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  1. If I had a Twitter account (which I don't) I would tweet a "LIKE".
  2. I completely agree that the fact that Corporate America is not traveling for business as much as in the past is having an impact on the domestic airline industry, but I think the fact that the US Government is not flying for routine business is having an even BIGGER impact. Dan and I both used to travel at least a couple of times a month for one reason or another and neither of us have gone on a [government-related] business trip for over a year. That's a HUGE change. Don't get me wrong....I think it's a good thing. IMO most government travel is completely arbitrary and I think it's a goo
  3. I do federal-level government risk acceptance (or, more often NON-acceptance) for a living and I know OH TOO WELL the "not my responsibility" mentality. The government is all-too-quick to implement all manner of regulations and controls and then once the controls and mitigations are verified and validated, nobody will touch the "residual" risk (an outdated term that we no longer use...but still descriptive enough for our purposes) that remains. There is no such thing as a "safe" operation or process. There will always be some level of risk remaining, even after everything that can be done, h
  4. Wow, that really looks awesome ! It's going to be beautiful once they're done. Be careful. We don't want to hear about any a$$-bustin' goin' down in Tejas.
  5. I have sailed NCL a few times and I think they are just fine. We decided to stick with Royal until we make Pinnacle but honestly, I would go on a NCL without hesitation. Just like Carnival...I would recommend that you stick with the newer ships, but NCL is a good cruise line, IMO. BTW, I hate hearing that August is a no-go. That SUCKS !
  6. The obvious advantage to booking the 2 BR GS is that you would qualify for all of the Suite benefits. That includes access to the Concierge/Suites Lounge, breakfast in one of the specialty restaurants, services of the Concierge, invitation to the ship tours (assuming they still offer those after the re-start), reserved seating in the theaters. Are those things worth $2K ? Personally, I think you will have more room, overall, with the 2 JS. The second bedroom in the 2 BR GS is really the size of an inside room - very small....but 2 full JS would be LOTS of room....and if they were connec
  7. @michellealways checks prices when a new sale is announced BUT she does not, nor do I expect her to check prices daily. That is MY job and I do it every. single. day. If I happen to catch a price drop (this has not happened for some time, BTW) I notify her immediately and she looks into it. I have never ever been charged a single dime in fees from MEI. Never. Ever....and I've been using them for nearly 10 years.
  8. Yes, once you are "out" of a particular reservation, you have no further obligation (not that you ever really did...but just the whole "honor code" thing) to that TA. Any FCC's that you may have garnered belong to YOU, not the agency. The only issue (at least, it has been an issue for us) is that you may not have gotten all of the info on all of your FCC's. In our case, the emails with FCC info have only ever gone to our TA...she then tells us about it. So once you are confident that you have all of the FCC values and their certificate numbers, you will be good-to-go. ...and whether they
  9. I would definitely try someone new for this 2023 cruise. Your old TA has had plenty of time to act and she didn’t. Try someone new for this one and then figure out if you want to continue with your new agent or go back to your old one. As @AshleyDilloand @Lovetocruise2002said, the FCCs are yours - you can place them anywhere you want. There’s no harm in trying something new. I recommend Michelle Cunningham at MEI. [email protected] All of the MEI agents are very good. Best of luck !
  10. Izumi is almost always open on sea days but I can’t remember if that is true for hibachi. I don’t think hibachi is usually open for lunch. Even if you have the UDP, if you order anything at hibachi that is not on the hibachi menu, you will be charged. For example if you want sushi when you are at hibachi you have to pay for that. The only exception is if you are Star Class. If you are SC you can order anything you want at no extra charge.
  11. Looks like the sale is being finalized Royal Caribbean completes the sale of its Azamara brand to Sycamore Partners for $201M | Seeking Alpha
  12. Millennium is one of their older ships, isn't it ?
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