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  1. Island Centre Tours is the local top tour operator in Bermuda. https://www.islandtourcentre.com/ They are located right at Dockyard. If you're into jet skis or renting your own boat BDA Watersports https://bdawatersports.com/ is great. They have been around for a long time. I used them in the past and they are wonderful. Not located to far from Dockyard and they use to reimburse you for your taxi fare from Dockyard. If you just want a tour of the island there are plenty of taxi/tour operators right at the pier. They are all legit. If your boys are adventurous go to Admiralty House
  2. So sad! Just called to get a full refund for my Rhapsody of the Seas Greece cruise for August 22nd. I really wanted to go on that cruise. Only on hold for 25 minutes not bad. Expected refund 45 days. Cancelled my cruise planner items earlier this morning online so I'll probably get that refund faster. Also had them check on my refund for my May 4th Bermuda cruise. I requested a refund back on March 25 and they put me in for a FCC which I didn't want. So I will still be waiting another 45 days for that refund. No more cruises for me this year. I think I'll just spend a week in Bermud
  3. I like power surge but in my case I was having nuclear meltdowns! My hot flashes started when i was 43 and the first year was hell. They were never ending morning noon & night. We were on a family cruise the first summer I had the flashes & I couldn't keep sunscreen on because I was flashing so often. My poor sister was sharing a cabin with me and she had to wear a sweatshirt to bed because I had the AC on as cold as it could get. My neck, face, ears and arms also turned red when I have a flash. 15 years later and I still get them but only a couple of times a week.
  4. @mworkmanI received the same email today and I requested a refund for my May 4th cruise not a FCC.
  5. I received the an email yesterday (May 6th) for my May 4th cruise that got cancelled too. No refund yet but I figured it would take a while. ABOUT YOUR REFUND
  6. 217 days since I got off Anthem of the Seas to Bermuda. 115 days until Rhapsody of the Seas 7 day Greek Isles. I really hope we can go. I am going with my sister (who is an ICU nurse in Westchester County NY) and she really needs this cruise. Fingers crossed.
  7. I still haven't booked my airfare for my August 22, 2020 cruise out of Venice. Not sure if the cruise will happen so i'm just going to wait. I'm still checking United out of Newark NJ and the prices have gone up a little over the last few months.
  8. I upgraded for free today to ocean view from an interior on Empress. Spent 2 days trying to get through. Finally got through after calling 3 times today and waiting over an hour each time I called. Traveling solo so not having to pay for the upgrade is nice. Upgraded 2 weeks ago for our (my sister & myself) cruise on Rhapsody in August to the Greek Isles. Went from ocean view deck 4 to aft balcony deck 7 (the big corner balcony in the back 7652) for only 100 pp.
  9. #stillgoing 54 days Empress to Bermuda (5/4/20), 164 days Rhapsody of the Seas Greek Isles (8/22/20) out of Venice.
  10. KS Watersports is the only company that I know of that does parasailing. Their web site is: https://www.kswatersports.com/ Also check out https://www.gotobermuda.com/ and https://www.islandtourcentre.com/ for other fun stuff to do.
  11. I really wanted to do the trapeze but I chickened out too when I saw the ladder to the trapeze platform.
  12. Great review so far. I'm sailing Empress for the first time to Bermuda solo in May. Can't wait!
  13. @AshleyDillo Thank you for an awesome blog. I have never laughed so much. I had so much fun following along with you this week. Makes me wish that I didn't have to wait until May to cruise.
  14. Bermuda Public Forecast Issued At: 4:30 pm Friday, November 15, 2019 SaturdayHi 25 / 77Lo 22 / 72Sunny Periods SundayHi 25 / 77Lo 22 / 72Sunny Periods MondayHi 26 / 78Lo 23 / 73Mix of Sun and Cloud TuesdayHi 25 / 77Lo 22 / 72Sunny Periods
  15. I did a solo 5 day Bermuda cruise on Anthem in September. It was my second solo cruise from Cape Liberty (I live in PA so only a little over an hour drive) and I loved it. I had a balcony cabin on deck 11 and it was all mine. When I got on board (around 11) I went to 270 for lunch then made my way to the solarium to sit back and relax with a drink until the cabins were ready. I really enjoy the solarium just to relax with a book. The Solarium bar staff took very good care of me. I signed up for IFly and loved it! If you do IFly bring your phone & ask some to take your picture or vide
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