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  1. After first reading that with a "period" instead of a "comma" at the end, i thought, well ... of course you did! We also skip Quest, and TBH (another wildly unpopular opinion), i would rather stand naked and covered in tree sap in the middle of a woodpecker sanctuary than watch any type of Newlywed game.
  2. Hmm, it looks like you're intently looking up and to the right. I'd look up body language and secret signs, but I'm afraid to go down a pineapple rabbit hole In all seriousness, lovely pic! Sorry though that no one is shirtless a la @Jax
  3. Hey, at least you like to eat! I barely tolerate all the bird-sized portions food porn.
  4. Agreeing with @Lovetocruise2002here. Last SC cruise, we skipped the survey all together. Once we heard from our Genie, i created a short and pithy note of our must dos and donts to help her Genie-up our trip. She loved it and gave me a big hug and thank you for it when we met in person. Needless to say, we got along very well and had a very smooth trip. The survey is fun, once, sure. But definitely not a deal breaker by any means.
  5. Well really, i should have said ... if you're not seeing the shenanigans, it's because you're blind ....
  6. Rule #1: If you haven't found the shenanigans, you're not looking for the shenanigans.....
  7. I can't believe any of you worry about your blogs. Who cares! Everyone here loves to read and engage! I admit, the only thing that holds me back is ... do we REALLY need another week long Star Class cruise report on Oasis Class? But then i find myself absconding to the bathroom to catch you up on utter nonsense and if nothing else, I've entertained myself... write for you and others will follow!
  8. I think you know EXACTLY what I'd say here, so I'll just say half. You wouldn't have to put up with any of this if .....
  9. #Truth! And please don't get me started on out of state drivers who don't understand the "keep right, pass left only" law we have. The most dangerous are the Clueless ones who camp in the left hand lane doing 60 without a care in the world, forcing everyone to pass right. P.S. love how my phone naturally spelled Clueless with a capital "C." Forget Hairspray or Cats ... Royal needs new movie rights.
  10. Thanks for bringing us along! Now, if we can only get an Edge Class to come to Bayonne!!
  11. I have to admit ... i was really (and i man really) lost on the whole cup holder thing. I was thinking, WTH? Doesn't Royal have small tables for that? Ok, i get it now.....
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