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    Just knowing there's another cruise on the horizon is the driving force for us to do well at work. Our bosses should Thank Us with a cruise. "Don't Worry, About A Thing ...... Cause Every Little Thing, Is Gonna Be Alright........"

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  1. Has anybody used this app to save your Periscope Broadcasts onto your Android device? I've been googling how to save my videos and this app keeps coming up in the conversations. I would hate to lose these videos once Periscope goes away..... it's like losing vacation memories. Thanks, Mark
  2. Plus, also, if previously, if you booked under a "WOW" sale, normally, during that time, the deposits are lower..... but normally, they are $250 pp
  3. YES!!!! Those that know me know I'm - All In - on this one.
  4. It's a shame you couldn't come just a little further north ..... here's the WebCam from the Wisp Resort https://www.wispresort.com/Wisp-Cam/ Excellent conditions.
  5. You two will have a blast. The Wisp Ski Resort in Garrett Co, MD is about 45 minutes away for us. Although I haven't ski'd in a long time, at my age, I actually enjoy the "Bear Claw" which is a Snow Tubing Range better .... ain't nothing better than hitting "air" on the way down. Plus, with it being part of the Deep Creek Lake Recreational area - I never get bored
  6. Personally, I'm hoping the trend is for great success for Grandeur going out of Barbados .... I know, just by her shear age, her days are numbered, but I'm hoping to have another chance to go on her fall/winter 2022 (plus, I wonder where she'll be Summer of '22) --- that could be a factor.
  7. The really creepy thing is that the winning Powerball ticket yesterday was at the store where I get mine from....BUT I WASN'T THE WINNER. That's where the "coney" in coneyraven comes from. The store was Coney Market in Lonaconing, MD
  8. Tempting .... but not yet, although, I did book refundable for the Explorer cruise, so, you never know. will have to look at the itineraries first. If it's "my girl" sailing it in the Fall of '22, the odds are greater of a switch. Now, these sailings are THIS coming winter..... if, by chance, our cruise on Oasis gets canceled in September, we could always book Grandeur over the winter as a replacement.
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