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  1. Now might be the time to pull that full case trigger!
  2. That's from a Rodney Dangerfield bit.
  3. Quick and easy history opportunity is the National Museum of Bermuda right at the Royal Dockyard where you'll be docked. It is self guided and very informative. Cost is $15 for adults. (A quick check of the website https://nmb.bm/ indicates that it is currently closed to the public due to the Coronavirus) Haven't taken it but there is an Historic Forts of Bermuda excursion offered in the Cruise Planner. Seems like one to explore (I've been to a few of the forts individually). And if your interest in history includes the United States Civil War/The War Between the States/The War of Northern Aggression (pick your favorite descriptor), the Bermuda National Trust Museum in St. Georges is located in the building that was the headquarters for Confederate agents during the war and includes a permanent display related to blockade runners and the role played by Bermuda.
  4. Use the stick on the umbrella to drill a hole through the hot dog and use that as your straw.
  5. The best reason to watch the Winter Olympics!
  6. For us, an aft balcony is worth a 10% premium on the equivalent cabin somewhere else. Sadly, our Coronavirus-cancelled Grandeur trip this year was an aft JS. Not easy to come by.
  7. At most it should have been extended by the length of time that the "official panic" lasts.
  8. After the fact it may seem outrageous to you, but the fact is: You received an offer that you found acceptable and you took it. Royal Caribbean is honoring that offer and expects you to do the same. Nothing outrageous about it.
  9. May 9 Grandeur still shows as 42 days.
  10. Our four-year old granddaughter would LOVE the original dish. Two of her favorites are hot dogs and pasta. (Don't get me started on "chicken and french fries" though)
  11. They have so few people on most of the flights that they could assign a single person per row right now, so "announcing" that they aren't assigning middle seats is little more than an attempt to put a positive spin on a bad situation.
  12. But as an individual, I cannot place a hold (WITHOUT making a payment) preserving rate and room. I am required to pay a deposit RIGHT NOW (with a short window to cancel with no penalty). Preferential treatment given to Travel Agents that get paid by Royal for the work they do seems counterproductive since my booking directly doesn't incur any such cost to the company.
  13. I can be there from Winterville in a little under two hours!
  14. When the border opens back up, you'll have to make a seltzer run. Doesn't have the same cachet as a beer run, but... (starts singing Bee, double E, double R, You, Enn, Beer Run)
  15. A more accurate description would be "they are waiting until it becomes necessary to cancel additional cruises." There is danger in cancelling cruises that can go forward. I would be at least as comfortable getting on a cruise ship TODAY as I am to go to Wal-Mart to pick up filters for the air system in my house. I was in Wal-Mart doing just that on Saturday, which should tell you about my comfort level.
  16. It's not a buffet if it isn't self-serve. It's a cafeteria.
  17. This allows TRAVEL AGENTS to place a hold for longer than the usual 3 days. It DOES NOT let me make a reservation without a deposit. VERY different things.
  18. Fusion Sour Pomegranate from a local-ish winery/cidery.
  19. @Magandsons - we are booked on the same cruise. Today was 49 days before scheduled sailing, so the system sent out the travel documents right on time. If the situation improves and the cruise happens, this is the right timing to receive documents. If it doesn't and the cruise is cancelled, we'll make the required changes. For now, I'll hold off on printing multiple copies of the luggage tags, but only because we don't usually print them until about two weeks before sailing anyway. Part or our "Countdown to Cruise."
  20. And the opposite effect is true if your cancelled cruise was KSF. If you book on a cruise with expenses for the kids, the FCC doesn't help.
  21. Restart will be allowed June 14. POTUS gives us a present for his birthday.
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