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  1. We live in Sydney, in an area of concern with higher COVID numbers, so still in lockdown and only today they have lifted our nighttime curfew (9pm - 5am). Now do not laugh, but the whole state of NSW had 1200 odd cases yesterday, so nothing like the rest of the world but our politicians tell us that it is bad; seriously. When you put our figures into perspective to the rest of the world, we have nothing really to worry about. The good news for our state, is we should achieve 80% double vaccinated by early to mid October, so they are talking about international travel being opened. Qantas is taking bookings from mid-December and we are booked to fly out 3rd Jan heading to Barbados via Miami to board the Grandeur. The funny thing is, it possiblty the case I can travel overseas before I can travel to another state within Australia Spring is an amazing time of year for Sydney with an average of 72F during the day, sunny and low humidity, so it is not all bad. Going for walks with a mask and sooo looking forward to the day we can finally go out to a pub and restaurant again.
  2. This is great information. We have been stressing about this very point, researching CVS locations in Miami. It looks like all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, and we can leave Australia and do our series of cruises and now knowing Royal will be able to take of the tests for the cruises we have a day in-between
  3. Hello Community, we are wondering if anyone knows how easy it is to get a COVID test results in Barbados? I need to book flights as here in Australia the Government is finally talking about International travel by December. We have booked the Grandeur out of Barbados Sunday 9th January, so American Airlines needing negative within three days of flying, so thinking flying out on Mon 3rd, which is via LA & Miami, getting into Bridgetown on Tue 4th. That is one hell of a long day but gets us in country. Then we will need a COVID test prior to boarding and our concern if Barbados doesn't have the infrastructure to give results within a couple days. The other thought is to just stop at Miami and find a testing place and fly out of Miami on Sat morning so a day before. I would assume testing in Miami is not an issue. I know the protocols will change several times between now and January but I need to lock down the flights and I would hate being in Barbados only to find out I can not get tested and miss a bucket list cruise. Appreciate any insights and BTW, we are fully maxed
  4. They have to be kidding? I really hope this is not in place early next year. We have two B2B in the same room and this defeats the purpose of having the same room and the inconvenience factor means we don't have an opportunity to enjoy the last and first days to the full taking advantage of a sleep in.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I thought it was only not offered for Australian cancelations but it seems the same for the US as well. We had two US sailings cancelled for next Feb and the local Royal crew are having issues how to handle my on-board credit, some of which was previous on-board credit for past cancellations.
  6. Royal cancelled all the Ovation reservations out of Sydney for the season and replaced them with short, local east coast sailings from late Dec to end March. No indication after that date. We have a couple cancelations, one of which was to NZ. Sad
  7. Hello Guys, for those who had their Radiance sailings cancelled, for on-board cruise planner purchases are Rpyal; offering 125% on cruise planner purchase or just a refund?
  8. We received an email this morning from Royal to register for a chance to secure a test cruise. Funny thing is, when I initally filled in the form, I did put my country as AUS (Australia) so would think they may have filtered out all non US citizens as we do not qualify. They are teasing us poor Aussie, stuck in lock down in fortress Oz.
  9. I guess it will time for some B2B cruises. For us the ship is the destination and just being out on the ocean. I am lucky and live in Sydney so I done need to factor in flights and accomodation; if I had too then perhaps my though process would be different. The issue that I can fore see is the government is not talking about any cruise restart plans so how real would Dec start really be? We are still working on a plan to travel to the US end of Dec to do some real cruises
  10. Thanks you Twangster. You actually called it many months ago when I posted about an issue when I booked these two cruises. All this time what you wrote was playing in my head, and you were insightful. Can I borrow your crystal ball please? LOL
  11. Hey guys, I just heard that Royal is releasing a new season of cruises from Royal on the Ovation from Dec 21 to Apr 22, It is embargo until this Thursday 5th Aust time. I believe they have cancelled all the cruises so they can rebook them as they will be cruises to nowhere, so no Sth Pacific and reduced capacity. Talk to your travel agent so they can unofficially discuss your options
  12. Hello Community, I woke up this morning to an email from Royal cancelling my B2B cruise on the Radiance for the 13th Feb,22 5N Key West & Labadee and 18th Feb,22 9N Southern Caribbean out of Miami. I am so upset as I would have thought all the cancellations out of Miami were a thing of the past. For us it is a bit of a big deal as we are coming in from Australia and have accomodations and flights booked. I know, first for issue but I would have thought 2022 would be as planned. Such is life. Now which cruise should I book to replace it?
  13. Wife and I would like to say a big thank you to all for your great suggestions. We will certainly be testing all the recipes, and keeping our cruise drinking stanards up in preparation for day when we can finally cross that gangway. Take care
  14. I love a dark and stormy. In Australia we have a company called Bundaberg, who are famous for their rum, and make an awesome ginger beer. JLMoran you have talked me into one or two or three of those for tonight, cheers
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