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  1. Yes, we do this all the time. The key is having both SeaPass cards ....
  2. I'm so on board with you on this one ..... Sovereign of the Seas was our first cruise too. In fact, I have a Sovereign T-shirt that I wear as I board the ship every time we cruise ...
  3. What's my favorite ship??? lol -- those that know me know the answer to that one, the soon to be, "Late Great Grandeur" ---- But I will say this, I haven't been on anything larger than Voyager Class (Navigator), but one of the features on any ship that I truly loved, was the Outdoor space of the Windjammer on Brilliance. The way you can enjoy a meal at the back of the ship is amazing. Now, I'll be on Freedom in March right after it's AMPing.... so we'll see if my opinion on a favorite changes.
  4. Book 2 adjoining cabins..... not only do you get more space, you also get two bathrooms, and that can be a BIG deal.
  5. I would see them move a smaller Celebrity ship into Baltimore (and other smaller markets) before they would build new ones..... just my opinion
  6. Which is one of the many reasons why adding more specialty restaurants is a good thing .....
  7. The fact that those little engines are called mules doesn't surprise me in the least ..... considering canal boats from the 1800's were pulled by mules. Cumberland, MD, where I am, is the western terminus of the C & O Canal National Historic Park
  8. My real issue with Enchantment is the lack of Specialty Restaurants ..... they have one vs the 3 that Lady G has. As for which one would go next..... since they were built in pairs (Legend/Splendour -- Grandeur/Enchantment -- Vision/Rhapsody), logic would indicate Enchantment ..... but since she was enlarged, thereby increasing capacity, who knows.
  9. Yes -- it is, in essence, the same size as the Carnival Pride, which shares the Cruise Maryland Port with Grandeur.
  10. My last one arrived about a month out..... I didn't find out that I had won the upgrade till about 5 days before the cruise.
  11. You then, are part of the problem .... and if you can't see that, then I can't help you. for all those times you were in the restaurants, in your cabin, someone else, who also paid their cruise fare, could be enjoying the lounger.
  12. Mike is insane ..... we had him on Grandeur for Quest last October .... combine that with the fact that it was the Halloween Cruise just compounded the craziness.
  13. To my knowledge, Royal owns 49% of the company. They primarily serve the Spanish and Latin America market.
  14. Exactly ...... She's still in the family ...... would she ever come back? Doubtful.... but, you never know..... just look at Empress. As for Pullmantur, along with Grandeur, she'll be sailing with her older sisters, Monarch and Sovereign.
  15. Typical Florida weather .... unless it's a major weather system, like a Hurricane, most of those showers are fierce and short. I wouldn't worry too much,
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