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  1. I didn't have any issues with this episode, but I have had similar issues with several others. I listen directly on the RCBlog website. Our internet is sketchy at times, so I just attributed it to a problem with my wifi or provider.
  2. We're Dave Ramsey-ians and haven't had credit cards in a long time. We pre-pay for everything we can, including gratuities, and just put our debit card on file. We've never had a problem with a hold, but our bill is generally less than $100 at the end of the cruise and we make sure there is plenty in the account to cover any potential holds from the cruise, hotel, and gas stations before we leave.
  3. Could the humid fog cause the trampoline to be slick? I would think so, but we don't have a trampoline. That's some pretty thick soup out there right now. I hope the conditions improve for you soon.
  4. The Jump Zone trampolines are only open a couple hours each day in the evening on all the Cruise Compasses I have seen for Enchantment (3-5pm, 4-6pm, etc.) They are never open all day. I can't imagine that they would extend the hours because the ship is stuck in port when school is in session so there are most likely fewer kids onboard. I could see them maybe considering opening them if it were Christmas break and there were a lot of kids onboard who couldn't get in the cold pools, but they still have to be staffed by crew that probably has another job at an earlier time of day.
  5. Call Crown & Anchor. It doesn't have anything to do with when / how you check in. C&A levels are based on the number of nights you have sailed. Because you are married, you get to match his points if he has sailed more than you. My husband's points didn't add to his total after our last cruise, but mine did. A quick call fixed it.
  6. How old will they be when you sail? If you are booking a couple years out, I have seen travel car seats that fold up on Amazon - I would think the kids would need to be ready for just a booster though. I know in Western Caribbean itineraries, most places don't require car seats, and a lot of people just hold the kids in the car. Have you googled Bahamas car seat law? If the law is lax (or non-existent), you will probably have a really hard time finding a taxi or uber that has child seats available.
  7. To my daughter's dismay, lobster is not showing up in our menus on the app for our 5 night on Enchantment next month.
  8. Try them on a thicker metal - the metal on the side of the fridge isn't really all that thick.
  9. I just got these. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01L2TL60A?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  10. Is someone picking up your mail, or are you having the post office hold it? I would set that up asap if using the post office - last time there was some new verification process and the website said it could take a few days to process the request. Make plans for your pets and don't forget to take out the trash.
  11. I asked the Suite Concierge if any tours were available when we were on Liberty in September. She asked which we would like to see. We weren't interested in seeing the backstage area or galley and specifically asked about the bridge. There was a question about whether our son could go as he was only 7. She needed to get with the Loyalty Ambassador who was heading up these tours. She got back to me with an hour, and we were all set. The tour lasted maybe 10-15 minutes, and we had a chance to talk the the officer on the bridge. If you want a detailed tour, this is not it - book the all access tour in the cruise planner. But for a peek behind the proverbial curtain (there's an actual curtained section on the bridge hiding their security area), this was just right for us.
  12. Welcome to the boards! This is the packing list I use that I put together for our last cruise. I print it out and check off everything as it goes into a suitcase. I use the space around the clothes section to make notes about which specific tops, shorts, etc. I want to bring, and I make the kids' clothing list on the back. Hubby is responsible for his own clothes/toiletries. I'm going to tweak a few things that we wound up not using or taking at all for our next cruise: reusable straws- some people love them over the paper straws, we found them to be a burden and were fine with what the ship provided, glow sticks for the kids - they thought they would be fun to have for a parade, we never used them, liquid hand soap - we didn't bring, we're fine with bar soap for hand washing in the cabin. I saw this on a video and added it at the last second, but I don't think it's necessary, shoes - pare down the list accordingly. Typically, my tennis shoes, flip flops, one pair of heels, and one pair of flats are all I take. We knew the beach we were going to was rocky so we added water shoes. Also, DH and I used to be competitive ballroom dancers, and we bring our competition shoes if we're planning on doing a lot of dancing. Most people won't bring a specific pair for this. 😉 One thing that's not on the list because they stay in the suitcases is a pop up hamper. I LOVE having this on trips with the kids. We have a USB charger that lets you plug in multiple regular plugs and usb cords similar to this one. With two phones, two kindles, a camera, and a tablet, we felt we had plenty of plugs without needing a converter. Search cruise usb charger on amazon, and you will find several options. We haven't had any issues going through cruise security with this kind in our carry on (yet). Master Packing List.xlsx
  13. If it is still there, keep in mind the ship is cashless and purchases are charged to a Sea Pass card. It could still be a good exercise for them - the kids charge to their Sea Pass (or yours if you don't want to give them charging privileges), then take them to the "bank" at guest services to pay off their bill with their own money.
  14. You shouldn't have that problem in late May. Fog occurs when warm and cold air interact. It will be in the 70s at night, maybe even 80s at the end of the month.
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