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  1. Exactly^^^ this! By the time you wait, the larger suites will be gone.
  2. If you want the Villa, book super early, upon release.
  3. Love those pics of Oasis! I can see my room where I will be in 56 days!
  4. +1 on that. We love the Intercontinental Miami. The view of the Bay is perfect from there!
  5. That might send me into further depression. We just got a huge dumping of snow and I am still 8 weeks away! 😩
  6. About the candy that is not found on board...it is my understanding that is entirely dependent on the Genie. I cannot confirm for sure, but I have a strong feeling that some Genies will venture out and some will not. And @Rags1, proud of you for not passing on CK’s filer night like some others 😉
  7. Bot malfunction? 🤔 I can beat both you @emsff02 and @twangster. I have 785 days till Oasis 3/13/2022. That is the #majorstarclasstakeover sailing! But I will bow out for fear of @Matt truly never letting me live it down. The honour for earliest start goes to Mr. Mentor Bot. 😄
  8. It is a well know charter that is chartering Oasis in a few weeks time. They charter an Oasis class ship almost every year...
  9. We'll be on March 15th! Can't wait! Fingers crossed for you.
  10. Oh no! That's the one a whole bunch of us are on!
  11. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that!! 😂
  12. We've done this several times and I always feel that Uber/Lyft is the easiest.
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