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  1. You’ve been very quiet. I know the signs. What a great cruise you had though !
  2. Welcome to the blog, fox runner ! No reason not to bring folding chairs if you’re willing to haul them around. They are not prohibited. Some people bring hammocks and string them up on their balconies.
  3. Unfortunately, no. These neighborhood comps are not upgradeable
  4. We put luggage tags on our carry-ones b/c half the time Dan has no idea what our cabin number is !
  5. If you used a travel agent, he/she should be able to take care of the bed situation for you immediately. If youbooked directly with RCCL, just call and let them know you want the beds separated. If it still doesn’t get done ahead of time, let the room attendant know as soon as you can and they will separate the beds for you. If the balcony dividers can be opened up, the room attendant must do that for you. Just ask as soon as you board. Sounds like Ike a fun cruise !
  6. You should be able to use your OBC for purchases made prior to sail date UNLESS it’s travel agent OBC.
  7. Yeah....they're nothin' but trouble anyway. 😯
  8. Make it unanimous ! Contact Michelle Cunningham at : michelle@mei-travel.com 703-986-0661
  9. YES ! That is the same group. Hopefully he was able to keep his britches on better than 2 weeks ago !
  10. When we were on Anthem a few weeks ago in Coco Cay they opened the casino in the evening but never during the day. Would have been nice if they had, as I did not get off the ship either time !
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