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  1. The first riverboat casinos were required to leave the dock for a specified period of time. Then every passenger had to get off and a new set get on (the same people getting off and back on were NOT known as B2B cruisers).
  2. All of those excursions require a transfer by boat to the mainland followed by a bus ride. Reverse the bus and boat for the return.
  3. The Tutti Salad Bar is what we should expect the Windjammer evolution to mirror (at least in the short term).
  4. You had me at camping. You had me at wineries. You REALLY had me at camping with access to wineries. Why ruin it with NASCAR?
  5. This is another area where Travel Agents are your best friends. If you have a list of "must haves, nice to haves, and don't wants" a good TA will be able to point you to the best options.
  6. The "ice cream" machines on Royal ships don't dispense sufficiently cold product to achieve that tower. You're lucky if you can get more than an inch of product to stay on top of the cone.
  7. Probably poor use of the data. Reality - average spend per cruise passenger $132 is a one day number. Average spend per person staying overnight has to be total spend for however long they stay. 10X is not unrealistic because it includes accommodations and multiple meals per day, not to mention multiple days of buying souvenirs and other cr*p they don't need.
  8. With my asthma, it doesn't even require heat to cause other issues. I am very attuned to my body and its responses to environmental stimuli as it relates to my condition. I have noticed that my body temperature begins to rise soon after starting to wear the mask even in an air conditioned office. My employer is currently requiring temperature scans to enter the building and wearing of masks while on site. Thankfully, my role has been primarily WFH since mid-March because on the few occasions it has been necessary for me to go into the office, I have been miserable with the mask for even a short time. Yesterday was one such time I needed to go into the office briefly and I decided to perform an informal experiment. I asked the employee doing the temperature scan to write down my reading on entering the building and then to check me again as I exited. In just 20 minutes of non-exertion wearing a mask in a comfortable indoor environment, my scannable temperature rose 0.9 degrees. It takes an hour and a half mowing the lawn (self-propelled walk behind mower) in the hot sun to do the same. Masks = bad news for me.
  9. Could I cruise without the option to disembark at a port? Yes, as there is plenty to do onboard. Would I WANT to do so? Not particularly as I enjoy the variety, even if all I do is walk around the market area or do some general sightseeing (which I do more often than I take formal shore excursions).
  10. They'll make shakes at the Ben & Jerry's location on Deck 5.
  11. Location based - Waterfront Brewery Selection based - The Porch
  12. Drink, Drink, and Drink. You might also find a few places where you can experience a contact high from all the blue smoke.
  13. I was going to suggest that @Baked Alaska looks to be in need of a haircut.
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