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  1. I would love to have some of those options on a regular basis, especially the breakfast bowl. Of course, I'd get that with a triple side of bacon.
  2. Now that December has arrived: How is Christmas like a defective alphabet? No L
  3. With the time required to get to Europe (and back) from the US, a longer trip makes sense and a B2B is a good way to accomplish that. Just because the cruises are port intensive doesn't mean you have to do something specific in every port (says the guy who DOES do something in every port).
  4. Each dinner on the cruise is approximately equal in calories to those consumed for Thanksgiving dinner. Total for the day on the cruise exceeds total for the day on Thanksgiving.
  5. Yes it does. When you confirm the cancellation and the screen refreshes, you'll see the OBC amount at the top change immediately.
  6. Chrome, Edge, and good old fashioned IE all have the issue for me. Maybe Safari is the way to go right now.
  7. All was well earlier this morning. Just checked again and I see the same result reported by @DunkelBierJay now.
  8. The only cruise planner item that improved on a cruise my wife has booked with friends was the Classic Soda Package - down to $6.49 plus gratuity per day from best previous of $7.99 plus gratuity per day and $8.99 plus gratuity regular price. At least the $1.77 per day adds up to cover one full price adult beverage per person.
  9. Just checked everything for my wife's cruise with friends. NO shore excursions were better prices than already purchased (7 different excursions). In fact, one was MORE expensive than has been seen at any other time. Classic soda package (originally $8.99 per day plus gratuity, previously purchased at $7.99 per day plus gratuity) was available for $6.49 per day plus gratuity. That's 28% off the original and almost 19% off best previous.
  10. "Sale" doesn't mean your price will go down, just that the price showing is xx% lower than the new phantom price.
  11. Who needs a VIP lounge? Just get me on the ship and let the vacation begin!
  12. Difference in current pricing could also be related to number of available cabins on the comparable cruises on similar dates.
  13. Unless you specifically request that it be left as a "bed" at all times, your cabin steward will convert it back and forth each day.
  14. My wife and two friends are booked on Explorer for a 12-night Miami to Galveston repositioning. No cruise planner cancellation email and it's still in her future cruises list. Clearly not a universal experience (at least not yet).
  15. Why was the man fired from the calendar factory? For taking a day off.
  16. Third National Bank and Fifth National Bank merged in 1908. Anecdotally, Fifth Third was chosen over Third Fifth because of the temperance movement.
  17. My gut would be to leave it alone until they bring it up again. Then you can start into the "if you're THAT concerned about the spread of the virus, why are we together this weekend?" approach. Call out the hypocrisy of over-the-top virus concerns vs. gathering as a group in confined spaces just because it's a family tradition. ***Point of fact - I tend to be a pot-stirrer when provoked, so YMMV.***
  18. I did not sign up because it would be unethical for my medical provider to write a statement that I do not have any underlying conditions. My asthma is very well controlled, but still qualifies as an underlying condition.
  19. My wife and two friends are booked on a 12 night repositioning cruise in April and the Cruise Planner is open for business for them. Looking for prices on same ship - same issue reported by the OP.
  20. I've also been to the Raptor Center but it was back in 2003. My parents are long-time contributors and have taken part in release activities for rehabilitated birds.
  21. My brother and I thoroughly enjoyed a kayak excursion we took in Sitka. Take your time and take in all there is to see. This activity will meet your love of nature and provide a little less of a herd feeling. We saw a mama bear and her cubs, another adult bear, and at least a dozen eagles. One of those eagles swooped down and plucked a salmon out of the water no more than 25 feet away from us.
  22. It's no joke, but Royal Caribbean has not yet announced how they will gather volunteers for the required test cruises.
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