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  1. Lucky! He is awesome! We had him on Mariner, full of energy, so much fun!
  2. If they follow the same schedule as past years, it will be late fall 2021 when they release May 2023.
  3. Health Canada (our version of the FDA) just approved Pfizer for 12+ this morning. Bring it on. Now I don't have the leave my kids behind in the dust, but I totally would have
  4. Our first, last, and only Carnival cruise was in 2003. We knew right away it wasn't for us. My parents and uncles and aunts love Carnival. Go figure. They sail Carnival at least once or twice a year (pre-covid) with Princess and Celebrity mixed in between. Bottom line, try it, you will never know until you do.
  5. Not sure if there is a way to organize it but if you go the Roll Call forum and look to the top right corner, you can do a "sort by title" and it will sort it for you by ship name (alphabetically).
  6. Late to the party on this thread but my reaction to Moderna #1 was bizarre. Got #1 mid afternoon and by evening my arm was sore, no biggie. The next day, my arm was still sore and I had slight muscle aches in the lower half of my body. Still no biggie, was able to go about my regular daily activities. By Day 3 post shot, perfectly back to normal. Then Day 7 post shot, things got weird. Woke up that morning with my arm hurting again. Thought it was strange but still went about my day. By about 1pm that day, things started crashing for me, headache, chills, major pain all over
  7. I started making final payment for June & July (2021) sailings because now I can stack my FCCs, I see it as a short term investment with a guaranteed 25% return. But again, my example is not always best to follow lol.
  8. I wish I was sailing this one with you! Going to try for February 2024!
  9. @12thmanthat is probably one of the best videos you are going to find about that particular stateroom. There is not much info out there on it even amongst star class cruisers. I am guessing that is due to Oasis adding that over the latest amp and then covid shut things down shortly after that. And about the other topic, I have always wondered if they are actually Pinnacle or if they got them by default since they are the godfamily of Symphony of the Seas.....
  10. Hubby and I should have second doses by end of July but as a fellow Canadian, my concern is actually more with being able to get in/out of Canada without quarantine. It is the border issue that concerns me more these day. I will be so thankful if I can cruise Allure in December without issue.
  11. You can definitely fly direct on Delta from DTW-MIA.
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