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  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Your rehash was so funny but got me to thinking that not once has someone tried to pick me up during a cruise. Maybe, my hubby hangs a little too close to me….or, maybe I need to kick up my “swag” a bit. Lol
  2. This blog is just wonderful. I love your “happy” attitude, even when the theme of the ice show was not your favorite, you still found the positives. You rock!!
  3. I’m the planner in our family too. Even if I do all the planning and paying my kids still veto my desires while on the ship. That’s why God put casinos on cruise ships……to keep me from smacking them upside the head. I get a drink, sit at a machine, and all my worries disappear. You do you. That said, you are wonderful for planning all this for them. Next time they gang up on you, tell them Yesiamthere thinks you are awesome!
  4. Shoot! I didn’t even think about doing that. It could of been cheaper. Next time I’m calling. Thank you.
  5. I had a “free” casino balcony room booked on Symphony of the Seas Oct 2nd (port charges and taxes). Around a month before cruise I was offered RoyalUp for spacious balcony, junior suite, grande suite and owner suite. I didn’t bid on the spacious balcony room. A week or so before my junior and owner said expired, and grande still showed pending. I did mock booking for a grande suite and saw there were six six available. At that point, I was pretty sure I was awarded the grande suite. Four days out I got the e-mail for a successful bid for the grande suite. Ten hours after that my credit card was charged. Just the opposite of most people. I cancelled my internet since it came with the grande suite. All in all, I got the grande suite for less than $2200.. My bid was $975 a person. Remember I started the process paying only port charges and taxes for my original room. I’m a grande suite woman now. The bathroom was truly a “wow.”
  6. Anticipation and planning of an upcoming cruise is always exciting! You gonna have fun!
  7. You are just an awesome blogger! Thank you so much!!
  8. Losmabies, I would also add that in these uncertain times there are a lot more people having to cancel at the last moment. So Royal’s third party, I believe, are keeping a lot more “alternatives (pending)” for all that uncertainty. I do believe all the rooms in that category are sold-out because if rooms were available Royal would keep trying to sell online at a premium price until closer to sail date. Even though all rooms are showing “booked” there’s still a chance for you.
  9. Around a week before my October 2nd Symphony of the Seas sailing two of my three bids showed expired. I could no longer modify my grande suite pending room. Kept doing mock bookings online so I knew there were at least five grande suites available. I was notified four days before sailing that we had won the grande suite. Ten hours later my credit card was charged. Odd, that I was notified first then charged. Started with a free casino balcony room. Bid $975 each for hubby and myself for the grande suite. Cancelled my internet package as that comes with the Grande Suite. Just under $2200 (instead of $7,000 online) we experienced the suite life. It was absolutely wonderful. Lots got the junior suite for a minimum bid.
  10. CravingaCruise, we will be in 8730 (right beneath your room). Our sailing is February 27th, when is your’s?
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