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  1. They fixed the website AND the app. No more IT errors. Nah. That would be bigger than news of a lifetime.
  2. He is writing a book, a compilation of all his dad jokes.
  3. Cool. I couldn't. It charged the deposit to CC then a month later the FCC was applied to the booking. Then two months later they audited the FCC and revoked it. It had a long history and quite a storied past.
  4. The non-tunnel way is a drawbridge, the original method that existed before the tunnel was built. Hazardous cargo can't use tunnels so anything considered hazmatt has to go this way. If you stay in a hotel downtown you will probably be routed this way by default.
  5. FCC have never been able to cover port fees and taxes. That's well known. Residual FCC is issued within a few weeks now. The old rules were that you had to sail and complete a cruise before residual FCC would become available. That is no longer the case. A new FCC with a new certificate number will be issued. The last time I did this was in July and the new FCC for the residual was issued in 11 days well before departure date. FCC is now shareable. Once the primary guest amount has been satisfied the balance can cover another person on the reservation. I have personally seen this one work - this week. Of course the port fees and taxes rule applies, FCC never covers that. FCC can also be used to make the deposit now. An old rule required a booking to be made by using a new deposit before FCC could be applied. New rules are that FCC can be used to create a booking except port fees and taxes which will require new payment with credit card to cover. You have to call them or use a travel agent to accomplish this, if you DIY then you have to use a credit card for a deposit when booking on the Royal website and you supply an FCC during the booking process.
  6. ID NOW has worked for me on four cruise lines including multiple Royal Caribbean sailings. On Alure now and used Walgreens ID NOW test to board.
  7. Same menu. They made them laminated cards so they can be cleaned between guests. My belly is full. Spoiler alert - it was good, err, scratch that. Really good. Good thing I have 7 more days to walk this off.
  8. Amazing. I'm at home ironing and you have already finished eating at Sabor. Maybe Star Class is better than Twangster Class.
  9. This could possibly induce some changes. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/world/2021/10/17/us-religious-group-says-17-missionaries-kidnapped-in-haiti/
  10. Set my arrival appoint to 4pm so fly in guests could score the early times. Only downside to a late arrival appointment is possibly not getting into CK tonight. #FiletNight Oh well, MDR has Prime Rib so either way tonight... I meat.
  11. I've told Siri to remind to ask tonight. Getting old, CRS.
  12. This is one source that attempts to track charters: https://www.cruisetimetables.com/full-cruise-ship-charters.html
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