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  1. That’s just one of the reasons we were glad for the older teens. Lol
  2. Yes, we did it on Oasis this past December and as others have said it was a lot of fun. It seemed more challenging than the escape room on Anthem, definitely more math skills required. Our genie scheduled us with his other star class families so there were about 12 of us, 3 of which were older teens which really helped us out! Would definitely do it again.
  3. We celebrated our sons 16th on Oasis over Christmas. I know how you are feeling; yikes, where did the time go! And in Alberta they can get a graduated driving license at 16 so the fun has just begun. Lol Happy sailing and celebration!
  4. Public hot tubs. Seeing lots of foam just adds to the cringe factor. Buffets.
  5. I am trying to find out more information on a cabana rental at the Fins Up Water Park at Margaritaville Nassau. Specifically pictures of the cabanas, location, number of loungers and any first hand reviews on the experience. The resort is relatively new, opening in summer 2021 and there are lots of videos and reviews on the water park in general but I can’t find much specific to the cabana rentals. I read the Royal Caribbean blog article on day passes at the park. I have been in touch with resort concierge and they couldn’t offer anything more than what’s in their marketing materials. The cost of the cabana includes 2 people but can accommodate up to 4 with extra guests purchasing a day pass to the water park. Any reviews would be appreciated.
  6. Not sure about the MDR but some of the specialty restaurants offer a holiday menu for an additional charge over and above the dining plan. This past Christmas we ate in Chops Christmas Day. Because we were star class there was no up charge for us but our non star class friends who had the unlimited dining plan were charged $100 pp. I thought that was expensive since the menu didn’t offer any new “holiday” offerings from the other nights we ate there.
  7. Welcome! Glad you enjoyed our getaway. Only 215 days to our next Christmas cruise adventure.
  8. We are on Harmony Christmas 2022 in #8730. First time in an ATS. Looking forward to following along. Enjoy!
  9. I have been doing a lot of research on this question as well. I have found that quite a few properties offer only a king or double bed option so that is reducing our options. I booked an oceanfront room at Margaritaville in Hollywood, approximately 8 miles from the cruise terminal. The reviews are good and we wanted a beachy type resort for our pre cruise stay. Depending on your price point, they offer 1 and 2 bedroom suites. It looks like a beautiful and fun resort.
  10. I really wish you would have thrown an apple air tag on that bag. It would be interesting to follow its journey!! Lol
  11. Oh no! This reminded me of an incident Shane told us about. The week prior to our cruise a passenger soaked him while he was standing near the flow rider. A wet genie is a no no and that passenger had their flow rider privileges suspended for the remainder of the week. I can just imagine his reaction to your experience. Lol
  12. I hope it’s a go for you guys tonight. We missed trying the campfire dessert. Is it good?
  13. I am glad you made it back onboard safely. This is one of our biggest fears. We did our first Royal Caribbean excursion on our last cruise to Maho Beach and were pleasantly surprised with the driving. But things deteriorated when the passenger directly behind us was sick to their stomach on the way back to the ship. It was awful. This has made me rethink future excursions. Lol
  14. This made me laugh. Haha You have to tell Shane about this …. his reaction is priceless.
  15. This brings bad so many fun memories. This and Playmakers were our favourite lunch spots. It always seemed to be open at noon regardless of whether it was a sea day or not. The brisket is so good.
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