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  1. Here is the perfect mask. I got these for hubby and friend on our October cruise. I found them on Amazon.
  2. Royal is supposed to open the summer of 2023 Alaska cruises this week according to their opening schedule. I still do not see any available on their website. If the Alaska opening schedule is delayed then will the summer of 2023 Europe cruises opening schedule of next week be delayed? Does anyone know what is going on?
  3. With 70% sold in 10 days it will be difficult to book just 1 leg of the cruise.
  4. I thought the same thing. They would probably get every married couple on the ship to participate in one of these shows!
  5. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/ultimate-world-cruise/itinerary
  6. It does go through the Straight of Magellan on 20 Jan 2024. So tempt him!
  7. I just did a cost analysis for a balcony cabin for us. If we take no cruises next year and this is our cruises for 2023 and 2024, the cost on food, wine, and gasoline we would save, our final cost would be about $55000 each including taxes/fees and insurance. Wow that really reduces the cost down from $83500 each. We can now book it. LOL Hubby said he might consider it if we sold the RV. Hmmmmm.
  8. 10 October Liberty of the Seas sailing was about 1500 passengers and I asked before leaving the port about 17 October sailing and they said about 1800 passengers.
  9. Here is a picture of my hubby and our friend sporting the masks that I got them. It was a hit by crew and passengers alike!
  10. We stayed at the Eden Hotel in Amsterdam. It was great and centrally located. Very near a stop for the water taxis. https://www.edenhotelamsterdam.com/en/ We also used Rudy's taxi service for reserving from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the cruise ship port, and finally from the cruise ship port to the airport. We were extremely happy we had a driver waiting when we got off the cruise ship because customs was very delayed in clearing us and we had an early flight. Many people in the same position had to wait in line for a taxi. https://rudystaxicompany.nl/ The hotel was just down the street from the Ice Bar which we tried and had a great time. https://www.xtracold.com/ Also we recommend Freddy's Bar a short walk from the hotel. They had a piano player that we enjoyed immensely. https://www.deleurope.com/freddys-bar/
  11. Has anyone used this when boarding yet? If so do you still have to show your card?
  12. Our friends encountered a first time cruising couple once that were convinced by someone that the pizza was only free after 10PM. Our friends set the straight but we joke about it all of the time. You might try convincing your friend that the pizza on the promenade is "Free after 10PM!"
  13. Liberty's first revenue cruise starts tomorrow. It has not been canceled so our cruise is a go pending nothing catastrophic.
  14. I saw this on the CDC cruise ship color code site today!
  15. Hey all Liberty is approved for restricted! Woohoo we are good to go.
  16. There have generally been 2 formal nights on a 7 night cruise. The 2nd night is usually the first and the other formal night varies. You do NOT have to dress formal; however, many people enjoy the ability to get dressed up once in a while. Main dining room for dinner usually has a no shorts dress code however some people don't adhere to the dress code and most of the time the crew ignores their attire. Be sure to bring sunscreen, a small med kit with items that are not found on the ship (we bring various pain relievers, bandaids, rolaids, dayquil, etc), heavy duty magnetic hooks. There are several threads that talk about what people bring. Most of all bring joy and wonder for traveling on these beautiful ships! See you there!
  17. Has anyone boarded their cruise yet using the new vaccination pictures in the app? If so please share your experience. TIA
  18. And she is off on her test cruise! A 4 day cruise to Cozumel. She will be back soon and ready to go!!!!!
  19. I got my 4 test kits; however, the expiration date is 5 October 2021. I hope that the 6 month extension is correct because I cannot take the test before 8 October 2021!
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