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  1. I think I've fixed the issue with uploading photos, sorry about that.
  2. Just a friendly reminder not to make any decisions until they do formally announce the change. I'd hate to see anyone make a pre-emptive change and then regret it later because the specifics ended up being different.
  3. I agree, it looks like someone accidently hit publish. Big thanks to @ctwilliams for the heads up. I can at least start writing it up and wait for it to be formally announced. Keep in mind some details could be added/changed by the time they announce it.
  4. At this point, it's just a bill and at best, it is aimed at both Senators' constituents to make it look like they are on their side. It still needs to get to a vote, as well as actually pass the Senate and then the House. Without getting into any kind of political discussion, that is far from a certainty. Back to the idea of the bill, on the one hand yes it does feel a little late, but then again, until cruise lines in Europe managed to sail, no politicians were talking about cruising restarting. On the other hand, I look at this less as legislation salvation, but honest to good
  5. We don't have access to the whole "game plan" for it actually starting, but I think we usually have a good idea of the immediate next steps. In my opinion, I see two things that need to occur first: End of the No Sail Order Royal Caribbean submitting their health policies and protocols to the CDC It may not occur in that order, but those are two tasks that need to be complete before anything else related to cruises restarting can occur.
  6. Muster 2.0 sounds like it will be permanent
  7. While Carnival did announce more ships to be sold, it's not an additional 18....
  8. Completely disagree. Beverage tipping, like dining in a restaurant, is how the service industry works. Unfortunately all employers (including cruise lines) pay employees with understanding tipping will make up difference. This happens everywhere, and it's a debate for another day if that is right or wrong. In the meantime, tipping is not only expected, I absolutely see a big difference in the speed and friendliness of service when waiters/bartenders notice tips coming their way. You don't have to "make it rain" by any means, but I definitely have seen a difference with even customa
  9. The fact the total is the same for a 6 and 8 night sailing means something is not right. Since you book on your own, you'll have to talk to someone at RC about why this is occurring. Seems like an error to me.
  10. In short, if you cancel your December Ovation sailing, the original FCC from March gets re-issued, and the additional cash you paid ($400?) gets issued as a new FCC. You might be able to have them combine the FCC into one at the time of cancellation. This is important because you cannot stack FCCs. The remainder will be re-issued as a new FCC
  11. Thanks for the feedback. In both cases, this was a decision by the software developer (not me), so it could change going forward. I might be able to tweak the template to some extent
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