th anniversary!!! My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th a little early next month on our Icon sailing.... only by 2.5 weeks though . The "6404" in my username! We're also staying at the Intercontinental Miami... the first time for us. Have an amazing cruise!
  2. Wishing you and your brother an early Happy Birthday!!! Have an awesome time!!!!!!
  3. On my last 3 sailings (Odyssey and Wonder x2) they claimed they had been sold out for weeks... I guess they never order enough. I always stop in the shop on embarkation day when they open, so I know it's not that I just missed out. Now I'm forced to buy the ship models!
  4. Would love to grab one too next month! On both sailings on Wonder last year they were sold out!
  5. For my wife and I, next month's Icon sailing will be our 10th cruise (first with DCL, all others with Royal). With a little help from those double C&A points following the startup, we'll be Diamond after this next sailing. Only one more on the schedule for next year (Royal of course )... our first Mediterranean cruise (same itinerary as @Plasticbrain ! Trying to book at least one cruise per year. We can't sail nearly as much as we'd like to due to the usual factors including my wife's limited time off since changing employers. We've got some time before retirement (10-15 years), but the current plan is to relocate possibly to Florida to be closer to our good friends and all of the ports, parks, etc.
  6. Yeah, MSC (World Europa) likes to copy all things Royal... interior balconies, living wall, dry slide (Venom Drop)...
  7. Entering the home stretch! Time to start thinking of a title for the live blog... the hardest part!
  8. Finally, the Cruise Planner online has caught up to the phone app... Entertainment available/accessible online now:
  9. Entertainment has opened up (at 39 days) , BUT as of this moment, ONLY in the app... not available yet in the Cruise Planner. Reservations have been made! They are showing on the calendar in the CP... phew! LOL! ... keeps dropping, but I'm not taking chances just to save another $6 in total for the two of us! Too close to sail date to have Royal IT screw up the refund!
  10. Same for my sailing the week after! Only app, not website yet!
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