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  1. Taking our first Celebrity cruise on Reflection on February 11, 2024. A group of friends picked the cruise and invited us to join them so we're crossing over to the X-side. We'll have Elite status as reciprocity for our D+ on Royal.
  2. Because corporate is part of the "everybody gets a trophy" culture. If a "10" is acceptable and a "9" is a failure, just make it a series of "yes/no" questions. "Was the food perfect? Yes or No?" and "Was the itinerary perfect? Yes or No?" would very quickly become "Was the food acceptable? Yes or No?" and "Was the itinerary okay? Yes or No?" because they wouldn't like the answers about perfection.
  3. Funny that all the information they said they didn't get is mentioned EVERY time bingo is played.
  4. If any crew specifically ask for a "10" we ABSOLUTELY report the individual(s) by name at the question about whether any crew requested a high score, even if they DESERVE a high score (btw - nobody gets a "10" from us unless they are extraordinary - perfect scores are reserved for the exceptional). If a crew member says something like "I hope you'll give me a high score on the survey," that's not reported because it's just a reminder of the importance of the survey rather than begging for a particular score.
  5. The Celebrity Elite benefit is similar to the Royal Diamond benefit prior to the introduction of anytime vouchers. Limited menu at any bar during limited hours(which originated as limited menu in the DL during those same hours).
  6. As such, if they each use all four of their vouchers on your behalf you certainly shouldn't need the DBP beyond those 8 drinks per day.
  7. This factor makes it very easy to go to Windjammer without extra help at breakfast.
  8. I would certainly consider it depending on schedule flexibility on my end. If you're really locked in on Alaska, maybe not. If you're happy with other itineraries, then you may well get more than one cruise out of the FCC (or at least a longer single trip).
  9. I would only judge if you failed to take full advantage, and then only in a pitying you sort of way.
  10. You missed "get a drink" between muster and shows/restaurants (not to mention before muster).
  11. Get that drink at the first bar you pass on the way to whichever item becomes first on your personal list. Makes any waiting in line required much easier to take.
  12. Our granddaughter's first cruise was at 10.5 months. She remembers details of the cruise that neither of her parents, her grandmother, or her uncle recall. To be fair, some of those details were during her special time with Gramps between 5:00 a.m. daily wakeup and 8:00 or later everybody else joins us in the Windjammer.
  13. Must disagree with @Ryan79 unless something has changed recently. Once activated, the cups have historically worked for 14 days on the same ship. Keep in mind that the cups, if active, will only work for beverages from the Freestyle machines. All other refreshment package drinks will be charges.
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