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  1. I don't think it is a hassle what it all comes down to is tourist will need to do their homework before planning a trip abroad. In my opinion the ownness falls on the tourist to have a plan in place prior to traveling. If people have a plan in place it is less of a hassle, for those who don't plan they yes they are running around at the last minute trying figure out where can I get a test. Testing, testing, testing, is the how we reopen travel and tourism in 2021 until the vaccines and data from the vaccines are more widely available. Anyone planning a spring break land trip, or a summer/fa
  2. Your cruise credits are now good through April of 2022 as long as you sail by the end of September 2022. This extension was just announced, I received an email a few days ago from RC confirming this. In my opinion we could see another extension on those cruise credits if this suspension drags on into the summer months of 2021. Having said that I am sorry you've lost your job hopefully things will turn around for you and your fiancé. I'm not sure whether you are new to cruising or not but unfortunately you made a mistake many people made by booking (either mistakenly or purposefu
  3. You absolutely nailed it, I know we get on a cruise let loose and have fun but every now and then while relaxing in your cabin you want to watch TV. The ability to cast or stream from a personal devise would be great because their current closed loop programing plus the 2 news channels are terrible. Also as others have noted more power outlets and I would really love a steamer. For years RC allowed me to bring my steamer onboard in my carryon but in November of 2018 they took it from me at Port Everglades and said RC would no longer allow steamers. I want a steamer in the cabin.
  4. For passengers who live outside of the U.S. they should be able to get a COVID test and their results within the CDC's time frame. Now after the cruise when passengers are on their way home there are some airports like MIA, LAX, SFO, and others that are rolling out the rapid antigen test for a fee of course, there are also certain airlines here in the US offering rapid test at certain airports as well. Hopefully as we move deeper into 2021 and get closer to the resumption of cruising more airports across this country will offer a rapid antigen test to anyone who needs a test. Personall
  5. There are no incentives to paying off your cruise fare early. If you are not sure about your dates (or even if you are) and you are booking a cruise more than 6 months out I would suggest booking the refundable fare because anything can happen. And like others have already pointed out if you are sure you're going on the cruise you can simply switch it to a non-refundable fare if the non-refundable fare is the better deal. A lot of people were burned and are still upset with cruise lines because they booked a non-refundable fare.
  6. Junior suites are not worth the money in my opinion period, they are nothing more than a glorified balcony. If you are going to splurge then spring for the Grand Suite or higher. I've stayed in every category of Sky Class suite on the Oasis Class ships (I can't afford Star Class it is outside of my price range for now). If you are going to cruise and you have the money to treat yourself then just do it, treat yourself you won't regret it. I guarantee you Sky Class on an Oasis Class ship is worth the extra money. There are several different suite types within Sky Class on Oasi
  7. In the past I've used both Uber and a cabs to get from Port Canaveral to MCO. When my cruise is over I personally don't like waiting around for a 60 passenger bus to round people up I want to get off the ship on to the airport and on my flight home. I've found that for me the easiest way (although not necessarily the cheapest) has been Ubers and cabs. The good thing about the cab is if you take it from Port Canaveral to MCO it is a flat rate.
  8. Thank you for your response I will have to check out Celebrity because I for sure want to do a Mexican Riviera cruise as well as the 15 night South America cruise that leaves out of Buenos Aires and ends in San Antonio, Chile. I've been hoping Royal Caribbean would add these do itineraries to their line up but I guess we will just have to get on Celebrity.
  9. I've never been on Celebrity, although I've only heard great things about them I've also heard the majority of their customers are a bit older than those on Royal Caribbean, NCL, and/or MSC. Those are the only cruise lines I've ever been on. Although I would love to cruise the Mexican Riviera, I'm not sure if Celebrity Cruises is right fit, how are they compared to the 3 cruise lines I've been on? Also if Celebrity is going back is their any chance we might see RC home port a ship in 2023 at either Long Beach or San Diego?
  10. My husband and I did this same cruise in 2019 on Oasis of the Seas, like someone else stated many of the cruise ports are outside of the major city centers, but what my husband and I did was we booked a private tour in Naples that picked us up at the cruise port and drove us down to Amalfi Coast it was a simi-private tour with 2 other people and we didn't feel rushed the tour guide was very much familiar with cruise ship passengers and our tour was around 7 hours not including the drive. At both Rome and Florence since we had already been to these cities via a land vacation a few years earlier
  11. My introduction to cruising was on the Adventure of the Seas at the time it was doing round trips out of San Juan PR. Prior to this I thought I knew what cruising entail also one of my family members had a horrendous experience on a Carnival cruise ship and swore I would never get on a cruise ship. However someone in my family had taken a RC cruise and was ranting and raving about how good RC cruises were and instead of our usual land based family vacation they planned a family cruise. It was a fairly inexpensive cruise so I thought why not give it a try its only 7 days and if I don'
  12. Nassau is a fun port with lots of things to keep you entertain for the entire time the ship is in port and I've never felt my safety or my husbands safety was threaten in Nassau. We always create our own shore excursions when in Nassau. If your judgement of Honduras is based simply from the location of the port then you haven't seen what Honduras has to offer. I will say Honduras needs to do a better job of securing the port and street and shop outside the port. A lady did try to pick pocket but me and my husband but because we were attentive she couldn't get us. Having said that Hondur
  13. Although there is speculation that the CDC is slow walking its guidance on how cruise lines should proceed with the simulated cruises I think home porting Grandeur of the Seas in Barbados is simply Royal Caribbean expanding and offering passengers more options and more Caribbean islands. I would love to book this cruise in December 2021 but I'm already booked on a 7 night Symphony of the Seas in October of 2021 and a 9 night Odyssey of the Seas in November 2021.
  14. I would suggest you not cancel but instead wait until RC cancels your cruise this way you will receive the 125% FCC. If you cancel you will only receive 100% FCC. With the news that RC will let their Health and Safety panel of experts make the final decision on whether to require passengers be vaccinated prior to cruising, if that panel doest in fact make that recommendation cruising may not resume until July 2021. The last thing any cruise line wants especially here in this country is for a cruise to be cut short do to a possible case of COVID onboard, even a false positive test
  15. Not to disagree with you but the CDC does have the authority to shut down the airlines in this country because they are all US flagged carriers. However airlines do more than just carry vacationers, there are people who still must travel for essential purposes, and also what people may not know is passenger carriers also move a lot of cargo. When most people think of cargo they think UPS or FedEx but passenger carriers like American, United, and Delta move a lot of cargo and mail throughout their networks. Shutting down all passenger carriers is a decision not to be taken lightly because th
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