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  1. Interesting article about airlines and refunds. They are required to offer refunds but are trying to find ways around the rules in many countries and requesting changes to refund rules. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/04/07/829091394/airlines-want-to-cancel-rule-requiring-them-to-refund-fares-for-canceled-flights
  2. Makes a lot of sense given the dozens of flights between NYC and Europe daily. From an airline perspective, NYC is the European gateway while major airports on the West coast are Asian gateways.
  3. The market determines the price. When people don't want to fly prices go down. When people want to fly, prices go up. Planes are flying nearly empty. That's not profitable but in order to eligible for bailout money they have to keep flying. The crazy low fares are not sustainable unless we keep promising them billions in bailout money.
  4. Indy is a stretched version of Mariner and Navigator. They literally added a new section in the middle, otherwise the front and back are nearly identical in layout. The extra space makes the promenade longer so there is room for a dedicated Sorrento's Pizza. Playmakers is found in a different location. There is extra space on the pool deck. There are also more cabins on Indy so more people. There are variations between ships in things like the types of water slides and the types of specialty restaurants. Much of these differences are just the normal differences between ships. Voyager class (Mariner/Navigator) are a sweet spot for me. Perfect size and lots to do. Navigator's pool deck is awesome and might be the best AMP to date.
  5. Yeah it's a matter of cabotage and it's not allowed. I don't think the CDC is concerned about picking up the virus in a foreign land. The CDC is concerned that social distancing is difficult in places like churches, schools, sporting events, music concerts and cruise ships. In these places it's easy to someone who is asymptomatic (has no signs of being infected) but who is infected to pass the virus along to an otherwise healthy person.
  6. Indeed it can take a few days. Once it's linked their points tally will appear to be the same as yours however if the relationship ever ends their points tally will return to what they have accumulated based on their own cruise history.
  7. If your CAS accounts are properly linked your partner would see Emerald status when they log into their account. In all respects they would be Emerald. Their SetSail pass will say Emerald and their Seapass card will say Emerald even if they sail without you some time. Once your two accounts are linked then as you climb the CAS ladder their status will automatically be elevated along with you. There is nothing further to do once the accounts are tagged to be in a relationship.
  8. Could be as simple as some Royal employees working from home so some batch jobs are running on autopilot and not being modified.
  9. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/ But be aware the liquor bottles are 375ml which is quite small.
  10. My 4/12 cruise remains on my account as a future cruise despite that it's been cancelled by Royal as part of the phase 2 cessation. I can still go into the cruise planner and add things to my cart. It will be interesting to see if this will end up in points. Normally when they have cancelled cruises on me before they disappear from my list of future cruises.
  11. People whine about everything and anything. Many people on FB would praise it. Some, mostly those who don't benefit will whine. It's not like they are just giving away points trying to buy loyalty. If you had a cruise booked that was cancelled it appears to be reasonable. It's not like they are selling them to anyone on the open market (like some airlines have done in past years). If nothing had happened, if there was no virus, these guests would have sailed and they would have received their points. This wouldn't impact CAS numbers that wouldn't have occurred anyways. This would be a huge weight in the decision to go for a refund versus FCC. That is significant right now as they bleed cash over the refunds.
  12. It's an interesting idea. Perhaps for folks who accepted the FCC as opposed to a refund. That would be a good carrot to dangle to avoid people opting for a refund for cruises that were cancelled (so far).
  13. Matt has posted new pictures of the Odyssey receiving here last two blocks. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/04/08/last-two-blocks-added-odyssey-of-the-seas Something caught my eye on differences between the aft on other Q class. This seems to confirm that the Windjammer will be fully enclosed with no aft outdoor seating (like Spectrum). It also shows a space that appears to be a lounge ( Suite or Concierge Club) on deck 13 aft unlike any of her sisters. The two story loft suites are on deck 8 and 9. Deck 10 single story cabins. Deck 11 single story cabins. Deck 12 single story cabins. Deck 13 lounge space. Deck 14 Windjammer. I have mixed feeling on this as I really like the outdoor seating behind the Windjammer. Even in Alaska I enjoyed several meals out there on Ovation. At the same time more interior air conditioned seating for the Windjammer is always a good thing.
  14. But it's Frontier. Ugh. I've flown them before, once, then said never again.
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