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    Just knowing there's another cruise on the horizon is the driving force for us to do well at work. Our bosses should Thank Us with a cruise. "Don't Worry, About A Thing ...... Cause Every Little Thing, Is Gonna Be Alright........"

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  1. That's what has us a little edgy about Freedom next March .... not know exactly when it will be amp'd makes us a little anxious .... Hopefully we'll have no issues and will be on her right after being amp's
  2. You are going to have a blast on Grandeur for Halloween --- We were on her for Halloween last year .... by far, the best cruise yet. Have Fun
  3. Exactly what @twangster just posted ..... but keep in mind, this isn't available until approx. 90 Days out from your cruise.
  4. Plus, I don't think folks realize the tips are not just for the Cabin Stewards .... but so many more people that help to enhance your cruise experience, both, in public and behind the scenes .......Personally, we are totally good with the system now, and then we'll tip additional to the folks that really go above and beyond, like a particular bartender..... last October on Grandeur, we had Erik from Kenya (he was working the pool deck) ..... that guy was EVERYWHERE and was just a fun person to have around....
  5. I know when we were in Navigator several years ago, we had an Inside Stateroom (#9341) -- there was not a curtain .... of course, that may have changed between then and now ...... As for why we love them, we figure, you're only in the cabin to s&*%, shower and sleep .... so why spend the money..... but that's our thought, I'm sure there are those that look at things in a completely opposite way.
  6. When on Grandeur ..... never got any sort of receipt ....
  7. That'll drive me nuts .... We're flying to Florida several days in advance, so, the ability to print potentially new luggage tags could be a real challenge .... At least we can get them at the port if need be.
  8. Thank YOU!!!! She's our Happy Place ..... Does she have all the bells & whistles of the newer ships? Nope, but in our eyes, that's a good thing ...... it's just the two of us, so, the fewer kids, the better in terms of our ability to just relax.
  9. Strictly maintenance, plus, replace some carpeting .... as for the major over hall, I'm hearing the latter half of April. (there are bookings available in March & early April)
  10. I would've so taken part in the Thriller lessons.
  11. Exactly .... they did a parade of costumes down the stairs into the Centrum ..... Tons of fun. Captain Thor even got into the festivities.
  12. OMG!!!! We were on Grandeur for this past Halloween. BEST CRUISE EVER!!!!!! You MUST bring costumes!!!!! That dude that dressed as a toy G.I. Joe was amazing.
  13. Oh Dear God ..... I have such respect for you right now.
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