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  1. is it 5 years since symphony launched? would that be a Europe visit?
  2. I think yes most of the rooms use the sofa as a sofa bed. I just see on the deckplans some say Pullman and some say sofa.
  3. I know some have them but cant seem to find any pictures.
  4. Does anyone know if some interior rooms on Harmony have Pullman beds and has any pictures? I can see on deckplans it says they do but cant find any. or maybe the sofa bed option.
  5. Europe may get the inaugural sailings then hmm. some good prices in may for them.
  6. So many for sale posts recently! as its been mentioned every ship in theory is up for sale for the right price. what a load of nonsense! have a good day
  7. thanks for that but I think that is Symphonys deck plans and they have uploaded that but its incorrect as wonder will a lot different to previous oasis class ships. EG 1 flowrider not 2
  8. I know it will probably be delayed but wish there were some deck plans for Wonder. When do people think they will be released? a couple of months time maybe? and even bookings? will it still be going to CHYNA sorry China
  9. I done my first TA in November last year on Explorer on 5th November I think it was. the first 2/3 were the worst we've ever experienced. granted we went through the bay of Biscay in November so that's never good. and our room was deck 6 at the front so heard the waves crashing against the hull which kept us up. However on Day 4 everything was really calm. we departed from Southampton but I've heard if you go from Barcelona it is a lot smoother as you a further south and miss the rougher seas. I hope I didn't scare you, just my opinion of my TA
  10. slight rise today, I wonder if it will hover around 28/32 for a while now.
  11. I use Revolut app, seems very very good!
  12. Robotic Bartenders fleetwide so they cant spread any germs All bars to become bionic!
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