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  1. That must explain why I need a bigger screen for my phone!
  2. I was just saying this to Hubby a few days ago. Either just before Christmas, or right after the holidays. My feeling is possibly right after the holidays.
  3. Thank you so much for posting this!!!! I must have missed the FB post that you were referring to. So glad that you posted this as I not only grabbed the Deluxe package on Anthem GC but also on two more sailings at the same low rate. Also I grabbed VOOM for two devices at $17.99 which I consider pretty good (for the sailing on Brilliance that doesn't include VOOM). Thank you!!!
  4. I think if you look at it from that perspective, then every time you step out of your house, with so many asymptomatic carriers out there, you have had "possible exposure", health care worker or non-health care worker.
  5. I have 5 booked, but then again I had 5 this year (2020) as well. Not a clue if I am going on any of them, but I sure hope so. Going to lose it soon lol.
  6. So hypothetically speaking, if this were true, where does this leave someone like me? Booked on an 8 night on Brilliance for July, would they just move me over automatically to the same category on Indy? Or would I be cancelled and then I have to rebook something else? I am really hoping this is not going to happen because I really wanted to sail Brilliance again. Haven’t been on her since 2005 and there are no corner grand suites on Indy.
  7. The galley tour is complimentary with SC. Cupcake, Sushi, and Guacamole (not sure if Anthem has this one) making classes are also included. Not sure how all this will be affected by Covid though. Depends what you want, who is in your party, and if mobility is an issue. Over the water pros - Awesome, more private, and best views (OTW 5 is my favourite, that's the one we had in my blog that I linked earlier). Over the water cons - Most expensive Hillside pros - private Hillside cons - not near water, can be far from food, must be able to climb stairs to get there
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