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  1. Yes, 5 year refurb. Not too long ago, RC swore up and down that Harmony is not getting amplified. So the extent of her changes/upgrades remains to be seen.
  2. They made the announcement in September. Depending on when you booked, that may have contributed: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/09/21/royal-caribbean-extends-oasis-class-neighborhood-balcony-compensation-offer
  3. One more note on wifi calling, you can test it out at home by placing your phone into airplane mode and then connect to your home wifi. Then ensure wifi calling is on and give it a test.
  4. Should work reasonably well. I wouldn't expect super HD picture, but it should be functional.
  5. I don't believe so. They've more or less retired this program. The gift shop does sell stuffed animals.
  6. Kennedy Space Center Orlando Premium Outlets Day at Cocoa Beach
  7. Your checking in doesn't factor into the room assignment. To be honest, there is no known logic to the magic sauce of picking a room assignment with a GTY room. It just happens.
  8. Correct. On 3 or 4-night cruises, it's cheaper or about the same to buy it onboard. For longer sailings, pre-purchase it.
  9. No, they haven't made it beyond Oasis or Quantum class ships.
  10. Yes, imessage on apple devices will work on wifi
  11. Airplane mode disables your phone's cellular antenna. Placing your phone in airplane by default will render your phone's phone and texting abilities disabled. If you connect to wifi and your phone/carrier supports wifi calling, you can still place calls/texts
  12. Yes No, use magnets Let dining room staff know about the birthday
  13. No way. Kids that age don't need it. There's plenty of included beverages for them to enjoy at no additional cost.
  14. Thanks for sharing this. Booking early is more than a mantra. It's a proven strategy!
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