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  1. Hopefully the CDC will provide the technical details soon as they have suggested. Only then can the cruise lines look at how long it will take to prepare and establish a timeline for test cruises.
  2. We haven't really seen it at a distance. Everything so far has been from relatively close. It's kind of growing on me.
  3. It seems pricing in general among the sample cruises that were posted is up. There is pent up demand so they will likely try to capitalize on that fever. If the market doesn't bite they'll lower prices, eventually. Time will tell.
  4. I'm a big fan of landing on a glacier and walking around. Seeing a glacier up close has left lasting memories that coming flooding back when viewing any glacier at a distance even years later.
  5. Grandeur is a fine ship that developed a very loyal following in Baltimore due to the excellent service and onboard experience. Having said that... when compared to Adventure for kids it doesn't have as much to offer for this age group. That's due to the Voyager class in general which Adventure is part of being significantly larger with more space for activities that appeal to kids such as water slides and ice skating for example. Don't assume your options are limited to just the L&S choices that are officially in the L&S program or just those offered on a website. Th
  6. This should cover all ships. https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/8d5cc72f#/8d5cc72f/16
  7. The suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen have been card access since they were added. The hallways that lead to the cabins on deck 17 have a door that is sometimes closed, sometimes open. More often than not it was open for me but once in a while presumably some other guest of the area would close it as they passed through. Anyone can walk up the stairs or take the elevators to deck 17 but if the doors to the hallways are closed they can't get very far.
  8. It was always clunky going in and out, bouncing between cruises. This appears smoother in that regard.
  9. J & J vaccine has received final endorsement today, approval as soon as tomorrow. 20M doses possible by the end of March.
  10. Winds around 6mph, sunny on the 27th. Weather forecast looks favorable. T minus 4h 42m
  11. Somewhere a lawyer is at a bar right now...
  12. And that will seem low in a month or two. It's coming folks...
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