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  1. FWIW, I don't expect it to get amplified this year when she goes in for dry dock.
  2. No, that's a perk the concierge would offer. I'm not aware JS is included since you wouldn't get the email from the concierge to let you know of it. Now that you got the noon check-in time, you're pretty much going to be the first onboard.
  3. I'm not sure if the new appointments populate at midnight. I usually check in the morning and find something.
  4. They generally don't do theme nights on the 3 and 4 night sailings. So what you see in the Compass is what you should expect, especially if it's a Compass from this year.
  5. Hope @DWanderman can help you out!
  6. Thank you for posting this. We are coming in December for a Navigator cruise.
  7. They key with CVS is book your appointment exactly 2 weeks before the day you want your test. Appointments go quickly.
  8. Port Canaveral? If so, you could always take a trip over to Orlando (45-60 minutes by car) and check out a theme park or go outlet shopping.
  9. I know Hyatt offers when you make a reservation an early check-in option that costs extra. I see it in the Hyatt app when I book rooms.
  10. What do you think is the aspect of boarding other lines struggle with the most?
  11. Royal doesn't publish the information in advance.
  12. There will be plenty of sales along the way before we actually sail.
  13. Free. Rapid antigen test. Results back in ~ 1 hour
  14. Nope Driving to Miami from Canaveral the same day for a cruise is theoretically possible. You'd be off Allure no later than 9am, get a rental car and then make the ~4 hour drive to Miami. Get there a little after lunch. Return car and onboard by 2 or 3pm at latest. That being said, that kind of a plan sounds fine when you're sitting at home day dreaming, but I wouldn't do it. Too many moving pieces and too much stress for my taste, especially after getting off Allure. I'm usually tired the day we get off a ship, so I would not want to do that kind of a drive.
  15. I've gone to CVS at least 3 times for pre-cruise covid tests. Couldn't be easier. The results get texted, emailed, and stored online at the minuteclinic website. This saved me when I forgot my print out at home and instead showed a digital copy.
  16. That and the fact US shipyards couldn't build a ship to compete with modern cruise ships. I think this provision is here to prevent someone in Congress objecting on that theoretical basis.
  17. I think that's what the space would be on other Oasis Class ships
  18. The downside, theoretically, would be foreign-built cruise ships could compete with U.S.-built ships, but Senator Murkowski added an exception for that: This legislation will create jobs for American merchant mariners in the cruise industry, and to ensure foreign-built cruise ships do not compete with U.S.-built ships, this waiver will end once there is a U.S.-built cruise ship that carries more than 1,000 passengers. This happened with the 2021 temporary relief bill. They introduced a bill into Senate and House at the same time. I'm not a congressional expert to know what this is called, but I know it's a common strategy.
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