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  1. Thanks so much for supporting our sponsor @Neesa!
  2. I always prefer rooms near elevators. No, not noisy at all.
  3. That was exactly what I thought as soon as I read about the Astra Zeneca one. As Meatloaf once said... Two out of three aint bad!
  4. Many people have had issues dealing with cruises in January or February in the app. It's not you.
  5. Orlando just does so much more traffic because so many more airlines fly there. Miami isnt even in top 10 (stats from 2019)
  6. Port Canaveral is also more convenient for a lot of people that fly in for their cruise (orlando vs Miami)
  7. Cruises to Cuba would not be on the radar until the US Government changes its official stance. When the US opened up relations with Cuba last time, there was a period of time that elapsed before cruises to Cuba were announced.
  8. Yes, you should be able to. I think it might work better to use a common app to make the call, like Skype or Facebook Messenger or Facetime to make the call because there is less "overhead"
  9. New itineraries are released around now and Spring.
  10. It's first-come, first-served. A great spot for a group!
  11. It is exciting news! By the way, they definitely saw my post about this and then wrote it themselves https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/11/19/royal-caribbean-will-finally-offer-cruises-bermuda-florida
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