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  1. I presume Izumi will go where sabor was?
  2. i think if you scroll up to the terminal pictures @CruisingKat(Kathy) is there somewhere. @IslandBoundMama fantastic blogging so far, that's made my Monday morning better. catching up over your weekend posts has me excited for the week ahead!
  3. thats what I suspected. I wonder if anyone has any up to date information about samba grill
  4. Has anyone been on radiance since? I seem to think Ritas cantina isn't open anymore ?
  5. It means its a long way to get a drink
  6. There are some great pricess on Empress at the moment. the size does concern me a little but having been on rhapsody twice I think I will be ok. I suppose the hot tubs get fairly full. @twangster How much is chops grille and do they offer any packages for it? I presume they wouldn't but didn't know if they give you money off if you go twice? Also what does Café Royal serve?
  7. WOW! im sure someone will bite your hand off for it! I really need a Harmony one as they were not on sale when I went on her first voyage :(
  8. oh definitely! the beers are mainly bottles so fairly small and easy to drink. that way they don't get too warm ;)
  9. me too, a usual see day consists of the following large caramel latte 7/8 bottles of Heineken 4/5 frozen cocktails maybe a few vodka lemonades then bedtime
  10. I've done 10 cruises and always had the drinks package. I keep toying with the idea of not having one but never bite the bullet. To me it is about convenience for sure! Do I find myself drinking for the sake of it? YES but i'm on holiday so have a good time doing it. I have the drinks package for my upcoming transatlantic on explorer for 14 days, this was "included" in our cruise fare thanks to a UK promotion. the drinks package is £44x14 = £616 and the cruise fare was around £1000 pp for that sailing so really was a great offer. but it certainly is nice to not have a big bill at the end and to just try different drinks.
  11. I got all 27 in 2.34 minutes. Grandeur eluded me for a little while though.
  12. Sorry I put it in the wrong topic group, didn’t know where to put it. hmmm I haven’t heard anything yet from royal but the first sailings are in December I believe
  13. Being from England I’ve been following the Iran issues with certain vessels being captured and controlled by the Iranian government and trouble with pirates. I spotted his link stating P&O have cancelled all their sailings. It makes me wonder if royal will follow?! https://www.cruisecotterill.com/cruise-news/po-cruises-cancels-all-dubai-and-arabian-gulf-cruises
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