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  1. happy to report all my refunds for 11.18 are processed!
  2. what a great live blog!! thank you for taking us with you!!
  3. happy to report, i called the crown and anchor number, got RIGHT through -- and then while i was on the phone, i tried to cancel the outstanding one (as i have many times in the past few weeks) AND IT WORKED!!!!! i am now in the clear and can cross this off my list!
  4. i have gotten a refund for one of my water packages but not the other (which was on a different CC).
  5. i always prefer the bed by the balcony but did not think to employ the every other room config trick!! thank you!
  6. i mean, i understand your frustration. and it is exasperating to reach for something, only to have someone zoom in front of you from the other direction. but unfortunately this is part of the buffet dining experience. if you prefer a more civilized approach (as many of us do), you are better off seeking seated dining service on the ship. i’ve yet to have someone suddenly take the seat in front of me, duck duck goose style, in the MDR or specialty dining also going during non-peak times can help with the crowd crush at times.
  7. maybe we should ask @Ampurp85 if her peeps want to come aboard since it looks like the bidding is open for the villa suite
  8. was finally able to see RU bid offerings for this sailing and WHOOOOOOOEEEE. they are HIGH. we are fortunate to be in a JS this time around so we're pretty pleased with it, but always curious about the options. in the high five hundred for the grand suite and well above for all minimum bids for everything else. contrasting our odyssey sailing in less than two weeks and they were far more reasonable. i went online to do a ghost booking and was surprised to see that there is still a fair amount of suites available. wondering if we will see the rates drop at all as the dates come closer.
  9. i was happy to read about the suite boarding experience and loving that you both are getting some pampering in the spacious cabin and perks — but then i read the part about the hot tub and my jaw dropped laughing oh my gosh!!! you handled it better than i think i would have how was the beach club?? what time did you guys get there? any other ships at PDCC with you? trying to gauge it for our visits on our upcoming sailings, we are excited!!
  10. oh man i feel so bad for the crew having to work the WJ at 3:45am. not only is the first day their longest from start to finish but now tacking on that early wakeup and turn around -- woof.
  11. ...is it too soon to ask where the nextcruise will be??
  12. THANK YOU so much for this!! i too, get motion sick and am very concerned about the drive there - especially as i was reading some reviews that said it would be upwards of 30+ mins to get from the port to the beach and turning green already. this makes me feel so much better. i know they were working on grading the roads as well to make them smoother on one of their more recent instagram posts, so i wonder if this has had a positive effect!!
  13. oh my GOSH. i'm envisioning the little ships darting in and out like the fast and the furious and i feel like i can hear the cheers from here of everyone on land when you guys finally got there hoping you will have safe travels home!!
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