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  1. The fact that this was going on should surprise nobody
  2. And while all the back & forth is going on with the CDC --- Ops Crews are quietly getting their vaccines ... Mariner's was in yesterday afternoon .... Oasis is in this morning .... I'm hearing that Enchantment will be this afternoon with Rhapsody getting theirs over the weekend .... This and mixing in the Celebrity Crews too.
  3. Another great restaurant that we love is called Squid Lips waterside grill. It's in Cocoa Beach (the south side of town)
  4. Looks like Rhapsody & Celebrity Silhouette are headed to Miami (currently out near St. Maarten) --- Celebrity Summit just arrived in MIA
  5. Just noticed that Mariner just arrived in Miami w/ Oasis coming in later .... hopefully that is good news in regards to getting the crews vaccinated.
  6. Just saw that the Ops Crew from Independence is getting their shots this morning. #progress
  7. I sure do hope you sail. We're on Sept. 19th .... so, if you're good. We're good.
  8. One thing that IS keeping me positive is the number of photos that Michael Bayley is posting ..... just over the last few days, he's been posting pics of Operational Crews from Explorer, Navigator, Freedom, Liberty & the Celebrity Equinox getting their vaccines #progress
  9. I hope you can go .... then I'll know we're good with our September 19th Oasis Cruise.
  10. One of the things I found interesting when I was in Florida last week was the number of people wearing masks, not because they had to, but because it was what they chose to do. When I was in a Winn-Dixie, I'd say it was about 50/50 mask vs no-mask. I think government, in general, doesn't give the general population enough credit to make the right decisions that are right for them.
  11. And to follow up on what @JLMoran was saying about the waters ..... our experiences were on Grandeur when it came to heading to Bermuda..... could we feel slight rocking at times? Yes. My wife is def. more sensitive to the motion than I. She found that wearing those patches (that go behind the ears) worked tremendously...... In 2017, for our second trip out there, we ended up having to go AROUND Hurricane Jose --- Jose was just meandering in the ocean while Irma and Maria were laying waste in the Caribbean. Was it rough? Yes? --- As Jose was moving north, we went further north as we
  12. @Andrew72681 --- Just out of curiosity, where in Central Florida are you? My entire family has moved down there --- Some in Kissimmee, some outside St. Cloud..... I know we'll end up down there one of these days. The housing BOOM is insane, especially in and around St. Cloud and up through Narcoossee up towards 417. I was down there last week and all the construction along 192 and south towards an area called Nolte Rd just had my jaw hanging open.
  13. Bermuda is still our favorite island. Tyna says she loves it more than when she went to Hawaii. We've been there 3 times so far, there are more plans on the horizon. Plus, one of these days, I'm going to go into work sportin those Bermuda Shorts with Tie and a sport coat. If they can do it, I can do it. It's an image that you'll never forget. The photo attached is from 2016 when we went there for the first time on Grandeur. He was there greeting passengers as they were getting off the ship. I could work that look here..... just not in January.
  14. I had #2 for Moderna on Friday (right after lunch) ---- for the remainder of the day, I was fine. My arm was a little sore, but the crazy thing was that I was incredibly thirsty later in the evening. I was downing the bottled water like crazy. Then on Saturday, I felt ok, arm was still a little sore. I ended up going outside to do some yard work up on the mountain.... ...... then it hit ...... At around 3:00 in the afternoon -- I crashed --- No Energy .... I was whipped. Tyna comes outside, takes one look at me and says, "You look like shit" -- well suffice it to say, I was beat
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