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  1. That "article" is just a rehash of the first available sail dates that are available to book. It's not a reflection of any kind of restart plan.
  2. I believe @KathyC said you can request a dump of all your vids direct from Periscope
  3. After Monday's earnings call, my optimism is even higher.
  4. Lawsuit has been dropped https://news.bloomberglaw.com/class-action/royal-caribbean-investor-drops-lawsuit-over-virus-disclosures
  5. Nope I would think someone of that age might want to Sleep in Sun tan Hang by the pool and see the fun there All of the above while on social media
  6. You're well before final payment date, so you could cancel the cruise. This isn't like you got past final payment and then they changed the itinerary on you.
  7. FWIW, kids are allowed on Quantum of the Seas in Singapore
  8. There is no unlimited arcade pass. I believe for kids you can set a spending limit, but I haven't done that myself.
  9. I also never saw how it matters how someone attains C&A status. Someone else becoming Diamond doesn't diminish my Diamond perks. If you point out the Diamond Lounge is crowded, well, it's always been crowded. Even if you never allow another person to get to Diamond, it wont get less crowded for quite a while until enough people pass on.
  10. To be fair, it's the same approach for airlines or hotels. You only get points if you fly/stay. Doesnt matter who pays.
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