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  1. Do you remember when Nassau was NOT the most enjoyable port and folks would stay on the ship? Now most would be Happy to have a cruise just to Nassau.
  2. Do They Allow Loud Laughing in Hawaii Or just A Low Ha?
  3. Sovereign as of today. Looks like a lot of attention is turning to Monarch. The Port Side Bridge Wing is gone on Monarch. Also, looks like the canopies over the hottubs (and possibly the hottubs themselves) are gone on Sovereign.
  4. Sovereign lifeboats sold and exported to Montenegro
  5. Look at the "cage" in the foreground --- with the yellow cabinet leaning against it. That shape almost looks like it could've been an elevator. But I highly doubt it.
  6. Updated photo of Sovereign ..... if you look up on the pool deck, you can see the canopy's that covered the hot tubs, so, looks like the forward pool is gone, but the aft pool is still there. The thing that gets my attention is that vertical gold color that crosses multiple decks....was that an elevator track for one of the glass elevators in the Centrum? Just not 100% sure.
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