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  1. You are so knowledgeable and always extremely helpful with great details. Thank you for your help throughout all our posts. I would love to have you go up against Matt in a Royal quiz, I suspect you may put Matt to shame, LOL
  2. Hello Community, Sailing through the locks of the Panama Canal is high on our bucket list. Looking through various sites we see that Royal has sailing which sail close on the Alantic side but only saw one actual transit cruise through to the Pacific which was cancelled; was supposed to sail in February. I see other lines like Princess and Holland have some but we would like to stay loyal to Royal. Does anyone know when they might be scheduled to release a transit sailing? Perhaps I am searching incorrectly, so is there certain destination or departure ports I should be searching by?
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention that Casino Royale certificates are able to be transferred from cancelled sailings, but "dollar's off" promootions, like the one they had last Oct 2019, they will not honour and move to a new sailing. Bit annoying as we had $800 USD in value lost. On a positive, they also confirmed for prime and above, they will be issuing in April the comp rooms, which is great, and trumps the loss of the dollars off offer. No wonder we are loyal to Royal.
  4. As per Mike.S, simple process to apply, we normally apply around the 80 day mark and it usually takes about a week to come through. I have only once had an email confirmation and so the other times when I jump not my cruise planner I notice the credit has been applied.
  5. We have had great success with Casino Royale, they have been very accommodating. We have successfully moved our comp cruises and also had a few cruises where we had applied the dollars off certificates. The cruises have been cancelled twice round and each time they have moved the dollars off certificate value to the next / new sailings. Third round of bookings I hope is lucky and we finally sail. I know that Casino Royale will honour our status, but reading they may offer a comp cruise with consideration we could not sail would be unreal, so fingers crossed on that. Being from Australia w
  6. Possibly there is that fear, but for majority of the country our winters are quite mild. The vaccine rollout is powering along. On a positive note CLIA reports that talks with the government about a plan to restart cruising is progressing and even a news channel who has run several negative stories on cruising had a recent positive story. With all that is happening in Australia, I honestly believe we should see a resumption in cruising by September and Royal is well placed to fill the pent up needs to cruise.
  7. Thank you. I have reached out to Royal locally and they do have access to Air2Sea and in AUD. They don't seem to offer it on the website but the call centre can quote. I need to make the payment in full. Looking at the US site for pricing, it seems slightly more locally as Royal International must take a slice of the exchange rate. They do offer refundable fares and also can book hotels for any pre or post stays. Also they are happy to bool only the Miami to Bridgetown sector (via AA) as I will use my Qantas points to fly to the USA. Also as an FYI, if you book International the US Air2Se
  8. Hello Guys, We are looking at options to get us to Bridgetown from Miami for a Grandeur of the Seas cruise in early January. Coming from Australia we really have no idea about flights and accomodation. We are considering Royal's Air/Sea service to book flights and a hotel as we heard on one of Matts' podcast that Royal had reserved flights. Has anyone used this option, do you pay in full or only a deposit like a cruise? Do you need to know which hotel you want ahead of time, or does Royal give you the options? How far ahead should I book flights and hotel as I heard flights are limi
  9. My daughter was so upset when she lost her Diamond status. Lucky for her, Royal didn't update her status back to Emerald until her was 22 years old, so she managed to sneak in a cruise and enjoy the benefits of the Diamond lounge, (drinking age for down under cruises is 18) It was funny on her last cruse where she wore her Diamond pin even though she was Emerald, and managed to talk her way into the lounge. She had the drink package but was salty about her status downgrade. It was lots of fun stirring her up about it. Poor baby, LOL
  10. I was just looking at the Royal Caribbean App checking through my reservations and noticed two ships we have reservations on where the App is not yet available, the Grandeur and Radiance. If the App is not available for things like Muster 2.0 Drill and paperless menus and alike, do think Royal will offer free Voom wifi on the ships so guests can access various tasks with minimal contact and interaction with crew? I am sure it is only a matter of time before all ships will be able to connect to the app, so it would be interesting to find out if Royal has any timelines?
  11. If you do book it, we would love to know your thoughts. It looks amazing but I am worried if it is windy, does it rock too much? It does seem expensive but as a group, splitting the cost, it should work out reasonable and what a fantastic place to base your group for the day, so jelly. Fingers crossed your sailing goes ahead. All the best
  12. We see the double points as a positive and a thank you from Royal for cruising. We feel that the customer loyalty program from Royal is the best of all the majors and by offering double points, it will allow Royal to build a more loyal base of cruisers which will ultimately benefit all of us with newer ships, more on board experiences and new itineraries. We are Diamond Plus and Pinnacle is so far off, but the double points will get us closer to our goal and will keep us loyal to Royal. We are a bit upset that L&S ended, we had an amazing price on a Grand Loft Suite (about a third of the n
  13. Not really a fan of the new style. I don't think it looks as refined as the rest of the fleet. You certainaly will not have any issues knowing which ship is from a far
  14. Possible solution would still require the Canadian Government to allow cruise ships into its waters but this could be as simple as crossing the boundary, whatever that distance from shore is and stop and drop anchor, logging the drop and then move on back into international or Alaskan waters. In Australia we don't have a PVSA so we can cruise to nowhere however I have been on a few cruises where the ship would cross into international waters, just off a wind swept rocky island called Willis Island which is in the Coral Sea about 280 miles east of Cairns, Queenlamd, Australia. The ship stops an
  15. Excess product going to auction is normal. Once Royal ships are due to end the Australian season, and head off for their Asian sailing, they sell off their excess alcohol as the Asian market don't drink as much as Australian's.
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