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  1. Yup. lol I forget the piddly amount Lindsay was upcharged for sake (similar amount to yours) but it’s definitely a bad look for Royal. I put it in my survey.
  2. It’s bad here too Last week we had a frost advisory and our lows have been in the 40s. We still haven’t blown out our sprinklers and I have not bought flowers yet. And in 12 days the days get shorter
  3. As you all know I love love Shane ….. I still feel bummed that omicron prevented in suite get togethers/lunches with him. We literally landed in Florida 2 days before our cruise and the mask mandates were announced. Even with all that chaos Shane still delivered an amazing experience. I sure hope to sail with him again soon. That should work because I have requested him on Allure from Dec 20-27th. It’s surprising he is as humble as he is with all our “special requests”. Lol
  4. I love what you have received so far!! I remember Shane picked us up at 8am and we were a bit reluctant but we put our faith in him and we were glad we listened to him. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the hideout cabana. Check out the far end cabana closest to ocean…I was thinking it would be better than being in the middle of all the action. Which one did Shane reserve? Shane grabbed a tram for us; he is so good at keeping people off of it. Hopefully no tram shenanigans for you!!
  5. People can be so stupid. SMH. Elevator protocol can be so bad. We are back on 17 next cruise so I am in training to be able to go up 10 flights in dress shoes without sweating. I am also not ruling out elevator/genie bribery. I would gladly pay a fee to avoid elevator chaos.
  6. Some of us either don’t cruise enough or are in a star class bubble to remember the difference between the two. I think Giovanni’s was on Oasis and Jamie’s was on Anthem and HM. No idea what’s on Allure
  7. You saved me the trouble of typing just that…..I would trade the funny looking sun hat we got at Xmas in a heart beat. I love these daily “personal care/spa” gifts.
  8. Haha good point! So far it’s just the 3 of us so we shall see what happens. It’s going to feel very low key in comparison to the past few years with our large group.
  9. Ha, this reminds me of the huggie huggie kissie kissie poses from our last cruise which are awkward and NEVER turn out. We started to refuse the poses but said the guys were fine with “shirtless”.
  10. Haha I am glad this pre dinner chaos happens to other people. I am determined not to book a photo package on our next cruise as I think it adds to our chaos because we always try to get pictures done before we eat. I am a sucker for cabanas and photo packages so time will tell. The elevator issue is real to get from 8 to 17 and vice versa. We are back on 17 next cruise so that will be a new dynamic. I think I need to get a stair master and start training.
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