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  1. me too!! I had 15 cruises all favourited and looked pretty much every day to see price changes. now nothing 😞 very poor change to the US site which is trash!!!
  2. at a guess I would think these 2 cruises are safe but never say never!
  3. This recent cancellation is through low sales in my opinion.
  4. Turns out the comp I calculated isn’t what I’m getting they remove the promotion, which I’ve already paid for in my cruise Fayre and then calculate it so no it’s 2266 minus the promotion which is 688 pp 1376 = 890/28 = 31 x 3 = £93 not the £245 we were expecting sorry royal but you’re calculator stinks and I will now be getting a full refund of £2266
  5. So from this I will now be getting a refund of £2266 for us both and they will be loosing our custom
  6. I think royals calculator is broken! $105 pp refund! I’m a seriously p*%#|~d off right now how can they remove a promotion that I have already paid them in real £ this is disgusting!
  7. aha! yes what a snoop ;) Although I need to change it now as Jewel is now in march still doing Dubai, with Alaska being bumped to 2021 and a freedom cruise in late 2020 to make up for the ports we are missing from this cruise. ( the other half really wants to do southern Caribbean )
  8. I'm based in England so it would be the flight from Miami back to London but it is good they an honouring the C&A points as it take me up to exactly 80 points and diamond!
  9. we booked flights separate at £480 for 2 passengers so we would lose them I presume as the cruise isn't technically cancelled so insure would win that war we paid £2266 for the cruise, interior cabin with drinks included. that's £80.9 a day we will get the 3 days refunded so 80.9 x 3 = 242 per person so times that by 2 = 485 refunded we will also get 3 days FCC which is again £485
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