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  1. Floating cabana still @ $1899 + taxes. That price has hit my red line for the 3 of us so I hope it drops.
  2. I forgot to add these pics of our over water cabana.
  3. We paid $695 for our over water cabana; mind you that was a Christmas sailing 2019 so prices may reflect that. We were originally scheduled for Coco Cay but due to weather had an itinerary change, so I am unable to offer more details on the booking process. Ours was booked last minute by our genie following the itinerary change. Whether it’s worth it is a personal choice but for us we like to have a dedicated space to call our own.
  4. I can’t remember if our cruise planner listed an excursion or not .... we had a later arrival time into PC so it’s possible it didn’t coincide well with the space centres operating hours. Then we were rerouted due to weather so we missed the stop. Regardless, if you can I would highly recommend KSC and make sure you give yourself enough time to see everything. It is a well known fact that I ALWAYS buy the photo packages. This is why. A throwback to when our son was a few years younger. It was a fun day!
  5. I agree with what many have already said. My longest cruise has been 8 nights and I was definitely not ready to leave. I would have loved to stay on for longer. You will be able to space out activities, entertainment, relax and really enjoy yourself knowing you have more days.
  6. Yes this is an important feature to us so TA is going to include the specialty dining package. So my spreadsheet might be a bit much then?? LOL
  7. Yes, the Retreat private spaces are very appealing! It was the itinerary and being able to cruise over both Christmas and New Years that sold me. Plus I follow Captain Kate. Both were bucket list items. Now I am trying to figure out how star class benefits compare to retreat benefits. I may have questions. Lol
  8. 11 night Panama Canal & S Caribbean on Celebrity Edge Retreat Dec 22, 2022. Never cruised Celebrity but loved the itinerary.
  9. It’s not much but how do you feel about a Vancouver sunset harbour tour??
  10. Start thinking about the Western Canada live blog. I feel invested in this road trip and want to follow along. I keep envisioning Planes, Trains and Automobiles. One of my favorite parts “those aren’t pillows” We just need to get you guys on a train
  11. This is a fantastic video..thank you! It brought back some great memories of our first star class on Anthem
  12. POSTED ON MICHAEL BAYLEY’s FACEBOOK PAGE 1 HOUR AGO Today, U.S Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan introduced the Alaska Tourism Recovery Act. This bill would allow cruise ships to sail to Alaska without requiring that they stop in Canada. If passed, this would represent a step in the right direction for the Alaskan communities that depend on the tourism industry. If you support the bill, please reach out to your representatives to make your voice heard! To read the bill, click here: https://www.murkowski.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/03.04.21 PVSA Legislation.pdf
  13. If a vaccine will allow me to cruise, fly on a plane and bypass quarantine upon my return to Canada I will probably do it. I hope the availability of vaccines in Canada will be available for me, hubby and son before our scheduled cruise next spring. With our province recently extending 2nd doses to 4 months I am a bit worried that the 2nd dose may not be given. Like others, we had to delay a special celebration cruise to next year, so my fingers are crossed it all works out.
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