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  1. The time listed on your email is just a suggestion. They are NOT strictly adhered to. Show up as early as you'd like, check-in, get on board and start enjoying your vacation and exploring the ship! We showed up for Freedom this past January at around 10:30-11:00 a.m. This early arrival let us drop off luggage, check-in, and get on board in under 20 minutes!
  2. We went to the Southern Caribbean last January. While it was the COLDEST week of the year back home (Michigan, sub zero temps), the weather from San Juan, PR to Barbados and back was PERFECT! Sunny and in the 80's (or more) all week long! Beach time and snorkeling excursions were more than comfortable. Cooler but comfortable outside in the evenings to go out on the decks to stargaze and enjoy the sound of the waves. We're going southern Caribbean again this January!
  3. Yes, the farewell is done in both the early and late seating.
  4. I've never seen these things come up in the cruise planner. I've only seen liquor tastings appear on the current day's Cruise Compass while on board. In 2017, I was able to attend a complimentary scotch tasting in the liquor store on board. You had to be there on time. Once the tasting commenced, the doors were locked and no further attendees were granted access. When else am I going to be able to taste six varieties of Johnnie Walker at no cost?
  5. Last year my wife started packing for our January 27th Southern Caribbean cruise in October. (90+ days in advance) She decided that instead of putting away her summer clothes for the winter, (like she usually does) why not put them in the suitcase she's taking on our cruise.
  6. Oh, I wish I had mentioned them on my posting! We saw them this past January on Freedom. I didn't think I would enjoy them very much, I WAS WRONG!
  7. @JustmeCindy Welcome! My wife has a gluten allergy, and I've posted here several time about just how helpful RCCL and it's staff are to accommodating food allergies and special dietary needs. I will link below. I think/hope you'll be quite pleased!
  8. A country/rock band called Savannah Jack performed on our Rhapsody cruise back in 2017. FANTASTIC! Fiddle player on Devil Went Down to Georgia would certainly make Charlie Daniels nervous to follow him! A very young group of guys that play 50's/60's rock called Rookie that performed on Grandeur in 2018. Again, FANTASTIC! I got a chance to shake the guitar player's hand after the show and told him his solo work on Johnny B. Goode would make Chuck Berry proud. Both are known to perform on Royal ships regularly.
  9. This happens a lot, doesn't it? The usual pattern of events, from what I've seen, is Join > Vent > Disappear. Sorry to the OP that RC didn't meet expectations, but, as @Ray said, you should've found and come to this blog sooner. We're all looking to advise fellow cruisers.
  10. Try the "Splenda Naturals Stevia" in the green and white packaging. No bitterness, no aftertaste.
  11. @JLMoran Did you mean to say no Stevia? I've seen Splenda everywhere.
  12. We sailing during the week of Thanksgiving on Navigator in 2009. (Ended on Thanksgiving day, so I can't speak to any special dining) One pleasant surprise was seeing that, overnight, the Royal Promenade was suddenly decorated for Christmas complete with a very large Christmas tree on Wednesday.
  13. In addition to ironing before you leave, take a travel size bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release, too. It works pretty well.
  14. I've seen Blue (Equal), Pink (S&L), and Yellow (Splenda) at the Café Latte-tudes and Café Promenades, but, I don't recall seeing any Stevia. I'm glad you asked this, I've recently switched to Stevia and need to remember to bring some, too!
  15. Like, @CGTLH said, the cups come in different colors/patterns. Out of pure happenstance, my wife and I have been given two different cups each time we cruise. With six people, though, you probably will be looking at some duplicates. I think you are on the right track, though. Just bring some labels, stickers, a sharpie, etc. to differentiate.
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