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  1. I did a solo 5 day Bermuda cruise on Anthem in September. It was my second solo cruise from Cape Liberty (I live in PA so only a little over an hour drive) and I loved it. I had a balcony cabin on deck 11 and it was all mine. When I got on board (around 11) I went to 270 for lunch then made my way to the solarium to sit back and relax with a drink until the cabins were ready. I really enjoy the solarium just to relax with a book. The Solarium bar staff took very good care of me. I signed up for IFly and loved it! If you do IFly bring your phone & ask some to take your picture or video (that's the only thing I didn't do). I also did Northstar and the bumper cars. I would have tried the trapeze but the ladder to to platform looked scary. I did my time dining in the MDR and had my own table which was my choice. The tables are so close together that I was able to meet and talk to other people if I wanted to. I also bring my e-reader. I got along really well with the wait staff on the 1st night so I requested their section for the rest of the cruise. I went to all the shows and hung out at the Music Hall & the Pub. The best part about cruising solo is that you can do whatever you want whenever you want to. It is fine to feel excited & nervous. I still do until I stepped on board the ship then I just relaxed. I have 2 cruises in 2020 that I'm doing solo 7 day Empress of the Seas to Bermuda out of Cape Liberty in May & 7 day Rhapsody of the seas to the Greek islands out of Venice in August. You will have a wonderful time!
  2. I loved IFly. I was all set to sign up again before I even got my suit off but they said on the 5 day cruise you could only sign up once ☹️. If I had known I would have given someone my phone to video me. Oh well next time.
  3. Power in Bermuda is back up & running. The airport is open too.
  4. I am also on this cruise and I just added a pair of jeans some capris & long sleeve shirts to my suitcase (might throw in a sweatshirt too). I'm ready wherever we go.
  5. If you have never been to Bermuda before I would recommend that you take a tour of the Island. There will be plenty of taxis & tour vans at the port. Not sure of the rates bur rates are gov't regulated. If you want to go on your own there are 2 public transit (ferry & bus) routes to use. 1) Take the Ferry to St George I think it leaves at 9:30AM. once in St George go up to the bus stop heading to Hamilton (just ask any local for directions). Get on the 10 or 11 bus always greet the driver with a good morning/afternoon and let them know that you want to get off at the Aquarium/Zoo. You can catch the 10 or 11 bus back to Hamilton then the ferry back to Dockyard. 2) Take the Ferry to Hamilton then walk 2 blocks up to Church St to the bus terminal and take the 10 or 11 bus to the Aquarium/Zoo. You can catch the 10 or 11 bus back to Hamilton then the ferry back to Dockyard. If you are on Facebook join the Bermuda Bound group. They are a wonderful bunch of locals and expert Bermuda visitors. I am also on the Sept 21st Anthem cruise.
  6. I love going to the MDR for breakfast on every cruise everyday. Oh I will graze at the Windjammer after the MDR breakfast for a little pastry or muffin. I don't think I've ever had lunch in the MDR. I'm not really a lunch person. I always go the the MDR for dinner too. I like getting to know the waitstaff.
  7. If you click on the person icon at the top right of the app it will take you to your info page. You can view your SetSail Pass. It does state that you must bring your original travel documents to the port. So I will still bring my printed SetSail Pass. You can't add your picture from the app for Anthem yet. You have to do that online.
  8. I'm on the same Anthem cruise & I checked last week just for the fun of it and it was gone. I also checked on Amex & Expedia too and it was not on their sites either.
  9. Anthem of the Seas to Bermuda September 21 2019. 28 days to go!😃
  10. I buy it for convenience too. I'm not a big alcohol drinker maybe (1 or 2 a day). I like knowing that I can try different drinks without worrying about the price. I love trying different martinis! I do drink a lot of sparkling water (at least 6 16oz bottles a day) and regular bottled water. I also love my lattes in the morning and after dinner. My upcoming Anthem cruise I was able to get the package at $49 plus I had a $75 credit to use.
  11. I'm on the Sept 21 2019 Anthem cruise and the DBP just went up to $61 from $49. I'm glad I bought it at $49.
  12. My Sister & I went on the Dune Buggy tour in 2017. We loved it. The dune buggies carry 4 people and they do make you share if you only have 2 people. They are stick shift. You do drive through town then on the main road out of town (not crowded at all) to the other side of the island. The other side of the island is gorgeous. They stop for about 45 min. at a beach then back on the road. There is another beach stop back towards town for a longer period and you can snorkel, swim and get something to eat. On this tour they have one guide in his buggy/jeep at the front all the buggies one by one then the 2nd guide bring up the rear. Not sure about the child seats. We booked through RCCL because things can happen. We did a similar excursion with Carnival a few years before had a blast but our dune buggy broke down on the ride back to town (we had to ride back in the open jeep (fun) with one of the tour guides).
  13. Below are the addresses and hours of operation for the 2 LILI Boutiques (got this from their website) https://www.lilibermuda.com/pages/visit-us LILI BERMUDA BOUTIQUES STEWART HALL 5 Queen Street St. George's GE 05 Tel.: 441-293-0627 Fax: 441-293-8810 Summer Hours (April to October) Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm Winter Hours (November to March) Monday to Saturday 9am to 4pm Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays BUTTERFIELD PLACE 67 Front Street Hamilton HM 12 Tel.: 441-296-2885 Summer Hours (April to October) Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm Winter Hours (November to March) Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays YOU CAN ALSO FIND OUR PRODUCTS IN THESE BOUTIQUES THE PERFUME SHOP CLOCKTOWER MALL Royal Naval Dockyard MA01 Tel.: 441-405-0006
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