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  1. I'm the same way. I have no problems with politely asking people to wait for "mobility-challenged" people to get on and off things. Once I bring it to everyone's attention, most of the crowd gets it. The ones who don't are in the minority and outnumbered If you're the one trying to enter/exit, try being politely, but insistently vocal. I find most people are clueless to their inconsiderate behaviors. Strike up a conversation with some of the people while waiting. Ask them if you can get on first so you don't block the door or something. I once stopped a crush of people from getting on a Green Line train in Boston after a Red Sox game because an older couple with canes was being trampled. The wife was on her knees trying to get up and the husband was being pushed into the side of the entry. I wasn't so polite that time. My wife's boss still talks about it, and the incident was well over 20 years ago.
  2. I have an iPhone and have been able send/receive SMS messages as well as iMessages while using WiFi.
  3. You said it yourself: Severely understaffed. In my opinion, it’s a sign of the times. From recent reading (here and elsewhere), people are still expecting things to be like they were before early 2020….not just on cruise ships, but everywhere. Unfortunately, the world has changed since then and is still changing….rapidly. Everyone is trying to catch up, and by everyone, I mean consumers and businesses alike
  4. Make sure cellular data is turned off in addition to being in airplane mode. I know it’s supposed to turn off when airplane mode is selected, but I’ve seen weirder things happen. Our AT&T plan includes Mexico, so when we were there, I used cellular data and turned it back off when we left. I did the same in St Thomas. I never accrued any charges.
  5. We’re embarking from Ravenna in October 2023 and live in Maine, so I guess that’s how far we’re willing to travel.
  6. Off topic, but was this on Oasis? They look like the Captain and Cruise Director we had when we were on her a few months ago
  7. We’ve already booked with Galveston Express for our cruise in August. Hobby to our hotel the day before and terminal back to Hobby on the day the cruise ends.
  8. I’m confused. Are you saying people who can’t isolate before a cruise should not go? I’d have to take a vacation from work to isolate the week before I took a vacation from work for our cruise. I can’t get two weeks back to back for vacation. When the pandemic hit, my wife’s job transitioned to remote. I can’t. I’m a butcher/meat cutter for a large regional supermarket chain. Other than mask wearing, the only thing that changed for me (and my coworkers) was we had to work many more hours and had to deal with supply chain issues (and deal with how people behave toward us now, but that’s a thread for a different site ).
  9. We’ve been on three cruises in the current pre-cruise testing era. We’ve never been able to isolate even a little bit due to my job.
  10. Granted, ymmv, but we’ve only get the Surf package and use WiFi calling onboard.
  11. We are cruising out of Ravenna in October 2023 and our plan is to take the train from Venice, and stay a day or two in Ravenna.
  12. We have done three cruises since the restart and saw a huge difference in guest behaviors on our last one (back in Feb). Politeness and respect are becoming a lost art. I’d hate to be new to a customer service job right now. At my work we lose about half of the new people we hire because they don’t want to be treated like trash. Even people who have been in customer service for a long time are getting tired of it.
  13. When my wife and I went in Adventure back in September of last year, I had six more points than her, which made me platinum to her gold. We went to the loyalty desk and they matched her status to mine. It was very easy other than the typical issues we have with the apostrophe in our last name….but that’s a story for a different thread.
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