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  1. St Thomas is America. It's also a small island much like a small town and somebody always knows somebody else that can get an article pulled.
  2. Seeing some price drops on the UDP (dining) and some excursions are cheaper (although some went up). Minor changes on some DX and refreshment packages but inconsistent across different cruises. Overall saved over a hundred on excursions across a number of sailings. Some were $8 cheaper, some $40 cheaper. Cruise planner access is cranky for me, sometimes taking a few attempts to get in.
  3. Supposedly it will be the first airline to offer drink, dining and a snack package.
  4. i've only experienced Sky Suites. The butler to unpack didn't happen nor would I want it to. He was more of a concierge who was available but nothing at all like a Genie in Star Class on Royal.
  5. Cruise compass may help answer your Ovation question: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass?ship=1079
  6. Part of the Millennium class and due for her revolutionization next fall (11/2020). I sailed on her sister ship to Alaska a few years ago and enjoyed the ship. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/5211-alaska-recap-celebrity-millennium-june-2017/ It's a Panamax ship so similar in size to Radiance class.
  7. Keeping this on my radar screen but trying to put a serious dent on my cruise bucket list so not committing just yet. Plus all the SC is gone so there's that too.
  8. Then on New Years Eve those same land restaurants manage to cram yet a few more tables into the same space so they can charge the special NYE rate for a "special" dinner.
  9. You should start a separate thread on the unofficial GC, sort of roll call type post to consolidate all unofficial GC chatter.
  10. Welcome to the message boards! Adventure doesn't book any entertainment in advance.
  11. Possibly. If your TA has been there and looked for it but it's sort of getting deeper into the weeds than some TA's venture. Perhaps some other users here have direct experience with this.
  12. Here is a JS tub on sister ship Enchantment:
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