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  1. The Ovation has two US and one European, as well as two USB sockets. I carry a small powered USB-C/USB-A hub so I can recharge all of our devices.
  2. It is now only for a cruise up to 7 nights and not over the Christmas holidays or Presidents Day. Need to be taken by the 31st March or wlll be fprfided and has a trade in value of $500. I have tried to pay for extra longer cruises with no luck, but can pay for an upgrade to a better cabin
  3. I am looking at the website and there are Brilliance sailings for first part of 2024. I am booked on xome. The 2024/25 season has not been released for Australia. The schedule is due for release sometime in March
  4. The weather got us. Could not get into Port Villa nor Mystery. Going back next week for another try via Quantum
  5. You get a prepared lunch box which you eat on the way as you will not have time while on the excursion
  6. Will let you know on the 8th when we are due to visit. Fingers crossed
  7. This is no different to islands like Isle of Pines where the Chief oversees the island. I can recall being on a ship refused because the Chief was in dispute with Royal. This will ne a nice beach beach and I can not wait to snorkel or dive there
  8. This is the same for us. With the tender port, assuming the dock is repaired, they give D+ priority access so with D+ and Prime, the Key and DX is a waste of money. Book another cruise with the money
  9. Happy to enjoy the ship. I just hope it docks so passengers can disembark and we can board
  10. True, some afternoons is was really bright with the sun in your eyes. Unlike other areas, they don't seem to have blinds.
  11. Hopefully the trail on letting D+ into the Concierge Lounge worked out on the Ovation and you can visit there. It is a great area on the aft of deck 12. A really nice place to sit and watch the world pass.
  12. This leg we have heard nothing. So maybe on board but all good
  13. No, not to Villa. We were on the Transpacific and on now to the NZ
  14. It was crazy trying to get off this morning. Customs took so long checking through everyone details. Bonus for us was we could skip the long lines to get back on which took us 2min to board
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