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  1. Great photos of the all access tour! I did it on Oasis and it was worth every penny! ?
  2. Looks like another ship I'll want to try! So many cruises, so little time.... ?
  3. At first I wasn't exactly happy about Sabor being replaced with this on Symphony but now I'm looking forward to trying it out when I finally sail on Symphony!
  4. Personally I love Giovanni's on Allure, especially the filet. Don't get me wrong, I like Jamie's Italian on Harmony but I still think Giovanni's is a bit better.
  5. Price is 25 dollars. That will get you a beach chair, umbrella, and your choice of whatever combination of 4 drinks, ie 4 bottles of beer, 4 sodas, 2 of each....
  6. Not crowded at all considering we had 5 ships in port that day. No issue finding a chair at the beach or seat at the open air bar and grill
  7. I will add that the 40 dollar food and beverage credit does go quickly. I went 40 dollars over my credit but no surprise it's your typical resort prices. Considering the cost of Atlantis or other all inclusive options which require a taxi, this is a good value in my humble opinion. That pretty much concludes the review friends. If anyone else has any questions feel free and I will try to answer them as best as I can
  8. Thanks Matt. I can see why you recommend the place so much, well worth the 79 dollars!
  9. Of course there will be a couple of food and drinks photos! I opted for the grilled fish sandwich and the drink of choice that day for me was the Bahama Mama
  10. Hi Kathy. You can use the beverage credit at any of the restaurants. If you look at the bar picture that is where the grill is located and they do have covered seating there along with fans going where you can eat at as well
  11. Here are some pictures of the hotel grounds and also you can see how close the ships are. The water and beach are absolutely gorgeous. Another plus is the pool is heated so no "ice box" feel when you get into the water!
  12. At check in you will pay the balance owed for the beach day with either a credit or debit card. You'll receive a wristband so the staff will know your a beach day guest for the day. You will also receive your voucher for the food and beverage credit and for beach towels. It is not necessary to bring towels from the ship.... another plus. Once outside and when you pick your chairs where you would like to sit at the beach you'll meet your server. He or she will take your food and beverage credit and keep track of your purchases. Once you go over that 40, an additional amount spent is payable with a credit card or cash but you won't pay till your ready to head back to the ship and close out your bill. At the east end of the pool is where you would turn in your voucher for up to two beach towels.
  13. If you're looking for a nice beach day in St. Maarten and not that far from the pier, I highly recommend the Holland House Hotel. Great staff, food, and location just a short walk from the water taxi at the boardwalk
  14. Getting to the hotel is super easy and only about a ten minute walk. Once you leave the port area head west all the way till the road turns left. You'll see a Senor Frogs right at that corner. Turn left and go about 3 blocks and you're at the Hilton. Check in was easy... I'll go over the details a little later today. The hotel lobby is beautiful as you'll see in these pictures:
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