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  1. 1. Sail out of Baltimore in January. Rough seas in the western Atlantic that time of year and too cool for the first two days. (Unfortunately, It only got up to 70 & cloudy in Nassau) 2. If Possible, not go to Nassau again. (just stay on board if we do end up there) 3. Dragon's Breath Flight Line in Ladadee. Too much money for a SHORT experience. 4. Never done this, but, be a volunteer for The Quest.
  2. Really? American flies to Charlotte everyday from my closest airport (Flint Bishop Airport, 15 minutes away). This just keeps getting more appealing!
  3. 14 days in the Southern Caribbean for $749PP?!?!?!?!? Man that sounds nice. I'm gonna save up my PTO! (Easy to do right now with nowhere to go!) Relocate to Barbados? DO IT! This past year has proved we can work from anywhere!
  4. I knew this was coming in regards to our January 9-Night, but it doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Now the question is what replacement cruise to book and for when/where? I don’t want to keep rebooking or continually L&S like so many have had to keep doing.
  5. Can we please stay a bit more on topic here? I'm truly wondering about his very topic and at least one full page worth of replies are birthday, retirement, & IRA/401k talk. (Sorry to vent, just frustrated) I have an Explorer cruise booked for January 29th. Given the rapidly approaching date, IF it sails, I'm sure it will be at a reduced capacity. I'm wondering if we will get booted since we we tend to "budget cruise" (interior cabin, re-pricing when the chance comes), even though we are VERY LOYAL C&A members that book early and A LOT of what we save on cruise fare to put tow
  6. This post has been up for over an hour and there’s still no reaction from @coneyraven?
  7. Congratulations! Not only have you been kicked off the ship in a foreign country, but, now you have to find a way to travel home amongst severe COVID-19 travel restrictions! (Queue the sad "you lost" tuba music from The Price Is Right)
  8. I fairly certain that the CDC doesn't want to hear MY opinions on anything. Whatever I would write to them would have way too much ranting and obscenities! On a serious note, I really hope that not too many submissions come from the "anti-cruise" crowd. I'm sure you know the type. The people that always NEED to comment "This is why I would never go on a cruise" whenever a negative story about a cruise pops up.
  9. Saw this article posted on the FB C&A page. Interview with Healthy Sail Panel member, Dr. Scott Gottlieb. https://www-foxnews-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.foxnews.com/travel/health-expert-cruise-ship-safer-travel-coronavirus.amp
  10. I’ve had this same problem in the past. This is the first cruise I’ve ever been able to reprice at all, let alone twice in a month!
  11. UPDATE!!! With the current sale going on as of today (July 9th) I called again to receive another $144 off of our cruise fare. In just under one month, we have now saved $388! Keep checking those prices! FYI: I use the price alert feature on the Shipmate app to monitor prices. It sends me an email each time the price changes (up or down).
  12. Ever since this article came out, this has been a big concern for me, as well. If this is what happens, I can't help but feel like we'll be punished for taking advantage of a good deal. Our next cruise (Late January '21) continues to be available for booking and I'm starting wonder if someone that books MUCH later at a higher cost will be accommodated while loyal customers that book early, like myself, are left standing on the pier, so to speak. I certainly hope the determinations would not just be made by initial booking costs. We like to book cheaper fare so that we can spend more
  13. How about a cruise that just sails to BOTH of RC’s private destinations? Maybe even multiple day stays at one Like: Miami/Sea Day/Labadee/2x sea days/Coco Cay/Coco Cay/Sea Day/Miami
  14. Hello, All! Been a while since I've been here. Several times in the past, I've done a second "mock-booking" of my existing reservation, to see if I would come up with a lower price to no avail. With the current 2021 sale going on, I was able to see that booking an available cabin RIGHT NEXT TO MINE was $79 cheaper so I decided to call RCCL. (Not a bunch, but, hey, every bit helps!) To my surprise, not only was the basic rate $79 cheaper, but, I actually qualified for an additional discount as a resident of MICHIGAN! This has NEVER happened for me. In my experience, those discoun
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