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  1. Interesting shot of all 5 currently beached in Aliaga..... you can barely see Sovereign & Inspiration. From Left to Right... Monarch (part of the bridge ripped out) Sovereign Inspiration Fantasy (with the nose removed) Imagination (beached yesterday)
  2. Here's a cut-away showing the progress on Sovereign .... depressing for those that have sailed her. Almost all of the Half Deck (Deck 6) is gone. The photo of all 4 ships is about a week old.
  3. The new look is really clean and sleek ..... Me Likey
  4. Grandeur is NOT balcony-less ...... Balcomy Cabins are on Decks 7 & 8 ....... In the words of Jared (go all the way back to '16 for that joke) , she has "2 WHOLE DECKS OF BALCONIES"
  5. Sure does ..... that was my birthday dinner last time I was on her. The hot rocks are awesome.
  6. YES!!!!!! I'm hoping @Matt is right about her staying in Baltimore. Here's the key difference between her and Enchantment ..... The specialty restaurants. Enchantment only has Chops, While, my beloved Lady G also has Giovanni's Table, and, my favorite, Izumi ---- which sits on the backside of the VCL ---- amazing views from there (pictured). In a year of shitty news, we really needed this.
  7. They are ripping Sovereign apart faster than I could've imagined
  8. Or, it could just hurt the industry as a whole by people choosing other alternatives when it comes to spending their hard earned vacation dollars. For example, going to an "all inclusive" instead of a cruise. Or going to a domestic destination. People will just choose things other than cruises just to avoid the stress of "what if"
  9. Can't blame this one on the wind ..... that was crazy, I can still remember how close the Glory came to hitting Oasis.
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