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  1. I looked at Galveston for a GC. The itineraries were a solid "meh"
  2. I'd compare prices. Last I checked, finding economical options were tough, but now that Lyft or Uber are there, it may be a whole lot easier.
  3. Yes you can. Keep in mind that you can transfer the reservation within 60 days of making the reservation.
  4. Refer to a past Cruise Compass to get an idea of times https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass?ship=274 There's a few late night options. Room service is 24 hours a day. Check out that Cruise Compass archive for an idea of times and availability. That depends if you picked traditional or my time dining. If my time, yes, you can do that.
  5. This will be my fourth year of doing Thanksgiving on a cruise. Always a great idea!
  6. Half day water park admission is no longer offered. It's just full day admission offered now.
  7. RoyalUp isn't an indicator of available rooms. It's a tool Royal Caribbean can use to fill in rooms that become available later.
  8. It greatly reduces the chances, yes. And once you're within 48-72 hours of the sail date, everything gets locked in stone to some degree.
  9. Great to hear you had a fabulous cruise, and are coming back for more!
  10. I'll report back. I'm expecting some room refreshing, but not renovated. New carpet and curtains, but not gutting the room by any means. I could be totally wrong.
  11. She's doing a couple of non-revenue sailings from there before getting to Miami
  12. There's still the Royal Logo shop on the Promenade (Deck 5) where you will find that. There's also some RC merch on the Boardwalk, if memory serves me correctly. But the other shops tend to be brand merchandise and not RC stuff.
  13. @melski94 is correct, that your kids are in the teen club. Even if they were younger, on Oasis the Adventure Ocean club is no longer separated by ages.
  14. I would assume by Wednesday at the latest. The pattern this year has been to load it into the system Monday night into Tuesday, and then announce on Wednesday.
  15. I agree with @twangster, the best part of renting at the airport is you get more efficient service and a wider variety of (cleaner) cars. And not sure which marks you're referring to, but as long as it's a major car rental brand (National, Enterprise, Avis, Budget, et al), I think you're fine to rent. I stay away from the no-name companies, like Fox or others.
  16. As someone with that monopoly on my bookshelf, I resemble that remark...
  17. Unfortunately, not. I'm on the Nov 24 sailing, so I'll be crying when you get onboard.
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