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  1. Right now a delayed launch is nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor. Every email that I'e received from Royal and all the information I've read on line still has Wonder launching in March. Unless anyone here has insider information that they can and are willing to share I'm not putting any stock into the rumor of a delay in Wonder's launch.
  2. Normally you receive an email letting you know you qualify for a Royal Up.
  3. I think it will be quite a few months before May/June of 2024 is released. Royal is still hasn't loaded the entire 2023 summer/fall cruise schedule and I think I read somewhere the remainder of the 2023 season should be fully released by end of March or April of this year. So with that in mind and looking at how Royal normally releases their schedules I don't think you will see anything for May or June of 2024 open for sale before December of 2022 if we are lucky. The 2024 winter season January through April of 2024 will probably be posted in April of this year but after that my guess is the spring/summer season of 2024 may not be posted before December of 2022.
  4. I know and I hope I didn't come off sounding condescending if so I apologize. I was just trying to point out for some people it is totally worth it savings to hustle to the airport from the port especially if they are saving a nice piece of change on the return flight instead of waiting until the next day.
  5. Sometimes depending on the month you're traveling and the day you're traveling from Europe back to the U.S. the price difference in the ticket can be between $500 to 1,200 dollars more in coach if not more. For people who don't want to spend that extra money plus the cost of a hotel coming back to the US the same day could end up saving them quite a bit of money especially if it is family of 4 or a group of 4 or 5 people traveling together. In Europe most cruises arrive early enough in port for people who may be a bit cost conscious to make a flight back to the U.S. the same day thus saving quite a bit of money. For instance if your cruise arrives back at a European port on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday you could end up saving quite a bit of money flying home verses if you flew home on a Friday, Sunday or Monday. So if you cruise arrives in port on a Saturday, flying home on Sunday could be more expensive than the cruise itself in coach and you may not find an affordable ticket until Tuesday especially if the person of family is cost conscious. If you are not looking to make the airline rich it may just be worth it to get off the ship early on Saturday (for example only) hustle to the airport to make that Saturday afternoon flight and in turn save potentially thousands of dollars in the process.
  6. Quantum is going to Alaska in the spring of 2022, the link to the article is talking about Spectrum of the Seas which for now is schedule to resume cruising out of Shanghai in April then move to Singapore in October. Now according to the article Royal will move Spectrum of the Seas, starting in April she will cruise out of Singapore not China. This means China has not only lost Wonder of the Seas, China will loose Spectrum as well at least temporarily. China's lost is Singapore's gain although I'm not sure when Royal intends to update the website. it is obvious Royal's Singapore cruises even the cruises to no where were very successful. However I do wonder when Royal will resume cruising from Australia but I'm not sure if Royal has any control over that at this point in time.
  7. Is your cruise starting and ending at in Rome (Ciitavecchia) if so then the cruise is considered domestic because you starting and ending in the Schengen Zone so you basically walk off the ship collect your bags and walk out the terminal. Whenever I've done European cruises I've always booked private car to transport us to the airport from the cruise port. Citiavecchia is about 45 minutes to an hour from FCO. You could get off the ship at 7:30 am (or earlier if you want) and could be at the airport by 9 a.m. which is in my opinion more than enough time to make a 12 p.m. flight. If you really want to make that flight book private transportation from the cruise port do not use cruise ship provided transportation. You tell the company when you book at what time you want the private transportation to show up and in my experience the transportation has always been there.
  8. On yesterday China's Civil Aviation Authority order both US and Chinese carrier to temporarily cancel all flights (which were limited to begin with) to China do to Omicron. While that is interesting that isn't the real news that caught my attention. What caught my attention is when the China's Civil Aviation Authority stated they do not expect any recovery in China's travel industry until 2023 (no that is not a mistake they said 2023) at the earliest. Airlines may be allowed to resume their limited schedule at some point in late January or early February but some airlines have responded to this order by cancelling all flights to/from the US to China through mid-February. Given the immense restrictions China intends to keep place on all sectors of the travel industry this move by Royal does not surprise me. Get Spectrum out of China cancel those itineraries and launch Spectrum from Singapore. It is unfortunate for the Chinese market and Royal's loyal customers in China but at this point in January of 2022 I get the feeling it will take years (perhaps 3-5 years) for the Chinese cruise industry to recover and approach anything near where they were in 2019 and that is if they open and relax travel restriction in China in 2023.
