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  1. I’m on the Explorer in December and chose a cabin on the “hump” which is close to the elevators. We prefer to be close to the elevators, never an issue.
  2. I have to sleep with a fan too. Right now I bring a 14” fan in a 25 inch suitcase. I’ll have to try a 9 inch fan in a 21” carryon bag & backpack.
  3. I’ve donated a few fans after a cruise to our cabin steward, I’m sure others have too to make room for souvenirs. I’m contemplating bringing a carryon bag on my next cruise and leaving my fan at home (due to cancellations & lost luggage). I’m hoping my cabin steward can locate one after a generous tip. Another idea is to contact RCL special needs department.
  4. I’ve stayed in 8640 and 8642 on the Harmony. I didn’t measure the balconies but on the Symphony (same cabin) the balcony was 9’ x 11’
  5. I did skeet shooting on the Carnival Ecstasy in 1992, 10 shots for $10
  6. I would guess around 20 feet since you are close to shore. With a life vest and being in salt water you’ll float just fine.
  7. Keep checking the cruise planner, people frequently cancel.
  8. My wife and I enjoyed a beach cabana at Barefoot Beach last February for half the cost they are asking now. For our December Harmony cruise we’ll go back to 2 chairs under a palm tree.
  9. Snorkeling on the Sea Cow in Bonaire was well run. They split up the snorkelers into 3 small groups so it is not crowded in the water. They also make two snorkeling stops.
  10. The Freedom was our favorite for quite awhile (7 cruises). Our most recent favorite has been the Symphony. An honorable mention goes to the Harmony & Odyssey too.
  11. Passing under the Verrazano bridge is kind of cool
  12. We’ve been on 4 cruises since the re-start. Other than limited Windjammer hours and wearing masks, things have been mostly normal. We are on the Explorer in December so hopefully things will be better.
  13. We always fly in two days before the cruise and enjoy the time sightseeing or relaxing at the hotel. Between weather and staffing issues nowadays, it’s not worth the stress of same day traveling.
  14. We usually get Junior Suites but on the Harmony and Symphony we get Grand Suites. There is no going back now.
  15. We’ve stayed at the Embassy Suites near the airport. They have a shuttle and allow parking.
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