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  1. Which ship? Some Izumi restaurants have a hot rocks option where you cook your own food on a super heated stone slab right at your table. One choice is beef. Not all Izumi have the hot rock options.
  2. If real gold could be obtained by simply panning in a river, a mining company would be all over it. On the flip side, very few miners actually found gold in the 1898 gold rush. Most of them lost their life savings in pursuit of a media exaggerated event. So from that perspective panning for gold today will yield a realistic lifelike experience.
  3. Likely but until cabin is assigned anything is possible. Each muster area is formed from groups of cabins on various decks. A muster zone has a finite capacity based on lifeboat capacity. They loosely assign GTY cabins to a muster zone to ensure no oversubscribtion occurs. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be altered to further optimize muster zone capacity.
  4. In my experience the basic Voom Surf plan is a challenge for Amazon music but works better with Pandora. Pandora buffers more and deals with the variable delays over satellite better. The better Voom Surf and Stream plan does better for any streaming service, video or music. I've never taken an Alexa device on a cruise. One challenge would be not only connecting to the ship wifi but then signing into a paid Voom plan. Some Amazon devices like my Firestick work with "captive portals" to sign into wifi. Not sure how captive portals work with Alexa devices.
  5. If you hover over each ship in their chart on their website it displays passenger counts. I think Radiance benefits from its itineraries.
  6. Welcome to the message boards! No official word so that leaves folks like us to speculate. Oasis is going in for refurshbishmvnt later this year and they haven't said anything about Oasis yet. Many people seem to think that both will get the Ultimate Abyss. The truth is we don't know. Agree the Abyss ruins the aft views from boardwalk balconies.
  7. I can only speculate. The acquisition completed July 31, 2018. I guess they figured it made more sense to leave them on their own in these 2018 numbers.
  8. With some propulsion restored they were likely able to maintain a heading to aid the helicopter evac as the engine room continued the fight to maintain and possibly restore more power plus keep the pumps running. Helicopter evacs would be tough with the deck of the ship moving so much, very slow going. Looks like it's being towed to a port now with roughly 1/2 the passengers still on board. Towing a ship in rough seas can be problematic. Lines can snap if the forces present in the right way. Now under tow the speed profile on marinetraffic.com does indicate she's been moving steadily now for a couple of hours:
  9. Some MDR's do have their own bars in the galley but they are not full service bars in the sense that they stock very limited selections. For example on a galley tour I saw this on Navigator: This was at a station in the galley that could locally satisfy basic requests including C&A Diamond happy hour drinks. Anything beyond that including frozen drinks would require fulfillment from the closest full service bar. Newer ships have several behind the scenes "service bars" in addition to the public facing bars we are see (and visit). On this ship in this galley area they could also make certain types of specialty coffee and supply soda/pop orders. So the answer is - like always ...it depends.
  10. I can total see that with Allure changing departure ports a few months ago.
  11. Welcome to the message boards! Arriving at the terminal and once through security you should see signs directing you based on C&A levels. This can vary by departure port but if the ship hasn't already started to board, boarding is usually called in order of C&A levels from highest to lowest followed by new cruisers. Once on board a letter with your platinum benefits will be in your cabin once cabins are available. This post contain an example of the on-board offers for each level in the C&A program. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/5179-crown-and-anchor-on-board-offers-comparison/&tab=comments#comment-51287
  12. The cram-a bag laundry bags are different from simple pressing. You can get your clothes pressed only, no washing involved.
  13. Viking Sky. Difficult call to make but sounds like Captain is doing the right thing. Hopefully a good outcome. Relatively new ship.
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