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  1. I could definitely see that just being a rumor (especially since the larger ships generate so much income for the cruise line) - but I would be thrilled if they did that.
  2. We did all MDR on our recent 5 night on Grandeur, and while some things were hit or miss I loved the Caribbean night menu. The roasted chicken might be my favorite plate of food I've ever eaten in an MDR - it was so well done.
  3. I boarded once as one of these cruises was disembarking, and the amount of hungover rockers waiting on their taxis was almost comical. Apparently they kept the bars open quite late, and embarkation was delayed because of some passengers not leaving. Plus the pool deck was closed for most of the first day due to the stages being dismantled.
  4. Yes - Odyssey is one of the few ships that is enabled with Chromecast 'casting'. We used the feature often in our room. I think you likely need to be connected to the wifi, but not positive that you'll need to have the internet package.
  5. Oh my husband would love this... saving this recommend!
  6. Non-alcoholic mojito or club soda with lime are my go-tos!
  7. I just looked at this - we might try this for our overnight in Miami when flying in to FLL. If we catch a taxi or Uber from MIA if we take the train from FLL that's appealing to help cut down on the Uber cost.
  8. We almost always fly in to FLL even if sailing out of Miami (nonstop flights and generally better pricing), and we've always used Lyft or Uber.
  9. The Diamond lounge seemed consistently crowded on Allure - I'm going to guess because of the location.
  10. So asking this because I just now got a VERY LATE "we might decide to upgrade you to a FREAKING CROWN LOFT once you board"... If we wanted to cancel our 3 night dining package and VOOM reservation based on that upgrade, we could go to the concierge and we would 1) get the refund 2) any leftover OBC credited to my account as a result of that refund would be credited back to me? Or would I get a direct refund?
  11. I also suspect frustrating for people trying to drive through the state to other ports.
  12. Scheduled to sail on Saturday so keeping an eye on this - at this point the most I've done is change my layover on Friday away from Atlanta (which is feeling like the correct decision) to Detroit instead.
  13. Just to add - Congrats!!! We did a B2B honeymoon on Allure 5 years ago, and are sailing on Allure again for our 5 year anniversary in a couple weeks. I hope you walk away from your sailing with as many fond memories of Odyssey as we have of Allure.
  14. Yeah, BrewDog and a couple others do a really good job. I really don't mind Heineken 0.0, either. I've come to associate it with being on a cruise ship at this point - haha!
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