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  1. Hey there! Was on a cruise on Oasis and not checking these forums! Ovation was not operating when I was onboard in August, but it sounds like it is back up and running from the last few cruises.
  2. Looks like Royal is not going to extend this promotion, so here I am going through the website trying to book another cruise for Fall 2022 since I got nothing around that time! I got 3 in Feb, March, and April 2022 which will get me to Diamond status, but Diamond+ is the next goal! Pinnacle seems like a stretch lol.
  3. I am pretty sure they'll be doing something special, but not sure what yet... usually inaugurals have cool festivities and stuff, like balloons when entering, music, maybe fireworks at CocoCay are in store for the world's soon to be largest and newest ship! I am WONDERing myself as well.
  4. Yup, refundable rates! I know I could do non-refundable and just do the FCC stuff if I cancel later etc but I figured I am this far out might as well spend a little bit extra and keep it flexible in case their policies change. An extra $100-$200 in a $2000+ vacation isn't a big deal for added flexibility.
  5. Just repriced mine online and it's still $2,470 for a solo oceanview balcony room (Category 4D). I went with the refundable deposit for added flexibility.
  6. Booking with my MEI agent right now as I type this! Woooooohooo!!!
  7. @Fairlynewand @MicDay So happy to hear about the negative news (which is good :D) I tested negative as well, looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday. In case you missed it on Facebook, we are organizing a meetup at the Sky Bar on the pool deck (weather pending) on Friday at 4:30pm, hope to see you there. You can't miss me with my attire ? Cheers guys and safe travels! We are cruuuuuuuuusing soon!
  8. Sorry I missed this. I ate nightly at the Main Dining room for vaccinated guests, Deck 4 in the American Icon grill. Mainly because the buffet was closed, but the presentation of the food and experience is also nice. I am planning on returning there this coming cruise as well since the waitstaff (Ermon and Hong) took real good care of me.
  9. Great question -- I personally have not heard of any positive cases of Covid onboard while I was there, and the FB group for 8/13 has been pretty quiet as well. There were probably some cases but isolated I am guessing. I do know that one of the tour operators in Sitka I believe tested positive so all guests of the tour had to get tested, fortunately all negative. But that's all I have heard. I wouldn't worry too much about it, just do your part, wash your hands, wear your mask, etc and you should be okay. All we can do is protect ourselves and others around us, and cruise safely!
  10. Welcome! You will love Ovation, hope to see you onboard ?
  11. You're very welcome and I am glad you enjoyed the tours on my YouTube channel! I've just done 3 so far, room tour, ship tour and windjammer tour (felt like that one needed its own video vs being in a ship tour somewhere). I have so much footage sometimes it's easy to forget stuff haha. More videos to come! I look forward to the possibility of meeting you! I will be wearing fun cruise-related tshirts throughout the trip and also my "Cruising With JT" shirts on embarkation day, it will be bright green. If you see me say hello! Thank you ?
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