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  1. The soda package is soda only. No water, coffee or mock tails. The refreshment pkg includes all of those. There is no restriction on how many/often you can get a beverage but you only get 1 at a time. The single possible exception is usually the server will give you a bottle of water in addition to whatever drink you order. This varies from time-to-time. Sharing drinks with people who are not entitled to them is strictly prohibited and if you are caught cheating, Royal retains the right to cancel your plan without refund. There are no surefire ways to monitor everyone for cheating but I wouldn’t want to be the one they caught...
  2. YIPPEE !!! So glad it all worked out. I hope you all have a wonderful cruise !!!
  3. Interesting. I didn't realize that Suite Guests got the drinks on the seapass card. I thought this was strictly a C&A perk.
  4. They can’t force you to go back on the ship. I would wait for my son vs getting right back on the ship.
  5. Unless you delay in making your reservations, you will not have any trouble getting your desired venue and times. Just do it quickly after you board. When I say “delay” I mean 2 or 3 days.
  6. The last 2 times we were on Liberty they did not have red velvet cake.
  7. Sorry....I thought they were in SC ! Oh well....they just disappeared !
  8. If you have the Unlimited Dining Package then you can eat in one of the specialty restaurants on embarkation day.....or can choose to eat at one of them if you want to pay full lunch price. There is no Coastal Kitchen on Mariner so it's either the one of the complimentary places or one of the specialty places.
  9. Just another example of the Star Class hypnosis...they always completely Shangai'ed with activities and overindulgences.
  10. No, Traditional or MTD would make no difference for this. You can get as much of anything on the menu that you want in either TD or MTD.
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