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  1. Ugh! So sorry Joe! I hope it's not as angry, and that it at least feels better without the built up scar tissue.
  2. We have new electric panels by the pool equipment. They grounded the heck out of everything, and the backyard is torn up still showing the exposed conduit and copper grounding wire. I think an inspection happens before it all gets covered up. Not a fun picture necessarily, but here it is.
  3. We've got a big Alaska land cruise in June '22, so we booked the April 23, '23 sailing.
  4. We've had a couple of dry days, and the plumber came back out to add some more equipment to the pad. Hopefully the electrician makes it out today or tomorrow because we have more rain in the forecast on Friday and again on Tuesday. In the meantime, I may have booked a 2BR Aquatheater on Allure. 781 days to Star Class!
  5. I hope that's just a test price on the Allure sailing too. Liberty 7 day prices are 1/3 of what's in the picture.
  6. Nah, that size hail is normal with spring storms around here.
  7. From winter weather to storm season in Texas. This time the white stuff is dime to nickel size hail.
  8. I am so sorry, Joe. I hope you have some miraculous healing overnight.
  9. That's what we have heard as well. Like you, I'm waiting to be able to book something for confirmation. With this crazy past year, who knows. They may decide to send a different O class here.
  10. She's coming to us this year though. Sadly she old news. I want to know who is replacing Liberty! Will the new terminal be open by then? Are we one step closer to Star Class from Galveston?!?
  11. The frozen tundra of Texas has thawed out, and work has resumed. The plumbers showed up around 3:00 yesterday afternoon to finish digging the trenches for the pipes manually. They also brought some of the equipment out. The project manager stopped by this morning and said the plumbing should be finished today. We have rain in the forecast this week, so he's not sure if the electrician will make it out before next week. DH's grill should be on the way. He received daily updates from the company about shipping delays due to the weather, but he hasn't heard a thing since it warmed up. He's g
  12. The sailing isn't complimentary. Just $75 off with 1-4 comped nights in Vegas depending on the hotel. Like I said, I'm pretty far down the casino's player ranks though. I'm sure there are better offers for those further up the club status chain.
  13. Yesterday I received an email from Casino Royale about their current promo with M Life. Basically book a cabin on certain dates/ships and receive complimentary nights at a MGM property in Vegas. I looked closer at it this morning and noticed the sail dates. The first is on Mariner at the beginning of October - a 4 day to CocoCay. The second sailing is Symphony at the end of October - 7 day Eastern Caribbean and CocoCay. Several ships in November, Liberty being one of the last to start (along with Allure) at the end of November. The email also said the offer could be applied to
  14. Am I the only one who had a love hate relationship with the idea of a cabin crawl? On one hand, I would love to see some of the suites we haven't stayed in, but on the other, I hate the idea of strangers in my own cabin. I think it would feel like having my house on the market too...I would want it to be neat and clean, but I know the kids and DH would care less. One of them might even offer to show everyone our dirty clothes hamper in the closet.
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