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  1. yes they do haha! we love a good cup of Tea :P
  2. I was on Rhapsody last month out of the med and it was fantastic! michelle was the cruise director and he was on symphony last year so certainly knows what he is doing. the ship has fantastic crew and I couldn't find anything wrong with the entire ship. great food and drink and the ship still seemed in very good condition all over.
  3. the indoor pool has a retractable roof and I suspect they can use it? However I have never seen it retracted.
  4. I'm sure any week now we will get some information on odyssey of the Seas. I wonder how it will differ to Spectrum and the other 3 Quantum class ships? my big question as it seems to be going to Miami area, will they still have the seaplex? for me I think they should change it up and make it like a Navigator sports deck with slides and such like. Along with the new BBQ Concept and increase the main pool so its again like Navigator. No skypad aswell for me. Just my thoughts, I would be interested to see what others think, I know plans have already been finalised but I am growing very curious!
  5. I work at Harwich and am gutted we lost royal just as I got into cruising. I don't see them coming back anytime soon :(
  6. Send us Empress over here and offer short 3/4 night sailing to Amsterdam / Rotterdam and Bruge. you would get loads of English lager louts on her! I would defiantly book up! Us Brits just want booze cruises LOL
  7. The prices for Royal Caribbean Compared to the many other cruise lines out of Southampton are ridiculous. When they were released the message boards on facebook and such like were all disgusted with the pricing structure compared to the US. I get that US will be cheaper due to many many more ships but the UK pricing is awful IMO. That's why I choose to fly elsewhere and cruise
  8. Although I think having both Anthem and Independence is asking too much of the market. They are both very big ships. Last time Anthem came it was joined by Navigator I Believe and that worked. But maybe as Anthem was brand new it had more pulling power. just on a side note P&O are bringing out a new ship IONA next year at Southampton.
  9. it was strange that I read your posts this morning and then 2 hours later we get this announcement.
  10. SInce I began cruising on Anthem in 2015 the prices have increased by around 40% I would say. and with so much competition from other companies, the demand was not there
  11. The facebook group page is going off! there are a lot of angry customers that's for sure! 1 ship out of the UK is surprising, they used to go out of Harwich England too but that stopped. 3 down to 1 ?! I cant help but think the pricing was just far too high.
  12. I'm not sure royal are even doing the fjords this season now? Also I just thought maybe odyssey might come to Southampton for a couple of months before it goes to the US. im not sure when she is due for delivery though.
  13. take a look in the news and rumours topic area :) but heres the link https://help.royalcaribbean.co.uk/hc/en-gb/sections/360004499552-Independence-of-the-Seas-2020-changes-to-sailings
  14. https://help.royalcaribbean.co.uk/hc/en-gb/sections/360004499552-Independence-of-the-Seas-2020-changes-to-sailings
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