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  1. OMG they have those horrific metal chairs ! They’re horrible. My fanny does not fit in them and they are SO uncomfortable. Looks like delivery only for us !
  2. There’s nothing wrong with your plan as long as you cancel the reservation you don’t want in time for them to fill your reservation with someone else. While it’s never happened to me, there might well be a penalty for cancelling a reservation on very short notice. Not sure about that.
  3. Are there going to be Star Class ships porting out of a Quebec ?
  4. Princess Bride is my all-time favorite movie !
  5. I think it is rare, but I have heard of some who have been upgraded to Star Class. Those suites generally sell out quickly but there situations where people have to cancel at the last minute for one reason or another. The bids required to do that are anyone's guess. Winning bids (from what I have read) have no particular pattern or value. Good luck !!
  6. What did the final altered itinerary look like ?
  7. Don't I know that feeling....sorry we will miss each other.
  8. Matt, are you staying on for the following week (12-1) ? It would be nice to see you again !!
  9. Wow ! She looks so clean. ...like she just came out of the car <ship> wash ! See you on 11-1 !!!!
  10. I would not expect Rhapsody to have any USB ports. ...and I would also expect that Rhapsody will only have a couple of plugs near the dressing table (probably 1 110 and 1 220 each). The older ships are massively underequipped for charging personal devices. You can give yourself a little bonus by bringing a 220 to 110 power adapter but be sure that any device you use for this is dual voltage and compatible with the ship's power.
  11. Sometimes the special “holiday” meals exclude specialty dining (they have a “special” dinner for an upcharge, of course) but there is usually a couple of specialty restaurants open to the public for holiday meals (we often choose Izumi). Frankly, our last Thanksgiving MDR meal was the last meal we ever ate in a MDR. It was horrific. Everything about it was bad. Dan declared then and there that he would never eat in a MDR again, and we haven’t. That was on Liberty, I think. Hopefully others will have a better experience.
  12. Just goes to show that everyone is different. I hated the full face mask. I felt like I had to hold my head in a peculiar angle and changed it out for a regular mask immediately.
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