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  1. GREAT Blog so far. Thanks for writing.

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

    Damn if those balcony loungers don't look uncomfortable ! If I'm paying that much for a suite I SURE want some kind of cushion.

    Are night clubs a thing of the past?

    MANY years ago we were on a World Poker Tour cruise on Liberty and they held some of our group get-togethers in the old 2-level night club (can't remember what they called the place) but that is the one and only time I EVER saw the nightclub used during the day.
  4. I had a similar experience, Twangbot. I had no rational explanation either. So bizarre

    Beach Cabanas

    I think the cabanas have a max of 6. I have never known them to be that strict when you're talking about little 'uns. I'm sure they will tell you that, officially, you cannot put more than 6 (or 8,...whatever the true max is)in a cabana, but I doubt they would stop you with a bunch of munchkins.

    4 Night Mariner - Suite Lounge - Free Beverages?

    OMG, don't tell Dan.

    Non Sushi Options in Izumi on Symphony?

    To be completely honest, I was not that impressed with the whole hot rock dealio. I found the "rock" to be too small to adequately cook everything at the same time and who wants to wait for their food to all get cooked by allowing the first course to get cold ? I did it once on Grandeur last month ONLY out of desperation b/c we had eaten there SO many times by the end of the cruise that I had run out of things to try. The teppanyaki meal is ok but the food isn't anything special. Truly I think the Izumi menu is the best option....so IMO, for the ships that don't offer either the teppanyaki/hibachi option or the hot rocks, I'm ok with it.

    My Missing Platinum Pin

    I don't think I ever got a pin until we made emerald. I thought that little pin with the green stone was very cute. I still have it.

    Bidding for upgrades

    We had a chance to RoyalUp on our recent Grandeur cruise too and I declined. Once you're in a full suite, there are no real advantages other than bragging rights and a little extra real estate. I wasn't willing to pay any more money for that. As it turned out, the RS was already booked and did not open up so any bid would have been pointless anyway. My guess is that suite doesn't normally become vacant.

    Champagne Drinks

    You can get champagne (or sparkling wine) at almost any bar. As far as specialty drinks featuring sparkling wine, I couldn't tell you...but I don't think it would be hard to find.
  11. Check your trash. For some reason, everything that RCCL sends me goes DIRECTLY into the trash can. I checked to see if I have RCCL "blocked" somehow but it doesn't seem like they are blocked. It happens 100% of the time. I now know that when I'm expecting something from Royal to go to the garbage can to retrieve it but it took me a long time to figure it out.
  12. Grand Marnier souffle. My favorite !

    Fare Reduction for Phantom Cabin

    I wish there was a way to track your EXACT cabin category somewhere. I have had the same experience as Sabrina where you must track the prices of JS in hopes that the higher priced categories follow the trend. ....but alas, nobody, that I have found, anyway, tracks the exact cabin categories....just the lowest category in a cabin class. ☹️

    Mamma Mia! appropriate for kids or not?

    To be honest, I think the storyline of Mama Mia ! is the stupidest thing ever. I can't imagine anything being offensive unless you feel that your child (this is a generic "you" not being directed at anyone) will be emotionally scarred by the idea of a child being raised by a single mother. There are no obscenities that I can recall and no nudity or direct sexual references. I wouldn't worry about it, truly.

    Dining times

    If you have “My Time” dining, it will be an option in the Cruise Planner. If your cruise is still many months away, the dining scheduler may not be open yet. If you have Traditional Dining, you will not be able to schedule dining times. They will be assigned with either early seating or late seating.