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  1. My goodness....it sounds like you did everything on the first night ! Good for you. You are a beautiful couple. Thanks for doing a fab blog.
  2. It depends on where you’re going, of course. I think the water/air/beaches are too cold in Dec in the Bahamas but plenty warm in Jamaica and Mxico. I’m a bit of a woosie though so maybe you’d be ok. I even thought it was too cold in Puerto Rico in Dec.
  3. Please add December 13, 2020 Oasis for me ! Thanks
  4. Thank you for taking care of us !!! You are one of the real heroes.
  5. I just prefer the configuration with the Windjammer in the aft as opposed to it all the way forward. The Radiance class is really an elegant class of ships - smallish sleek and very classy. Lots of natural wood. The biggest reason that I don't prefer the Vision or smaller class ships is b/c we usually book suites and the suites on the small ships are all the way forward - inconvenient and subject to motion, IMO. I much prefer suites in the center of the ship which is why I rarely go above a JS on any of the Vision class ships. The cabin are also a bit larger on Radiance class vs Vision class. I know exactly what you mean about getting lost and having to backtrack. It used to happen to us all the time when we first started cruising. I think you get better at navigating the hallways once you have had to take the walk of shame a number of times. LOL That's another reason why cabins midship are more convenient....less distance to walk if you go the wrong way !! Your opinion is always important and as you cruise more, your experience will make your opinion even more valuable !!! I have been on over 40 cruises and while some have been better than others, I have never been on a bad cruise. The truth is, we have cruised more on Grandeur of the Seas than on any other Royal Caribbean ship and Grandeur is a Vision class ship....so I do not DISLIKE Vision class ships, I just prefer the Radiance class. The good news is....there is no wrong decision here ! Good luck
  6. Hello, Jaime. I hope you are well. The only way to know if you are eligible for these offers is to go to your Club Royale account and look. Go to https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com and see if you have one of these codes in your list. You will put your Crown &Anchor number in where it asks for a number. Good luck and stay well !
  7. I prefer the Radiance class ships over Vision class, as a rule. I have sailed on Brilliance but never on Rhapsody.
  8. Thanks. I didn’t realize that they had excluded Odyssey. Good information.
  9. I figured as much. Sucks, really. Once you book your casino offer let us know if the gratuities have gone up. I just booked mine and the suites gratuity is now $19 PP/PD. The upgrade discount was 38% which is about what it was last year so I'm relieved that they aren't going even lower. 2 years ago it would have been around 60%.
  10. I just made a new booking using the casino discount offer. As @michelle noticed, it looks like the gratuities for suites has gone up from $17.50 PP/PD to $19 PP/PD. Not sure if the other stateroom categories has gone up or not. It looks like there was a 38% discount on the upgrade. Not great but no worse than last year so that's a relief !! 2 years ago it would have been in the neighborhood of 60%. UGH
  11. I just asked @michelle to book the CR offer 20RBO103 for me. I'm turning our Dec 2020 Oasis into a B2B (we are already booked on 12-6). She was on hold for EVER, gave up, waited a while, called back and got an agent within minutes. Go figure. The very weird thing is....they would not allow access to this booking as a travel agent. She was able to put it on hold and get a casino price but will not be able to access it. I have never known this to happen before. I don't know whether I will be able to move it over to her once I get it going or not. Once I get a detailed cost I can determine what kind of casino discount they are giving me on the upgrade. If it's reasonable, I will put down the deposit and keep it. If not, I will remove the hold. I won't know until I get a confirmation.
  12. I agree that this is likely. Right now, if Dan wants to travel - anywhere- he has to ask permission both from our Firm and from the government. My guess is, when cruising resumes, he would have to retire to go.
  13. You can even apply an FCC to a reservation that is already paid in full. It ends up getting shot out the back side as a refund to your credit card.
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