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  1. Because too few passengers know to ask about them. Tell everybody about Savory Bites. Tell them all to ask for Savory Bites.
  2. Layered drinks in the special glasses that changed from time to time.
  3. Just ask about them on day one and they'll appear for the rest of the cruise.
  4. Not unlike at a sports bar on land where only one game has sound and the others are silent. The interesting part is watching Sunday Night Football in your stateroom. NBC doesn't grant the right to use their commentary so you hear crowd noise, PA announcer, field sounds - all instead of Cris Collinsworth. BEST. SNF. EVER!
  5. May be true on some ships, but on Grandeur last October no games were on the pool screen. There were two games available at 1:00 and two at 4:25 in staterooms and on the casino bar screens.
  6. Fumble finger typing or commentary on a cruise that stops in Nassau?
  7. I sure hope it isn't already August! If so, we missed our June trip!
  8. Agree with this completely. We had a family cruise that celebrated our 25th, my parents' 50th, our youngest son's 21st birthday and a niece's 16th.
  9. We're getting a group of people who have never cruised on their first trip. This was a great option to introduce them to the lifestyle.
  10. Grandeur to Bermuda May 9, 2020 Will be my first-ever repeat of a ship.
  11. Just cancel the excursion in the cruise planner. Money will be back on your card in a few days.
  12. For two people the extra space is nice but not $750 nice. If you had three people in the stateroom, I would be more inclined to say it is worth the extra cost. The only other reasons to go with a JS vs. a spacious balcony are if the double points moves you to a C&A tier you'd like to reach sooner rather than later or if you like to have a tub.
  13. I often take excursions that differ from what others in my party are doing. Being solo doesn't mean you have to be limited in your selection. On some of the excursions, I have been paired up with another individual who wasn't part of a pair and on others I have been the odd man out - meaning I got to solo kayak, for example. If you're interested in a particular activity, go for it and enjoy.
  14. Absolutely an option. Only the Deluxe Beverage Package must be purchased by all adults in a stateroom.
  15. A couple years back we were looking at 2 adjoining balcony rooms for five adults and an infant. The 2BR suite (known at the time as the Royal Family Suite) was only about $600 more. With the extra space and some added perks it turned out to be worth it to spend the extra $100 per person on average. Where the price point breaks for YOU is what's most important.
  16. Multiple excursions on our June 16 went down by ONE CENT per person from the best previous price! And another one went up by ONE CENT per person.
  17. You probably root for the Reds and Bengals, too! I think that combination is known as mental illness.
  18. That number would be too high. Certainly doesn't deserve a 3+ based on what we've read.
  19. The only thing worse than Skyline "chili" is Gold Star "chili."
  20. The last time we got cups (on a 5 night cruise) they were activated to be valid for 14 days according to the machine. If that is true, back-to-back trips only require a single purchase to get sodas for the full 14 days.
  21. Interesting that what appears to be a downgrade in the quality of the cup included with the soda package coincides with the increased package cost.
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