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  1. Canada will allow cruise ship to resume porting in their country starting this November, however like twangster pointed out there are some in Victoria who would like to see a permanent ban on cruise ship so what Lisa Murkowski is trying to do is get ahead of this by being proactive instead of reactive. Alaska's cruise season shouldn't be linked to Canada allowing cruise ships to port in their country. Hopefully Alaskan's support Murkowski in this endeavor and hopefully Congress realizes the importance of this issue and not allow a foreign country to ever again dictate they type of tourism allowed to take place in Alaska.
  2. Wonder was built for the Chinese market there are far less suites onboard Wonder than any other Oasis Class ship. I'm glad they are sending Wonder here for 2 months I just book my cruise on her but unless Royal is going to make changes and increase the number of suites onboard I think Wonder will eventually end up at her home port either in Hong Kong or Shanghai.
  3. There seems to be a lot of confusion here several articles are stating if individual EU countries decided to adopt the EU's recommendations it would apply to all Americans regardless of vaccination status. Then you have other articles claiming the ban would only impact the unvaccinated. If individual countries enact these recommendations they need to clarify who is in and whose out.
  4. The problem with the email isn't the fact they are having B2B cruisers disembark that is normal procedure or the fact they are having you pack your bags. If B2B cruiser tests positive then at least you already have your bags packed. The problem is according to the email you will only be welcome back onboard at your designated check-in time. That make no sense to have your B2B cruisers wait in the terminal area (at least we hope in the terminal area) until their check-in time. Pre-COVID royal took care of all of this before having customers disembark and once you were disembarked they had all your things ready for you for your second cruise, you cleared security and re-board before anyone else there was no waiting involved. Come on Royal there is a better way to handle your B2B cruisers during a pandemic. Also like someone else already pointed out why can't they conduct the COVID test onboard the ship especially since they already have the test available?
  5. Oh that sounds like heaven.... Very few children and teens and capacity limited I can only hope this is still true for my Symphony cruise in late October.
  6. I've already received an email for both my cruises one at the end of October and another in November advising me of the changes regarding testing and vaccine requirements. I don't know if it is all automated and the system hasn't gotten around to sending everyone who has a cruise in October and November the appropriate emails but Royal has already sent me several advising me of the changes I need to prepare for.
  7. It is fairly simple if Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines with itineraries that include stops in the Bahamas wish to continue to sail to the Bahamas then they must comply with Bahamian law and require all passengers over the age of 12 be fully vaccinated in defiance of Florida law which so far we have not heard of any cruise line being fined by Florida. However if a cruise lines decides they are going to comply with the Florida law and not require all passengers over the age of 12 be fully vaccinated then that cruise line or cruise ship can not stop in the Bahamas at all including the cruise lines private islands. Basically cruise lines and their passengers are now stuck in the middle of this mess and they never should have been in the middle of this vaccine passport bill to begin with.
  8. I knew something like this would happen the minute Ron DeSantis signed that bill on vaccine passports which didn't exempt cruiselines. I've said this from the very beginning cruiselines should be in the same category as airlines because except for the 2021 Alaska season there are no domestic cruises out of the U.S.. These Caribbean Island nations can not afford to be overrun with COVID and they have to do what they deem necessary to protect themselves until they have enough vaccine in circulation to where everyone of their citizens has a choice just like we here in the U.S. have a choice. I am not surprised at all to see the Bahamas take this approach even with the cruise lines private islands, we have keep in mind although it is a private island locals still work on those islands, not every person we come across on these private island work on the cruise ship some of them actually live in the Bahamas. Ron DeSantis has no power to tell another country who they can allow into their country even the USVI now require cruise passengers over a certain age be vaccinated.
  9. In the past I've done multiple GTY rooms for both balconies and even suites and from my experience there is no set time for when Royal assigns GTY rooms. I've had GTY rooms assigned in the past as early as 2 months out or as late as 2 weeks before a cruise. I think once they process the RoyalUP request then they will process the GTY rooms. With ships sailing at reduced capacity I think your chances of scoring a great GTY room are good and if you don't like the room or the floor they assign you just pick up the phone and call Royal they will change it to another room within the same category.
  10. Oasis is still a beauty, one of the best if not the best looking class of cruise ship ever constructed, in my humble opinion.
  11. No I'm not changing any of my cruises scheduled COVID isn't going anywhere and neither am I. At this point the way I see it we both are going to have to learn to coexist and I don't see cruise lines shutting down again over COVID concerns. I'm fully vaccinated, I still exercise caution and mask up when I think it is necessary and as my October cruise get closer I'll take even more precautions to make sure I protect myself from Delta and don't pop positive days before my cruise I refuse to live in fear of this virus. I respect the virus but I will not live in fear of it I'm not changing anything.
  12. With the Delta variant here requiring all passengers regardless of vaccination status to test negative before boarding a cruise isn't overkill it just smart business at this time. I'm not one to defend the CDC I think they have over step their authority but the CDC isn't requiring negative test for all passengers prior to boarding the cruise lines like Carnival and Royal are requiring this of their own accord. If people don't want to get vaccinated I'm 100% okay with it, its your body your choice. Requiring a negative COVID test to board a cruise ship isn't an imposition it is a step cruise line have to take to try and keep the more contagious Delta variant off the ship.
  13. This was my thoughts exactly the last time I went to Las Vegas. Very few people were wearing mask indoors, very few people were wearing masks in the elevators bar and clubs. Without a doubt COVID is spreading unchecked throughout all the Las Vegas resorts but no one knows because no one is testing. While places like Las Vegas and other around this country and even the airlines are allowed to bury their head in the sand and pretend COVID doesn't exist cruise lines can't operate like that because of the microscope they are under from the CDC but also the media.
  14. Jill I fill like you have taken me to Church today with all of your post.... I love it. I agree with what you are saying, cruise lines like the airline indutry should have been exempt from the law in Florida and I do think people should be allowed to make their own decision about the vaccines. What has taken place in places like NYC and other cities is shameful. Even here in Chicago although there is no vaccine passport requirement we are now starting to see business require proof of vaccination to enter their establishment and people are using the No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service as their basis for requiring a vaccines. Trying to force people to take something they are not yet comfortable with will only push them further away. I've said this before if the US allowed domestic cruises where the ship doesn't have to visit an international port then I would 100% be in agreement with Ron DeSantis but since cruises (execpt for Alaska) have to visit an international port that is where my issue with Ron DeSantis comes in because we can't force a international country to allow unvaccinated cruise passengers into their country. I do think Florida will have to exempt cruise lines or Royal Caribbean will have to temporarily go with 95% vaccination rate in defiance of the law.
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