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  1. I saw your post looking for "volunteers" I would have done it, except that my wife would have murdered me for sure if I went on a cruise without her
  2. I'm glad you got your testing worked out! Hey @WAAAYTOOO, I just noticed I'm on Oasis in February next year the week before you. What, you didn't want to do the week before as well with a gazillion kiddos?
  3. I would order now. I ordered some at the end of December and got expiration dates of November '22. I don't think expiration dates are the limiting factor anymore, mow its availability.
  4. If I remember correctly from the last time I was there I think the Chill Island beds were more exposed and out in the open, so you might have more of what you are looking for choosing a south beach location. I believe all the beach beds in both locations are grouped together so you will have neighbors etc.
  5. I'm sailing star class 9 days after you on Oasis. I can't wait for our Genie letter. This blog will help me get through that last week before my cruise!
  6. I am normally an on the go active person and have a hard time sitting still. I find thought, that once I get on a ship I like to just sit and watch the sea etc, so this to me sounds like a great way to spend the day. I'm glad you are having a good time. I too agree that the MDR food has been meh sometimes. I think you are going to be spoiled on your next leg with star class, and I will be in the same situation next month when we do our first star class sailing.
  7. while you would probably be okay, Like rjac said, I would take the late flight in the night before, for all the reasons he mentioned.
  8. Oasis Feb 20th. We are crazy and driving from NY to FL, so hopefully if it does get cancelled, its a few days prior and not while we are in the middle of Georgia!
  9. I filled ours out and sent it in. My group is still firmly in the camp of "we are going no matter what"
  10. Have a great time!! We love our TSA pre-check, its awesome breezing through security at airports. I'm glad all your flights worked out. Have a great time!!
  11. Vanessa, If you can't locate those excursions through the cruise planner, another option is booking an outside excursion. When we sailed to Roatan we used Victor Bodden Tours. (www.boddentours.com) They offer private fully customizable tours that are reasonably priced and are very easy to work with. They have good communication, their drivers speak excellent English, etc etc. For peace of mind, you tell them what time you want to be back at the ship and they will make it happen for you. All of this assuming your entire party is vaccinated and can do outside tours. (check out my Liberty live blog in my signature to see what we did with them)
  12. I always get travel insurance, especially after my cousin broke his neck while in Jamaica. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind. To give you an idea of costs, his medflight from Jamaica back to Florida was $30000 that had to be paid out of pocket.
  13. There are a bunch on deck 10 that put you under the pool deck and windjammer so that could lead to some noise, but otherwise most seem okay to me where I wouldn't be bothered by location.
  14. Oh, the teasing was all in good fun, because she had much earlier blogs with even earlier starts. I'm more worried of starting the blog, then finding out the week before the cruise.....oh crap, one of us got COVID and can't go now. Both my wife and I work in health care, she's a nurse, and I am a firefighter paramedic, so we are over here dodging COVID like crazy. I think we will be spending the next 47 days like this....
  15. I'll be on Oasis the week before you in a 2brATS. I will be blogging it as well. I have not started mine because like @Lovetocruise2002said in her last one, I don't want to jinx it. We got our genie questionnaire a week or two ago and have been slowly working our way through it. We too will probably skip some of the weird questions as well. I look forward to following along with yours as it might help soften the post cruise blues.
  16. Definitely use US dollars in Roatan. Don't use you credit card if you don't have to. There is a 19% tax added to all CC purchases.
  17. @PatchyBoaty while the change does stink there are much cheaper options at the airport you can use. Like others said, the blame should lie with home country. I think it was nice for RC to offer the tests for you, but you can't blame them when they decide that it is no longer something they choose to do. I do agree that the $210 is high though. Hopefully everything works out in the end for you.
  18. For the ultimate star class experience, The Flying Fox can be chartered for a cool $3,500,000 a week
  19. @tlccruiserWelcome to the blogs! When we went on Liberty we did one of the excursions at Chakanaab. There are multiple ones in the cruise planner. Most include lunch and drinks. Typically the higher the price means the more interactions you do with the dolphins. I think we did the "Dolphin Royal swim" one which was great.
  20. Thanks for the great blog, as usual. Im glad to see that Star Class is still great even in these changing times. I can't wait for these next 59 days to tick down. Have a safe return home to your pouting girls and have a great holiday!
  21. @Lovetocruise2002your lagoon looks amazing!! Side note, has your hard top gazebo seen a winter yet? I was wondering how it handled snow loads. Heather says we need something similar to put over our hot tub.
  22. Well this sounds like an amazing trip for you. I can't wait to follow along!
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