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  1. Hey there. Sharing my Q&A with Royal here, in case this helps someone decide. This is targeted only to those with cruises canceled just this week (the ones that went thru May 12) and were offered to have their Cruise Planner purchases given back in OBC as opposed to refunded.
  2. How prescient you were to cancel! I hope they retroactively give you the 125% FCC. ?
  3. Definitely following. ? This is new to me, canceling and rebooking shorex. We booked a floating cabana also and have been price stalking for any drops. Did you just do it via cruise planner, or did you have to call? Thanks!
  4. Sorry I've taken so long to get all caught up. Amazing blog! You guys totally sound like tons of fun. Looks like you had an awesome Genie and SC experience. ??
  5. Totally laughed because i your hubby's Vert Der Ferk t-shirt. ???
  6. I think this might make Batman's cruise. Love the details you're providing. ?
  7. Please lmk if there are any issues with having Izzy deliver PS BBQ to you on your balcony. We are going to do that as well. Not on our balcony, unless i plan to live on the edge and eat ribs in the hot tub, but definitely at the dining room table.
  8. Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder. And as such, your MIL should just order the chicken. ?
  9. I've heard great things about the crunchy chicken at Playmakers. Covered with SC, I'm guessing? Are you staying up for the balloon drop?!
  10. You guys aren't the only ones who I've heard a thumbs down on My Pillow. Everyone hates them at work too. ? Besides your foodie choices, can't wait to see your Genie gift as you are the most thoughtful and clever. ?
  11. I knew you would appreciate the importance of this most pressing request! ? If you don't pull out the dryers, no worries. We are driving so i will pack my own. I had carpal tunnel from those dang things on Anthem! ? Really, really looking forward to your onboard review, especially where you wind up eating. So many choices! I need to do a good 20 now so i can gain 10 back onboard....
  12. Sabrina, i have a muy imporrante question (to me): I'm am very interested in the hair dryer in your suite. On Anthem, it was cheap and you had to hold a button down while drying your hair for hot air to come out. I was kicking myself for not packing my own. If you could do a full post and review on the hair dryer sitch, I'm sure there may be one other person on the planet besides me that would appreciate that! ? Thank you in advance.
  13. For reference, we canceled a 7 night Bermuda cruise on the new Norwegian Encore out of NYC for 5/17. It was around an 8200$ fare for a 2BR Haven suite with drink package. We would've still owed about 252$ in DSC, bought a Wifi package for extra, and bought a bottled water package, even though we paid the grats on our drink package (their beverage package doesn't include bottled water, and the wifi promo you get is 250 minutes, one device at a time.). This is how Batman is justifying the cost.... I don't think it's in any danger of selling out, but what do i know. Only 89 days to go!
  14. Oops, no wonder I'm confusing poor Batman. The South Beach Cabanas are sold out. Or at least it says to check on board. It's the Coco Beach Club ones that are both available. At ridic prices. 199$ pp access pass alone. OTW is 1699$ and Coco Beach Club cabana is 1049$, including passes. I've ruled out the Oasis and Water Park. Chill Island is still available. Batman is sorta wanting the OTW, justifying it by how cheap the cruise was...
  15. I hope everyone finds a great deal!! The ATS1 & 2 are still priced normally... At one point the RLS was less expensive than ATS1. ? OK, I am finally in... Chill Island Cabanas, South Beach Cabanas (Beach and floating), & Oasis Lagoon cabanas are available. Not sure we'll splurge on the floating for 1700$ for just the 2 of us. I know NOTHING about CC. Thoughts?
  16. Thank you! It is super annoying as every single excursion shows that way, not just at CC. Need to evaluate if any Batman-approved cabanas are available. ?
  17. Hijacking my own thread here, but i was able to add my new reservation to the Royal app, but i can't book anything for Coco Cay on it. For every excursion, it says to call and the "reserve" button is grayed out. So i thought i would try on a desk top. When i log in, it only shows our Anthem cruise in December. So i try to link Oasis in May, and it says it's already linked, and just takes me back to Anthem as our only cruise. It says i have 1 upcoming cruise, not 2. I've been trying for the past hour. Do i just try again tomorrow? Last year, i was able to reserve and do everything straight away, as soon as i had my reservation number.
  18. Do want to add that I'm a NJ resident and that included NJ resident pricing for anyone feeling FOMO. ???
  19. We are going 5/10. I see prices dropping for 5/17 also. Those were the 2 dates I have been stalking. ?
  20. I have been checking (and checking and checking) Star Class on Oasis out of NJ. When i started checking, the GP was 7554$ per person. Royal was drinking from a cup of the crazy, amp or not. Yesterday, it was 4055$ pp. Today? Team SweetPea & Batman booked for 5500$ TOTAL. Really wanted OP, but GP will do. Price changed sometime between when i checked at noon and then again an hour ago. If you want to try SC on Oasis out of NJ, get on the horn with your TA Pronto!!
  21. Hi, i struggle every single vacation with insomnia. I tend to give in to it and do a LOT of reading during these wee morning hours between 2a and 6a. In fact, i keep a prescription of Ambien filled because i take one the night we get home from our trips. Like you, melatonin and Advil PM does nothing for me. I'm wondering if you've tried CBD oil? I take a high quality one that's 33.33mg per dose. That and Benadryl (along with some reading) will usually get me back to sleep once I've woken up about 2 or 3am. It might take a while and maybe i only fall asleep for another 2 to 3 hours, but it usually gets me by.
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