  9. It breaks my heart to read your post but I completely understand where you are coming from. I hope are able to reschedule and take a cruise soon. Hopefully this Omicron variant surge burns out by the 3 week of 4th week of January. It just hurts every time I read someone has either canceled their cruise or had their cruise canceled.
  10. European 2023 is finally open for sale!!!! Anthem is scheduled for a 7 night cruise of the Norwegian Fjords in June 2023. There are so many great cruises this going to be an extremely hard decision.
  11. Good for St. Maarten. God I wish I could have seen this in person I've been in ports where there were 3 Royal Caribbean ships two of which were smaller ships in port but I've never been in port with 2 Oasis Class and a Quantium Class ship in port at the same time.
  12. I 100% agree with everything you've posted here about MSC. We've cruised with MSC 3 times once on each of the following ships Divina, Seaside and the Meraviglia. I think it will be a few years before I ever set foot on another MSC cruise either here in the US or even in Europe. I would get on Carnival again (I kind of want to get on the Mardi Gras) before getting on another MSC cruise. I was expecting Royal Caribbeans level of service onboard and was highly disappointed with each of the cruises I took with them. Having said that there are two redeeming qualities MSC has that I absolutely love, the first is the 20 hour buffet. Leaving the dance club and having the buffet still open is a great compared to just pizza on Royal or room service. The second redeeming quality happens to be on the Meraviglia in the form of Cirque du Soleil, there are two completely different shows on the Meraviglia and both are spectacular, but it isn't enough to make me want to spend 7 days on another MSC cruise. I think MSC needs to understand it is the passengers vacation and they need to learn to be more flexible onboard. Not everything needs to be timed out to the tee especially when you are trying to make end roads in the US market where most Americans are use to a lot more flexibility and freedom onboard cruise ships.
  13. I think cruise lines that adopted the policy of 100% vaccinations did so because we were all led to believe by the CDC that breakthrough infections would be a rarity. Royal Caribbean isn't alone in seeing positive cases onboard their ships cruise lines like NCL, Celebrity and others have all seen breakthrough cases, so switching to a 100% vaccinated policy isn't the answer.
  14. Take the crown loft especially if you can handle one flight of stairs, nothing compares to that two story suite. And another thing I love about crown lofts that owner suites don't have is crown lofts have 2 bathrooms the one downstairs has a shower while upstairs has the tub except if you're in the accessible suite then they both have showers. Something I learned the hard way a few years back on Harmony of the Seas they booked us in the accessible suite and my husband complained for about the first few hours that he didn't have his tub. He got over it quickly when the concierge offered to downgrade us into a junior suite, I guess the tub wasn't that important to him LOL.
  15. USA Today has it's own agenda and they have quite a few people with a known bias against the cruise industry. dv70 posted a link to the US embassy website which clearly states passengers arriving on cruise ships are subjected to the testing requirements of the cruise line that have been approved by the Bahamian Government. USA Today could have easily made it clear nothing thus far has changed for cruise ships but decided not to so.
