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  1. I am wondering if they will just refund me the tickets I purchased through them in the event that my flight is cancelled.
  2. 2 days out from departure to London... No updates on the packing. The suitcases are still empty. We really need to get moving on that today. I've been tracking our flight to LHR on Flightaware and it looks pretty consistent as far as not being cancelled. Hoping for the best over this holiday weekend as all the domestic cancellations are making me anxious. This actually made me think of another question since we booked our flights through Air2Sea this time. If our flight does get cancelled and we rebook something on our own (without going through Air2Sea), will Air2Sea refund us (we booked refundable with them) since the airline cancelled and not us? Or would we be stuck waiting for Air2Sea to find us something else? On the Genie end, I woke up to a text from Leroy today wishing us a Happy Canada Day! I am impressed that he did that. After being blessed with the opportunity to sail several SC cruises, I am starting to learn that it is the small things like this that make a great Genie. Almost anyone can do the grand gestures (arrange for food, cake, decorations, etc.), but small things like this show that they pay attention to the details. I really don't want to miss this sailing.
  3. See what I mean, very slippery slope Congrats on the SC booking!
  4. @jake1004Welcome to the suite life lol! It is a very slippery slope....
  5. Me too! I been tracking the same daily flight that we are on for weeks now and so far so good. But I am flying over the 4th of July weekend too so fingers crossed! No! Don't mention Philadelphia again lol. That is where we ended in March....
  6. 4 days out from departure to London.... With the stress of wrapping up the school year and Grade 8 Graduation (both planning one for my class and celebrating my own daughter's) behind us, the focus is now on this trip. We have not packed a thing. I will likely spend the next few days doing that. I am not going to deny that I am most definitely stressed. Between the talk and news all over the place of flight cancellations, lost baggage (I still am traumatized from the March Break experience), LHR being a complete mess and long lines, rising covid rates in the UK, and the need to test on Wednesday while there, I feel like we still have a lot of obstacles before @GregD, The Boss, Hubby, and I can toast to tequila at sail away. This particular sailing (we have done several since the restart) I feel the most stress. Hubby is saying that there is too much beyond our control here and we need to just roll with whatever happens. If we get covid over the next week, at least we will get a good vacation in London, England out of it. I am trying to focus hard on the positives. There is only one non-stop flight leaving out of DTW-LHR on July 3rd and we are on it. So no connections and hopefully they won't cancel it since it's the only non-stop that day. The flight is pretty much full. Not sure what positives we can look at for the baggage. At the moment, we are trying to decide how early we need to get to DTW on July 3rd. Our flight is scheduled to depart at 6:50pm. I am getting stressed just typing all this out lol so I think the plan is to binge watch Obi Wan Kenobi tonight (it's been on the back burner due to craziness at work and Stanley Cup Playoffs) and worry about the trip some more tomorrow.
  7. Ever since the restart last year, entertainment has only been released really close to the sail date. So no one can book anything until then. The last few sailings we've done, the entertainment schedule came out about 24 hours in advance.
  8. Darn! That is the excursion that I am going to miss out on. Instead we are doing something called "Highlights of Alesund". Those pics look amazing!
  9. I am a big fan of ride share in FLL. We gave up on cabs in Florida years ago, never a good experience with them and shuttles always work out to be more expensive than Uber/Lyft.
  10. If your child has their own C&A number, they should have the points. My girls who are almost 14 and 16, I call C&A from time to time just to check their point balance to make sure it is correct. I agree with the other posts, definitely call C&A to find out what is happening. They should have points for every cruise they have sailed on.
  11. I will say, I have been pretty impressed with Leory pre-cruise. As mentioned before, after sending out the initial pre-cruise welcome email at exactly 30 days, he has been fairly prompt with exchanges. On Friday, at 14 days out, he shared his Whatsapp info and over the weekend, he has already sent us several messages inquiring about different things. He also sent another detailed email on Friday about arrival in Southampton, which I appreciated since I have never sailed from that port. Our dining schedule was also shared with us over the weekend, with the understanding that we might move things around once we know the entertainment schedule.
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