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  1. I paid $58.99 PP for the Coco Beach Club for our 13 Dec 2020 Oasis Cruise.
  2. Update - Since the listing on our VA house went “live” yesterday (Thursday), we decided it would be best just to skeedaddle and run away to western MD to visit my daughter and see her new house. For @coneyraven, they live in Garrett County in Oakland. I don’t know much more about the area except that it is beautiful out here in the sticks (meant lovingly). We watched a big (probably 8 point) buck with his deer-ladies grazing in their yard (5 acres). Simply beautiful. Of course, all Dan could talk about was shootIng them with a bow, but I avoided a philosophical confrontation on the sub
  3. Also concur with @Lovetocruise2002 She responded before I finished pecking !
  4. I agree with @MLH. I have found the only reliable (and easy) way to get orders is via the Genie. It has been my experience that the room service number is useless. I am almost never able to get through. Also concur that standing orders - particularly for Starbucks In the morning - is ship-dependent. Some will, some won’t. I almost always have to tell the Genie to STOP bringing food. We can never eat everything they bring and I hate wasting. If there’s something you know you want and will eat, bring it on ! But unsolicited random food deliveries are rarely consumed b
  5. That’s yet to be determined but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.
  6. If the cruise you already booked is one that is eligible for the $$$ off coupon, then yes, you can rebook and used the $$ off coupon. Just be aware that they will reprice your cruise and if the cruise fare has increased enough it may negate the value of your coupon. Never hurts to try though !
  7. We received a bunch of casino offers for summer sailings. I guess they are some of the “new” itineraries
  8. Unless the Brilliance itin out of Tampa is objectionable to you, I would just stay on Brilliance and keep the room you want. Who knows where you'd end up on Indy.
  9. Resurrecting an old thread. I wanted to report on a GREAT experience with American Airlines and itinerary changes. I had to change a flight NOT once, but TWICE. For both calls, AA made the necessary changes quickly and without charging a dime in change fees. I am thrilled with this new policy. The first time I changed it, there was an increase in fare (which I absolutely expected) so I just paid the increased fare. The second time I changed it, the fare went DOWN by over $350 PP so I got credit vouchers for that fare difference. After so many bad experiences trying to change air
  10. Of course, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming up and historically there have been good sales around that time, but who knows what will happen this year. Last year’s holiday sales were a dud.
  11. I believe this is 100% likely. I fear that onboard prices are going to be sky-high. At some point, the Cruise Planner prices are going to shoot up and stay there. I really don’t see any downside to purchasing CP items on sale. The worst that can happen is that you get a refund or FCC if the cruise is cancelled.
  12. I purchased the DBP+1 Voom for our May Serenade Alaska cruise for $48 PP/PD. The DBP only is $40 PP/PD. I realize that the Voom is highly unreliable on Serenade in Alaska but it is what it is. Pretty good price, IMO.
  13. That's a great question. I would guess that there will be additional "precautions" taken with luggage - perhaps some type of disinfecting mist or something....so it may take longer than it used to....but then again, we won't be onboard until later, so maybe it's a wash.
  14. Other than the "big move" we don't have anything but cruises planned. Believe it or not, Dan has never gone to Disney World. He grew up in SoCal so he's been to Disneyland a brazillion times but never WDW. We may sneak up to Orlando once we get settled if the parks are open and we can fit it in between cruises !! We have 21 cruises on the books from Nov 2020 through April 2022. I hold out very little hope that our 4 in 2020 (2 in NOV and 2 in DEC) will actually sail, but they're still on the books and I received cruise docs for my B2B on NAV Nov 6-13. Most of these are B2B with 1 B3B
  15. Our last cruise was the Anthem cruise that was truncated due to suspected COVID cases (which proved to be completely false). We were supposed to go to the Bahamas and ended up in Bermuda instead. The nice part of the cruise was the reduced capacity - I think we sailed with around 60% capacity. It was nice, even though shorter than it was supposed to be. We had a great time. We were supposed to receive OBC for 50% of the cruise fare and receive an FCC for the other 50%...essentially a free cruise...but somehow we came out ahead by about $650. No idea how that happened. We went out with a
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