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  1. Depending upon your current C&A status, most of these do actually cross over. It would seem that Zenith get the complimentary premium drink package (which may or may not be equivalent or better than 6 drink vouchers per day), they get a complimentary premium internet package and they get 25% off specialty dining which is not quite equivalent to BOGO but still not nothing. Free pictures ? I dunno....missed that one. We never use that anyway. Frankly, it seems like D+ are getting the worst cross-over deal b/c you're right - many of the above perks don't appear to be there for E+. I guess I need to do more research.
  2. Yes. USMC. A4 Skyhawk (no longer in service). My father was also an A4 pilot....but obviously, he was flying when the airplane first came into service and Dan was flying the A4 when they went out of service. Unfortunate that they never met.
  3. Kind of a bummer that they aren't giving the Zenith cross-overs the 340 solo booking discount.
  4. Just curious, @Jettman96. Are/were you a pilot ? Dan is a former Naval aviator. Just wondering.
  5. Forgive me. I do recall now that your wife will not be with you. I'm a lunkhead. Hmmm...ok, so they (golf cart folks) DO accept reservations just don't require reservations. Good to know. I will see what Dan wants to do. Thanks for the help on that one.
  6. Holy crap ! They're matching Pinnacle to Zenith ??? I'm really surprised at this !
  7. So exciting !! Congratulations. It's a sickness. I hope you don't catch it. Oh wait...I hope you DO catch it ! Crossing my fingers that you are right about this. The last Vision class ship we sailed out of Tampa (Grandeur in the spring) was a nightmare of kids. With this sailing being after school is out, I'm not holding my breath. Prepare yourself.... Hmmm...thank you for this. I think this may be a good solution for us since we really can't do too much planning without knowing what the "others" are doing, This could be a nice last-minute plan. I am humbled that you value my opinion....but I give terrible cruise advice. Ask anyone ! That said....the best advice I have is to pace yourself and don't try and do too much. With an older ship like Enchantment that really won't be a problem as there isn't the wild variety of activities to bedazzle and distract you. Nevertheless, take time to enjoy being on the sea, enjoy the complimentary things (unlike me !) and have a great time. You did a good thing by getting a balcony cabin. Try sleeping with the sliding door open (this is terrible advice and is totally against the rules, BTW) and enjoy the sound of the ocean and the sea breeze. Just be aware that with the slider open, your AC will be cut off....so if it's too hot outside, disregard this idea. ...or maybe disregard it anyway.... I think you are doing the RIGHT thing by arranging excursions in the ports. We did this for YEARS but finally decided that we liked the ship(s) more than we do the ports(s) - at least, in the Caribbean - so we rarely even get off the ship anymore. But you are doing it right. Those sound like great choices. I also admire that you have started out at the bottom....I don't mean that in a negative way. It's a good thing. Starting with an older, smaller ship will give you and your wife a very good idea of whether or not you like the cruising lifestyle. We started on the same class of ship (Grandeur) also out of Tampa, but waaay back in 2006. It took exactly 1 cruise to get us hooked for life. I am looking forward to meeting you and your beautiful bride. I will do my best to find you during a time when my rowdy friends are otherwise occupied. I wouldn't want to be judged by my unsavory company.
  8. Yep. First time. Ready and willing to do a blog as time permits. Our companions on this one is a bit over-the-top-insane. I am have a bit of anxiety about the whole eating thing. I will appease myself in the time being with the understanding that we have no idea what the "others" are going to be doing so we will wait and see. That might get us into trouble....but it's only 7 days. We can survive, I'm sure. At least we have 2 BOGOs and even if we have to eat twice in Chops - oh well ! As long as I can avoid Caribbean night and French night in the MDR I will be ok. There's always the WJ (God help me). I wish you and MMM were going on this with us.
  9. We don't normally do excursions so we don't have anything planned right now. We just booked this cruise 2 days ago and I do believe we got the last available cabin on the ship as the very next day the entire sailing showed as "sold out". Most likely we will not get off the ship in Coz or Roatan. We love Costa Maya so will probably do something there and it's been YEARS since we've been to Belize so if I can muster the courage for the tender in, we might get off there. This cruise is a surprise for a small group of friends who booked. They don't know we're going so it's more about surprising them than it is for the actual cruise itself ! This will be our first cruise ever on Enchantment. It's one of those ships that you just pass over when deciding on a cruise but since our friends chose it, we did too ! I'm not too excited about our cabin. We are in an Ocean View on Deck 3 (ugh)....and it's doubtful that will change as I said above, the entire inventory seems to be frozen at the moment - most likely configuring RoyalUps. I did bid on every category they offered me but I'm definitely NOT holding my breath on this one. @Jettman96, from whom did you rent your golf cart in CM ? I've considered doing this a couple of times but I'm scared we will get an old run down buggy. HA
  10. Ya know, I don’t know ! We’ve never bought the Chops+1. Maybe you do have to wait until you’re onboard to book the “+1”. That would make the pricing even more lame !
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