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  1. My goodness that was a lot of food ! Hopefully it was all good.
  2. It’s been a while since we participated in a poker tournament but as far as I can recall, buy-in was $100 with some re-buys possible. As far as competition, there’s just no way to anticipate that. My experience is that there are usually a couple of good players and a couple of lucky ones to deal with. These are satellite tournaments for the Royal Poker Tournament that has traditionally been played in early December. All of the tournament winners come together in Dec for the final tourney. Dan won one of the satellites a number of years ago and we went to the finals. It was fun. He went out in the first round so we got to relax and enjoy the rest of the cruise ! Whether or not they actually give away a free cruise and entry into the final tourney depends on how many people sign up for the satellite tourney. If they do not get enough participation they will just award cash prizes and nobody from that sailing goes to the finals.
  3. In the past, this was never allowed but I have read that recently, some people have been successful in getting onboard upgrades. Apparently you just go straight to Guest Services and ask ! From what I understand, they will allow you to upgrade 1 category, so if you are in an inside room, they will allow you to upgrade to an ocean view if there is one available.
  4. I agree with you. I wasn't expecting much...but found the dogs to be very acceptable.
  5. The rule has been, in the past, that once you are assigned a cabin, you can ask to move to another cabin as long as it's in the same category. Of course, with things being pushed so close to boarding these days, there may not be sufficient time, as @AshleyDillomentioned.
  6. I believe that the beds can be split up until you reach Owner's Suite so I think you'll be able to split them on the GS.
  7. I have Oasis booked 2-26, 3-5 and 3-12 (2023) and I still cannot see anything for drink or dining packages.
  8. Holy crap ! I will never remember all of that ! Just kidding. Thanks for the history/geography lesson. Hopefully I will be visiting in August on Jewel.
  9. It's kinda hard to tell from this rendering, but depending upon how steep that slope is facing forward, it could (and probably does) render much of that square footage, pretty much useless. The master bedroom looks kinda cut up with that weird area behind the headboard. ...and what is that...a curtain on the side ? Very odd. I have no problem with the size of the balcony. It's plenty big for us but I think it would have been nice if they had just continued the balcony on across the front of the room instead of having that useless sloped space with windows. Perhaps they would have lost just a bit of the dining area but it would have been nice to have a balcony going around so that you actually had a view of the suites pool area. What are those rooms on the starboard side ? Are those the Grand and Owner's Suites ?
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