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  1. I'm assuming you're meaning Voom, the internet service? To answer your question, yes, you can..... I've done it myself.
  2. I couldn't agree more .... Although, I've only ever worked with @michelle - the way folks here on this board talk about the others, I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch.
  3. I would also assume ..... two young girls and their schedules play a HUGE role as to when these group cruises will occur.
  4. Thanks for the advice --- we are also on her in late March (the AMP timing was an added bonus) --- this will be our first time on Freedom and to the islands..... will most def. be following this thread.
  5. Yes, in fact, to give you another example, in 2017, we went to Bermuda, but because of Hurricane Jose churning out in the Atlantic, our sailing excursion was canceled, the refund showed up on our bill (folio) instantly, in which we were able to apply to our replacement excursion instantly..... easy peasy.
  6. Especially when you factor in Specialty Coffee and Bottled Water (of which we drink a ton of) --- hitting the profit margin really isn't that difficult.
  7. I couldn't agree more .... it's one less thing to worry about ..... Besides, I tend to turn a profit by the end of Day 1 ....lol
  8. @CrusingWithMatt - Good to see you're feeling better .... At least you were able to get some R & R around the pool. The pictures are awesome.
  9. Exactly ..... even though the airport is an additional 45 minutes away from my mothers (vs. MCO) --- we used them to fly into Hagerstown, MD.....which is about 45 minutes closer to our home (from BWI) in far western Maryland..... so, for us, it was a wash..... the down side is that the flights are few and far between for Allegiant, whereas, with Southwest going from BWI to MCO..... there are several per day.
  10. Glad it worked out for you ..... It's a challenge with Sanford because it's #2 behind MCO..... Outside of Allegiant, I'm not sure what other airlines use it. I will say this, it's an incredibly easy airport because it's so underutilized, the location of it is less than convenient though (literally opposite side of Orlando from Disney World -- SW side vs. NE side)
  11. This past April, we did the Turtle Farm and Stingray City .... had an awesome time, but as @monctonguy said, you run the risk because it is a tender port.... that's why we def. booked through RC -- this way, if we couldn't make it, the refund would be instant.
  12. Awesome photos ..... Love Jetty Park ..... we saw Oasis going out of there (along with a couple of Carnival ships) last year.
  13. An interesting twist to the drive that'll put you further south than 528..... Get on 417 East as if you're going to MCO ..... (You'll have a couple of tolls of $1.75 each) Right after the Airport and Lake Nona Exits ..... take the exit for Narcoossee south towards St. Cloud. What's nice about this is that you avoid all the lights in Kissimmee AND St. Cloud (Narcoossee is on the east side of SC)..... It'll be a few miles down Narcoossee (past Lake Nona and that whole area) ..... then turn left onto 192 East towards Melbourne ..... you'll pass by the Harmony Golf Preserve. It takes a little over a 1/2 hour to get to I-95 once you're on 192 ..... be warned.... the road is BORING..... long straight stretches of nothing. Going this route will put you well below 528 and all the Space Center/Port Canaveral traffic.
  14. When we drove down to Lauderdale from the Orlando, that's the exact route we took, because of this reason ..... it went flawless. Question..... when you rent the car, are you headed straight to Miami? If not, where in the Orlando area will you be? I know, if you're in the Kissimmee/St. Cloud .... it's actually quicker to go 192 east towards Melbourne .... it'll shave some time off the drive, and, no tolls at all.
  15. @Matt - In the one scenario mentioned, about him flying to the next port and boarding .... is that even possible? He wouldn't have his SeaPass card, he wouldn't have gone through the check-in process. It's an interesting idea, just not sure if it's even possible.
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