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  1. Maybe the intern was back at it again and they caught it sooner?
  2. @Chuck586 when we were on Oasis in February, we were only able to get to portside for dinner.
  3. If I remember correctly, you could reprice up to final payment date, at which point you are locked in.
  4. I have used them. All you need is an internet connection, so you could do them in the hotel before you check out. The test is easy to do, and results are in your email very quickly. I typically buy them from the Emed store, and not from RC, they are more cost effective right from emed.
  5. I'm glad you are having a great time. A guy I used to work with, and his wife on this same sailing!
  6. Amazing photos as always. This is making me even more excited for my cruise in Norway with @Lovetocruise2002. Voom should be interesting since we will be around the same latitude, so photo uploads will be fun. Time to go play on lensrentals.com for some telephotos.
  7. I was able to do this for my last cruise. I forget the details of what I put in, but I was able to enter partial data, get my boarding time and then over the next few days gathered the rest of the information that I needed and put it in as I got it. Maybe they have since closed this loophole, because that was February.
  8. You should be in the same situation while on land, if you look on the back of your charging block, it should say something like "input 100-240v" If it does, just put it into an outlet adapter, and into the wall. I got a set of these to use. https://www.target.com/p/travel-smart-by-conair-continental-adapter-plug-set-3pk/-/A-16346730#lnk=sametab
  9. What are you looking to plug in? The staterooms have both US and European outlets. Pretty much all charging blocks etc are dual voltage, so all you would need is an outlet adapter and can plug in as normal, you shouldn't need anything to convert voltage.
  10. I meant shorty before the cruise starts, so will the blog. I certainly don't want jinx this one! We will be exhausted too. Our flights changed, so we now arrive in England on Thursday, and it will be 2am our time, 8am London time. Should be fun with the two kids.
  11. This will be another one of those blogs for the ages. @Lovetocruise2002 will be our neighbor on deck 10, so we will definitely be up to some shenanigans and will probably give the genies plenty to work with..only 89 days to go!! The joint blog will be started shortly before then, so keep an eye out!
  12. There is no delivery fee, but I believe you are still charged if the item has a cost
  13. @DJH_89 Welcome to the blogs, and congratulations! I would use this resource to determine the test. All of the tests allowed by the CDC for entry to the US should be allowed by RC. I looks like based on your travel dates, that the test you take to board your flight will be within the window for your cruise as well. Click the link, scroll down and expand the "what types of tests are acceptable" https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html#general I would print out that information, and find a location that provides a "rapid test" and ask them if the test meets these requirements. Many US based pharmacies etc offer rapid based tests with results in as soon as 15 minutes that meet the requirements. I wouldn't be surprised that you can find a similar test in the UK prior to departure.
  14. I am so excited about that upcoming cruise. I was so sad that I could not make this takeover cruise work. Spending time on these blogs you get to "know" people so to speak, and you can't help but get a vested interest. I am looking forward to that great conversation, quite mornings in the suite lounge, late nights on the balcony, and wonderful memories!
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