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  1. Usually whoever’s email address is attached to the reservation.
  2. Slightly off topic, but if staying in Manhattan pre-cruise, would it be worth it to fly into LGA and go home post cruise from EWR?
  3. A couple..uh oh...you have heard that Star Class is addictive right? lol
  4. Yes. We book refundable on all our Panoramic Suites. We are currently holding 3 of them, all refundable.
  5. Yes. The Panoramic Suites (Cat. VP) are always refundable. We have several of these bookings and they are all booked a refundable. Lately, I have heard that the new Ultimate Panoramic Suites (UP) are also refundable.
  6. Yes you can. We have done it many times. However, the whole reservation gets re-priced so it may or may not end up cheaper.
  7. Thanks for all the awesome advice! Not to worry, I did a quick search of hotels hear HOU and wrote it off already. Did not meet “suite snob” standards 😜 No kids on this one but I will most definitely take a look at the Clear Lake area. Thanks.
  8. I read in another post here that hotels around HOU are not in a "safe" area. Any truth to that?
  9. Hubby just likes the fact that we have never sailed out of Galveston so it’s new to him. He doesn’t like repeats. The flight is the major disadvantage for us. The price is not much different but there are no non-stops and I don’t like that.
  10. IMO, El Loco is way better than Mini Bites. There are lots more options to choose from. They have nachos (which Mini Bites has) but in addition to that, they have burritos & quesadillas whereas Mini Bites does not.
  11. This is why I am looking at Liberty. There is better value there. 2 more nights and cheaper. Have you considered Liberty?
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