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  1. Yes, fortunately we received 20% of our cruise fare. So it will be a nice chunk of change towards our Oasis sailing. Very sorry to hear about your situation 🙁
  2. Yes this entire FCC process is knew to me. You don’t know what you don’t know right? The letter we received the morning of disembarkation stated a 20% FCC but to be honest I don’t think I even looked at it until we got settled in our post cruise hotel. The agent I dealt with post cruise sent a request to the ship asking them to reconsider the amount; not surprising it was not adjusted. Oh well, the FCC helps offset a portion of the costs of our next star class on Oasis....which I am already looking forward to as we are coming off a week of -35 ❄️❄️
  3. For anyone curious about the FCC, I received Email confirmation of amounts broken down by guest. I will hold off on applying this to my future cruise already booked until closer to final payment date so that I can continue to take advantage of any repricing. Some interesting information about FCC: Royal can not adjust FCC amounts issued by the ship so you must address your concerns and negotiate amounts while on board. In our case I wasn’t provided the letter from the ship until the morning of our disembarkation so I appreciate their offer to extend it to 2 years.
  4. We were recently at Labadee and were told a drivers license is required to show on island for ages 16-20.
  5. We missed Florida and Coco Cay on our Christmas sailing on Anthem this year due to wind. Coco Cay was replaced with a stop in Labadee. Florida turned into an additional sea day.
  6. Update on Post Cruise (star class) funk - giving star class another try, this time on Oasis in a star loft suite. ⭐️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️🛳 #countdown452days Thanks for your recommendations to try Oasis class ships.
  7. Hi everyone, hoping you have some advice for a good friend of mine that is considering cruising with their special needs daughter (age 9) She is thinking star class would be a good fit but we are wondering what stateroom would best accommodate 5 people. 3 adults, 2 children, 1 being special needs. 2 bedrooms required plus private hot tub is preferable. Any recommendations on a stateroom would be great. Does anyone know Royals policy on diapered children entering the public pools. Thanks in advance.
  8. Those were my thoughts as well....didn’t like overlooking the sports stuff and prefer ocean view. I will watch for the tag. This is for April 4/21 sailing...surprised there was availability as that is over our Easter break. I try to limit school abscences as my son doesn’t like catching up. Lol
  9. 1718 was the only one available....thoughts???
  10. I have a hold on a star loft on oasis....any thoughts on the stateroom.
  11. Thanks for this great news! Any idea On the escape room?
  12. Can anyone that has sailed star class on Oasis confirm whether all speciality dining options are included such as Portside BBQ, Sugar Beach, 150 CP, Johnny Rockets. Starbucks?? Activities like the Escape Room? Thanks
  13. We just sailed anthem in star class and gave our genie some personalized items from 🇨🇦 which included a 🇨🇦 toque for those cold sailings out of NYC, socks to rock his 🧞‍♂️ outfits, 🇨🇦 Maple leaf fudge and a pocket farmacy from Saje for self care while on-board. He seemed to really love everything and made a point of wearing the socks but the pocket farmacy was a definite home run....he took it to the steam shower, shared with a fellow crew member and would report back daily on how great it was! Items were very compact.
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