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  1. Correct AHA jokes aside if i was a millionaire and retired id jump on it!
  2. I cant wait for Winder to sail from Barcelona! and its on my wedding cruise in September!!!
  3. wow look at this!! is it possible to get a copy of this excel spreadsheet? it looks fantastic.
  4. certainly cheaper for me to book via US site. price difference is huge! honey moon cruise 2022 here we come
  5. its cheap to fly from England to Barbados, well around £300 which is cheap.
  6. Where were you waiting? and did you have an event?
  7. My US Travel agent has secured group rates and we are in the process of all booking up. around 20 cabins in total so 40 guests. she's tried to get some information but has been told what I said in the first post that there are only certain times which seem very very restrictive. all I want I a couple of barmen and a DJ in a venue ? :L Do you think it is possible on a sea day then @Matt they have said it can be done but not till after 10:30pm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Hmm I'm unsure this is Covid related. it seems royals events team are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard
  9. Thanks for your response! We are planning our wedding completely independently as royal don’t offer this service for European ports. I believe My US travel agent is in contact with the events team as weddings won’t deal with us. useful insight though JL
  10. Hi all im trying to plan my wedding which is on day 6 of the cruise offshore in Italyand long story short I’m wanting to plan an event on day 7 which is a sea day for around 40 people. But it seems royal can’t do any sort of event until 10:30pm we would be paying for their drinks and food etc. We’ve also tried having an event on the ship on day 6 on Allure of the Seas but again they can’t do this until after 10:30 All we require is 2 barmen and a DJ ? has anyone had any experience of events?
  11. Ah me too its a nightmare to plan. me and my partner have a back up plan in allure of the seas next year. and to be honest i think we are moving it to that date in 2022 as there are too many variables this year which could go wrong! however if it sails in september this year i will still be going!
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