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  1. I always cut them because YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, ROYAL. .... actually I just think it's easier to slide them in without all the extra paper but that might just be me or just the variety of holders I have. I think it says not to cut so that it's a little thicker when they're folded and less easy to tear off the bags if they're not in the holder.
  2. Former vegetarian - can also highly recommend Jamie's or Giovanni's. 150 CP I know focuses heavily on seasonal/fresh ingredients so I anticipate that one being okay and I know Izumi also has a few vegetarian sushi options.
  3. I absolutely endorse solo cruising and doing things on your own. It's freeing, and you have the chance to relax your own way without having to worry about anyone else. I love cruising with my husband and it's a good chance for us to relax together, but I love travelling on my own as well. I say go for it if you are able! That sounds like a really good break way from real life. Also, don't worry about storms. 1) They're pretty out of your control and there's really nothing in your power other than to wait and see what happens and 2) the ship will generally do its best to sail around storms and keep the ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. Plus, plenty of space on board to find a comfy spot to sit with a drink and read a book. The best you can do is plan ahead (leave a day or two ahead of the cruise to get to port) and utilize travel insurance.
  4. This is a good point - I think what people here would really be looking for would be more of the 'macrobrewery' non-lager styles (IPAs, Amber Ales, Porters, etc.) from independent macrobreweries such as Stone or Founders. That said, with Anheuser-Bush rapidly buying up some of the larger popular breweries it'll be easier to distribute small amounts of those non-lager/pilsner styles to ships. I don't ever anticipate this being in large amounts (to the point that you made) but I wouldn't be surprised if a greater variety of styles of beer would be available in certain spaces on some ships such as Playmakers or the Pub (as they're starting to do a little of). I think even having a few kegs on hand of one or two of those styles would go a long way, but again I guess that goes to how many people would actually be purchasing those drinks.
  5. I can give the credit, the craft beer selection has gotten significantly better in recent years - especially in venues such as Playmakers. Stone IPA I've also noticed is pretty consistently available. Is the selection still great? No, but they're trying.
  6. It's Costa Maya and Cozumel for us instead of Cienfuegos and Havana - totally fine with this change (all things considered - definitely sad about not seeing Cuba but can't do anything about it) - already booked Nachi Cocom.
  7. I guess one thing I'm sort of thinking... I saw that once the announcement came out yesterday, our itinerary was swapped from Havana and Cienfuegos to Costa Maya and Cozumel. We're definitely still going. That said, since we're still ahead of final payment I wonder if we'll see cancellations and subsequent price drops that will make this a bit more affordable. Definitely still looking forward to my cruise and my first time on Empress - and to taking my mom and cousin to Nachi Cocom! 🙂
  8. HAHA! Glad to hear you got a bit of a break there. Have a great cruise!
  9. I will say, while the price tag on it sucks, it's really nice to have the flexibility to try new drinks and not be running a constant bar tab in your mind as you go through the cruise. It definitely gives the cruise more of an all inclusive feel. My husband and I generally purchase the drink package. If you look at it this way, a specialty coffee with breakfast and/or a mimosa, a couple frosty drinks poolside, a cocktail or two before dinner, and a glass of wine or two really add up over time.
  10. No, what is listed is what is available as part of these packages.
  11. This close to the date, unless there happens to be a pop-up sale, it'll probably stay where it is. One thing to note, if you go ahead and book it at the current rate ahead of the cruise and you see it drop again ahead of your sailing (you can book this up to 3 days before you sail), you can cancel your current Drink Package and re-book it at the better rate. You can at least guarantee that whatever you see on the cruise planner will be a better rate than what you get once you board.
  12. It seems like beyond today and tomorrow's sailings, everything is speculation. Really crossing my fingers we still make it there on our November sailing since it's mostly sold out, but I also am not holding my breath that might be the case. If we really do get re routed, I'm hoping for Key West and Cozumel instead of Costa Maya or Coco Cay.
  13. I was hoping this to be the case, but I'm not sure it is. Cruises that were scheduled to depart to Cuba today and tomorrow have already been re-routed to Mexico at the last minute. I'm on a fairly full cruise booked to go to Havana and Cienfuegos in November, and I don't have super high hopes that will remain the case any longer.
  14. Uh... is this RC Blog or CruiseCritic? Yes, I do. Love my city... horrible sports teams and all.
  15. I will sit here quietly and continue to love my Skyline.
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