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  1. We once had a situation where something onboard we wished to attend conflicted with our late dinner seating. We spoke to our Head Waiter and she was able to get us a spot with our usual Waiter (but not the same Assistant Waiter) at the early seating that evening. Letting them know you would like to be included in walk-up MTD will be greatly appreciated by the staff.
  2. Those big eyes will get him more attention than some silly D+ pin.
  3. This surely means that even a slight increase in foot traffic shouldn't be an issue. If it's that far from the elevators, there won't be many people in the area any time of day or night.
  4. Winterville has had steady winds in the 25 mph range and gusts closer to 40 off and on all morning. Rain has ranged from drizzle to driving as well.
  5. Concierge Club is definitely NOT a noisy venue even at its busiest (around dinner time). Late night will not be a concern at all.
  6. And now hoping the storm surge doesn't hit New Bern like Michael did a few years back.
  7. You can ask your Loyalty Ambassador about getting replacements if you can't find them.
  8. The time listed for the dinner seating is when they open the doors and start letting people into the MDR. Fifteen minutes "late" will really just put you at the end of the line entering the room. However, by thirty minutes after the listed time any empty tables become My Time Dining tables.
  9. My wife has them attached to the lanyard she uses for her SeaPass. Mine are in a drawer or three somewhere at home.
  10. I asked two different Loyalty Ambassador's this question recently. One said "yes, you will." The other said "it depends on what time the system rolls over to the new cruise" as each calendar day is officially the limiting factor. Most report being able to use more than the allotted count on turnaround day, but YMMV.
  11. Completely agree - you can't tell by looking what conditions an individual may have. My wife would love to take the stairs more often than she does, but plantar fasciitis makes it very difficult to do more than one floor via the stairs (and even one as it gets later in the day/week). It's not unusual for us to walk to the elevator/stairs area together, separate (her to the elevator, me to the stairs), and meet at our destination deck.
  12. I have both asthma AND knee issues so I understand the concept of "you can't tell by looking" because I look like one of the healthiest people on the ship. I rarely take the elevator (up or down) for less than three floors except on debarkation day with the luggage.
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