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  1. Wow! My first reaction was to let the first bus go on to destination, but you were thinking more clearly. My way would of split the nurses from their husbands. You handled that really well!
  2. What room will you have? Ten days in star class sounds awesome. We will be in the grand loft on Anthem the end of February. Too far out to start counting for us. Let us know how your trip goes. Are you going to blog?
  3. @CravingaCruise I’m laughing hard about you continuously interrupting your hubby while he was trying to read. That’s exactly what I’m doing now!
  4. We were in the two bedroom aqua suite this past February on Allure. I don’t drink coffee but the other four had Starbucks and a light breakfast delivered each morning. It was wonderful to wake up to the table outside having a table cloth and all set for breakfast. They all said breakfast on the balcony was worth every penny their dad and I paid for it!
  5. You are more of a writer than you think! Keep it coming.
  6. We were on the allure this past February on the 8th floor two bedroom aqua suite, and just loved it!! We have a grande loft booked this coming February on the Anthem, and a 8th floor two bedroom aqua suite in 2024 on the harmony. What month are you all going to be on the Harmony in 2024?
  7. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you two had a wonderful quick trip. Don’t you have a cruise soon with your parents?
  8. How in the world did this old woman get this old without having an afternoon tea set up in the room? Definitely doing that this February.
  9. Old woman here is loving this blog, especially since she has the grande loft on Anthem the end of February. We are in the middle of deck eight. Yep, I know there is going to be some noise, but we should we be fine as I’m a night owl. I did know to stay away from the corner ones!! It was going to be just the two of us until two our grown ass kids said we go they go. How else are they going to get another genie cruise at such a cheap price! Looking at pictures it seems he bathroom downstairs is much nicer than the two bedroom aqua suites. Is that so?
  10. Your blog is one of my all time favorites to read! Thank you for sharing your adventures. You rock!
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