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  1. The Cozumel-Cancun ferry is like the old rhyme: "There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very, very good. But when she was bad she was horrid."
  2. The decision to cancel (if that's the decision) will be like all the others - right after final payment is due.
  3. What do you call an alligator detective? An investigator.
  4. What kind of ghost has the best hearing? The eeriest.
  5. Why do people say “break a leg” when you go on stage? Because every play has a cast.
  6. What’s the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu? One requires tweetment and the other an oinkment.
  7. Why did the man get hit by a bike every day? He was stuck in a vicious cycle.
  8. At Starbucks, the change would be for the better.
  9. But is it worth $25 MORE than the $55 extra you already pay vs. the included MDR price?
  10. My preferred approach is to take the pool towel from verifiably unused chairs and return them to the towel station. Scan the towel in on my SeaPass, too - just to be safe if someone in my stateroom forgets to scan one in during the cruise.
  11. Have never experienced this. Maybe it's because over the course of a trip I turn in more towels than I check out. (More than once, I've removed a chair hog towel that's been verifiably unused for several hours and turned it in using my SeaPass).
  12. Luggage delivery on embarkation day. We have experienced not getting our bags until well after dinner (in a suite, no less) and more often than not the bags in front of our stateroom are not ours while our bags are somewhere down the hall. Why bother with luggage tags indicating the exact room if they're not going to organize the luggage using them?
  13. Or maybe knowledge of more than half the states. Most of the US doesn't have to mean most of the people. It could mean most of the land (and I don't have to include Alaska to meet the standard). (Apologies to Matt for continuing the thread drift). The Bahamas is allowing fully vaccinated individuals to enter without testing. At the risk of being political, it appears the Bahamian Government is more progressive than that of the United States.
  14. Personal experience having been in many states during the period referenced. Only one of those states "required" masks outdoors and it wasn't enforced in any significant way. You may live in a jurisdiction that requires masks when you head out of your front door to walk to the mailbox and back, but wearing masks outdoors has never been a "thing" that I have had to deal with, nor have I heard/seen "official" CDC guidance that masks are needed outdoors. Remember, the guidance has always been "when you are unable to maintain six feet of separation from others, wear a mask." It's easy to
  15. Not unlike the annual flu shot. I take the shot to reduce my chances of getting sick. If you don't get the flu shot (free on most insurance plans) and get sick, that's on you.
  16. Most of the country has been NOT wearing masks OUTSIDE all along, with limited exceptions. Masks required to enter stores, restaurants, churches, etc. does not equate to wearing a mask before entering nor does it prevent removal as soon as one exits.
  17. For one or two cruises, this might be a wash. As soon as you get to three or more trips with flights required, the savings will start to add up.
  18. I tried growing a beard during quarantine but couldn't pull it off. My wife said "Use a razor. It's more efficient."
  19. It only takes me five minutes to walk to the pub but it takes me half an hour to get home. The difference is staggering.
  20. What does a runner drink when he's in last place? Ketchup.
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