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  1. Well with the unlimited package that is totally understandable. I still would not have given up that filet though 😍 Are you in a JS too for Anthem GC? I am praying that we can get in each night. Fingers crossed. If not we will have to return the MDR or WJ 😬
  2. D12 loves it but I don't care for it much either....
  3. So glad I caved and bought it for the next two cruises!
  4. That's sort of what led to us cancelling as well (especially after we went to Sky and will get all day access to CK). After that cruise in March, it was just too much food.
  5. I know that many love deck 8 or 6 on Oasis class ships, but we personally like deck 12. We have stayed on Deck 12 for every OA class sailing so far. I like to take stairs, and I find Deck 12 more central than the lower decks because you've got the WJ and many public areas on Decks 15/16.
  6. I'm definitely interested in seeing how this package plays out. I had it and cancelled it for SY this July when we upgraded from Sea to Sky class. Hopefully I don't regret it after seeing this thread in the coming days.
  7. I have a brilliant idea! Cancel the BOGO and take the $200 you save and upgrade to that JS! Then your upgrade is only $550 extra or $275pp extra! See how my mind works πŸ˜‰πŸ€£
  8. You did have a "first world problem" but you did not handle it the "Stubborn Canadian Scorpio" way. I would have had the free breakfast and Chops πŸ˜‰ You're on vacation!
  9. Can’t wait to see what you think of it! I have never tried the rib eye but I might have to now... And I have had raisins in every apple pie from CK so pretty sure it’s a CK thing.
  10. My parents just came back from the repo Honolulu - Vancouver cruise on Celebrity Equinox. 5 days cruising the Hawaiian islands and 5 days straight at sea to Vancouver. They loved it and told me that the waters were calm in Hawaii but once they got into the open waters in the Pacific, the motion was very noticeable. They mentioned that the last sea day was the roughest. As @twangster always says, motion can really vary on many factors. It is very hard to predict and YMMV.
  11. By all means, you should start it! Then they can all stop picking on me! πŸ˜„
  12. I am not 100% sure but taking a guess here...It may be that the ocean views that are left are for quad occupancy and they are not opening it up for just 2 people? However, your best bet would be to actually call them and speak to someone. The site is not that reliable. Or check inventory on another site like Costco. Sometimes RC doesn't show everything available.
  13. Someone reported this for our Anthem GC sailing as well. I just logged in now and it appears to be fixed...
  14. Congrats on 25 years! No better way to celebrate an anniversary! Enjoy.
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