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  1. I can’t speak for the rest of the fleet, but, our Vision of the Seas sailing that starts today is using canned Dasani rather than plastic bottles.
  2. You know that you can actually strike up a conversation with people that are NOT at least Diamond level, right? I'm sorry that you might need to associate with us unwashed masses rather than exclusively associating with people up at your C&S level.
  3. I've had a good deal of luck by sending direct messages to RC via Twitter. Very responsive. Odd that they have not gotten back to the OP. Maybe it's the sensitive nature of the inquiry.
  4. @FionaMG is correct. I 'd like to add that you'll also need the luggage tags that are in the last pages of the eDoc. Just print out as many of that page as you'll need to attach one to each bag you will check with the porters at the port.
  5. NOTHING you can pre-purchase will be cheaper on board. Also, look at it this way: Having cruise planner items purchased beforehand keeps you from having to worry about how much your are spending during your vacation. Everything is already taken care of and lets you set your mind at ease, as it should be on a vacation.
  6. Has ANYONE ever won (or seen someone win) on the free "Spin to Win" slot machine? We always try, of course, but never win.
  7. Ilvana, this is not an official Royal Caribbean website. This is a fan blog that has no actual affiliation Royal Caribbean. So, unfortunately, no one here can "officially" help you with your FCC issue, we can only offer advise if we have it.
  8. Not exactly a stateroom hack, but, we bring an empty mesh backpack in my suitcase with us for taking water, towels, sunscreen, etc. on excursions. Our usual airport carry-on bags aren't the type you wanna use for that.
  9. You can often find my bald, goateed head at the Schooner Bar!
  10. Especially when it comes to having an interior stateroom, get a pair of battery operated tea lights. ($1 for a two pack at Dollar Tree) They make great night lights for the bathroom so you don't have to blind yourself for any middle of the night restroom trips. They last a surprisingly long time. We left one on all night, every night and it still lit well after an entire week.
  11. They sort of resemble large clothes pins. They're good for fastening a pool towel to deck chairs so they don't ride up or fall down off the back of the chair when you sit. They are also good for hanging wet bathing suits in the shower stall. Each shower has a retractable clothes line.
  12. Keep checking my flight info for no reason Keep checking my hotel info for no reason (Always fly in the day before!) Keep looking at transportation options for Airport>Hotel and Hotel>Port Check out all my destinations on Google maps and Street View Sign into the RC website to look at the countdown and check for any new discounts on beverages, dining, excursions, and spa treatments Sign in to the app to see if any more of the schedules have populated (A little tired of seeing "We're getting in ship shape") Check the www.royalcaribbeanblog.com website several times a day Comment on posts on the www.royalcaribbeanblog.com website!
  13. The flight we are taking on the 24th runs Detroit>Orlando>San Juan daily. Out of curiosity, I checked yesterday's flight on flight tracker. It was running about 6 minutes late, but, in route to PR as usual.
  14. Thanks for this. I leave for San Juan in 16 days! I'm not sure, but, the Isla Verde rate looks to be about the same as we paid at this time last year. I just don't remember how many bags we were charged for. (My wife's roll around carry on may or may not have been charged)
  15. Hello and welcome to the boards. I don't specifically have insomnia, but, I do have a rather early schedule in my "real" life that leads to a tendency to have some very early mornings while on vacation. Meanwhile, my wife will sleep for several more hours. I usually use the time to explore the ship more and actually pay attention to the details that have been added. I realize then how much I haven't really paid attention to the art that has been on board as we usually just kind of pass by it on the way to the next thing. FYI: As a new CPAP user, I suggest you fill out the RCCL special needs form to have distilled water and an extension cord delivered to your cabin if you have not already done so. This is something I have posted and answered questions about in the past. (Stick with it! CPAP use has changed my life!) Fill out the special needs form: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/allaboutcruising/guestSpecialNeeds.do (or send an email to special_needs@rccl.com ) Below is a screenshot of the area you need to fill out. FYI: Be prepared to have a LARGE extension cord provided. The cord I was given was a heavy gauge cord at least 50 feet in length! 😆 Although I filled out the customer needs form for one cruise, the supplies needed were not in our room yet. A quick conversation with our stateroom attendant had a gallon of distilled water and an extension cord delivered during our dinner service.
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