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  1. More than @ShakeDownCruise carries, because I've had to bail him out a few times
  2. No issue. I've heard people simply store the golf clubs standing up in a corner of the room.
  3. Oh yes. The Fort Lauderdale airport is literally next door to the cruise port. Even if you took your sweet time and got off the ship at 9am, you'd be at airport by 9:30 or so at the latest, leaving lots of time to check in.
  4. My guess is no one at RC cares about an address change unless it would to mess up your billing for an upcoming payment.
  5. That's been my experience as well. If you have the unlimited alcohol package, bringing your own wine seems overkill.
  6. When you upgraded, did you book a Guarantee room? Or you upgraded to a specific room number?
  7. This is probably the most important thing to know about the OP' question. The ship may return at 6am, but you will not be able to get off the ship at that time.
  8. The price online is almost always a better deal that onboard. At least, it's no worse than onboard. My advice is to prebook it now. You can always cancel and rebook the Voom prior to your cruise if the price drops.
  9. In my experience, no mosquitos but flies are sometimes an issue. I heard from a crew member there is a season to them. That being said, it's on the scale of "minor annoyance".
  10. Saves time. The car rental shuttle back to the port is usually very popular, but easier to stick a person in there than more luggage.
  11. There used to be a half day pass, but that is no longer offered. It's just a full day pass now.
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