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  1. The 7-nighter we did to Bermuda last October was fantastic ..... Left Baltimore on Grandeur at 4:00.... Day 2 was a Sea Day Day 3, we Arrived around 4:30 (due to 2 other ships still in dock, we had to wait on Disney to leave) - so, it was like another Sea Day. Day 4,5 -- Bermuda ---- left there around dusk on Day 5 ---- as it got darker, it was really something to watch the lights of the island slowly disappear on the horizon. Days 6 & 7 were Sea Days (plus, Day 6 was the Halloween Party ..... epic It was, by far, the best cruise we'd ever had ......
  2. @DebAtSea ---- Just out of curiosity ..... where on Facebook did you hear of this site? We all post on different Facebook pages/groups, so I'm wondering if there's a way to identify who made the post that brought you here....... Just a sort of "I wonder........." Oh, and, Welcome Aboard ..... the wealth of knowledge here is insane and grows with every post.
  3. Nor Jewel, Radiance, or any of the Quantum Class (except Spectrum)
  4. Yeah, there are a lot of ships not accounted for . I would assume Freedom will get it when it gets AMP'D
  5. Joe is correct regarding Radiance Class ..... Brilliance has an awesome outdoor seating area at the far aft of the ship ..... you can relax, watch the wake, and enjoy a nice meal. Now, on Vision Class --- there is an outdoor area that flanks the beginning parts of both sides of the pool deck ...... not as nice as what's on Brilliance, but still serves a purpose when it comes to added seating for the WJ
  6. @RCIfan1912 --- Option #2 from what @MaryS said is exactly what I would have suggested ...... The bus ride over to the Aquarium shouldn't take too long. The issue with the buses in Bermuda is that none of the routes operate from one end of the island to the other ...... the all converge on the Main Terminal in Hamilton .... it's a sort of hub where all the buses that operate either go from there to St. George (like the #10 and #11) or from there to the Dockyard (like the #7 or #8) --- so, if your destination is beyond Hamilton, taking the ferry to Hamilton (or St. George if it's available) will easily shave a good half hour or so off your travel time -- then transfer to a bus at the main terminal (to the right of City Hall).
  7. Further down Cocoa Beach is a restaurant called Squidlips ..... Awesome seafood, it sits right on the intercoastal, you can get a table in the sand.... we saw dolphins when we were there last year.
  8. How many are in your party? The larger the party, the more it would be to your advantage to make reservations ..... If it's just the two of you, you can make a reservation, but it's not necessary ..... you would just be treated like you would at a land based restaurant .... you would wait for a table that comes available.
  9. Keep in mind, the kiosks are only on a few, select, ships ....... the others may sell Starbucks products, but they are NOT Starbucks. So, it depends upon the ship.
  10. One error that I noticed .... Grandeur DOES have a Pool Bar. Otherwise .... this is really awesome ..... you def. put a lot of time into it.
  11. What ship and when next year are you going?
  12. Our best cruise was Halloween on Grandeur last year .....
  13. Or she's coming back to Baltimore ..... since the next cruise starts on Thursday.
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