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  1. Grand Marnier soufflé My absolute favorite dessert on the whole ship. Sorry, Sweety. Even better than red velvet cake !
  2. OOOHHHHHH. Tell her Dan and Raye Say "hello" ! I'm glad to hear that she is back from vacation. We were her last cruise before she left (15 Feb) . Even though we had to change rooms on our B2B we kept her as our Genie on both cruises, which was nice. She seems a little "formal" at first but once she gets to know you, she is a lot of fun. She is VERY literal. If you ask her for something, you will get EXACTLY what you asked for. There is nothing extra, nothing less. She is also fearless. You will know what I mean once you see her forge through a couple of crowds. She is a great, great Genie. I'm very envious. Tell her that you want to keep your luggage with you all the way through Security and she will do EXACTLY that. That way, when you get to your suite, there will be someone there to take your luggage UPstairs. Which suite are you in ?
  3. Who is your Genie ? Forgive me if I’ve already asked this question !
  4. I understand about the military officer issue. I’ve had 2 Marine husbands, a Marine father, 2 Marine fathers-in-law and a Marine son ! Luckily, Dan is as unconcerned as I am with wrinkles. I also love the lightweight dresses. They are so low maintenance !
  5. Actually, I think the old Portofinos was the best of them all but those have been gone for years. Too bad really
  6. This makes perfect sense. Still disappointed though 😥
  7. I guess I’m the only one who just doesn’t care ! I let my wrinkles fly ! Who cares ? You’re never gonna see these people again ! If they don’t like my wrinkles they can avert their eyes and look elsewhere !
  8. North Star is handicapped-accessible. On one of our trips in Feb we had a lovely lady in a wheelchair with us. They have a lift to take the chairs up to the entrance. Don’t miss it ! It’s a wonderful experience. I thought I would be afraid but the movement is so smooth you hardly even notice it. I just wish they allowed the North Star to go up in New York harbor. They do not.
  9. I don’t try and figure it out. We always tip the same (unless the service is bad....which is very, very rare). We leave $5 for breakfast, even in the MDR or WJ, $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner. Always the same.
  10. Rats. Not a good sign for any other new venues going forward...
  11. Yippee ! I am not a fan of Jaimie’s. Not a huge fan of Giovanni’s but it’s better than Jaimie’s !
  12. It sure seems like they are not going to get Hooked, which is a very big disappointment to me. BBQ is so “meh”. I agree that putting in a bionic bar is a big waste of Prime real estate. I love the Champagne bar right next to the dining room. I do like the idea of a concert hall. I loved that venue on Anthem. I never ever stepped foot into Dazzles so that is a good move, IMO. Also, no mention of Wonderland, which is a GOOD thing. So, a mixture of good and bad. I just hope it’s ready for my 1 Dec cruise !
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