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  1. There is a new Black Friday Casino offer, out yesterday. As part of that offer, for the first time ever, Club Royale is offering double rewards points for casino play time. Not to be confused with Crown & Anchor points, casino rewards points are awarded for casino play and is based on the amount of time you play, the amount of your wagers and the individual games (or slots) that you play. Award points can result in "free" casino cruises, cumulative points towards qualifying for the following year's casino status and discounts on future cruises. We booked an additional Mariner saili
  2. When they changed from the “Ultimate Dining Package” to the “Unlimited Dining Package” the rules changed to permit UDP package-holders to dine in a specialty restaurant any time the restaurant was open. So this included Chops on boarding day. There was a bit of confusion at the beginning due to the Key Program which caused Chops to be over-crowded on embarkation day lunches, but they soon resolved the issue by putting the Key people into the MDR. The latest twist in this scenario was that the shortage of servers (caused by the need for servers to be re-directed to the MDR) in Chops resulted
  3. We have only had the cabanas at Barefoot but I believe they are the same size as the ones at Nellie's. If so, the cabana would have plenty of room for 6 adults. Everyone couldn't probably sit on the couches at the same time but there would be plenty of room with the loungers that they set out front. We've had 4 adults at once and there was more than enough room.
  4. We were able to get an OTW Coco Beach Club cabana for $1199 on one of our Mariner cruises. I think it's much higher $$ for one of the O class ships. I will try it once and see if it's worth the price. It is in Sept. so hopefully it will be warm enough to swim. I had one booked for January and then realized that there is no way I will get into the water in the Bahamas in Jan. I am a complete wimp.
  5. I have to agree with you. Nothing that I wanted had gone down below the usual sales price.
  6. Is this a beach cabana or over-the-water ? Good price if it's beach STEAL if it's OTW
  7. I agree. Lunch in Chops is one of my favorite features of the UDP. I will be seriously unhappy if this is no longer a feature, given the [projected] later boarding times. According to everything I have seen so far (realizing that nothing is known for sure, yet), boarding will not even begin until after the lunch hours would have already expired.
  8. One thing to keep in mind...with later boarding predicted, one of the key Key features is likely to be gone - lunch at Chops on boarding day. Similarly, those purchasing the Unlimited Dining Plan are also likely to lose this feature. If a nice, leisurely steak lunch on boarding day was a real anticipation for you, the Key (and perhaps even the UDP) may now be less of a value.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!!
  10. Only problem I am having is that only 20 of my 24 cruises are showing up at any one time. It's random as to which 20 they will display. It's been like this for at least 2 weeks now. Not normally a problem but when trying to see if I have any price drops, impossible to do when I can only find 83% of them ! Have had a few price drops but nothing to jump up and down about.
  11. I think that's a VERY good decision. I am an enabler....so we can be friends.
  12. What a kick in the pants !! Bad enough that there is no cruise...but then to tell you to get to the muster station ASAP. UGH
  13. Inter porting has been a fairly common practice in Europe in the past but who knows what they will do/allow in the future.
  14. I offer caution with the GLS. I strongly advise against the corner suites. Due to the geometry of the ship, you lose a lot of real estate on the corners. The center GLS are incredible, but steer clear of the corners. The center GLS on deck 8 are the best (biggest) ones but there is noise bleed from 270, which is directly below. So I have mixed reviews of the GLS. It’s a long walk all the way aft. As for sleeping arrangements, as @Lovetocruise2002mentioned, you do not get a second bedroom. The “others” are on sleeper sofas downstairs but <especially with the center suites> spa
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