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  1. I mentioned this in the roll call thread, but most of us that booked Adventure cruises back in March or April were under the understanding we'd have to get PCR tests 5 days before the cruise because The Bahamas required it. Then The Bahamas dropped the requirement for vaccinated people. So it's not completely out of left field. However, if you're booked on the 19th, there's definitely a bit more scrambling to contend with.
  2. So we're back where we were on the first day of the court case where both sides wanted the judge to rule
  3. Unless something drastically changes, here is the outlook. The people that tested positive were isolated and treated. Not left to rot, like in 2020. People with close contact got isolated, tested, and most importantly...released after testing negative Everyone else went on with the cruise. The next sailing (and Adventure) are going as scheduled Glad to see things handled well.
  4. Consider yourself lucky in that Royal did the same change to Celebrity before their first cruise, but with less advanced notice than you got (which isn't much). The glass is half full view of this change is when most of us booked this cruise back in March, a PCR test was what we all expected to need to get anyway until The Bahamas relaxed their rule. So this isn't something we all didn't effectively agree to earlier. I know that didn't make anyone feel better, but just something I thought about today.
  5. My Nassau live blog https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/06/11/adventure-of-the-seas-live-blog-day-0-nassau-arrival
  6. A zillion years ago this site was really helpful for figuring which hotels were on Priceline/Hotwire https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/biddingfortravel/
  7. They aren't offering it on Adventure either as far as I know
  8. My hope is one of two scenarios: 1. False positive 2. Positive cases, but protocols kick in and work and prevent spread to other guests. If it's #2, then we have a great example of why cruises are safer than being on land. On land, there's no testing or contact tracing, or really any other protocol that would stem the spread. My fingers are crossed that it's only one of these two scenarios.
  9. Welcome to the message boards! I don't think anyone knows the answer, but it costs cruise lines to keep a ship docked in port. So taking her out to sea is an economical decision.
  10. Welcome to the message boards! Check out this blog post Top 10 Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas hidden secrets
  11. I agree. If you're booking any summer cruise, you should have a large tolerance for change and uncertainty. For some, that's not a problem. Others, maybe not.
  12. I'm not a fan of any shuttle services. Most hotels in Miami are so close to the port that your best bet is to order a Lyft or Uber when you are ready to go on your schedule and the cost is usually reasonable.
  13. Heads up, everyone (vaccinated or not) will get getting an antigen test in the BCH. Check your email for a registration link for your test
  14. No. Mariner and Navigator have dividers that open up. The rest of the Voyager class have an older setup and you cannot open dividers on them.
  15. If your question is "is there a chance this cruise could be cancelled?", then the answer is yes. That isn't to say there's a good or bad chance it could be cancelled. Just that there is still a risk of it happening. I don't think there are any sailings that are a sure-fire bet. But things look very promising right now.
  16. I stayed there, and it was okay. Not bad, not great. For the money, I think you're better off at Double Tree Biscayne Bay. DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Hotel Biscayne Bay Hotel Review Holiday Inn Port Of Miami-Downtown Hotel Review If you're looking for a good economical hotel, I much preferred the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Miami Airport East. It's maybe a 15 minute cab ride to PortMiami
  17. Same thing as the old days. They'd be tracked down and forced to do it later. Departure isnt delayed
  18. I think any judge would want the two parties to sort things out on their own. But I am surprised how long this has gone, and it makes me leery of a legal challenge to Florida's vaccine ban law that some are calling unconstitutional. That may be the case, but the legal system will take a long time to ultimately come to that conclusion, if at all.
  19. The flight? Or the cruise? If it makes you feel better, Celebrity Millennium has been sailing this week and that appears to be going quite well.
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