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  1. Here's something else I learned from Joyce (as I mentioned in another posting/another thread. Joyce was a wealth of insider information !), the Genie will NEVER respond in writing OR on the phone with an answer that would contradict their "rules". So if you write to Eli or even call her and ask her to do something that is technically against the rules, my guess is that the answer will always be NO. They can't afford to have anything in writing that contradicts the rules. HOWEVER, once you see them in person and they can chat privately with you, they will do whatever they can to accommodate
  2. Suite snobs think alike. I am feeling the same way since they allowed the FCC's to be stacked. I really see no reason to hold back, now that I don't have to worry about what to do with FCC's if I change my mind. We might as well take advantage of the rules while they apply. There's really no danger, even when booking full suites, as long as they are still eligible for CWC.
  3. That's fantastic news ! Genies rule ! Is she going to be able to reserve you seats in the Music Hall ? This is one of those sketchy areas for Genies. For reasons which I have never understood, Genies have been forbidden from reserving seats in the Music Hall or the Jazz Club. It makes no sense to me, but that has always been the rule. However, as with all such things....where there is a will, there is a way. Yen Lee (Anthem) saved seats for us in the Music Hall for one of the band concerts but rather than laying down the red SC towels (for lack of a better word), she simply sat in o
  4. The name definitely has a big reflection in the still water. That's something, I guess
  5. Yep, you’re right. I had forgotten about that.
  6. I agree with you. Suites breakfast is probably the #1 reason that we sail primarily in suites.
  7. From reading the "other" thread, the biggest thing coming out of this change is that fact that you will no longer be able to price compare items that you have purchased in the Cruise Planner. It will just show that you have already purchased this item and there will be no current price available. According to "authorities" on the other site, even CSR will not be able to look up current prices for you as they [apparently] can only see the same thing that you can see. This totally sucks !
  8. You will get the taxes and port fees back for any missed port of call. They will most likely give you this money back as OBC on the cruise.
  9. This article mentions conducting a "technical stop". I thought the technical stop did not satisfy the requirements of PVSA or Jones Act or whatever it is that makes them need to stop at a foreign port.
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