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  1. Day 12 - Sigh Day... I mean Sea Day I'm getting really tired of taking sunrise and sunset photos. Seriously. Sunrise this morning. Coming back from lunch I spotted some people getting ready to do some scuba instruction with the on-board PADI 5 star dive shop. It's beginning to look like a normal cruise again! 7am and people are sitting on loungers by the pool! By noon it was full cruise mode with people in shorts and bathing suits, swimming, sunning, having fun. This may seem all right and normal to anyone reading this but after 12 days of cool weather with no one outside day after day, this is very different! It's a cruise! People were lined up for the flowrider. People, plural. More than one. Not quite sure what move this is but I took this just before... Looking at our progress it just now dawns on me how much of the U.S. East coast we have covered. Pretty much all of it by the time we finish. Just about at the FL/GA border. I hear rumors that several hundred are disembarking in Port Canaveral tomorrow. Could it be true? Might I have a chance at a seat in the Diamond lounge after all? Only time will tell...
  2. Call your credit card company. File a dispute with them.
  3. twangster

    Room Service not in my room

    Probably. But room service is cheaper. Order 5 orders of chicken wings from room service and it's $7.95. Order 5 orders of wings in PM and it's 5 x $8.
  4. twangster

    Hubbard glacier tour

    Welcome to the message boards! You may have seen my post on this excursion. I booked it but sometime before sailing Royal cancelled it. Having now completed that cruise I am glad I saved the money. I'm sure it's very cool to be just a little closer, but seeing what we did from the ship was pretty awesome. See my live blog from that day here. My video would probably only have caught some of the action from a small boat. One benefit of being high and back a little was the ability to take in the entire face of the glacier:
  5. Yep, at the end of the day, human beings board a ship. Some bring their problems with them.
  6. twangster

    First sailing was on Celebrity awhile ago

    Bayley addressed on the President's cruise. It's a work in progress and the messed up website is a higher priority right now. Over the next year or two changes are coming. Some will like them, some won't. A unified program means everything changes.
  7. Logan is right across the water from Flynn. Granted you can't swim across, but any traditional airport transportation options would suffice. If you don't use Uber/Lyft then a taxi would likely be the next best thing, depending on how many are in your group. This photo of Logan was taken as we pulled into the Flynn cruiseport:
  8. twangster

    Question about Apple Watch on the cruise

    When you put your iPhone into airplane mode, the watch goes into airplane automatically. You have to manually take it out of airplane mode, even after taking your phone out of airplane mode. My series 4 with cellular doesn't roam like my phone does. It Canada my phone works great, full LTE service. My watch? Nope. It behaves like a non-cellular watch when roaming.
  9. twangster

    Non-smoking Ship

    It would be interesting to see the revenue numbers from Celebrity casinos. Are they low because they are smoke free? Or will gambling smokers overcome their addiction to gamble? Only RCCL knows. Right now, I don't go into the Royal casino, not even to spend my free $5 offer. What revenue is lost from non-smokers? A smoker asked Bayley on the president's cruise about more smoking areas. His response was "yeah that's not a trend we are seeing in society".
  10. The water taxi goes to Logan.
  11. twangster

    Room Service not in my room

    Correct, but since OP is sailing Mariner it was mentioned relative to OP's upcoming cruise.
  12. Day 11 - Sea Day I woke to an overcast day. The ship had a small swagger to it, or maybe that just me walking the hallways as if I'd been drinking already. Nothing too bad, just a subtle shimmy like riding on a train. The outer decks were not calling my name so it was an inside day. The Captain had hugged the coast throughout the night to avoid some rougher stuff farther off-shore. Weather improved throughout the day and I've stopped wearing a jacket if outside briefly just to take pictures and look around. Tomorrow should be even better. Day 11 Dinner Menu Formal Night, lobster night. Pretty sunset tonight. Our progress so far... We are in Grandeur waters. Distance traveled 2,446 nm.
  13. twangster

    What is a Double Upsale?

    Generally speaking price adjustments are not available after final payment due date (90 days typically). In years gone by they were more generous about using a 'goodwill' fund to allow some price accommodation after final payment due date but after losing $70M due to the 2017 hurricane season they have been less prone to do so in 2018. It never hurts to see if pricing is better for your cruise and ask, but don't get your hopes up. You might be able to upgrade to a better cabin though, at a small charge or even for free. Just keep in mind most cruises tend to increase in price over time, so depending on when you booked, your original rate might be better than current rates with a new sale applied.
  14. I just follow my feet. Subtle clues lead my way. When arriving into a port I try to be on deck observing. Population tends to be denser in areas of interest. Towns grow into cities around waterfront. On a Canada/New England cruise like this it's easy. The same patterns don't exist at all ports such as Florida or the Caribbean.
  15. twangster

    Drink package help

    The problem with the theory that "my spouse only drinks 2 or 3 drinks so it's okay to cheat" is that it breaks the pricing model that the deluxe package is based on. The model acknowledges that some people may not finish a drink. Most do finish their drinks but it's impossible to police or regulate someone not finishing a drink. Two or three drinks per day for a spouse amounts to $20 to $40 dollars which almost justifies the cost of the deluxe drink package. That much loss to theft results in having to increase the price of the deluxe drink package for everyone who doesn't steal and cheat. Why should everyone else pay more so you can be a thief? That is no different from shop lifting. The loss from shop lifting gets passed onto honest people who face higher prices because of thieves who steal. That just isn't right.