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  1. None of the Radiance class ships balconies can be connected (we have had connecting rooms on them twice). I believe only connecting cabins on the Voyager class can have their balconies connected. On the Oasis class and Quantum class side by side cabins can have their balconies connected. So it depends on the ship you are on.
  2. Received an email this morning for a loyal customer Royal Caribbean survey. It looks legit but I wanted to know if anyone here has also received this email before clicking on the link.
  3. I want to thank y'all for putting a smile on my face and laughter in my heart today!
  4. Of course he is, Matt has the best cruise advice of anyone out there!
  5. And once again they are going to take out the iconic classy Champagne Bar and replace it with the useless Bionic Bar. I assume it is to be able to charge the extra for drinks and not pay a bartender.
  6. The Bionic Bar was a complete bust on Ovation when I was on her in May. Very sorry to see the Champagne Bar (my personal favorite) being replaced by something that should be going away fleet wide.
  7. That is the exact one. I just checked my orders.
  8. I do all of the research for us and our friends we go cruising with. I research cruises and come up with 3 or 4 (usually 18 months out) then we all decide which cruise (well really me and my friend's husband). After we decide on the cruise I research shore excursions and set up a spreadsheet with 3 or 4 excursions at each port and we "all" decide on the excursions and book them together. I research their airfare and our airfare (we live in 2 different cities now) and I also research hotels and again we "all" decide on which one to stay in the night(s) before. They all call me the travel agent and always ask me what is scheduled each day and when. LOL
  9. You made me feel very old. Your husband turns 40 in 2021 and we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2021. LOL
  10. They have done away with the non-combinable restriction for the shareholder benefit. However, the new rules are only for bookings on or after 1 June 2019. Here is a link to the FAQ page. https://www.rclinvestor.com/faqs/shareholder-benefit/?fbclid=IwAR0SsApeIDoXrGRXoU8v7Tu-Q2mVuYDhYewkAZRVC_XF5DgJXusuXnQgoUk
  11. Unfortunately on our last 2 cruises (Brilliance last year and Ovation 3 weeks ago) our cabin attendant never seemed to clean the room when we were out. We left between 8 and 9, put our clean the room sign out, would be gone for an hour and when we came back the room was not cleaned. We would be there for up to 30 minutes and magically he would show up and we would either go on the balcony or leave for another 30 minutes. It was very irritating that it happened many times on each cruise.
  12. My husband and I got these for the cruise we were just on. The card was easy to get out and we used them as our wallets when on shore. They worked great! They are RFID blocking so you have to take them out to open the door but that feature protects your credit cards while on shore.
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