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  1. Symphony Of The Seas 14-21 April semi live blog

    Ah....ol' Napoli. I will be there next week.
  2. C&A balcony discount

    This is why I never log in when I'm first scanning for cruises. Only when one catches my eye will I log in and check with program discounts.
  3. Complimentary Stateroom Upgrade

    Yes. I’ve been upgraded twice. The first time was in Jan 2015. Royal called my cell phone about 5 days before the sail date to ask if we wanted to move from our current cabin on Oasis (Boardwalk balcony) to an ocean view balcony. It was our first cruise as D+. We took the no-cost upgrade. The second time we had an ocean view on Grandeur (about a year ago) and when we got to the port and started checking in, we found that we had been upgraded to a JS. On the second one, we had no idea we had been upgraded until we got to the check-in counter. In the first case I cannot remember whether we had booked directly with Royal or whether we had used our TA but I know for sure that with the last one, on Grandeur, we had used Michelle with MEI. We have never been called and offered an upsell. We have only had “free” upgrades.
  4. Wow Envelopes

    Sorry I confused everyone.
  5. WOW bands

    Correct. Allure does not use WOW bands. At least, they didn't last week.
  6. Casino Cruise certificates

    Same exact email I got. I still HATE that they are using that "upgrade" language but I believe this is the outcome that we had been trying for. I'll just have to accept victory and move on.
  7. April 14-21 Anthem of the Seas Somewhat live blog

    Happy Birthday !
  8. Yes! Definitely call for $95. No there is no danger from calling to take advantage of a price drop no matter how many times. just be sure that it’s truly a savings and that you’re not giving up something to gain something
  9. Oasis of the Seas Star Class 1720

    Nothing like starting out at the top ! Where will you go from there ? 😛😛
  10. Casino Cruise certificates

    So I am hearing a few good indications that Royal Caribbean has reversed their policy on eliminating double points for casino rate cruises in suites. I have yet to hear from them personally so I am withholding a complete victory dance but it's looking up.
  11. How stupid would that be after they just spent all that money renovating those spaces. Sometimes I think they have idiots running the place.
  12. Wow Envelopes

    Sure, if you are so inclined to provide any addition gratuities to anyone, I say, go for it !
  13. Wow Envelopes

    Thanks for sharing that. I guess they've changed it completely from the original. The original wasn't really even an envelope. It was just a folded paper where you could offer remarks and acknowledge a crew member for outstanding service. This isn't the same thing at all.
  14. Wow Envelopes

    When the WOW envelopes were first introduced (maybe 4 years ago ??) you could only leave them at Guest Services in special receptacles made for that purpose. I recall that once, we had forgotten to drop ours off and we tried to hand them to a staff member as we were leaving the ship and they held up their hands and backed away, shaking their heads, as if it the envelope might contain a nerve agent or something ! They said, "Oh, I'm sorry. We cannot even touch those !". What ?? Whatever. We just kept walking. No WOW for those crew member that day ! I don't think the WOW envelopes are quite that sensitive these days. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know they were still using them. I would say, try and find the drop-off containers near Guest Services, first. If you cannot find one then ask at GS where to deposit them. The WOW envelopes are not (or at least, did not USED to be) for tips/gratuities. They are to "write up" any crew member that deserves special praise for good service or attitude. I guess you COULD use them for tips, but that was not their original purpose. On the issue of tips...we always just give cash to anyone we want to reward. I don't bother with envelopes of any kind. Just hand them some dough and be done with it.