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  1. Totally understand ..... plus, there's no direct bus route back to the dockyard. A taxi would cost around $100. All bus routes converge on Hamilton (the main bus station is right next to City Hall) --- none of them runt he length of the island.
  2. Yes --- it's real simple. A lot of shops in the area.
  3. Actually, the policy was recently changed to that ONLY service dogs would be permitted. Not the Emotional Support ones. My guess is that too many people were taking advantage of it that really didn't qualify. As for the ones that you saw, my theory would be that those folks were grandfathered in based upon when they booked vs. when the policy took effect. I know others, like @twangster, can shed more light on this.
  4. Front Street is in Hamilton .... basically right where you would get off the Ferry .... along the waterfront. It wouldn't surprise me though if this particular perfume can be found in one of the shops around the dockyard area.....there are a few "upscale' shops around, like, for example, the Crown & Anchor (no relation to the loyalty program). My wife loves that place.
  5. Did they make any reference to the barrage of posts from people supporting that this is a ridiculous & baseless lawsuit?
  6. Actually she posted it on the Freedom of the Seas fan Page on Facebook.
  7. Yep --- I specifically know this to be true on Grandeur & Brilliance.
  8. I totally agree with you regarding The Weather Channel ..... ever since they were bought by NBC, they seem to be more interested in ratings .... Personally, I love Accuweather..... I find them to be much more reliable.
  9. One of them was in the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey --- I want to say it was Pan Am.
  10. Actually, Eastern has been resurrected ..... flying regional routes out of MIA I believe .....same colors, same logo ..... very cool.
  11. Pinging @michelle - perhaps she can help.
  12. Never more truer words were spoken ..... It was developed here in Baltimore, then sold to the McCormick Spice Co. years ago ..... funny thing is, the McCormick HQ is in a suburb just north of Baltimore.... And yes, I put it on EVERYTHING, Wings, Mac-N-Cheese, Popcorn, Corn on the Cob, Stir Fry, Burgers..... you name it, I add it. Fun fact, several potato chip companies around here have "Crab Chips" --- but only Herr's (based in Nottingham, PA - just over the state line) has the contract to add Old Bay, and mention it by name, to their chips.
  13. Grandeur, I believe, is scheduled for a DryDock early 2021...... as for other ships .... only Vision and Radiance Class ships can fit under the bridges. (Key & Bay) --- although, there is regular debate regarding Radiance Class, at last check, they will fit.
  14. I haven't seen it, nor have I asked ..... because, I always have a flask of Old Bay at the ready.
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