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  1. Usually everyone is off the ship by 10 or 10:30 - if not, several crew members will be hunting down the remaining passengers to kick them off. 🤣Your embarkation will not begin until everyone from the previous sailing is off the ship. The rooms are not ready until around 1 or 1:30pm, so we get lunch first so we can get out of everyone else's way. Then we explore until the rooms are ready. This time, we'll have the kids with us, so we'll probably be going from lunch straight to the pool instead.
  2. If you book a next cruise and get obc, do you lose it if you reprice the cruise based on the current promotion? Or does the next cruise obc stick with the reservation regardless of repricing for new sales?
  3. 48 days! Passports are in, set sail passes are printed, now I just need the luggage tags to become available!
  4. It's a lot more variety than only western Caribbean out of Galveston for us Texas cruisers though. Our family is much more likely to drive one state over than to purchase airfare for 4 to sail from Florida.
  5. I always tell myself I'm going to take the last two weekends of the year off, but it never fails. I just booked a wedding for December 20, and I have another on December 30 already on the calendar. I'll join you in that worst boss category. 😫
  6. @WAAAYTOOO This letter was posted in a Liberty FB group. The poster said the lunch was no charge, and several others chimed in on the post like it was a common thing. There was discussion about how it seems to change from Chops to Giovanni's from sailing to sailing, but no one ever argued that there was a fee. I thought that it must be because there is no Coastal Kitchen. If you can, let me know what you find out - we're on the 9/1 sailing and my hopes are up.
  7. Liberty lists one of the suite benefits as lunch during sea days in Chops or Giovanni's Table. Does anyone know if there is a kids menu for lunch, or if not, can my picky kids bring in food from the windjammer?
  8. I have seen the specialty restaurant menus that have coffee with liquor in them. Where else on the ship can you order them? Does the MDR also offer them? Does Café Promenade have a stash of liquor behind the counter I've never noticed, or do the bars also have coffee brewing? Sounds like a good "take it back to the room to plan the next day" drink.
  9. Liberty does not offer reservations for shows.
  10. My husband and I both pack a big suitcase - not sure of the size, they would have to be checked though. The kids suitcases are both carry on size. Then DH and I also carry on a bag each. One is a backpack that we repack to use on excursions, the other will be a small rolling carry on size bag. Remember that if you are changing clothes 4 times a day, they aren't going to be very dirty. If you wear shorts and a shirt to breakfast, then change into a bathing suit to sit by the pool most of the day, then wear a dress for dinner and a show, your shorts and shirt were only worn for a couple of hours and can be worn another day. Same for that dress you wore to dinner. I think for the next 7 day cruise, I am packing 3 pair of nice shorts and 4 tops that all mix and match together, 3 pair of workout shorts and t-shirts, 2 or 3 sundresses and 2 cocktail dresses for dinners, 2 bathing suits, and 1 cover up. For shoes, I'm taking flip flops, water shoes, 1 pair of heels that go with all the dresses, and tennis shoes which I'll wear on embarkation day. I can get all that plus toiletries in my carry on, but I'm going to use the bigger suitcase because I have really thick hair and bring my own hairdryer. The one in the room just doesn't cut it for me. I'll than have extra room, so we'll use my bag as overflow as needed too.
  11. This is mine, but replace #5 with a world cruise... one of the 120+ day sailings. You know, when I win the lottery! 🤣
  12. I know... I know... another dress code topic! Feel free to roll your eyes at me (part of me is rolling them at myself). 🙄 I was looking at the most recent Cruise Compass for Liberty so I could start to plan our evening attire. There are 4 casual nights, 1 Caribbean/tropical, and the usual 2 formal nights listed. Did I miss smart casual nights turning into plain old casual nights?
  13. I'm sure for drinks it would be fine. I wouldn't try to take any fruit or veggies off the ship in it though.
  14. I love the idea of this - my kids are both on swim team, and we never seem to have enough beach towels! I'm not sure I would want the kids using them on the ship. I could see someone innocently picking up the towel for their own use...it's got the logo on it so it must belong to the ship kind of thing.
  15. LOL... I was just thinking, how many drinks of the day is that? 🍹
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