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    Non-smoking Ship

    Actually, I think they tried this already. A couple of years ago there was at least 1 ship that they tried a non-smoking casino for a couple of cruises. Granted, it was not a LONG test but they did try it. That was the last I heard of trying a non-smoking casino so my guess is that it did not go well. Of course, you cannot expect a test like that to go well when nobody was forewarned. I'm sure they had nothing but complaints from smoking gamblers who had no idea they were going to be victims of a non-smoking experiment. The non-smokers weren't made aware of it so they stayed away, like they always do. I think that the results of going non-smoking is pretty well established in other industries, such as restaurants. At first there is a holy uproar from smokers who either deal with it or change restaurants/lines but in the end, they gain more non-smokers, who eventually make up for the smokers that they lose. We are going through this exact scenario right now with our American Legion Post. The smokers are in full revolt as our new social quarters are going smoke-free but trust me, there are far more non-smoking members who have been campaigning for YEARS to have a smoke-free Post. They will now come where they would not, before. I believe, in the long run, we will gain more than we will lose but it will take time. BTW, there will still be a smoking bar for those who smoke; it's just the new lounge and dining room that will be smoke-free. Celebrity seems to do well with non-smoking casinos but everyone knows they are non-smoking before they ever book so the expectations are established, beforehand.
  2. Yes. We got it on our Liberty cruise in Sept. as long as you order food, the milkshakes are included.

    Sushi Class and Bottomless Galley Brunch

    I can’t speculate about the Bottomless Galley but they were definitely hocking the sushi class on Grandeur a couple of weeks ago. If it were me, I would wait until you get onboard and take your chances of getting a bargain. It’s a lot of fun and you get to eat what you make so there’s a lot of food !

    disembarking and waiting for afternoon flight

    Your luggage will be safe (unless it isn't...like ours on Liberty last month !!) and waiting for you in the luggage pickup area unless you use Luggage Valet and it gets taken straight to the airport.

    Casino Royale - the end of an era

    Star Class includes everything that Sky Class includes plus: Services of the Royal Genie who is kind of like a personal Concierge. He/she will make your dining reservations, reserve specific seats in the various entertainment venues and help you arrange any kind of special event such as parties in your suite, private excursions, etc. Personally escorts your party through the embarkation and disembarkation processes. Will personally have access to your onboard account and can correct any problems with billing; can handle any kind of guest service issues without you having to go to Guest Services. Unlimited specialty dining at any of the specialty restaurants. This includes in-suite delivery of specialty dining during hours that the restaurants are operating. Includes Starbucks coffee (but not pastries), ice cream at the ice cream kiosks, popcorn, etc. Includes unlimited food at Izumi, including hibachi, Chef's Table (some have reported being charged for wine but we have never been charged) and any food/dining venue. Unlimited beverage packages for everyone in the suite (age appropriate). Special access to some of the recreational activities such as flow rider, bumper cars, Northstar, Ripcord. This is generally in the form of special hours when you can have "priority". I have never done any of these activities (but will on Anthem in Feb.) so I'm not entirely sure how it works but I know that there are specific situations and times when Star Class guests have priority. Star Class is basically an " All Inclusive" experience. You still have to pay for cabana rentals on the private island and excursions. That's about all you have to pay for. I will be interested to see what is included for Star Class on CocoCay once The Perfect Day is completed.

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome, Pete !!

    Galveston Port - Staying in Houston

    ...and the one way drop off charge for using Enterprise (the only car rental agency on the island) was $250 for us over Labor Day. Ouch !

    Savory Bites

    Yes, they've been quietly disappearing from all of the ships. I really don't care for the changes to the "breads" selections. They used to come around with a whole basket of different bread options, then it went down to having a selection of only a few (which never changed from night-to-night as they used to) all the way down to having a couple of arbitrary choices placed in a basket on the table on some cruises. I miss the wide variety of bread options that they used to offer.

    Live From Lady G

    Guilty as charged ! I rarely glance at the Compass on any given day.

    Refreshment Package

    ...but no alcohol

    Snorkeling off the Beach

    It is my experience that the snorkeling in Coz is very good and the snorkeling at Labadee is "meh". I would definitely plan on sticking with the plan you have (snorkeling in Coz). Where you go in Coz is a different question. I have not been to Playa Mia so I cannot comment on that. While I have been to both Mr. Sanchos and Nachi, I did not snorkel at either. I also concur with your decision to stay on the ship at Falmouth. I think you've done a very good job of researching your trip and personally, I'm not sure I would make any changes ! Have a great time.

    Online Check in

    We've had mixed results with the photo. One time we both got through without retaking our pix and the second time they retook both of ours. I don't see it saving a lot of time even if they o not retake the photo. I will probably not bother with it anymore unless the online checkin process is disrupted b/c I do not have a photo. I have not had this happen yet.