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  1. Definitely a case of "usually" there before it's time to get ready for dinner, but on our last cruise we didn't get ANY bags until after dinner (and one of them came at 10:00 p.m. And type of cabin doesn't seem to matter - the earliest we ever had our bags was an oceanview cabin and the late time was a suite.
  2. Another way to "split" the bill is to take turns paying for the drinks.
  3. If stupidity was a crime we would need many, many more prisons.
  4. When you stop by the MDR after boarding to check the location of your table (highly recommended by many on these boards) you can inform them that you would like to have the vegan menu provided at your table each evening. If it's not there on the first night, just ask your waiter for it.
  5. Exactly - use what you want to use and ignore what doesn't appeal to you. Best thing about an aft-facing balcony on sea days is the ability to just enjoy the ocean without the crowds. Best thing about the pool deck on sea days is the ability to enjoy the crowds (people watching is fun to do).
  6. It's unfortunate that Guest Services didn't provide you (a guest) with any service in this regard. Once it continued without relief, I would have been inclined to retaliate in kind by waking them during their down time (i.e. what most of us consider awake time during mid- to late morning). Loudly banging on their door and leaving before they have time to respond might work (although it may also disturb others) and repeatedly calling their cabin phone from wherever you happen to be on the ship would do the trick (unless they somehow figured out that you can just disconnect the phone from the jack - something they may not be familiar with given their age).
  7. None of the true whites listed will be sweet enough if you like Moscato. Best to take the advice of @KJones and bring along two bottles of something you know you like.
  8. There is - no shirt, no shoes, no service. On formal night some people simply wear their tee-shirt that isn't stained and their sandals that still haven't been permanently formed to their foot. It's like going to church in your "good" (insert name of favorite sports team here) jersey.
  9. One more item with respect to the sleazy lawyer. The slime-ball attorney only speaks English. Can Royal request that any civil trial be conducted in Spanish since the incident occurred in Puerto Rico? Or does the incorporation in Florida automatically move it to a Florida court which would be conducted in English?
  10. Oops - looks like I just made the first comment that could be construed as "tearing us apart."
  11. I'd be all for this concept IF they enforced the minimum standard - which ISN'T done now. And definitely on board with shorts okay some nights as it would save me two clothing changes each evening that it applied (assuming I use the MDR regularly).
  12. We took a Southern Caribbean cruise once that included rain for a portion of every day except the sea day (when the Captain cruised hard overnight to get to a clear area, then just basically drifted all day to stay in the sunshine). Didn't negatively impact the trip at all.
  13. We do something similar for Baltimore departures from North Carolina - Waldorf is a convenient location along US-301 to be within an hour (give or take) of the port.
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