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  1. We sailed out of Baltimore on Grandeur and the seas were disappointingly calm. We enjoy a little rocking motion while we sleep but the water was smooth as glass all the way. Apparently a hurricane in the Gulf sucked all the energy out of the Gulf Stream and didn't give us any wave action to enjoy.
  2. Trying to go into the Cruise Planner while already logged in to account. It takes me to a page asking me to either provide booking number, date, ship, and name or to sign in. If I click on the sign in option, it takes me back to my account page (already signed in). This route is an endless loop. If I instead enter all the information to get to the cruise planner without being signed in, I see a message "Your Booking might be locked; please try again later." Anyone ever seen this?
  3. Depends on what you mean by "driving distance." Anything under 10 hours is a one day drive for me. Anything under 8 hours, total travel time to drive is less than to fly (given the need for connections to get anywhere).
  4. (not intended to be political) Government overreach would seem to be one explanation. The other is partial appeasement of those who oppose the change. You're either clean or required to quarantine. There shouldn't be any in-between.
  5. To be fair, in one sense EVERY ship in the fleet is a "sister ship" to every other ship in the fleet. The different classes might be considered "step-siblings" to us but...
  6. For me, CocoCay or a day in a real port will ALWAYS go the direction of selecting an itinerary that has the port (even if it is a multi-time repeat location).
  7. Another option that doesn't rely on any airlines - drive it. Austin to New Orleans is only about 8 driving hours each way. By the time you drive to the airport, go through security, wait for your flight, sit in those tiny seats for a while, wait at baggage claim, and travel to your hotel the time saving is probably only an hour or two.
  8. Whether you're boarding at 11:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m., a relaxed morning in the departure city is ALWAYS better than rushing around an airport or three. Airline delays happen all the time for many reasons - I once had a flight from Memphis to Cincinnati delayed by three hours because the first flight of the day on that plane was impacted by fog in Portland, Maine and each subsequent flight was pushed a little bit later because of gate availability, etc.
  9. Different points don't matter - my wife takes trips with a couple friends and I get to take advantage of her status. The key would be to take all the extra point earning opportunities on the account that already has more self-earned points.
  10. I would use it now before it disappears. You can always cancel and rebook whatever you spend it on when the sales occur.
  11. It seems fishy that the double points won't accrue if you received a C&A discount. They automatically apply the discount (no matter how large or small) when you book if you provide a C&A number for one or more passengers. The only way to avoid a discount would be to book without the number attached and then add it later - extra work.
  12. This is the issue we encountered. No checkbox. Finally got it straight by calling to have the cruise planner credit associated with the booking and then it was just like using any other OBC as noted by @Hoski
  13. That wasn't on the site a week ago when my wife and her friends booked a 12 night repositioning cruise. Hopefully it applies to ALL bookings and not just new ones made since it was posted.
  14. Getting ready to apply a credit from previous cancelled cruise. Anyone with experience doing this yet? Is it simple to attach the info while in Cruise Planner, or are there hoops to jump through?
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