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  1. Cruising withdrawal is the real illness I want and need to avoid!
  2. We cruised Celebrity in May with friends, she got sick on the plane on the way home, she tested positive the next day. Her husband 2 days later. My hubby got sick a couple of days after the cruise but did not test positive 4 days in a row and I never got sick or tested positive. So 3 of our party of 4 got sick, 2 covid and 1 the flu and I am usually the one to get sick.
  3. In the FAQ section of the Port of Los Angeles website they have this information: "SuperShuttle® Transportation Systems operates door-to-door ground transportation throughout Los Angeles. Reservations from the airport to a residence, hotel, or business are not required unless accessible van service is needed. At LAX, SuperShuttle® is located outside the baggage claim area at the van stop on the outer island. For more information, call 1-800-BLUE-VAN or visit www.supershuttle.com." When I lived in San Diego we frequently used SuperShuttle to and from the airport. They are reliable and are a shared ride.
  4. We did the same cruise a few years ago and loved it. We stayed in Rome for a few days ahead of the cruise and enjoyed all of the things it had to offer rather than just a few hours that porting there does. We would do it again too.
  5. Another thing to consider is how you want to get to the port. If you live close to a port then you might want to research what itineraries go out of that port. Air travel may be just as bad at holiday time. If you want or need to fly then all of the options are open. You would really enjoy the Oasis class ships better than the Quantum class that you were on. The Voyager class is smaller but still has a lot to do. The Freedom class is also smaller but still has a lot to do. Just close your eyes and point because you will be happy on any of these classes on a cruise!
  6. Here may be the issue, your stock OBC cannot be used for pre-purchased activities per the 2019 shareholder benefit rules. "Onboard credit may not be used for onboard service charges or pre-purchased activities."
  7. I would have to say I have a tie on my favorite ship, the Allure and the Radiance. I love that the Allure has not been amplified! I miss the Champagne bar on most of the ships now. I love the Radiance for its elegance and my hubby loves it for the dart board LOL. We have been on the Allure twice and now she will be at the closest port to where we live. YAY We have sailed on the Radiance twice and now have booked 2 more cruises on her.
  8. We boarded in Rome on a multiple port boarding cruise. The main port was Barcelona. It was wonderful being on the less crowded boarding port. We had no trouble making reservations early on line so I would make all reservations on line. However, our wait staff for my time dining was horrible. They paid a lot of attention to the guests that they had been serving for 4 nights and virtually ignored us on or 1st night as a 1 off for my time dining. We never went back. This was in 2015 and we were fairly new to cruising so today we would have called the maitre'd over and complained (even the head waiter ignored us).
  9. He has had no problems. Been on Radiance twice and Brilliance once. He also took them on another cruise but there was no dart board.
  10. Thank you. Also, my hubby brings his own darts due to the shape of theirs.
  11. Can anyone who has sailed on Radiance of the Seas this year tell me if the dart board in the Pub is still available for use?
  12. We used Fabio Atturi in 2015. He has a limo service that we found through tripadvisor. He has great reviews and the latest review is from May 2022 so he is still in business. We used him from the airport to our hotel, from our hotel to the cruise port, and finally from the cruise port to the airport. There were 4 of us and a lot of luggage. His email is [email protected] and the cost back then was 65 euros from the airport to the hotel and 175 euros from the hotel to the port and again from the port to the airport.
  13. This is from Celebrities Southampton England embarkation healthy protocols "As of June 8, 2022, all guests ages 18 and older must be fully vaccinated." So it is official.
  14. All of our cruises just appeared again. Very weird things going on!
  15. Our cruises have disappeared also and they are not even to the final payment date. I think that the site is being worked on so all things are down.
  16. I have tried to book shore excursions through cruise planner and it just "spins" when I go to add it to the cart. This is in both firefox and Edge. I tried to check prices using private window in both firefox and Edge and get "OOPS Something Went Wrong" error screen. Tried to see if I could look at the pricing of a very small 2 day cruise and get the same thing. Anyone else having issues?
  17. Diamond does not get wine or sparkling wine. Per Royal Crown and Anchor "The beverage selection list for Emerald and Diamond members will include water, juice and soda items."
  18. This thread has some information on where to stay and transportation.
  19. Everybody check your cruise fares. The cabin fares have been reduced and I just saved 1136 by calling for a reprice.
  20. I just repriced and saved $1136 on our October Panama cruise do to a cabin price reduction not a new sale. Check your cruise fares everybody.
  21. The first time sitting on the balcony by myself and watching the ocean roll by all of my stress just drains out of me.
  22. I live in Texas and we have flown to Sydney Australia for a transPacific as well as to Rome for a Mediterranean. So I guess you can say we would fly halfway around the world for a cruise we wanted to take.
  23. Q What is the Royal Caribbean Best Price Guarantee Program? A Spot a better price on your booked cruise? Our Best Price Guarantee lets you take advantage of a better price up to 48 hours before your sail date — just give us a call or use our online form. You’ll receive the difference as a non-refundable onboard credit inside final payment or rate adjustment outside final payment. For more information on the Cruise with Confidence Best Price Guarantee for sailings booked on or before March 31, 2022, that depart on or before September 30, 2022, click here. Send this link to your TA because they are wrong. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/best-price-guarantee-policy
  24. We have flown in on the day of the cruise twice. We booked the earliest flight from San Diego to Vancouver through the cruise line (safest way since they will get you to the next port) and had no problems (it went through Seattle). We also flew from DFW to Orlando for a cruise from Canaveral. We booked the earliest non stop so that if it was delayed or cancelled we had options and we also had a private vehicle waiting for us. We had no problems. However, we have had problems on just regular flights that if we were cruising we would not have made it. If you fly in on the same day book through the cruise line.
  25. The worst advice we got was from someone we call "The Todd" and he told us that they only bring carry on for any cruise. They only bring 1 change of clothes and that is for the trip home. The entire cruise they only wear the cruise supplied robes. We even saw them down on the pier in the robes. um no thank you!
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