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  1. If the smoking area was confined to a closed, sealed, and contained area there would be nothing to discuss. However, the smoking areas on ships are in areas that negatively impact those who do not smoke.
  2. When the smoking area is placed somewhere that isn't adjacent to areas I intend to use and/or in the most efficient path from one point to another, I do just that. Unfortunately, the smoking area at the pool deck fails on both counts as does allowing smoking in the casino.
  3. Better yet - when the family is forced to pay all of the legal costs incurred by RCCL with respect to the frivolous lawsuit, how much of it will the lawyer pony up?
  4. I appear to be in the minority here, but I find the MDR "Farewell Performance" to be an annoyance rather than something to anticipate. It slows down the service at the end of the meal - on no other night do I have to wait to have a beverage glass refilled or for my dessert to be served. If it was entertaining, it might be a minor inconvenience. Since I find it to not be so, it is an unreasonable intrusion on my dining experience.
  5. It's not MDR vs MTD. MTD is just a variation on the MDR theme.
  6. Short answer to the original question - not enough.
  7. The Cliffs of Moher are not to be missed. If you only do one, that's the one.
  8. CANNONBALL!!!!!!! (unless they want to give me free adult beverages for the inconvenience)
  9. I went to the guacamole "class" with my three year old granddaughter in June on Freedom. She had a blast making the guacamole and eating the chips (but still didn't eat the guac that she made). The "limited" menu for lunch still includes plenty of choices even though it isn't the full Sabor menu. And one beverage was included in the price (margaritas that they showed, pina coladas (full-on or virgin).
  10. On Freedom in June, the horn sounding scared our 20 month old grandson awake (despite having two sets of hands covering his ears) and he screamed the rest of the drill. None of us were given the opportunity to take him away from the crowd and noise.
  11. I doubt you LOST your waistline - if anything, you gained some extra.
  12. I have to disagree with this sentiment. Docking right in Hamilton or Saint Georges is an entirely different experience than taking tours or local transportation to those locations. From King's Wharf you have to plan ahead for what time you want to do something in either of the towns. Being docked there allows much more flexibility.
  13. Bonaire is great for snorkeling and (especially) diving. Less to do in Bonaire than any other stop on that itinerary. Not much in the way of lazy day beaches and there isn't much to the town of Kralendijk. You might want to think of that port day as an opportunity to enjoy the ship with less crowds.
  14. Totally agree here for Freedom - was on her in June. Concierge Lounge was never crowded, so if just looking for pre-dinner drinks or grab and go breakfast it was a good option. If looking for a view, stick with Diamond Lounge.
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