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  1. While that is true, it's all the other industries that will be affected if things went south for the cruise industry is what's bothering me. The overall Economic Impact would be devastating
  2. Instead of a bail-out, could cruise lines be offered a low interest, government back loan? Just throwing it our there.
  3. FWIW --- Norwegion is up almost 50% today .... it looks like it's on fire.
  4. I've been doing a series of Facebook Lives within our Group for the sailing that was supposed to be on Freedom this coming Sunday. We're all getting through the disappointment together. This is one of the milder ones..... 😀 https://www.facebook.com/coneyraven/videos/10221959327640547/ FIREBALL!!!!!
  5. No --- although, there may be a couple finishing up on their cruises... for example, Grandeur is on her way back to Baltimore --- should arrive overnight tonight. Freedom just arrived in Miami this morning (this was the March 8th sailing) after being turned away from Puerto Rico
  6. Alrighty now ..... since my March 29th Cruise on Freedom went down the toilet, I've got a few additions and one deletion... Add Oasis - Sept. 20, 2020 Add Freedom - March 13, 2022 (The anniversary of the shutdown announcement --- and Nick Vitani's Birthday -- lol) Delete Mariner - Sept. 21, 2020 Thanks, Mark
  7. Really, I stand corrected ... I thought she was in drydock.
  8. I second the comments regarding @michelle I just got off the phone with her about an hour ago.... it was amazing how calm she was in this unprecedented storm. Not only is she having to talk numerous clients off the cliff, she's also having to deal with constantly changing situations on, what would seem, an hourly basis. And on top of it all, she also had to deal with the changes with her own plans that had her going overseas. So, with that being said, thank you Michelle (and this goes for all the TA's out there) ---- you all are amazing and deserve our admiration. Thank You.
  9. Anthem is also headed towards Coco Cay. Majesty, of all things, is headed towards Gulfport, MS??? Rhapsody is anchored outside Tampa Bay Looks like Adventure is anchored off FLL and Explorer is anchored off of Freeport Vision is headed towards Barbados, Freedom, as we all know, is headed towards Miami, and Grandeur is expected to arrive in Baltimore tomorrow night The lucky ship at the moment appears to be Allure because she's in drydock.
  10. So has Disney --- but that's probably connected to the closing of the parks since so many of their cruises are part of bundled packages that include park tickets
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