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  1. We have reserved a B2B cruise in Europe for September 2024. Rome to Athens and Athens to Venice. Does anyone have information about a B2B in Europe?
  2. We have sailed on Radiance twice. Once was a trans pacific. She is probably our second favorite ship. My hubby loves to play darts while sailing and the Radiance still has her dart board and English pub. She has a movie theater that is good for long sailings. She is a smaller and older ship but is well maintained. She still has her staircase in the Centrum unlike Brilliance. If you sail on her and want a balcony the best balcony cabins are the aft cabins. We will be back on her in 2 weeks and have another cruise on her next August. Hope you enjoy the Radiance as much as we do.
  3. We prefer the Allure because it in not updated with the view blocking slide and the useless robot bar (instead of the champagne bar). She is our favorite ship.
  4. We did this cruise in 2015 on Allure. We were able to book all reservations on line but this was pre-App. We booked shore excursions and they were not wiped out on turn around day, neither were our dining reservations. The only issue we had was that the dining staff treated us like we didn't belong or matter. I believe the problems are due to inexperience since so many new crew have been hired. Let's hope they get back to what it was in 2015 soon.
  5. Yes. Just called for a reprice. Our friends called later and actually got more off because of the tour part so I called back and got an additional 500 off of the tour part so saved 1386 total.
  6. I just called and repriced our Alaskan cruise tour for next year and saved $886 dollars and got an additional 100 in OBC. So time to reprice your cruises!
  7. Guilty here. We and our cruising friends always have ours on because we attached them to our lanyards. We aren't arrogant about our status but we have earned that status and enjoy the perks. We have witnessed people who make sure that everyone knows that they are diamond or whatever (this was back in 2014) and they were jerks about it. I don't mind seeing people wear their status pins or not but we do enjoy wearing ours.
  8. You must carry the wine on board or they will hold your luggage.
  9. We are doing the cruise tour next year (our 3rd alaskan cruise and 2nd cruise tour). We are doing the north bound on Radiance and then catching the train out of anchorage with stops in Talkeetna (beautiful little town), Denali, and it ends in Fairbanks. A few years ago we did the bus tour and ended in Anchorage. I highly recommend the cruise tour as arrangements are made for you. If you do the DIY try the trains southbound route. You can stay on the train the whole way or get off for a day and get back on.
  10. Our friends said that Navigator docked in Ensenada but all shore excursions were cancelled and that the crew advised anyone getting off of the ship stay close in the downtown area. Our friends stayed on the ship and they do not think many got off.
  11. Friends of ours left on Navigator yesterday. I will let yall know what happens in Ensenada.
  12. The Serenade is supposed to be revamped not amped before it starts the Ultimate World Cruise in December 2023. There appears to be a gap in sailings in late October into mid November 2023. Between the Boston/New England sailings and being back down in Miami for a couple of Panama Canal cruises.
  13. Hey anyone want to buy an RV I have convinced the hubby to go if we sell the RV to pay for it. Wish me luck!
  14. Carnival is pleased to announce new guidelines effective for cruises departing on September 6, 2022 or later, which will make it easier for more guests to sail with simplified vaccination and testing guidelines, including no testing for vaccinated guests on sailings less than 16 nights, and eliminating the exemption request process for unvaccinated guests, who will only need to show a negative test result at embarkation.The new guidelines include: • Vaccinated guests must continue to provide evidence of their vaccination status prior to embarkation. Pre-cruise testing is no longer required, except for cruises to Canada, Bermuda, Greece and Australia (per local guidelines), and on voyages 16 nights or longer.• Unvaccinated guests are welcome to sail and are no longer required to apply for a vaccine exemption, except for cruises in Australia or on voyages 16 nights and longer.• Unvaccinated guests or those who do not provide proof of vaccination must present the results of a negative PCR or antigen test taken within three days of embarkation.• Guests under the age of five years are exempt from vaccination and testing requirements from the United States and under the age of 12 from Australia.• All policies are subject to local destination regulations.• Voyages 16 nights and longer will continue to have vaccination and testing requirements that are specific to the itinerary.For guests who have a pending vaccine exemption application and are awaiting confirmation for cruises departing September 6, 2022 or later, the booking is confirmed unless booked on a sailing that calls on Canada, Bermuda, Australia or if the voyage is 16 nights or longer.
  15. This has to be after Serenade is revamped for the world cruise starting December 2023. She would be in ideal condition. Correction, It looks like this will be right before she gets revamped. They have changed the itineraries on her in the last week.
  16. My husband and one of the friends we cruise with smoke cigars on the cruises all the time. Any outdoor smoking area is also open to cigars. The casino is not. There used to be a smoking lounge on the freedom and voyager class ships but they are pretty much gone (a surprise when one hasn't been amped out). So go out on deck and meet up with the other cigar smokers and have a good time like my hubby does!
  17. I love this thread! We are now back to the usual cruising complaints and not all of the pandemic stuff! Unruly kids during school vacation time, no pool chairs, waiting at Windjammer, I love it!
  18. Page 11 of new regulations adopted June 2022 deal with speed optimization. MEPC.346(78).pdf (imo.org) I wouldn't want to operate a ship over 400 tons at this time. The constant changes to regulations that require self monitoring, continuous log keeping, and complex calculations in order to meet the regulatory goals is overwhelming.
  19. This may also explain it. In order to have a reduced speed the ports of call need to be closer for Voyager to meet the new open ocean speed limits for climate change emission reduction. IMO Urged to Consider Mandatory Speed Limits for Ships (gcaptain.com)
  20. Yes also Voyager has a slightly different propulsion system and is slightly lighter than Adventure. It could be that max speed possibility is what a certain port may limit.
  21. This may be the reason for the Adventure/Voyager swap, according to information on Wikipedia Adventure has a speed of 22.5 knots while Voyager has a speed of 23.7 knots. There must be some sort of speed limit at one of the destinations that Voyager was going to be visiting and now Adventure has to take its place.
  22. They have a caveat that testing will be required if any port of call requires the testing. So the Miami yes is probably due to many Caribbean countries still requiring it so they are assuming when they sail out of Miami on 1 and 12 December 2022 then the ports of call most likely would require it.
  23. Miami-based cruise line drops COVID testing requirement as travel surges | Fox Business
  24. That is what I have been thinking. That would get them in the news without affecting stock. That news could propel a surge in bookings over the weekend.
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