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  1. Totally agree here for Freedom - was on her in June. Concierge Lounge was never crowded, so if just looking for pre-dinner drinks or grab and go breakfast it was a good option. If looking for a view, stick with Diamond Lounge.
  2. While that may be true, I have never seen a crew member smoking in any public areas, let alone in areas supposedly prohibited.
  3. I have yet to go on an excursion that included a photographer.
  4. Exactly the way we approach it.
  5. And the closer they get, the harder cruise lines push to fill the ships.
  6. Call on a Sunday morning - the wait time is MUCH shorter.
  7. You will need to get your drinks in ship-provided cups and transfer them to your reusable cups.
  8. Not on the Strip so many won't be as familiar with it, but think more in terms of Sunset Station.
  9. Nobody has really addressed the question asked in the post title. Of course, my answer won't really address it either. Is 4B an upgrade or downgrade from a 2B? - That all depends on whether you prefer mid-ship or closer to one end. We prefer to have some noticeable motion while under way and like the forced extra walking, so for us 4B would be an upgrade from 2B. If you like it calmer or want to be closer to stairs and elevators, it would be a downgrade.
  10. In the two sample menus shared I would say the vegan options for salads and soups are an improvement to what is on the main menu most nights. I'll have to remember to ask for the vegan options menu along with the main menu from now on. Thanks for sharing.
  11. In that case, you're either losing too much in the casino or carrying off a large sum of cash!
  12. If you're taking multiple trips a year and spending $15000 or more ONBOARD each trip, I'm available to be adopted!
  13. I can see not wanting to be close to FAMILY you're sailing with, but FRIENDS should be okay.
  14. If you see an excursion you like at a price you're willing to pay - book it. Then keep an eye on pricing during various "sales" (and random checks when no "sale" is announced) - you will often find an opportunity to cancel and rebook at a lower price. We have rebooked the same excursion as many as five times when the price keeps dropping. Worst case scenario - the price you were comfortable paying when you first booked is the best price you find.
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