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  1. There a train line right next door to the terminal :L literally get a train from London 1.2 hours and you walk off the train into the cruise terminal
  2. Yes! my place of work Harwich International Port, they were here for over 30 years with many ships including. legend, vision, splendour, jewel and brilliance. the later 2 i saw come in every 2 weeks when they done the Baltic cruises. thats how I got into cruising, and the minute i go into it they stopped home porting here around 2015
  3. I'm staying 2 days before hand and flying back on disembarkation day. I believe we have to have a test onboard the ship so we can get off on day 8
  4. Still cant check in, I'm flying from the UK and it seems a minefield of misinformation. anyone else still sailing ?!
  5. Hi guys I’m booked on this!!! @Matt are you still on this? See you on aboard @BrandonOwen
  6. Correct AHA jokes aside if i was a millionaire and retired id jump on it!
  7. I cant wait for Winder to sail from Barcelona! and its on my wedding cruise in September!!!
  8. wow look at this!! is it possible to get a copy of this excel spreadsheet? it looks fantastic.
  9. certainly cheaper for me to book via US site. price difference is huge! honey moon cruise 2022 here we come
  10. its cheap to fly from England to Barbados, well around £300 which is cheap.
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