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  1. Great point. "Royal Caribbean" could reference the parent company (RCCL) and not necessarily be indicative of Royal Caribbean International resuming west coast cruises.
  2. You always need proper cruise documentation to go on a cruise. So that's either a passport or government ID & birth certificate. More info on what documents you need: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/united-states-citizen-travel-documentation
  3. Unfortunately, I think this is one of those inconsistencies where the "rule" says one thing, but in practice it's something different. The multiple entree "rule" has only ever been enforced at Chops.
  4. For this to work, you would need their reservation number.
  5. You're not wrong by thinking that the Radiance itineraries are superior, because they are. The issue with Radiance is you have to fly to Vancouver (international flight versus Seattle), plus of course the cost/extra time to fly to/from Alaska. Not to mention for your kids, Ovation will offer so much more. If it makes you feel better, the Seattle itinerary is still awesome. It's not like you're visiting Hoboken, New Jersey or something.
  6. At least with the Thrill Waterpark cabanas, you get water park admission included. For six people, and considering water park admission creeping closer to $100 per person, it's not a terrible value (assuming you can overlook the general price increase compared to what it used to be).
  7. It is interesting to see how aggressive RC has been in PDAC pricing, especially once they realized they had a hit on their hands. Then again, perhaps I'm more surprised they haven't moved Labadee cabana prices much.
  8. Very strict. My kids have both had issues from time to time with the interpretation of their height.
  9. I think that's a reasonable expectation. Teen and Adventure Ocean programming generally follows the same formula across the fleet.
  10. If you are paying cash (i.e. not using a drink package), they usually will let you get a "milkshake to go". If you have a drink package, you need to have a meal.
  11. The only ships with the chat feature on the new app are Allure and Harmony. Eventually all ships, but not yet.
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