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  1. We are going to explore the town. In Wellington, will most liely take the cable care up to the mountain top and walk down through the botanical gardens. A walk along the foreshore. They have a great museum, Te Papa, and also and excellent war museum. Picton is a nice little town, the Edwin Fox museum is nice and far cheaper to just rock up as through the ship is over three times the price.
  2. New Caledonia's government has announced that it will officially reopen its maritime borders to cruise ships on Tuesday 5 October.
  3. No, nothing listed. I had called and was told it should be listed from around 45 to 30 days out
  4. It was the same for the upcoming Quantum. It too changed to 1pm We also got the 1pm boarding for the Ovation, but we are B2B, so curious if we will be allowed to board earlier and have our complimentary Chops lunch. Also this would effect the Key guests. The latest check in time on the app is 6.00pm, but the email we got today say to be on board by 4pm. You think the various department's would talk to each other? See you around the ship
  5. If you go into that website, click onto the pease click here and scroll through all the pages, the last two pages talk about arrives by sea port. 15.05.22 Industry release - News, Updates and information The Ministry of Health has updated the Roadmap to Safe Border Reopening (Version 3 – 11 May 2022), which also highlights the new travel protocols and testing regime, under Recovery Level 1 (lift most restrictions), ahead of the border reopening in July 2022. For more information, please click HERE.
  6. All good, here is a site for Vanuatu https://www.vanuatu.travel/en/only-47-more-days-until-the-border-opens
  7. Stick to the Enchantment. For a port intensive cruise, it is perfect. We liked the ship and the suite perks are the same as the Brilliance.
  8. We re-priced a cruise two weeks ago with no issues, so i say it is still available to do
  9. We booked our test through PCRWaikiki but with the new protocols we may be able to simply do a self administered rapid test on the day and save some money. Will wait for the final offical protocol for this cruise. So excited
  10. I have never heard that, but does not mean it is not true. However, in my limited experience, if they give the information you do not believe is true, call back and another person may give you a different answer. It sound crazy but that is the Royal call centre.
  11. My wife and I are both Prime, but when required we would book two rooms, so example myself and my brother in law and in the other room my wife and sister. This will allow us to maximise the discount and when on board, we see guest services and have the sea pass cards redone.
  12. Our Ovation sailing is 45 days today and check in opened. Although it opening six hours later than it normally does. My refresh button on the computer is worn out, lol
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