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  1. It's outdoor seating. Giovanni's is where Wonderland is on other ships and has two floors. The pic looks like it was taken from the 2nd floor looking down. Looks pretty cool. Izumi in the Park is now in Central Park on Utopia instead of GK.
  2. You’ll likely dock at PC very early & can usually get off the ship quickly via self-assist… which is why it’s doable… but one hiccup (like an accident on the highway to the airport or ship delay) and it can quickly become dicey. In other words, I agree with the other answers.
  3. Yeah, that even happens to me by the end. That’s partly why we do specialty early in the week. Glad you enjoyed Hideaway so much!
  4. Now @Neesa’s just messing with us. We see you clicking emojis… how dare you enjoy your cabana & not take the time to update us!
  5. That would kill it for me. We don't go to beach clubs in Costa Maya b/c all-aboard is 1:30pm (on the Western itinerary we keep taking) and I can't see taking advantage of included food & drink if I have to leave that early. It looks nice otherwise.
  6. Careful on the wording there... one could read that as you planning to just roll with the one rainbow pair for the entire cruise. Clearly you meant you'd buy a cruise-worth's of rainbow, just sayin...
  7. I have definitely dozed off in both a Beach Club cabana and at a Mexican beach club. It's not hard to do.
  8. I'm virtually yelling at hubby and daughter to get their butts off the ship for you! My wife and I are generally on the same page, schedule-wise, but she mentioned something about possibly not getting off the ship ASAP in Cozumel next month when we have a daybed at Paradise Beach. Now it's not like I need to start eating/drinking at 8am (although they do have smoothies that I would definitely try in the morning since it's all-inclusive) but of course I want to get off early! She clarified that it was in case she didn't sleep well the night before so I said no problem... 1. Take a sleep-aid. 2. How awake do you need to be to lie in a daybed?!? You can go back to sleep there, lol.
  9. Yeah, I only know they're good prices because I'm a nerd and keep an eye on the CP even though I'm not buying anything. We're in the same boat. We recently turned D+, my wife barely drinks, and I'm not a huge drinker though I try to be while cruising. She uses 1-2 vouchers per day and otherwise lives off of strawberry kiwi water onboard. Despite my efforts last week, I couldn't use up the rest without getting a couple cans of soda or Truly at the end of the night. I have vowed to do better next month, lol.
  10. Yep, same for my July Wonder, I was just too lazy to screen shot the other packages. All good prices AFAIK. I said this when I saw a Beach Club cabana for $980 last month... it almost makes me wish we actually bought any of these things, lol. I know they're good prices, we just don't buy hardly anything pre-cruise except lunch/brunch during BF or another big 40% off sale.
  11. I bet this is definitely part of it. We were there alone last week so it was obviously empty… but where we sit by the Oasis Lagoon, we were the first ones there & it was at least 80% empty until after 9:30am & still plenty empty later into the morning. This made me not care about being there with Allure next month. We’ll get off first thing as usual & grab our spot. I expect it to be crowded later but I can deal with a short line for food and whatever as long as we have our preferred homebase. Twice as many people docking isn’t a big deal until they get off the ships… and then it’s less of a deal to me once we’re situated.
  12. Yep, that’s us… except it will likely be Star.
  13. For some of us who leave home where it’s sunny and 95+, we root for clouds & wind on CocoCay, lol. As long as it’s not pouring, it’s perfect for me. Hope you enjoy your day!
  14. I wouldn’t buy it at virtually any price, but others do so hopefully this alerts them to possible savings.
  15. I don’t buy it but this is by far the lowest price I’ve ever seen for my Wonder cruises. Refreshment package is also $23.99 & Soda is $8.99.
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