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  1. You just have to go to the bar and order for him once.
  2. Then how do you take pictures? My phone is the only camera I own.
  3. But refreshment package might be in order for those who choose to indulge in specialty coffee as the caffeine boost to aid in alertness.
  4. This will make a great Christmas present for my wife. Thanks.
  5. Yet for me, it won't let me see other times at all because we are already reserved at a particular time. Of course, what the cruise planner looks like differs between the two cruises we have booked in 2022.
  6. If they spent more time making the systems work and less time being funny about them NOT working...
  7. That would be perfect for an 80th birthday!
  8. I will ALWAYS feel bad about not finishing something served to me (even if it's not particularly good). Heck, I even feel bad about not finishing what my wife has ordered (unless it's White Zinfandel).
  9. We who appreciate a good single malt are an elite few. The rest of you need your olfactory paradigm reset.
  10. If you have both Suite Lounge and Diamond or above vouchers, plan your voucher usage for the rest of the day. And don't forget to get bottles of water from the Suite Lounge, even if you're not otherwise particularly interested in the happy hour.
  11. We had #4 on an Alaska cruise once. Everything was deserted and we had the run of whatever area we wanted. Even saw some older kids in the Solarium pool while it was crashing back and forth. Looked like they were having a blast and it was fun to watch them (yes, their parents were there).
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