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  1. Wonder to sail Europe 2022 Heard it here first! :L
  2. Managed to snag an AFT Jnr Suite for December 5th!!! cant wait.
  3. Do it! I've just booked a JS on Decemeber 5th @Matt see you there! (hopefully)
  4. I cant see why they wouldn't as they are great ports of call! im really tempted to book December 5th! what do you love so much about her?
  5. WOW! These are great itineries and as a UK resident flights are only £300 across the pond! Furthermore what is Grandeur doing this year? i cant see anything before December?
  6. Alright calm yourself down! you seem to relish off the bad news!
  7. I know its a nightmare, as royal wont cancel until 1/2 months before sailing. its so fluid i will just have to keep an open mind and have everything in place if it goes ahead! as we are getting off day 6 in Italy to get married. nightmare!!!!
  8. Following! my wedding on Harmony is meant to be September 26th Voyage but Harmony isnt even over the pond yet, i know Allure is still over here but thought Harmony was due its mandatory 5 year maintenance? will it still be able to sail if it doesn't get that Maintenance done? I know Allure is a fine ship but was particularly looking forward to harmony with her Amped features for my guests to enjoy.
  9. Me too! paid it all off so if it does get cancelled I get more FCC!
  10. All royal ships heading to the UK! leaving just empress for Americans!
  11. replied to you WOW! Thats spooky stuff!!!! literally out of anywhere Colchester
  12. The 26th!!!!! when i say married we are getting married in Sorrento on Day 6 and then a big party onboard and through the week!
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