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  1. I hope Plan A works out for you but nothing wrong with having lots of options! Knowing you have options may help you make the decision that’s right for your family. 🤞everything works out!
  2. Can’t wait to follow along! We did our first star class cruise on Anthem; you will love the star class perks when it comes to activities. Soak it all up and enjoy every minute.
  3. I tend to agree with you that it is genie dependent as we spent less than 5 minutes a day with our genie on Anthem while the other 2 genies were very visible and “present” for their families. Another one of those star class inconsistencies I guess.
  4. Curious to hear your observations on the sushi making class as we found the setup on Anthem a bit unappealing and cancelled our reservstion. Guacamole class sounds interesting... I don’t feel bad...I had multiple hotels booked in NYC too! I was paranoid I would forget to cancel one and end up paying for more than 1 hotel room. LOL
  5. So happy for you! I just love the feeling you get after you book a cruise!
  6. We girls like what we like right 😉. I hadn’t heard of T3 before ..... Will be interested in your assessment on My Pillow. Pillows are such a personal thing so when you find a good one you keep it!
  7. If you haven’t you should try the Dyson airwrap....I was sceptical but it’s a game changer.
  8. @Karannk nope, I never figured out that panel either 🤦‍♀️. We had laundry done daily and never found any tags on our clothes ... maybe because we provided our own detergent. 🤷‍♀️
  9. I know right! It’s hard to keep track of the 🧞‍♂️ 🧞‍♀️😉
  10. Maybe 🤔...it’s possible Andres may have mixed up my inquiry, with the behind the scenes tour ....I will be sure to look into this more on Oasis #424daysandcounting
  11. 🤔 Interesting as we just got off anthem star class over holidays and we were told by our 🧞‍♂️ it wasn’t. Only bridge tour was included.
  12. @Karannk was the galley tour included in star class or did you purchase?
  13. How deep is the water ...... can an adult stand up? I know it will vary based on tides.
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