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  1. Thank you very much for the details and links, really appreciate the information. . We will organise when we get the second dose on the 20th ands see you on the high seas
  2. It is possible to go from GS to an inside cabin; we simply spent the difference on alcohol to help forget the fact we had to sleep standing up; LOL Seriously though, for us it all depends on the ship, amenities, number of port/sea days. We do chop and change from inside, balcony and various suites depending. Although, with all the FCC we have acumilated, we have only booked suites for out upcoming cruises but have some casino offers where we will do it on the cheap in an inside; well mayby?? Never done an ocean view as we prefer to be higher and those cabin types are all lower decks.
  3. I would call your TA and find out the cost to upgrade and make the decision. RoyalUp is a real gamble. I have been offered this a few times and I know full well there are no cabins available. On one occasion we upgraded through our TA and it worked out cheaper than the RoyalUp offer we got sent.
  4. I can access the online version from MyGov/Medicare, but they are talking about an actual passport/card which you get though Service NSW; unsure of the Vic / WA equivalent. It is where NSW go for drivers, boat licenses and more This will be great as it will be something we would be able to use everywhere and would be more formal than the MyGov download. Lets see
  5. Well I guess we will have a better idea around the 17th. In NSW they are talking about issuing vaccince passports which will be fantastic as this should allow us to travel and enter the US, Singapore, etc. We have our second shot of Astra this month, so will all good to go
  6. Hello Guys, I might be slow to have noticed and so unsure if it just the Australian marketing, but I have seen a number of advertisements and a CLIA webinar where Royal are emphasising the new theme of BOLD. They seem to have dropped the WOW. I have seen them advertise going Bold with onboard experiences, Bold with dinning, Bold with family entertainment and so on. I like the Wow
  7. We just want to cruise, whatever it takes. At the end of the day, it is a cruise with all the usual activities, food and drink.
  8. Some perspective, I live in Australia and can't legally leave the country; at least you guys in the US can fly out of the country. You can go to the Carribean, Europe and beyond. I have had several cruises cancelled, one was cancelled 22 days from departure date out of Japan. Royal didn't create Covid and I believe they are doing their best. I have a TA friend, and it is not just RCG, all lines have been cancelling close to sailing dates; poor lady spends her day organising credits and refunds for no income I can understand the frustration with the uncertainty as I have several cru
  9. Kids Menu; my wife always asks for it and the reaction from the waiter is funny; but them she does sometimes oder from it, LOL
  10. We don't really read reviews, as with everything, it is very subjective; and so you need to be mindful of what you read. We are from Australia so normally our cruise season is Sept to April; unlike the US which is all year, so perhapss our comments are limited? We look at the destinations first; somewhere new, somewhere we love to re-visit like a favourite island or excursion; then the ship. Normally it is only my wife and I, so we don't have to cater for kids; however we are big kids and love slides and activities. As suggested in the thread, do some research into the various cla
  11. Jill, do the Wildlife Express, Talkeetna Lodge is lovely and only a short walk down the hill into town. There is a shuttle bus to and from. Great little town on a river, we were lucky enough to be there on the 4th July and it was a blast. Dome train was an experience, with access outside on the back of the carriage. Denali was beautiful, but please be aware that animal sightings are not a guarantee. We were very lucky and saw a mummy brown bear and her two cubs, moose, elk, mountain goats and even Mt Denali, which I was told was rare. The bus with another group did not see the bears but saw a
  12. We had done the land portion through Royal as this was out first time to Alasks so wanted to make sure things go smoothly. It was an excellent experience, and yes on the double points, we too did a JS on the Radiance. We flew in a few days earlier to make sure we weren't jet lagged coming from Australia. There are things to do in Fairbanks; the Drege 8 gold mine experience was an excellent day out, just took a local cab out there. When you meet with your Royal guide they can organise local tours; we did a flight into an indigenous village way north of the Arctic Circle; getting bac
  13. We done a few B2B and you will get an offer to fill a bag with as much as you can stuff into it for a price. We are mindful of what we put in the bag as the washing machine is really hot so some fabrics will shrink; trust me. So we would use the dry cleaning option for anything good; like my wife dress or my suit, which we may have spilt something on and the balance stuff that bag until it nearly bursts. No to last day and back next cruise. Also for B2B you normally have a meeting of the B2B people to advise on what to od, pre-book dinner and alike, so ask them about laundry and they may
  14. Hopefully todays news that minister for Tourism Dan Tehan will review the cruise ban this month and provide a pathway to restart
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