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  1. Enjoyed following, I think we agree to stick with Oasis class.
  2. I so hope this means you will join us on the April 2024 transatlantic!
  3. We are booked. Looking forward to this it’s our 35th anniversary. After our b2b was canceled for same dates I’m happy to report we were able to get back on this one.
  4. The Oasis transatlantic cruise April 21-May 5 2024 is available to book.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving 🍽 hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  6. I also lost my booked cruises on Oasis April 21 and 28 2024. They said in email that we are on our own for any price changes. Also stated it was getting ready for 12 day transatlantic to Europe . This is very disappointing it was our 35th wedding anniversary b2b.
  7. Our talented bartender at Sabor! With a strawberry daiquiri on his head talent The sweetest person on the ship… Ms Lusi at Ben and Jerry’s with her assistant this lady is so special and remembers everything you order and your name.
  8. 10/7/22 Coastal kitchen dinner:lobster tails so good Lobster Scallops
  9. @Ampurp85 had they stopped giving the luggage tag away? It was in package with the pin.
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