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  1. Exactly. This nugget in particular stood out to me: "One reporter asked Mr. Buttigieg about the double standard cruise lines face that airlines do not, and his response was, "airlines have one safety profile; cruise ships have another."" He clearly does not know what the differences are when answering the question. He seems to be giving an answer just for the sake of giving an answer. You're gonna have to do better than that Pete. You're the US SoT.
  2. I did CLIA's. I'll do this one, too. I'm on several other cruise lines email lists and if they contact me, I'll do it for them, too! I'm in favor of whatever gets the CDC's mother bleeping attention! More so, I'm in favor of whatever gets the attention of whomever has any oversight on on the CDC. I want them to have to answer to some higher authority as to why an entire industry is figuratively screaming at them and one state (one so far, that is) has filed a lawsuit against them. UPDATE: Rats, the email just takes us back to the CLIA site that I already visited/took action at. Anyon
  3. GOOD! The CDC needs to be called out on their double standard BS! They're still holding on to the the idea of outbreaks similar to what happened on Diamond Princess OVER A YEAR AGO and paying no mind to the FACTS that we now have testing, health checks, mitigation measures, numerous other protocols, treatments, and, oh yeah, VACCINES!
  4. Folsom of the Seas? Celebrity Alcatraz? Carnival Brig? Norwegian Bastille?
  5. Little known fact: Koi fish travel in groups of four for safety. If a predator attacks, A, B, & C Koi can escape because the predator always goes after the D Koi.
  6. Wow! She's got talent, for sure! Good luck to her in the art competition.
  7. Based on what has been offered on the previously cancelled cruises, it is most likely. You may have to opt in for it, though. This was my experience with my cancelled January '21 cruise.
  8. I'm already well aware of this. The meme I posted is to illustrate my anticipation of the CDC's response, or more likely, anticipated lack of response.
  9. "Shortly". "Any day". How are we supposed to believe anything the CDC has to say anymore?
  10. SPS

    Suez jokes

    I was gonna post another joke about this here, but, that ship has sailed.
  11. @Traveler & @twangster, STOP TRYING TO "HELP" THE CDC!
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