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  1. @TommyYu no up charges in star class and no limits. Order what ever number you like. Star class is not like the dining packages where you are limited in the teppanyaki restaurants.
  2. Just to wrap up now. We got back very late Sunday night and I had to be at work early Monday morning. Kudos to all that live blog and can keep up. This was the fullest cruise I’ve been on since restart. It was very noticeable. Elevators were the worst. People just don’t get waiting on ppl to exit first. Also they were all packed. Thank goodness for genies. We loved our genie. Can’t wait for October on Allure. Happy sailing everyone.
  3. Back on the ship we had Chefs table booked for Saturday night dinner. This was very good it was a little different than on Oasis. I will add what was different in pictures. On Harmony he didn’t use a large decanter for the one wine but this cute one on the bottle.
  4. Saturday was our last port day. Ha it was last for everything. We were at Coco cay. I rented an overwater cabana. This was very much enjoyed. It seemed to be the favorite excursion on this trip. We (my husband and I) are not crazy about this port stop. Well things have changed all because of the cabana. We all had a very relaxing day.
  5. We are now driving home I’ll finish up and get caught up later maybe some today ,
  6. @twangster if that was true I would be rich. Sorry I’m not as good as you are.
  7. Kevin Johnson ventriloquist headliner Matilda chose to fall in love with my son. Wonderful show.great story !!!!
  8. So voom has been horrible. This is making posting horrid. So I left off headed to Megan’s bay. It was wonderful. The rebuild looks really nice since hurricane Irma.
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