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  1. Southern Ohioan here - I remain hopeful, however skeptical. I'm hoping that with the return to normal we don't see a sharp increase in virus cases.
  2. Chiming in on this - I was supposed to be coming off of Brilliance on Monday for my 30th birthday cruise. I miss cruising and travelling in general - even for business. Related, my 30th birthday gift for myself was a new suitcase.
  3. In my experience there's a good chance the fridges aren't going to be cold enough to keep the kombucha from exploding - may want to consider asking for ice.
  4. I mean, I totally can. Ryan and I laugh about this whenever we go to Labadee now. "HEY, WANNA TRY THE ZIP LINE AGAIN?" SO... second cruise with my at this point soon-to-be in laws. It had already been kind of a comedy of errors, and now we had our first visit to Labadee and it was raining pretty much all day. We had a 10 am zip line time, and until probably 3 in the afternoon we alternated between shopping around and checking back to see if we could get on the zip line. Eventually, there was a break in the rain and we were able to get going. We completed the practice zip line no problem.
  5. On my first cruise ever on Liberty of the Seas in 2015, I decided to try and bring a banana on shore as a snack to Cozumel (being totally oblivious of the rules at the time). I was with my future in-laws (before husband and I had even gotten engaged, fairly early in our relationship), and all 9 of us had walked off the ship together. As we approach security, a dog walks up to my bag and sits. At this point, all of my future in-laws turn to look at me in horror, thinking I had drugs in my bag. And that's how I learned not to bring fruit off of the ship.
  6. Stray thoughts - 1) We stopped in the Amsterdam Cheese Shop on our walk back from town and it was kind of neat! Bought some cheese to snack on an a couple local craft bears - one of them ironically named after Irma. The butterflies everywhere were really cool to watch! 2) The first sea day was SO WINDY!!!!! 3) There were A LOT of kids on this cruise for early October - and quite a few poorly watched with lots of kids running the hallways. We learned in Labadee that "throw the sand in the air" is now a valid game to play at the beach, evidently. Another family decided to
  7. Yes - Bernard's Tours are excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
  8. Oh, what a bummer. We actually made a point of walking by it when we were in San Juan last Thursday and talked abut how amazing it was to stay there.
  9. Throwing in another recommendation for Old San Juan - check Air BnB. We stayed at an incredible villa in the heart of OSJ for two nights before our cruise and it came out to be much cheaper than a hotel when split with two other couples.
  10. This is correct. That was how it worked when my husband and I moved in together. We didn’t have to be married or anything, just living at the same address.
  11. Jamie's - probably my favorite meal I've had at sea!
  12. IDK why but the first time I read this I thought you got the CRUISE for $19.99/person per day and I was like "WHY DON'T I FIND THOSE KIND OF DEALS!?!?!" .. I'm following now. Thanks for the review! ... Brb finding more caffeine.
  13. I'm sure I've read this post about nine times before but since my countdown is currently at 13 days I am reading it again.
  14. I haven't experienced this in the past either at Port Everglades, actually disembarkation has usually been way more hectic for me than boarding at that particular port! ... though I hope they get it together because I board Allure in just under two weeks! Why yes, yes I am ridiculously excited.
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