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  1. I would say Greece cruise which is normal rhapsody. I done Montenegro, Kotor and 2 places in Greece and loved it! food was fantastic and there was variety between the ports. saying this I'm doing fjords in may hopefully but feel Greece would be preffered for you.
  2. thanks for that twangster, a good insight. all I want is a Dj to play some music and a barman or two to take drink orders that will be paying for per guest for 3 hours and a few nibbles paid for by myself PP
  3. my TA is on the case but they've said they cant do functions after 5pm which seems a little odd
  4. thanks! I've seen this brochure many times and will be getting married independently at our destination on day 6. and then I'm after booking a private venue for a reception for example 3 hours from 5-8
  5. Hi all I'm getting married next year on harmony of the seas September 26th voyage. i looking to book a venue onboard to have an evening reception on day 6 which is a port day at around 6pm for 3 hours. has anyone ever organised anything like this? i know you have to go through the groups department but any further info would be great maybe @Matt has some knowledge
  6. is it 5 years since symphony launched? would that be a Europe visit?
  7. I think yes most of the rooms use the sofa as a sofa bed. I just see on the deckplans some say Pullman and some say sofa.
  8. I know some have them but cant seem to find any pictures.
  9. Does anyone know if some interior rooms on Harmony have Pullman beds and has any pictures? I can see on deckplans it says they do but cant find any. or maybe the sofa bed option.
  10. Europe may get the inaugural sailings then hmm. some good prices in may for them.
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