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  1. @ellcee and @Cruising to Retirement!...about Bermuda Island Tours and Juanita, how does it work if you don’t have a party of 10?
  2. @Cruising to Retirement! Thanks for all the info! I will definitely have to check out Juanita from Bermuda Island Tours.
  3. As long as you have the cruise line reservation number, you should be able to access your cruise planner to book all your dining etc.
  4. You are absolutely correct in that the waitstaff may vary in CK. On Anthem, we were able to get the same waiter each night. However, on Oasis class, we have rotated through several different ones. On Anthem, we tipped at the end of the cruise. On Oasis class, we kept track of who we had, and also tipped at the end. If this is too much to keep track of, then tip each meal. I have heard that is what others do.
  5. Each time we have stayed at the Hyatt Regency to cruise out of Port Canaveral, we have purchased the cruise line transfer. So the morning of the cruise, we simply make our way down to the baggage and ground transportation area to meet the shuttle. It is pricey but we purchase both ways so it makes it very easy and painless. However, our next cruise on HM out of PC, involves 14 of us. Now looking into alternatives because the cost of transfers for 14 people is a bit higher. Uber/Lyft also out for 14. Cortrans has really good reviews on trip advisor. Maybe check them out. I will be looking at them.
  6. It is really going to vary. Tipping is so subjective. Tip what you feel is best. I have seen that amount discussed many times as well. Some go over. Some a bit under. It is 100% up to you.
  7. It’s the one with 254 members. That is the one that many of us are on 😉
  8. Hey @Ken23! Welcome to the boards! So far, I only know of two FB groups for this sailing. One is from the RCBlog event page on FB. And the other is a FB roll call group that many of us are on but not run by @Matt. I am going to pass the VOOM Surf vs. Surf and Stream to someone more techie than me. However, I think the Surf&stream will be a whole lot less frustrating. We always get the surf&stream. With the BOGO, you can adjust when you get on board. Make sure you take care of that right away. There have been some reports lately that there are restrictions placed on the venues that you can use the BOGO at. You should be able to use it at wonderland but YMMV. See you on board!
  9. We like Embassy Suites in Elizabeth, NJ. Good price point. Suited for families. Complimentary breakfast and shuttle from the airport. Walking distance to Jersey Gardens. It's about 20 min from Cape Liberty. We are staying there again for the Anthem GC in July. I have some pics and info about the hotel in my Anthem blog (link in signature below). We I have found in my research that there is not really a hotel that is super close to the port. It is a very industrialized area.
  10. Thanks. I will try but it is still on the cruise planner. It just says “not available for online reservations”.
  11. That was another one I was looking at too but figured that the tour would give us a better feel for the island rather than an aquarium/zoo.
  12. Yes you do. The only thing you don’t get is the double points if you were originally booked below a JS and you won a bid for JS and above.
  13. Just to put in my two cents here...I also did not care for the margaritas at Sabor on HM last week. I had the Perfect margarita and the Avocado one and both were not good. The ones I had later on at the pool bar and the suite sundeck bar were much better. Even the one I had at the Quest was better than Sabor.
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