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  1. I asked our agent if she gets commission on Air2Sea flights and she said no, so we called them ourselves.
  2. Nice to see your presence again @WAAAYTOOO
  3. -You mean would I cruise if I wasn’t vaccinated? No. I would not go on a cruise unless I was fully vaccinated. I believe that would be irresponsible. Spoiler: It’s been well over two months since my second moderna shot, so the question is moot. -If you mean would I cruise with unvaccinated people? Yes. I know this is a crappy attitude, but I honestly don’t care. After 35 years of retail, the way people acted during the pandemic kinda broke me. I just want to go on a cruise.
  4. For us it’s also “flying internationally and landing day of cruise” ....although we are pretty confident that our Nassau and Barbados cruises will go as planned
  5. We have flights booked for our September sailing out of Nassau and our January sailing out Barbados. We did them through Air2Sea. We have a November sailing on Freedom that we need to get flights for....we plan on using Air2Sea again.
  6. ^^^ We had a snorkeling excursion in Labadee canceled due to wind/surf. We found out when we went to the meeting place obc was in our account by the time we got back onboard. We never used it and our cc was refunded.
  7. @CruiseGus I know from other threads that we are lucky enough to have the same MEI agent as you. We filled out the form on the home page here and hit the TA jackpot.
  8. We booked transportation to/from through Royal as well. Yes it is a bit pricey, but it’s a piece of mind.
  9. I didn’t see this option in the cruise planner
  10. That’s what we’re afraid of.
  11. We're doing something different for our first post-pandemic cruise. Usually we just go with an Inside Guarantee cabin and the complimentary beverages since we're cheap thrifty. This time, my wife is getting the coffee card and I'm going all out with the Refreshment Package. We also booked a Balcony Guarantee cabin. Adventure was the last ship we were on in January 2020, so we're excited to have her be the first one we're back on.
  12. My 19 year old couldn’t even board solo to join me on the second leg of a back to back. I had to meet them in the terminal and board together.
  13. I did an 8 night then a 6 night on Adventure in January 2020. i sent most of my clothes out to be washed the second to last day of the first cruise. Our room steward took care of everything. I didn’t care about wearing the same clothes on the second leg. They were clean. That’s all that mattered.
  14. This is a copy and paste from one our current booking invoices. “A $14.50 per guest, per day gratuity will be automatically added to each guests SeaPass account on a daily basis to be shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience. Suite guests will see a $17.50 daily gratuity. Guests who prepaid gratuities prior to boarding their cruise will not see a daily charge onboard. An 18% gratuity is also automatically added to beverage, mini bar, spa, and salon”
  15. Added a 3-night on Freedom for Nov 5, 2021 so we could spend the whole week onboard.
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