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  1. I suppose they could revert to the old menu that didn't have the good stuff the new fee based menu does. On the other hand, if guests are fearful to the point that in room dining is how they desire to isolate in their cabin then I'm wondering a little bit if these guests should consider shifting their cruise into the future. I'm not trying to be aggressive or argumentative, just... why go on a cruise during the restart phase if the desire is to stay in the cabin most of the time? I get it. These are strange times. The restart of cruising is going to be a strange time. It won't be
  2. 50% of guests won't be on board. Of that a certain percentage never use the MDR and some purchase specialty. Personally I think "success" will be if 40% capacity is achieved on the first sailing. Remember we can't just think of the state of things today. As cruising restarts (at some point in the future) it will continually adapt and evolve. There is no one snapshot to represent cruising from now until the virus is eradicated.
  3. Their lawyer is rumoured to be considering a case against the virus since it diminished his potential income from this and the many other cases he claims to have against Royal.
  4. In reference to the "Safety Guarantee" reading the article it's not clear what "guarantee" she was referring to. She was in the middle of reviewing an excursion from the ship. In the past if did your own thing at a port of call and missed the ship's departure you were responsible for any and all costs to continue your vacation from there, the ship won't wait for you. When you book an excursion through the cruise line and the excursion returns late the ship will wait or they will pay the costs to reunite you with the ship. They don't guarantee you'll enjoy the excursion, just your ret
  5. Historically this would appear for me for Allure cruises before boarding but not other ships. Now virtually all ships show this icon, even Empress. They could be testing it fleet wide using the crew that are on board to validate functionality. While I'm hopeful this will mean it's soon to be available fleet wide we won't know until cruises restart.
  6. Hopefully the border will be open by May and the Alaskan cruise season will proceed in some fashion.
  7. Agreed. The verbiage of the closure is: “Non-essential” travel includes travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature. Note that commercial traffic is still flowing. The border isn't closed absolutely, it's closed only to non-essential travel. There are foreign flagged tanker ships in the port of Vancouver right now. Ports are not closed to commercial ship traffic just like land borders are allowing commercial trucks to drive across. In theory they could turn back someone flying to Canada on an airplane. That tends to create more hardships and ramifications to
  8. Exception are granted in response to emergencies such that impact a sailing in process such as hurricanes or medical diversions. The verbiage of the law suggests that an actual waiver is only permitted due to issues related to national security. The verbiage makes it such that even if AK petitioned for a waiver on the basis of economic impacts that doesn't qualify since it's not a matter national security. The government can't change the law temporarily without modifying the actual law. CBP can't advertise or solicit the cruise lines to evade the law on the basis of "trust us, w
  9. One thing I would caution is that testing in the future may look different than testing today. The protocols announced are not for cruising In September 2020 but potentially for many months into the future. Testing in March for example will likely look a lot different than today. Testing in June will be different than testing in March. Testing one year from today will be very different compared to what it is today. As business travel restarts the need for non-symptomatic rapid testing will change. Personal travel will benefit from those changes. Families too will need to consi
  10. Pictures of Costa Maya in this thread... https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/14213-empress-b2b-14-nights-on-the-biggest-little-ship-july-2019/&do=findComment&comment=141834
  11. I'm confused why you would consider this? Does a grocery store fear healthcare workers? Does an airline question healthcare workers or pull them aside at check in? How does anyone even know what your profession is? I would think they all would be happy to welcome healthcare workers. Healthcare workers know to follow guidelines, they are probably the ideal guest. Heroes need vacations too. However I don't think they'll even know if someone is a healthcare worker.
  12. I'm not expecting significant changes to luggage times. We'll have to see the effects of distributing guest arrival which could improve the flow of luggage rather than the peak that occurred previously. Typically any transportation mechanism works best when there is a constant flow as opposed to peaks or rush hour. This is the theory of metering vehicle traffic on road systems during peak times. If left un-metered traffic jams occur to a greater extent. By regulating flow the overall transportation system works better. From what I've researched there isn't a particular emphasis on lu
  13. The requirement to book cruise line excursions is not unexpected and understandable given the need to maintain the "bubble" as much as possible from start to finish. The comment that they should should consider the cost of shore excursions to make them more cost attractive is encouraging.
  14. I believe testing in the terminal would occur in some cases during secondary screening, but not for all guests arriving at the pier. As stated in the report, the desire is to avoid people who are positive from traveling to the embarkation point (Terminal). If testing is done at the terminal then other guests are potentially exposed. If testing is done at home before leaving for the terminal then anyone with a positive test result can avoid going to the terminal which reduces opportunity for spread to other guests during the check in process.
  15. Likely depends a great deal on what's happening in NJ and the surrounding communities including across the river in NY. Anthem's drive market includes several nearby states so if the larger area is experiencing issues related to the virus it's unlikely the Port Authority of NJ and NY will green light the Cape Liberty cruise port. I could see some winter challenges if they have to stop the practice of queueing guests in a waiting area inside the terminal. On a nice day it's easy enough to walk over to the Tear Drop Memorial so it's got that much going for it compared to some FL ports lik
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