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  1. Matt

    Canada/NE sailings...Port or Starboard

    Is that the JS that doesn't face aft, but is last on hallway and faces the side?
  2. Matt

    Best beach hotel miami?

    Pinging @Jerel because I think he recently went to South Beach.
  3. Matt

    No Gracias Sign??

    Personally, I would not consider that kind of an option. To be honest, I think it's border-line rude. A simple "no thank you", combined with not making eye contact goes a long way. You can practice in New York City! 😄
  4. Haven't done it for one reason: It's 90% commuting and like 45 -60 mins of actual time at the place. I really, really, really want to go there, but I think we are going to do a land vacation to be able to go there.
  5. Matt

    Royal Private Journeys

    I've used Private Journeys twice. Belize and Curacao. It's expensive, but a really great option if you want a private tour but want the benefits of going through RC. They make the process quite easy in terms of setting it all up and the vendors they have provided in both situations have been wonderful. The primary reason I used them is because we have kids and going with a group is just not going to happen. It is easier to move at our pace, rather than a group pace. Not only that, we get to customize the itinerary to fit what we are interested in seeing/doing/eating. Here's a review of the experience in Curacao:
  6. Woohoo! FWIW, I'm going on Ovation to Alaska in 2020 on June 5 sailing. It's not a group cruise, but a number of blog readers are coming too. Consider yourself invited.
  7. Correct, that's part of the "deal", that RC is vetting these vendors that they are reliable and operate their business "the right way". The reality is accidents happen everywhere and to every company. Every so often people die at Disney World. Doesn't make Disney World unsafe or a bad choice, just the reality of life (unfortunately).
  8. Based on what RC CEO Michael Bayley said during President's Cruise, I think Quantum 5 is coming to USA.
  9. Matt

    Dumb question

    In addition to MEI's fantastic customer service and support is the knowledge your business supports, as they are a sponsor of this site. You can get a free, no-obligation quote here:
  10. Matt

    Canada/NE sailings...Port or Starboard

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think which side of the ship your room is on matters. Ever.
  11. Have you considered how much Uber/Lyft would cost? Might be cheaper
  12. Matt

    Next Cruise while onboard

    It will be same price as you'd find at that moment at home, but with bonus onboard credit Absolutely.