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  1. From the RC website Guests may bring non-alcoholic beverages as carry-on items on boarding day. Non-alcoholic beverages may not exceed 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom. If you plan on getting a beverage package, (I always get the deluxe) bottled water is included and readily available at all of the bars, as well as other stations around the ship. Veteran cruisers recommend that each time you buy a drink from the bar, ask for a bottle of water too, and take it back to your stateroom to have an ample supply. On port days they will have places set up to get bo
  2. I know for the star class sailings that I have booked, the gratuities are added on the invoice, then subtracted on another line labelled star class savings. Sometimes this does get missed and a phone call to get it corrected is needed.
  3. Yep, that's an Oasis class ship, so keep watching, as you get loser to sail date the ability to reserve shows and activities will pop up.
  4. Like @SpeedNoodles said, I have had things in my cart and the price increased when a sale ended, shame on me for not buying then, but I understand your situation. I too have purchased things like @Lovetocruise2002 and @WAAAYTOOO have done. I have gone both routes for cancelled cruises by taking a cruise planner credit and refunds. I too have had refunds come back quicker if I cancel the purchase in the cruise planner on my own before the cruise gets cancelled.
  5. I believe I have read that FCC's for minor children can be transferred to their parents. This section is also in the FAQ area, and seems like it would apply in your situation. Can I use part of someone else’s Future Cruise Credit to cover my own cruise fare? A Future Cruise Credits in most cases are nontransferable. This means that you cannot use someone else’s credit for your own cruise fare nor vice versa. Any remaining balance on your credit will automatically be created into a new certificate after you’ve completed your sailing. However, if you still have a Cruise with
  6. Update: This may be RC IT striking again. The FAQ section says this above, while other sections of the website still say use and sail by December......
  7. Just stumbled across this. It looks like many prayers have been answered, and FCC's for people who cancelled under the cruise with confidence program have longer to use their FCC's!! If this is the case, I know for one, this will help me immensely. This was copied from RC directly When can I redeem my Future Cruise Credit? A If you cancelled with our Cruise with Confidence program, your Future Cruise Credits can be used toward any cruise that sets sail through April 30, 2022, and must be redeemed by December 31, 2021 or 12 months from your cancellation date – whichever is
  8. You have come to the right place to get answers, we all try to be as helpful as possible, so ask as many questions as you like. Have a great cruise!
  9. In my limited experience, I feel that the black Friday prices this year are the same as the "normal sale" prices that you usually find. I distinctly remember last year some really good prices that I am not seeing this year (at least for the cruises I have booked).
  10. I'm Italian, we eat more at Thanksgiving, for instance, this is just the appetizers, and this was a lite year (antipasti)
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