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  1. The last time we got cups (on a 5 night cruise) they were activated to be valid for 14 days according to the machine. If that is true, back-to-back trips only require a single purchase to get sodas for the full 14 days.
  2. Interesting that what appears to be a downgrade in the quality of the cup included with the soda package coincides with the increased package cost.
  3. He's young - might still happen in his lifetime - just remind him to not hold his breath.
  4. The $4 "large" is about as much ice cream as you would expect from a single scoop at a Baskin-Robbins shop. Shakes are by far the best deal.
  5. With limited exceptions, your ship time will adjust to the local time. As you move from Eastern Time to Central Time, the ship's clocks will adjust at a specified time during the night. Your stop at Roatan will be 7-4 local time.
  6. This is a great success story recommendation for Allianz Global.
  7. Savory Base is the great mystery - like the original recipes for Coca Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken (when it was still a name, not an acronym).
  8. The original post wasn't against using third party excursions - it was a recommendation against doing so if the planned return time is too close to sailing.
  9. Our first priority is getting onto ANY ship sailing ANY itinerary that fits both our schedule and our budget for the trip. That being said, we like to try new places so all other things being (relatively) equal itinerary is more important to us than ship.
  10. The variant I use is "the only dumb question is the one you have but don't ask."
  11. None whatsoever. And some of those with Choice haven't sailed in almost two years. Thanks for the phone info.
  12. You can also update your payment option preference online any time up to the deadline for check in.
  13. Every person in the stateroom can have a separate payment method, including different credit cards, linked at the time of online check in. This can also be changed for any given passenger up to the last day of online check in availability. Just last week I did the check in with three different cards for our suite.
  14. Which makes it very curious that of the five adults sailing together in June, the only one WITHOUT "Choice" on the Set Sail Pass is the individual who spends the most in the casino.
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