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  1. OMG. Does this mean the Leafs stand a chance? Or have they already sabotaged themselves like they have every year since 1967?
  2. Like a plane ride, train trip or ferry ride it's almost certain that symptoms of a viral infection that occurs during the transportation will only present themselves days after the transportation has concluded. That makes them appear to be safe. By the time someone has symptoms they've been involved with so many other activities it becomes difficult to know for certain it was the plane/train/ferry where the infection occurred. Maybe it was in a visit to a store the day before, maybe it was at church the day after, maybe it was that pub that just opened after the trip, or the person who picked you up in their car, etc. In the end those modes of transportation are just as risky or more so compared to a cruise but it's more difficult to know they were involved with an infection so it's easier to give them a green light and mark them as safe.
  3. I think some inside cabins will be assigned to crew members so that there is no sharing of crew cabins. That will mean guests will be moved from, or motivated to move from some inside cabins. Inside cabin rations compared to other cabin types varies wildly depending on class of ship.
  4. I think this was the intention from the start, they're just completing the plan.
  5. About a month ago the price of the balcony category for a Greek cruise dropped. I was able to move from a studio balcony to an obstructed balcony and save over $900. Plus now I get double CAS points for being solo. Double win.
  6. He is allowed to cruise with you again now that you are a family guy?
  7. You can request an accounting for any expected refund. They can look up a cancelled cruise and tell you the various refund amounts that are associated to that exact cruise. I've been in a situation more than once where I am expecting refunds for more than one cruise. Then those bizarre amounts show up and it's challenging to associate them to the right cruise.
  8. This is partially true but it doesn't have to be binary. All stop or full speed ahead. A stay at home order is a full stop. The CDC had published guidance how to restart. It started with... don't restart until you've seen a sustained downward trend. Most states ignored that first step and jumped to phase 3. Now we see the result of that approach. There are many ways to restart and we can't just restart everything at once, we need to consider what businesses represent more risk such as bars and restaurants and... cruise ships.
  9. Take care of the bartenders and they take care of you. Often a new drink magically appears before the last one is half gone.
  10. Last night I heard one manufacturer who hopes to have a vaccine ready for distribution early in 2021. That's just one or many working towards a vaccine. Hopefully someone else can get one out in 2020 otherwise I don't see cruising occuring in the US in 2020. Even if a vaccine starts to become available in November the CDC will need to see a firm trend of declining numbers before they'll give a green light to cruising and that could take a few months after a vaccine is ready. The massive case count and ICU utilization we see today are what happens when you open up too much. Like bars and restaurants, cruising falls into that "too much" category. The virus isn't becoming less contagious and we haven't managed to kill off all of our most vulnerable or at risk yet despite America's efforts to so absent of the virus just disappearing out of the blue I don't see bars, restaurants or cruising coming back soon. I booked a cruise for December hoping I'm wrong but it's refundable so I'm good either way.
  11. For COVID cancellations I have them listed twice. In some cases I had booked a particular cruise early on then cancelled, then months later after final payment I booked again using a GGG rate, then COVID caused them to cancel. For these I have four of them listed, two each with the appropriate booking numbers. No extra points so it's just one of those Royal IT mysteries that I don't waste many brain cells worrying about.
  12. Positive news for sure but at the end of the day cruising will resume when it's safe to.
  13. Sometime last year they started posting cancelled cruises to the "past cruises" section of the account but with no points. It does contain the booking number in place of points. Fast forward to 2020 and my COVID-19 cancelled cruises are also posting like this with booking number but no points. These are counted in the number of "past cruises".
  14. I didn't sail Indy until well after her amplification and I didn't do a trip report on that occasion. I did sail Navigator on her first cruise coming out of amplification and have sailed her again since. I went overboard with Navigator photos in this trip report: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/11143-navigator-mar-1-2019-9-nights-southern-caribbean/ This isn't entirely fair to Indy since she is in great shape with her amplification but having said that the amplification of Navigation was more complete touching more areas including cabins. My only beef with Navigator is the 3/4 night Bahamas itinerary they stuck her on. I was lucky enough above to sail her 9 nights to the ABCs.
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