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  1. We have three gty cabins booked. First one sails Feb 17. We are not concerned in the least. If we get within a week to ten days of sailing and have no assignment or muster station assigned, we will ask our travel agent to look into it.
  2. We stayed in Ravenna itself rather than in Porto Corsini. We highly recommend the M Cub Delux B&B. It’s a 15 minute walk from the train station, although there is a bus that could be taken. We had a room with a private bath and small balcony overlooking a courtyard. It’s close to the old part of Ravenna with lots of choices for food and sightseeing. The owner arranged for a private car to the port for us. It was 40 €. This is more than the Royal Caribbean bus from the train station, but we appreciated how simple it was and would pay for the private ride again. We have decided that we want to go back to Ravenna and stay at the M Club again.
  3. My wife and I are the polar opposite (see what I did there? ) In the winter, we have to be careful because the wood stove will drive us out. Many are the times we’ve opened a window to let some heat out.
  4. We were on Vision pre-pandemic and the cruise director did the Michael Jackson Thriller dance with a bunch of guests. They practiced in the Centrum during the cruise, so it wasn't a surprise, but it was a lot of fun to watch....both the practices and the final show.
  5. Seeing that guy (who looks to be part of that family) just holding his pfd is frustrating. Put the damn thing on idiot.
  6. My watch is analog and I keep it at ship’s time. My wife will occasionally argue with me about what time it actually is because her phone is set to adjust to the local time zone.
  7. Wait a minute….I like the chance to replace my old highlighters and keychains.
  8. That would be too close for my comfort level Everything hinges on the ship being cleared immediately and getting off by 7.
  9. Thanks for the recap of getting to Southampton. We booked flights to Heathrow for 2024 and are planning on taking the bus to Southampton as well. We don’t have the time for more than two nights prior to our cruise so we’re going to head straight to Southampton from Heathrow. We feel that one day in London wouldn’t be enough, and we hope to have more time for London when we go back in 2025.
  10. My wife and I decided we'll eat the $100 pp change fees and cruise closer to home if airfare in 2025 is beyond our reach. We were able to score one of those corner balconies on deck 7 with the larger balcony on Independence, and Spain is on the bucket list, so our fingers are crossed that we can swing it. We just booked flights to Southampton yesterday for our cruise in October 2024....way more than we wanted to pay, but still within our total budget. After flying home from Italy cramped in economy, with iffy connecting flights, we paid extra for premium economy and non-stop flights. The jump to premium came just short of doubling the airfare. Edit: Actually booked flights to Heathrow for a cruise out of Southampton.
  11. Nothing at CocoCay dropped for our February '24 cruise on Anthem, but I didn't expect anything to. The week we are going is vacation week for many schools in the northeast. While I personally don't like the prices, I understand why they are so high.
  12. lmao Thankfully we booked refundable/changeable because going back and forth deciding which day to fly out of Boston, I ended up entering the wrong day when I completed the booking.
  13. Well....Air2Sea doesn't apply to this cruise We just booked refundable flights. It cost more, but there's a piece of mind attached to that extra cost.
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