  16. You are absolutely right. The airlines have been far more aggressive than the cruise industry in fighting the CDC from the very beginning of this pandemic. I said this when I first joined this blog site in 2020 COVID did not arrive in the US via cruise ship it arrive via airplanes. And I get the irony I work in the airline industry but I'm fighting for the cruise industry because I firmly believe the cruise industry has been scapegoated, unfairly targeted, shut down, dragged through the mud, held to a higher standard just to resume operations, not given a dime in bailout money (I could go on for days) all while the airline industry has positioned themselves as necessity to keep the economic engine of America running and therefore should not be subjected to any CDC oversight. What a ******* joke!!! Although Fauci continue to throw around the idea of a vaccine mandate in order to travel domestically within this country I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say it will never happened in this country because there isn't a single airline in favor of it. The airlines in this country want the public to believe they all compete against each other, they don't like one another but that is an illusion. The truth is this nations airlines have a powerful lobbing machine in Washington D.C. perhaps not as powerful as the NRA but close to it. And that machine has been working overtime since the beginning of this pandemic to keep CDC and Fauci at bay. The unfortunate truth is cruise lines pale in comparison when it comes to the power the nations airlines wield. And that is just the nations airlines lets not even talk about the hotel industry. My husband and I went again to Las Vegas in mid December stayed at the Venetian yet the CDC wants me to believe I'm SAFER at the Venetian in Las Vegas than on a cruise ship with vaccine mandates, negative COVID test 2 days before boarding, 60% capacity, social distancing at all venues, and more. Oh I can't stop laughing at this bull(fill in the blank).
  17. Oh no you are perfectly safe going inside all of those establishments and taking those modes of transportation. The only thing where there is increase risks of COVID exposure is on a cruise ship per the CDC. For an agency that claims to follow the science and the data why then do they continue to single out the cruise industry when both the science and the data shows lower risks of COVID exposure on a cruise ship than any where on land. They are still trying to use COVID to gut the cruise industry and it totally unfair. The CDC is a joke.
  18. I don't think the CDC is looking at shutting down the cruise industry again. Even if Fauci and Walensky wanted to shut down the cruise industry I think the White House would stop them from doing it from behind the scenes because 2022 is an election year. The Biden Administration is doing everything they can to convince school districts across the country to remain open. They are even going as far as saying children are safer in school than they are at home which is funny because I remember the Trump Administration saying the same thing but that a discussion for another day. What I think the CDC is trying to do is convince either the public or the cruise lines themselves to either cancel their cruise (public) or voluntarily shut down (cruise lines). Reading all of the stories over the past 2 weeks or so it does appear as though customers onboard experience is suffering with ports refusing to allow ships to dock and even onboard with shows and venues having to be closed do to crew members testing positive. I still believe the CDC's singling out of cruise lines out of all other industries that make up the travel industry is 100% wrong because cruise lines have the highest and most stringent level of safety protocols in place and again in the grand scheme of things positive cases on cruise ships are much lower than they are on land and most of the people who test positive on a cruise are either asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms not requiring hospitalization. For people who have cruises book in January at this point in time you know what you're getting yourself into. You know there is the possibility your ship may be turned away from one or more ports of call. You know the onboard experience my be diminished slightly if the ship has to cancel shows and close venues do to positive cases amongst the crew. Anyone who decides to go on a cruise in January has a tough decision to make do you go on the cruise and take the chance of not having the experience you are looking for or do you cancel your cruise and rebook at a later date. Personally if I had a cruise scheduled in January I think I would cancel and rebook a cruise at a later date. Not because I'm afraid of COVID or put much faith in the daily case count, I would cancel because the risk of disruption to my vacation is too high for me to ignore. For me cruising is about the experience and if the cruise ship can't provide the experience that I'm expecting (through no fault of their own) then I would just reschedule my cruise.
  19. I received that same email and got excited only to be let down when I clicked on the link and realized even though the email state Europe 2023 the cruises advertised are all 2022, and that they still haven't posted the 2023 European season. Such a let down, but I've waited this long what's a few more days, hopefully they post both the European and Caribbean summer season the first week of January.
  20. I think there needs to be some clarity on cruise ships that homeport in San Juan. When Puerto Rico first announced this change this was one of the questions that came to my mind is is what will cruise lines do with ships based in San Juan if this new restriction applies those ships as well.
