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  1. When we sailed out of Tampa, we stayed at the "Hampton Inn Tampa-Veterans Expwy (Airport North)" the might before. Very clean, comfortable, & affordable. (January 2017) Biggest selling point for me was that they provided shuttle service from the airport to the hotel AND complementary shuttle service to the cruise port. Just had to make arrangements with the desk clerk on arrival.
  2. So Millennium has to reposition from St. Maarten to Seattle? Even with the Panama Canal, that's quite a trek!
  3. GREAT TO HEAR! See you on January 29th!
  4. I noticed that our January cruise has no post-cruise excursion options in Fort Lauderdale (maybe just not yet?). It's still early and some things may also be kind of in the air given the current situations. We've never cruised out of Fort Lauderdale before, so I'm wondering if post-cruise excursions have been available in the past. We have a late afternoon flight and don't really want to spend 6-8 hours at the airport. If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along. (Please keep in mind that we may have to also deal with our luggage!)
  5. I pretty much could have stopped reading this post as soon I saw that BOA is involved. I was unfortunate enough to have BOA buy out my previous bank and have my accounts transferred to them. They are the WORST at ALL the "services" they provide. I will never hold any type of account with them again.
  6. Absolutely, as well as a Father's Day Sale, Flag Day Sale, Dog Days of Summer Sale, Labor Day Sale, Full Moon Fever Sale, End of Summer Sale, a "Keep Checking Back for a Better Deal" Sale, a "Just Because We Decided to Have a Sale" Sale........ I guess I'm trying to say there are a lot of sales! (But seriously, do keep checking back for better deals!)
  7. Hmm, I received 125% OBC for my cancelled cruise planner items in January. The "30% off" price on the drink packages I'm looking at is about 120% (119.86%) of what I had paid for the cancelled cruise. Well played, RC. Way to get most of that money back. They must be looking at my onboard bar purchase history! They know I'm gonna buy it!
  8. I certainly hope the vax and travel situation in Canada improves soon for the sake of everyone there. Plus, as Michiganders, we would love to visit the wine region of Ontario again. We had to cancel our plans to go for our anniversary last May. Hope to see you on board!
  9. This exact one I have is available at https://teenavi.com/product/warning-i-bought-the-drink-package/ There are many variations all over the web with a quick google search.
  10. The t-shirt sales are pretty good and we almost always take advantage, but another reason is I haven't been able to wear this t-shirt for over a year. I only wear it on a cruise because it wouldn't make any sense to anyone walking around on land. It gets a pretty good reaction!
  11. I've been putting it off for weeks in the hopes that you would do it!
  12. I see on the Master Member Cruise List that @SpeedNoodles and @Marc Van Niekerk are also on this sailing. Anyone else? 1/29 Day 1: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 1/30 Day 2: Cruising 1/31 Day 3: George Town, Grand Cayman 2/1 Day 4: Cruising 2/2 Day 5: Oranjestad, Aruba 2/3 Day 6: Willemstad, Curacao 2/4 Day 7: Cruising 2/5 Day 8: Cruising 2/6 Day 9: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  13. We did the zip-line there in 2009 and were disappointed. It did not seem worth the money ($90?) for only one 30-ish second run.
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