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  1. 2 weeks and we are 🛫 to NYC! Lots of last minute stuff to do. I have piles everywhere ... It seems I have begun staging. This morning was spent wrapping 🎁. We often travel over a Christmas and each year I challenge myself to get the smallest most travel friendly gifts for Reyd that he will ❤️ and be able to use on our trip. I did not disappoint again this year! I always wrap the gifts and put them in our checked luggage to avoid possible hassles at security if in my carry-on. Meet Reyd our only child who recently turned 14 💕 Here he is getting his suit altered this past weekend. You will be seeing more of Reyd I hope (as he usually lifts the no picture embargo on trips). Plus he is going to help with the trip videos. We bought him the Osmo handheld as an early Christmas present so he could familiarize himself with it. I can’t wait to see what he does! So far he isn’t telling me much! Haven't heard from our Genie Andres in a few days but I have no doubt he is using this time to plan dining, activities and any requests we had. From what I hear we will for sure hear from him again 7 days out. Be sure to pass along your questions and once we are on-board I will do my best to get answers.
  2. I have read about this! Sounds yummy 😋 I will make sure to check for this on our draft dining plan
  3. Izumi, Wonderland & Chops AN OV Izumi Menu2019.pdf AN-Wonderland_Menu_0303AD_ENG.pdf Chops Grille Menu.pdf
  4. Taste of Royal - Note this is NOT included for star class guests. (Not sure why it’s titled Jamie’s Italian) Jamie's Italian (New Menu - 2019).pdf
  5. First up is Coastal Kitchen. Coastal_Dinner_Day 5_0129AD_ENG.pdf Coastal_Dinner_Day 4_0129AD_ENG.pdf Coastal_Dinner_Day 3_0129AD_ENG.pdf Coastal_Dinner_Day 2_0129AD_ENG.pdf Coastal_Dinner_Day 1_0129AD_ENG.pdf Coastal_Dinner_Day 6_0129AD_ENG.pdf Coastal_Dinner_Day 7_0129AD_ENG.pdf Coastal_BreakfastMenu_1029_ENG.pdf
  6. Random questions & answers from our Genie, Andres in pre cruise communication. We are first time star class guests cruising for the first time with Royal so I apologize in advance if any of this is repetitive. Hoping this may be useful for other first time guests like us. 🎄will be in our suite 🙌🏻🙌🏻. This was a big deal for us as we ❤️ Christmas! Pictures with 🎅🏻 are available Royal Photographers will be at Coco Cay Paper straws on board. Andres is checking with bar team to see if plastic are available. If not he suggested we bring some with us. Formal and semi formal nights have not yet been finalized Holiday events, activities and dining have not yet been finalized. Will be finalized closer to sailing. Copies of menus provided. (Will post) USB connections available - one on first floor and another on 2nd floor. NO extensions cords permitted. 18 days to go (till we leave for NYC) and Andres has been super so far! I heard from him for the first time Sunday, Tuesday, twice yesterday and again this morning. I am taking this as a good sign. Follow below for menus.
  7. Hey guys, just popping on quickly to let you know of some Black Friday deals on cruise planner. I booked the All digital photo package for $234.99 and it is now discounted to $149.99 for the next 24 hours. Looks like there are a number of featured Black Friday deals you may want to check out. I cancelled and rebooked the package at the lower price. 🙌🏻
  8. Update on pre cruise communication with our genie Andres So far my interactions with Andres have exceeded the mediocre experience from Royals main customer service group. I heard from Andres on Sunday, I replied the same day and heard back from him again this morning. 🙌🏻 Andres and I are off to a great start! What kind of things did Andres want to know? A list of our “must haves” Port arrival time and boarding procedure Mini bar requests Information on our preferred dining times, entertainment and activities Any special celebrations 🎉 What has Andres done so far? For some reason the cruise planner would not allow me to reserve the thermal suite even though it shows as available. The main call centre couldn’t help. When I told Andres this was a “must have” for us, he reassured me that he would take care of it once on-board! ✔️ for Andres. We expect to arrive at the cruise terminal around 10:30am and Andres said he will try to have our suite ready early. ✔️ Andres (even though we are totally fine exploring the ship and eating lunch I appreciate the effort and it would be nice to get unpacking out of the way) Andres confirmed that you cannot go up in North Star until last bridge has been cleared but he will make arrangements for us to do this immediately following that! ✔️ Andres Pepsi is my drink of choice but I said I am totally fine with Coke. Andres said he would try to get Pepsi for me. ✔️ Andres Andres has already confirmed he will sign me up for cupcake decorating class (complimentary for star class) and Lindsay and Reyd for sushi class (also complimentary) and bridge tour for all 3 (complimentary for star class). ✔️ Andres Holiday menus have not yet been finalized but I will receive a draft dining/entertainment schedule closer to sailing. All in all I am feeling pretty good about everything.
  9. I had a friend that picked up a My pillow in store without realizing they needed to complete the “find your fill level” on the My Pillow website to find their color. (Yellow, white, green or blue) You may find yours too fluffy because of the fill level not being a good fit for you. Your recommended color is determined by several factors shown below in picture. Or it may just not be the right pillow for you. 😊
  10. Have a great time @WAAAYTOOO Will be following along.
  11. “My pillow” has been a game changer for me. I use to to travel with my king size “my pillow” but then I saw their travel size version and am going to give it a try. Totally worth trying in my opinion. No more sore and stiff necks.
  12. Big day ..... I heard from our royal genie. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Our genie is Andres Villarreal. For those new to star class like me, here is what I received.
  13. Happy Sunday everyone! Today I thought I would share our list of “must take” travel items. What’s on your list?? “My Pillow” travel size - I can’t rave enough about how My Pillow has improved my overall quality of sleep. Love their travel size version. Saje pocket pharmacy is a remedy convenience kit consisting of peppermint halo, immune, eaters digest, stress release and pain release. I carry immune with me at all times as it acts as a disinfectant .. I put it under my nose on the airplane and use it as a hand sanitizer. There is so much eating on cruises that sometimes eaters digest comes in handy! I never leave home without this pocket pharmacy; it’s nice and compact and made for travel. Dr Ho’s Pain therapy system can help relieve most pain and is compact enough that it is easy to take with you. We have used it while traveling on sore feet, back and neck. It’s a game changer. Mouthwash. I know it may sound weird to take this with you but we learned from experience that not all cruise lines sell mouthwash. On our last Disney Cruise my hubby realized he forgot his mouthwash. When we contacted our concierge host we were told that it was not available on the ship. As only Disney can, we had mouthwash delivered to our stateroom within the hour. We later learned it came from our concierge host’s personal supply. It made for some fun laughs with our concierge host and her husband throughout our cruise. And yes, my husband was mortified when he learned they gave us their mouthwash. 😂 The next 2 items are from Beauty Counter, a company that offers safe products without the harmful and toxic ingredients found in so many of our beauty care products. Beauty Counter Cleansing balm - has many uses but we use it if we get a bit too much sun. It takes any redness and pain away. Sunscreen is a must. This offers the same protection while not compromising on safety. Have a great Sunday everyone and for those in Canada planning to watch the Grey Cup enjoy!! It’s expected to be 4 degrees in Calgary today with chinook winds
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