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  1. well i've jinxed myself because apparently salesforce is down and that's where they're capturing the info? so everything is on hold.... alas.
  2. does this mean i have to use my old (current) picture though… because it’s rough.
  3. i pray you do not continue to follow in my footsteps (literally) and have the bad weather we did at PDCC. i think you’ll have a great time!!!!!!! what even IS baked alaska?? neapolitan ice cream and meringue???
  4. YAY!! i was hoping it would work out!! well the joke is on them for the bar swipes because i am a lightweight although i will now have 5 vouchers to get through and no need to share with J, so all bets are off in december!!! @Neesa do you have any arnica?? i now have arnica gel and little homeopathic pellets that i keep on me/in my traveling pharmacy for just these reasons!!!! if only we had known PRIOR to departing aruba… they may have had in the pharmacy. i know it’s on st. maarten and some of the french islands but i think you’re heading more stateside now.
  5. YOU AND ME BOTH!!!!!! i was about to say… only one of us should be falling on ships and it certainly isn’t @Neesa!!!
  6. quelle horror! #previntageproud this is true!!! we used to have issues all the time with random customers wanting to put all SORTS of things in their frappuccinos at starbucks. certain pictures are designated for certain bases (dairy/non dairy) as well.
  7. oh my gOSH IM DYING someone ask @Sweety because i am relatively certain she has the red undies now and we can probably persuade her to donate them to this cause!!! chops is…. something. i appreciate that they tried to???? lighten it up???? with the lights???? actually i remember chops being very darkness on the edge of town on odyssey when we went; but i also remember being VERY overstimulated on that sailing as it was our first one back post pandemic, and i was immensely grateful for the dark, empty tomb of a restaurant. (seriously. no one was there.) especially since we were constantly fighting for our lives on the esplanade but maybe i am spoiled by the central park restaurants that have all the ambient and other lights streaming in the windows. i’m loving that your family makes use of the piano in the cabin what a treat!!!! and so nice to have musically inclined folks i can’t read a single note of music
  8. i’m with @GregD on this one. before i switched to new orleans cold brew, i was a 4 espresso shots over ice with just a ~splash of cream type of gal rocket fuel.
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