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  1. My thoughts: When you finish the first cruise of a b2b, you will be in the bubble. All Royal Caribbean has to do is maintain that bubble during the between cruise period. I'm guessing you won't be able to disembark and reboard, and clearing immigration will be tightly controlled.
  2. I am so tired of people acting like they are Mel Gibson in The Patriot over wearing a mask while grocery shopping.
  3. My (then) 19 y/o son did the second leg of my back to back with me back in Jan-Feb. I encouraged him to go Quest even though I was too tired to go. He went and ended up being a team captain. The next day we kept running into people he knew from the night before....he was very chatty with everyone, high fives and fist bumps all around....and this is a kid who struggled with anxiety through his teen years. Ever since that week on Adventure, he has been able to deal with his anxiety in a much more positive way.
  4. We have a couple back to backs booked in 2021......which is pretty cool considering we never cruised until Jan 2019.
  5. Apparently I’m heading up towards the Canadian Maritimes.
  6. We would definitely go on a river cruise. We've talked a lot about doing a European river cruise sometime in the not too distant future. I've never thought about a Mississippi cruise, but now that I do, it sounds fun.
  7. This is a variation of the line we are now saying at work to the customers who loudly complain about having to wear a mask and mock employees for wearing them..... "Sir, I come in close proximity to hundreds of people every day. I certainly hope you feel better knowing that my wearing a mask helps protect YOU. I know I would hate to be responsible for transmitting the virus to someone whose immune system is weak" <insert big, innocent smile here>
  8. My wife and I talked about this, but I work in a supermarket and haven't seen this. If anything, most people are basically behaving like they did pre-pandemic.....no social distancing, taking masks off to talk or make a phone call, touching everything on the shelf/case/bin to find the one they want, etc.....and no one else is getting upset. Sure, there is the occasional person who comes to an employee to report someone going the wrong way in an aisle or not wearing their mask correctly, but that person is extremely rare.
  9. I’m going to remember this.....I tend to be a little...I guess I‘ll say “rougher around the edges” when I interact with people who need to hear things like this
  10. Jeeze...Royal is all over the place with what age is considered an "adult". Back in January, when I did a back to back on Adventure, my 19 y/o son flew down to do the second leg with me. Because he was under 21, they wouldn't let him board unless I was with him...I had to disembark then go back through with him.
  11. We’ve sold and bought three times, and I remember how stressful each time was. I can’t imagine doing it in the Florida heat much less during a global pandemic Good luck to the two of you. I hope things falls into place quickly and you have smooth sailing.
  12. I work in for a major northern New England supermarket chain as a meat cutter/butcher. My coworkers and I have been saying this for almost two months now. Social distancing is pretty much non-existent now among the customers we see shopping. People seem to have no concept of any space much less personal space. It's like it was pre-Covid
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