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  1. Not sure. I've only ever taken one NYE cruise and it was on Indy. But the MDR did do a special dinner that night so maybe CK will too....
  2. For the price adjustment, I track my only pricing and message my TA if I notice a price drop. See this post: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/10443-fare-reduction-for-phantom-cabin/ A good TA should never be charging you extra fees. They get their fee directly from Royal.
  3. That price would be a steal. Pre-covid, you might be able to find that price point for an ATS if it was during the low season and on an older ship (ex. Allure). Summer is not a low season. Last year’s release, going price for anything star was in the ballpark of $3500+ for quad occupancy. The newer ships even higher. If you are serious about that type of cabin, I would advise booking right away and not waiting. Star goes fast. You can always price adjust if the price comes down, yes, even if the category sells out it can be adjusted. However, I also wouldn’t hold my breath for a price drop. I booked three star class bookings with the release last November (Anthem, oasis, and symphony). All of those have either remained the same or have gone up since booking.
  4. Doesn’t that just mean if you are leaving from a port that is not in the US? Doesn’t mean what country you are from…? For you and I in December, we are still leaving from a US home port… Let me know what you find out
  5. Thanks for that info. Do you know if Royal's Covid-19 assistance program from Healthy Sail section is void for Canadians?
  6. To be honest, it did not really occur to me that Royal's policy would not cover Canadians (it makes no mention of this on their site). I know that many Canadians have cruised since sailings have resumed without issue. This is honestly the first I have heard of this and by past track record, I do not put much faith in what the phone agents have to say. The are wrong more than they are right. I am really curious as to what @Vancity Cruiser thinks about this issue. I am not going to worry about it too much. My next cruise is December 19th and if anything is still in doubt by then, I will have my TA look into it deeper for me.
  7. As a parent with two girls in that phase between little and not yet grown, and thinking lately that they are growing way too fast, I just completely love this idea. That picture is so sweet…
  8. That is a great property too, but if proximity to the port and water is a main criteria, you cannot beat Fairmont Waterfront or Fairmont Pacific Rim. The one on Georgia Street is great if you want the city feel and the amenities to go with it. I sort of think of it like staying in the Brickell area of Miami (which is great) vs right on the water at the Intercontinental Miami. Just depends what you want.
  9. Yeah, I just looked. I use the Accor app. Every Saturday in May is available.
  10. That is weird. The only thing I can think of is maybe it's sold out or blocked? And are the dates over Victoria Day weekend (May 20-23)? That's a holiday in Canada and might be another reason... I noticed the same thing at the Intercontinental Miami for March 11-13th weekend. I booked a 2 night stay months ago and at the time there was an option for just a Saturday night stay only. Now the one night stay is no longer an option.
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