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  1. Wowbands only available on Quantum, Anthem, Ovation, Harmony and Symphony. Haven't heard if it's on Spectrum.
  2. My understanding if you're re-pricing you keep the OBC. It "follows" you
  3. Prices here: https://tuxedorentals.rccl.com/tuxedo/tuxrental.nsf
  4. Just because others have spotted a cheaper/lower price for a drink package doesn't mean it will go down for your sailing. Moreover, sometimes the price goes up! Do yourself a favor and buy the drink package now if you know you want it. That will guard against the price going up. If the price goes down, you can cancel and rebook a drink package without any penalty instantly on the Cruise Planner site.
  5. How to find which groups are on your Royal Caribbean cruise
  6. If you are booked, go to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner and click on your sailing. Then click My Calendar and you can see when you arrive and depart.
  7. I appreciate @Joe01 sharing what he heard, but as @twangster mentioned, crew members (even Captain's) are not always the most reliable source of information, especially when it comes to rumors or unannounced changes.
  8. Keep in mind that it could be different for your room, but generally speaking it's not to say you will have no view.
  9. There is no height requirement for Captain Jill's Galleon. It's meant for young kids.
  10. If true, that's new. I know Empress' casino is smoke-free.
  11. My advice is call back RC a few times explaining your situation in a pleasant manner and hope one of the people you talk to you is lenient on allowing you to get the soda package instead of the refreshment package. Otherwise, you could always forgo the drink package completely for your husband and drink a la carte and/or drink more heavily in port.
  12. Depends, but they tend to keep at least one pool and/or hot tub open
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