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  1. Your ArriveCAN form is for just that - arrival into Canada. Once you're in Vancouver there is no new arrival into Canada requiring another form.
  2. It is required for closed-loop cruises, even if you don't intend to leave the ship in Canada. The current requirement is to complete the trip-specific form prior to embarkation (but not more than 72 hours before said embarkation).
  3. A pair of negative results for us (back in less than an hour from swabbing at Walgreens).
  4. This isn't a block cruise for us but it will make it easier to plan the next block on a specific desired ship. After our last cruise currently scheduled, we'll be one 7-night suite away from that block.
  5. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/05/18/how-use-the-arrivecan-app-your-alaska-cruise
  6. I'll be sure to report out on our experience (especially the highlights).
  7. Just my wife and myself. This cruise ends on Friday, July 8 and we board Explorer on Saturday, July 9. Almost qualifies as a side-to-side.
  8. YMMV We booked a cruise departing July 4 (7 weeks out) last night and the C&A discount brought the price of a JS down from double the price for a Superior Ocean View Balcony to about one-and-one-half the price (factoring in the reduced price for the SOV Balcony).
  9. The one time we had a "repeat offender" it was stopped with a simple statement: We understand that there is a survey. We will fill it out. Just be aware that every time you mention the survey starting NOW, the score for your department will go down. Never heard another word about the survey from that individual.
  10. We added our first-ever visit to Coco Cay last night. Part of the strategy to get a crystal block on a particular ship in the not-too-distant future.
  11. Added what will be our first cruise that visits Coco Cay. All part of planning to get a crystal block on a particular ship. Freedom OTS July 4, 2022
  12. Top two blocks being the target is reasonable. Only a perfect rating as the target is not reasonable. I'm okay with giving a 9/10 for very good service. 10/10 requires something exceptional.
  13. The safest bet for boarding together if this is important would be to all show up together at the latest boarding window. Coming early is less likely to work in the ports where they are being strict about times. Being "late" can be a reality caused by transportation delays so they know they have to allow some flexibility on that end.
  14. Complete you ArriveCAN forms today, but not more than 72 hours prior to you assigned boarding time. We have an 11:00 boarding time, so at 2:00 p.m. EST I will be filling out the form.
  15. Correct. "Perfect" is the only acceptable score. 4/5 or 9/10 is considered failure. I believe some of them would consider 99/100 failure if the scale was 0 to 100. When a survey follows up on rating something less than perfect with a question about why I have a standard response. Example: Please tell us why you were not highly satisfied. "I chose satisfied because I got what I expected. Highly satisfied requires something special and is reserved for exceptional service. You should be happy with a response of satisfied. I do not operate under an everybody-gets-a-trophy mentality. If you want a highly satisfied rating, do MORE than the standard expectation. By the way, once you do MORE a couple times, that becomes the new expectation and continuing to provide that level of service will return you to a response of satisfied."
  16. I saw those too. Notice I didn't recommend any of those so-called "limousine service" companies.
  17. The lifeboats are more spacious than the crew cabins. Add a toilet and shower and it might be considered an upgrade.
  18. We booked Premier Airport Shuttle to a downtown hotel for $50.60 for two people. They give the option to prepay a gratuity with the booking or to pay a cash gratuity at the time of service.
  19. Eat fast. Then get another one.
  20. Funnel cake is worth going out in the rain!
  21. We're all still dealing with changes to cruising that may not match our expectations, which are based on previous experiences without the restrictions required by our current world situation. I'm just happy to be getting onboard Ovation on Friday. If it's "not quite as good as my previous cruises" it will still be a cruise. If the experience is at the same percentage level vs. "normal" expectations as everything else in our lives, we will still have a great trip. It takes ten minutes to get a drink instead of seven? Okay. Fifteen minutes to get that late-night slice at Sorrento's rather than ten? So what? The drive-thru at Taco Bell last night took twenty minutes whereas it usually takes less than ten. That's the current reality we live with.
  22. What you're seeing in the app now means that 1:30 is the earliest time currently available to select if checking in now or trying to update your check in time. Your app should be showing you as checking in at your original time.
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