  21. How much information did the captain have? Coming from the airline industry I can tell you sometimes captains at least at the airlines are not given all the information needed to adequately address passengers concerns. Some times people at world headquarters or even in station operations (airlines again) get so caught up in trying to handle the situation they don't give pilots all the information they need. Although the article stated the department of health made this change yesterday what we don't know is when this yesterday this change was announced. There was literally no news of this change until early this morning so they may have made the decision yesterday to implement this change but when was it communicated to cruise lines like Royal? And when did Royal communicate the information to the captain of Symphony, do you remember what time it was when the captain made the announcement? I happened to be looking at cruise ship tacker this morning at work around 6:30am Chicago time which would be 7:30am ship time and it appeared as though Symphony was still on course for San Juan at that time and there was no news of Puerto Rico's entry requirement change. I understand the frustration of passengers onboard who were expecting to enjoy a great day in San Juan but is Royal really at fault or is the crew of Symphony at fault I'm not sure they are.
  22. For the adults you still have to show a negative covid test taken 2 days prior to your set sail date and for the children I believe the time frame is still 3 days prior to set sail date. I think the issue is you should have a back up plan especially if your plan is to go to for example Walgreens, CVS or any other accredited testing location as some of these locations are now taking 3-5 days to return test results do to overwhelming demand. Here in Chicago right before Christmas our local news was reporting that the time it takes test results to come back was up to 5 days from 1 day do to the crushing demand for test and labs just not able to keep up. For anyone taking a cruise that is horrible news especially if they don't have the at home test kits. Having the at home test kit could be an insurance policy for you just in case for one reason or another you don't get your test results back in time. However it may be difficult to get your hands on the appropriate at home test kit that Royal accepts.
  23. That really sucks for people who originally booked those suites and have now been downgraded as a result of the swap. Couldn't Royal have simply sent Wonder to Port Everglades from November 2022 through April of 2023 and then moved Wonder to Cape Canaveral and Harmony to Port Everglades in May of 2023 especially seeing the summer 2023 Caribbean season wasn't open for sale?
  24. Normally a Crown Loft Suite does not include Royal Genie. However I think I read somewhere where Royal would still provide the same amenities to those passengers who were booked in higher tier suites on Harmony but were downgraded as a result of Harmony being swapped out for Wonder.
  25. I understand what you are saying and you raise a good point about medical service onboard being overwhelmed. However this is where the devil is in the details, the same details the CDC refuses to share. Delta cases in this country have been going up for months now it is one of the reasons Royal changed their pre-cruise testing policy and shortened down to 2 days. Even with the Delta surge there have been no reports of onboard medical facilities being overwhelmed thanks to vaccination policies. If that were to ever happen we all know the CDC would be overjoyed to share that information with the media because it would fit their narrative and could use it to shut down the cruise industry. We know the CDC is keeping a close eye and tracking every single COVID case detected on a cruise ship. Just a few weeks ago the NCL ship arriving in New Orleans with 14 confirmed cases onboard were referred to the CDC. The CDC wasted no time in making sure the media knew there were 14 positive cases onboard but notice how we've heard nothing since. I would wager the reason there hasn't been any further information no follow up story about those 14 passengers is because none of those passengers developed severe disease requiring hospitalization, an ICU bed, or a ventilator. This is why I firmly believe it is time to stop reporting total case numbers and using it as a measuring stick for what the virus is doing. The reason why people have lost faith in the CDC is because of what you stated in your first sentence about the CDC. However at this point in the pandemic the CDC and NIH have a lot more data and information than they lead us to believe and I'm sure Royal Caribbean turned over all that relevant information to the CDC about the symptoms or lack of symptoms these 48 people reported to Royal. I think if the Fauci, Walensky the NIH and the CDC attempted to shut down the cruise industry again the fallout would be severe especially heading into an election year, and it all goes back to the fact that a positive case is no longer a positive case and the CDC needs to shift away from the sensationalism of reporting total number of cases and shift towards realism in reporting severe disease numbers requiring hospitalization, ICU beds and ventilators.
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