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  1. @twangsterthere has been another BDR sighting
  2. Matt

    Family Friendly Specialty Dining

    Not sure but the staff is quite generous with kids. As an example, at Izumi on Brilliance the server brought pizza and fries from Windjammer for one of the kids.
  3. Matt

    Navigator Dry Dock

    I swear I don't, and unlike @Lovetocruise2002 who says she isnt cruising for 8 years and then books 4 cruises, I'm telling the truth!
  4. One more tip, do yourself a favor and get a SunPass. There are a few tolls on the highway and you will save quite a bit of time if you can breeze through them.
  5. I usually wear a collared shirt and nice pants or jeans. Jacket about 75% of the time (full disclosure, I enjoy wearing a blazer/suit because I rarely wear them). Wife goes for cocktail dresses and dresses in general. My wife will sometimes dress the kids to match or in a nice dress for photos.
  6. Matt

    St Marteen Driver!

    Shoot me an email to and I can share his phone number.
  7. Matt

    Navigator Dry Dock

    It appears I will be on Navigator for a 2-night shakedown cruise Feb 26. Expect a lot of updates!
  8. Matt

    CALLING All February Cruise Periscopers!!!

    Sneaking this in: February 26 on Navigator
  9. Matt

    Family Friendly Specialty Dining

    Other than Chef's Table, they are all family friendly. There will be a kids menu, although they can order from the adult menu as well.
  10. There will be little to no traffic on Sunday. I'd say an hour is realistic, provided you take the highway (528)
  11. Matt

    NOTS- 24/7 Pizza

    It's not 24 hours, but Cafe Promenade offers pizza for most hours of the day and night. Room service menu might have pizza, and it is 24 hours (although there is a service charge with that)
  12. Best advice I can offer is what I included in my live blog from last year on Rhapsody, but I did not note every themed night: You could go to the Windjammer on embarkation day and inquire and then adjust dining times accordingly. Even if you pre-book specialty dining, making changes is usually pretty easy.
  13. Matt

    Departing Flight Time

    I agree with @KLA, noon should be plenty safe unless you really lollygag around town 😊
  14. Not in my experience.
  15. As others stated, they are very strict. It's for everyone's safety.