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  1. @DanielleB Welcome to the blogs. I don't exactly remember what I paid. I do know that we had a great time and that's all that really matters to me. The higher the price, the more "interactions" that you have with the dolphins, so if the kids are really interested in doing this, I would pull the trigger and go for it. When we were there, we had a lot of fun with the dolphins etc, the food was good, drinks were decent and then went snorkeling after so it was a good day.
  2. We were there on our last liberty cruise. We did the dolphin thing, so most of everything was included. The food we had was decent, the drinks were okay - they weren't using top shelf booze by any means. There are plenty of areas for swimming etc. We brought our own snorkel mask that we got from amazon. They are really great, don't take up much room in the luggage, and saves us a cost for gear down the road at other destinations Here is a link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VRHNSFD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. We did the VIP excursion at Chankanaab on out last liberty cruise. We had a good time. The manatee encounter is brief. You are standing on a platform and the manatee swims around while the keepers feed it lettuce and you can touch its back. I believe that the photographer took pictures. As far as the photo package, it was in the undreds of dollars and was not worth it to us. For a ball park price, on their website booking tickets on your own, adding the photo package was $50 per person for 10 pictures
  4. ah, Endicott is where my friend went, which is also in Beverly. Let me know if your daughter wants more information.
  5. This is interesting. A friend of ours had a daughter just graduate from the school I believe you are talking about and was in their art program. I should reach out to her and see if she had the same experience. I usually take online reviews with a grain of salt because people are typically more apt to leave negative reviews than positive ones. If your daughter is interested, I bet I can put her in touch with my friend. PS, I'm glad you are all healed up, and I'm never grossed out by pictures!
  6. I've been having the same problems too for quite some time now as well. The beverage package intern must be at it again.
  7. I personally have not done it, but many have done the day pass at the British Colonial Hilton and have had a great time. I have kids, so we always tend to end up at Atlantis for the water park and have a blast.
  8. Entertainment becomes bookable much closer to your sail date. Excursions for your TA may also take longer to show up considering everything that is going on. I have an Oasis sailing in 2023 that shows excursions in some of the Caribbean ports, but my Norway Cruise in July 2022 has nothing yet.
  9. You should edit your cart. The cruise planner is confusing with their language. For the day bed as well, its per daybed, so you would book under 1 person, and then have access to the up to 4. Technically, the way you did it, you just purchased two day beds. For the second part of your post, yes, you can invite others to join you in your cabana. In the cruise planner, you purchase it under 1 guest name. When you get to Coco Cay, you will be assigned a cabana number, and you will check in at the entrance to the cabana area. Once there, the attendant will give you wristbands, and ask you how many people will be joining you. I believe I have also been asked names of those people as well.
  10. @UDPrincessmy kids are older than yours, my youngest was almost 5 for his first cruise, but have had a good time in the Adventure Ocean programs, so utilize their services for some free "babysitting." Go through some of the live blogs. There have been a few of us with kids that have sailed star class. (i'll try to find some to link here) One common thread with all of them are that the Genies are good at making the kids feel special. Edit: Here is one I remembered about with some younger littles
  11. Heather and I were talking about this cruise the other day. I couldn't believe it, but, she FORGOT that we were star class, let alone neighbors for this one!
  12. I fully blame you and @WAAAYTOOO and all of your blogs for the fact that my next three cruises are all star class! Of course however, I say blame, and Heather says thanks!
  13. Hey @Lovetocruise2002, take 2 for a birthday/inaugural cruise?
  14. Check out my Liberty Live blog. We were in the two bedroom grand suite. The balcony is the same size for all of the 2br suites so the deck doesn't matter. One thing to consider, is that the decks step back as you go higher up, so the deck above you can see down onto your balcony. This wasn't an issue for us, because everyone was friendly, we had nice talks with those passengers and I wasn't doing any "no tan lines" sunbathing?
  15. I think they must have hired this guy to do all the stone work. All joking aside, having all these small issues is frustrating and I hope they get corrected quickly for you. Its a big project and needs to be done correctly!
  16. This is correct. I've added someone months after an initial booking, and they are paying the same rate as the original passengers.
  17. Cafe Promenade on Anthem serves Starbucks coffee, and is included in the beverage package, so you can get your latte fix there with no problem.
  18. Heather is a huge Hallmark fan as well, and she watches those Christmas Movies ALL......THE.......TIME..........Maybe I should send you my login info for my cable subscription and you can stream them all to your hearts content. (If there are any Spectrum cable executives on these blogs, please ignore that last comment. Sharing of login info never happens)
  19. We used the autotrain a few years back, and it was great! We got one of the family bedrooms as well. Be warned, those rooms sit right above the trucks (wheel assemblies) and are pretty noisy and the beds are snug. My kids had a blast, my back, not so much.
  20. Glad you are doing well! The procedure you had is still a big procedure, so its great that your pain is under control!
  21. Hey, I did the same thing!! Interestingly I traded in my fusion and got an explorer. Like @rjac said, I only got my junk out of the car. Mine was a 2010, pretty rusty courtesy of our salt filled winters, and had been in an accident. I knew mine was headed straight to auction and probably scrap, no need to detail it for that!! Good luck with the further procedures!
  22. Also, if you read my Liberty blog, I discuss Air2Sea quite a bit since we used that for last February. The flights were changed after they were booked, so we lost our seat assignments, so pay attention there, and watch your reservations if you keep them because you will have to talk to the respective airlines yourself after they are paid for if there are issues that come up. I tried speaking to the air2sea reps first and they sent me on to the airlines directly.
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