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  1. twangster

    Med. Symphony B2B - July 24th to August 12th

  2. twangster

    Cruise Planner Sale?!?

    On the main page for scroll down and on the right side of the web page you will find his links for social media. Look for this:
  3. twangster

    Labadee question re: loungers

    I love Labadee. These are the typical loungers that are available and are included at no cost. This area is called Columbus Cove and the beach is better for swimming but there are no views of the zip line here. This is the area near the zipline Both beaches are beautiful but the water here is more rocky on this side as it is exposed to the Atlantic more. If anyone plans to swim bring water shoes. The first picture was taken early in the day before many people had left the ship and you can see how easy it is to get loungers. If you have a large group and you want shade that might be harder to come by as the day progresses but generally speaking it isn't too difficult to find something. A small tip to a beach attendant goes a long way and they are locals who can always use the money in a country where a good job is hard to come by. They can help find a few chairs and group them together for you.
  4. twangster

    Cancelled Cruise Update CONTACT US Our Vacation Planners are located across the country and each MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan TravelĀ® Affiliate works from their personal office. A toll free phone number will be provided in their quote email reply so you may contact them directly. Our systems are configured to provide quotes requested via our website, however if you are having trouble submitting the form you can call our main message line at 425.396.7505 and our reception staff will ask you for some basic information and forward it to a Vacation Planner who will contact you within one business day. If you would like to reach our corporate offices: Shipping Address: MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan TravelĀ® 1567 Highlands Dr NE #110-23 Issaquah, WA 98029 Phone: 425.396.7505 Fax: 815.550.1436 Email:
  5. twangster

    Cruise Planner Sale?!?

    Welcome to the message boards! The best way to learn of cruise planner sales is to follow Matt and his blog on social media. He usually posts to Twitter and Facebook when sales are occurring.
  6. twangster

    Luggage Valet

    Yes it is! Assuming your flights meet the criteria. Make sure to turn in your forms by the deadline.
  7. I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it. This is probably the least I've experienced a CD/AM team on any cruise. That's not to say they weren't doing their job, more that there was so much else going on, especially in the evening hours walking the outer decks looking at the amazing scenery, that I didn't attend a lot of CD type events or I'd venture into a show after it had started and I missed the CD bit at the beginning. From that sense they didn't exist for me, like they weren't even on the ship. I couldn't tell you if they are young or old, male or female - I don't recall seeing them even once.
  8. twangster

    Anthem Thermal Spa pass

    I think it's still preliminary. Here is what I'm seeing for the thermal spa pass. Radiance {but not Brilliance, Jewel or Serenade) $102 for 7 night cruise, $154 for 10 night cruise Oasis (but not Symphony} $99 for 14 night cruise Ovation (but not Spectrum} $150 for 7 night cruise Not offered on any Voyager, Freedom or Vision class bookings I have. However in all cases I can't buy it. When I try to reports "No offerings found" and I can't select any guests.
  9. twangster

    New Sale coming this weekend

    I got a rock. Many of mine are solo though so maybe being solo I don't see the price breaks.
  10. Are you active and enjoy activities that involve water sports? Beach person? Looking for some culture or history? Shopping?
  11. twangster

    Independence - 14th-28th July Med - Live(ish) Blog

    I bought a Rolex a couple of years ago. They are quite affordable but I hardly wear it and it's a bit bulky. It was $36 on the streets of San Juan. Still not sure what all the fuss is about.
  12. twangster

    Explorer of the Seas

    Compared to Harmony or Symphony, Explorer doesn't look brand new. However I never thought to say she is old and tired. The only thing that caught my eye the whole week was the bar in the pub. It's different compared to other Royal pub bars. The pub bars that I have experienced before were along the back wall leaving the bulk of the pub space open. On Explorer the bar is near the entrance, triangular shaped and occupies a lot of floor space in the pub. As a bar this worked okay with good access to bartenders. When the pub singer was there, I didn't feel there was a lot of room to sit and listen to the music. That's not "old and tired", it is just different. Keep in mind I was on sister ship Adventure in May a month before Explorer. Adventure was refreshed earlier this year. I was pleasantly surprised to see newer carpet in our Explorer Interior cabin, just like Adventure. The chair at the desk had been replaced just like Adventure. I noted the same on our brief cabin crawl. Their were large flat panel TVs in the remodeled "Tavern" bar. I was very pleased with Explorer over all. No water slides, but that isn't "old and tired" either. It may not be new like Anthem which has decor like Harmony, but I was quite happy with the appearance of Explorer. I suppose if someone has only sailed Voyager class and they are longing for something different, only then might you say that you are tired of her. However that doesn't make the ship "old and tired".
  13. twangster

    Cococay in March

    CocoCay up to today has used just one end of the island. The middle of the island and the majority of it is service area or unused. Looking at the plans, much of the the existing CocoCay guest areas will remain the same, even long term. The Perfect Day expansion takes place on mostly unused areas of the island except where old meets new. Eventually they will need to blend the old and the new. For example, years from now it will have a large beach area for guests that just want to lay by the ocean. That will remain the existing beach area. I expect what will happen with existing cabanas is that they will remain where they are. New overwater cabanas will be built along the unused shore North of the new pier. Once those cabanas are ready and taking guests they might do something with the existing cabanas or they might not. I do not see them eliminating existing cabanas before new cabanas are available. As you know Royal follows the money and they won't do anything to kill a revenue source with nothing else to replace that money. If new features are ready, you bet they'll make them available to book such as the balloon. I expect the existing beach and snorkel area will largely remain the same, even in the long term. Once upon a time Labadee didn't have a pier and it has morphed over the years. CocoCay will evolve as well.
  14. twangster

    Cancelled Cruise Update

    60 days after booking and before final payment due date. It never hurts to reach out and ask. If nothing else it gives you a contact to use if something pops up and you want a quote on a cruise.
  15. In July you will be competing with land cruisers since kids are out of school. Certain popular tourist things may be very busy. May is nice but I like cool nights and warm but not hot days. Same with October. Canadian Thanksgiving is Oct. 12, 2020. Canadian Thanksgiving isn't the massive travel week it is here. However if a port of call falls on Oct. 12, 2020, that port may see closed stores and venues. If wearing a light jacket or light sweater at night is out of bounds for you on a cruise, May/October may be like that. Personally I like that kind of weather. I'm doing Adventure in October on the "Snowbird Migration". It boards on Canadian Thanksgiving this year. It's a one way from Quebec City to Florida as a repositioning cruise. I'll probably be live blogging it here. This cruise starts with an overnight in Quebec City which I really like. Check in, go to cabin, then go explore this historic city. Sleep on the ship and have a full day the next day to do the same before sailing many of the standard Canada ports, then 2 in Maine, Boston and then down to FL. The second day in Quebec City should work well since the first day is Canadian Thanksgiving. The first day I may just walk around and take pictures while self exploring. Bienvenue au Canada.