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  1. Just booked Oasis For 8/16/2020. Woohoo!
  2. Thanks so much for doing this great Live Blog! I'm looking forward to our identical cruise in a few weeks on the RC group cruise! I really appreciate you posting the teen schedule as I have a son (12) and daughter (15) that are looking forward to it. We have the late seating scheduled, but now we are debating changing to either My Time or the earlier seating because of the activities for the kids that happen from 8:00-10:00 at night. Are you or your kids noticing, in general, if those events are must do for teens? Enjoy the rest of your cruise, and I look forward to the rest of your
  3. 10/6/2019 - Freedom of the Seas
  4. Hi, This is the USB hub we took on Liberty in April. When i went through security, the agent that inspected my bag took it out and looked at it, but let me keep it. She said that the policy may be changing where they do not allow them in the future, but she was not specific as to when. I did have something like this confiscated. I didn't plan on using it, and had forgotten it was in my bag. It does not have a surge suppressor in it, so I was curious as to why - the only answer she gave me was that it was against the policy.
  5. Hi, I’m Chris, I'm a database programmer in the direct marketing industry. My family & I are from Connecticut and have somewhat recently re-caught the cruising bug. Our kids are 12 and 14, and up until the last few years we've spent most of our vacation time in Disney World. Before we had children my wife, Dawn, and I were cruisers, starting with our honeymoon back in 1999 on the then, somewhat new, Grandeur of the Seas. We have been on NCL and Princess, but we have found that although they are good cruise lines, RCCL seems to do most things better. We would love to try Disney, but th
  6. July 4 - Anthem of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Blog group cruise
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