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  1. Wait it out. You only stand to benefit in terms of better deal back. Not to mention there is a slimmest of slim chance the itinerary is changed.
  2. There's a few threads out there about this topic. Short answer is yes, you aren't alone and it's taking longer than expected to get refunds, but they are coming.
  3. Pre-plan more than usual, especially shows/entertainment. It's free and makes things much easier on you.
  4. Yes, there are lots of umbrellas around the chairs
  5. Yes, they can absolutely handle other travel.
  6. You have to put a cash deposit down. You could later apply the FCC and get the deposit back (provided you have enough), but you definitely need to put cash down for the deposit on the new sailing in April.
  7. You may find these posts helpful: Top things to do after booking a Royal Caribbean cruise 8 things you must do after booking a Royal Caribbean cruise
  8. Sorry, but a photocopy or a picture of your passport is as useful as a photocopy or picture of cash. No one will accept it.
  9. While I don't disagree that new sailings equals more revenue, I don't see them releasing earlier due to the pandemic. If anything, I could see the opposite occurring because the processes for booking up port slots and scheduling may otherwise not be available or busy with other pandemic-related tasks. Basically, it seems to me everything at RC is on hold right now until sailings resume.
  10. Yes, it does. You have to wait to make a reservation for either once you get onboard the ship.
  11. I always take my passport off the ship in a foreign country. Like the Boy Scouts say, be prepared. For these ports, I wouldn't actually take it off the ship for any port. Puerto Rico and St Thomas are US Territories, so I can fly home without a passport. Coco Cay and Labadee are foreign countries, but I think chances of being left behind at private islands is nearly non-existant.
  12. I agree. It's a good rubric for what might be part of any cruise line's playbook, including RC.
  13. I'm shutting down this thread, as the discussion of what Richard Fain said is long past, and this is entering "yet another political debate" thread.
  14. Not at all. Just make sure when you book on your own, it's direct with RC (on their site or via the phone). You have 60 days from when you book to transfer it.
  15. You might find this post helpful: 9 things you should know about Royal Caribbean suites
  16. Time to call a travel agent and let them take care of it for you!
  17. Well, absolute worst case scenario is the company goes out of business and your money is probably lost. Is that likely to happen? Probably not. Bankruptcy doesnt necessarily mean out of business. The airlines have made declaring bankruptcy into an art form at this point.
  18. I'd hate to give up on a free cruise too, but there will be other casino comped cruises in the future.
  19. Sorry you had this experience with a TA. I always advocate using a TA, but I always say to use a good TA, as I'm the first to admit they are not all the same.
  20. That's rather surprising to me that they would split hairs like that. That seems wrong that you'd have to pay more (assuming you're in a JS right now). Not a JS guarantee, right? No, since you're using a TA, the TA has to manage the reservation.
  21. Not sure what you mean. I see 18 sailings to Mexico on Harmony from PC
  22. No offense to Monty, but he is speculating.
  23. If you're inferring someone should have said months ago "Hey, our systems need to be ready to handle mass cancellations because of a potential global pandemic", you would have been laughed out of the room just about everywhere. I'm not excusing the fact that refunds have taken far too long and there's a good argument to be made more should have been done sooner to mitigate the delays, but no one's IT infrastructure can anticipate every possible scenario, especially truly unthinkable ones.
  24. It has not and is on hold until further notice https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/03/18/royal-caribbean-puts-allure-of-the-seas-and-explorer-of-the-seas-amplifications-hold-due
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