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  1. Sorry for your loss. Cruising is good therapy. Good luck
  2. You are awarded the "new" C&A level once the cruise has been recorded on your C&A account....which is usually about 1 week after you return from the cruise where you go past the points level. So....you will not be Platinum until the next cruise AFTER you go over 30 points.
  3. So what are the options (for Royal) if this requirement is sustained ? 1. They give in and have to refund the money for anyone who is considered unvaccinated. This is money coming directly out of Royal’s pocket. A few pissed off customers. 2. Royal rearranges the schedule and finds a port that will accept the ship. It’s a huge hassle for the schedulers but no refunds. Probably highly unlikely for close-in sailings. A few pissed off customers (maybe). 3. They say “F” St Thomas and schedule a sea day. No refunds b/c schedule changes do not qualify for a refund. A few pissed off customers.
  4. With RoyalUp, you will only receive the cruise points associated with your original booking, so if you go from an OV Balcony to a JS or GS, you will still only get the points associated with the OVB. The good news is...that's still double !!!
  5. Me too, thank goodness. They have never gone back down to what I paid last year.
  6. This is precisely what I did when I renewed my annual policy with Allianz. That's why they sent me the "Embassy Letter".
  7. Royal and Celebrity are beginning to look like a bunch of clowns inside a pinball machine - jumping around reacting to one thing and then bouncing back in the other direction. Sad, really
  8. The last time I was on Radiance - MANY years ago there was a separate area for D/D+/Pinns at breakfast but since they started using one of the specialty restaurants for Suites/Pinn breakfast I don't think they have that anymore. To my knowledge there has never been a separate MDR area for Suites for any meal.
  9. I totally agree with you - that Celebrity is best served by offering the tests on site....but I had read elsewhere that Celebrity was NOT going to offer the tests on site. I doubted that to be the case and it turns out NOT to be the case, looks like.
  10. I guess the real question is…. Does testing positive for COVID-19 = “becoming ill with COVID-19”. It’s obvious (at least, recent experiences indicate) that nobody is really “becoming ill” with COVID-19. The limited recent examples really just consist of asymptomatic people testing positive or coming into contact with someone who tested positive. No one (that I am aware of) has had any real medical emergencies. The point of Royal requiring everyone (potentially) to get medical insurance coverage would be to preclude Royal from having to continue to fly all of the positive cases home in a private jet. Insurance companies, being what they are, will try and weasel out of paying for ANYthing if they can. Maybe this would have to be an entirely new coverage area. I really don’t know.
  11. I guess that answers the question of whether Celebrity will provide on-site testing for those who weren't able to get it ahead of time. Maybe they won't continue to provide the tests ?
  12. No, no separate Suites restaurant on Radiance class ships. The Suites Lounge will have (or did, BC) some munchies during breakfast and happy hours but no full service sit down restaurant. Breakfast only, as you noted.
  13. All I know is that, as an unvaccinated passenger, Royal has required that we are covered for potential COVID-related trip interruption and medical evacuation coverage. Luckily, our annual policy already covered us beyond what was required so we are good on insurance. Below comes from Allianz and is known as an "Embassy Letter". These coverage amounts are per person limits. I do note that the word "emergency" appears several times in this explanation of benefits but we were assured that this coverage meets all of Royal's requirements. Let's just hope we never have to use it to find out !
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