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  1. Totally off topic, but we love Frog's Leap! We visited their winery on our honeymoon.
  2. Wilbort, our stateroom attendant was amazing. He was like a ninja sneaking in to tidy the room while we were at breakfast each morning, and in total we had 12 towel animals. I'm not sure if this is because we were in a room with 2 bedrooms, or if he just played it up for the kids, but it was awesome!
  3. Day 3, at Sea - We woke up to a much prettier sunrise today! We decided to check out the Suite Lounge, and the kids were very happy to find chocolate glazed donuts. DH was happy to find the espresso machine. Then we headed to the Windjammer for our real breakfast. We explored a little more before dropping the kids off at Adventure Ocean. From the helipad, seas were pretty calm. We tried our luck in the casino and found we didn't really have any this trip, so we picked up the kids and went to lunch at Johnny Rockets. Milk shakes were included with the beverage package, but floats were not. They were $3.50 or $3.75 I think. DD spilled her float when she was about 3/4 of the way through drinking it. They replaced the float for free and took off one of our meals too which I thought was above and beyond. It's not like the ship was rocking and it slid off the table or anything, the glass slipped out of her hand. As a side note - hand sanitizer gets really slippery on your hands when they get wet, like from condensation on a glass. Thankfully we brought travel size detergent and washed her outfit in the sink. When we got back to the room after lunch, a plate of treats was waiting for us. We only stayed in the room a little while because we wanted to see the ice show. We got there about 30 minutes ahead of time and were able to get a seat, but it filled up pretty fast once we sat down. Overall the show was good, there were a few falls and an entire routine where the female skater looked nervous before every single lift - maybe she just learned the routine? At the end of that number she was so excited! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the show, and a routine at the end was very funny. After the ice show we went back to the pool for a little bit then got ready for dinner. Here's the dinner menu for day 3, but we decided to eat in the Windjammer because no one was really hungry after the burgers at lunch. After dinner, we introduced the kids to shuffleboard. Tonight was a comedic juggler, and he was really good. A couple of jokes were just a little too old for the kids, but he was very funny and interacted with the audience a lot. We came back to the room for the evening and met Shelly. 20190903_090438.mp4
  4. Day 2, at sea - We woke up around 3am to the sounds of banging hangers in the closet. We were in a storm, and the ship was really rocking. I take a 1/2 a dramamine every morning on a cruise, but this morning I took a whole. DH and the kids wound up taking some before breakfast as well. Everyone felt fine then, so we headed to the Windjammer for breakfast then dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean. The rain stopped mid-morning. DH and I took a much needed nap until the Suite Reception which was held in Olive or Twist. We both got bloody marys which were "loaded" with bacon and shrimp. They began bringing out food, and I started to take pictures but got too hungry to capture more than the first bite. In addition to these little salmon and cream cheese sandwiches there was beef wellington, sushi, beef wrapped asparagus, bacon wrapped jalapeno chicken, mini fruit kabobs, chocolate covered strawberries, and assorted one bite mini dessert items (I'm sure I left out an item or two as well). The sushi was just ok, but everything else was wonderful. After the reception we picked up the kids and headed to the Windjammer for lunch... DH and I didn't eat much after the spread we just had. They had one of the big cakes in the Windjammer at lunch, and the kids each wanted a slice. DD got hers and went back to the table while I helped my son. The slice they gave him was huge and had one of the meringues and a piece of white chocolate on it. We got back to the table and saw that my daughter's slice was even bigger than his and had a whole brownie on it - we could have split her piece among the four of us! None of it went to waste (ok, maybe it went to my waist)! 😋 We spent the afternoon at Splashaway Bay burning off the sugar from the cake. I may have added some back into my system with a lava flow or two though. We went back to the room and got ready for our first formal night dinner. Last night I had the wild mushroom soup, the prime rib, and the hazelnut chocolate cake. Tonight was the carpaccio, duck and creme brulee. It was all really good! We came back to the room to change and met Trumpet and Hops... the beginnings of our towel animal zoo. We tried to get in to see In the Air tonight, and arrived about 20 minutes before the show started. The entire theater was already packed including the gold card section. There was another show at 10:15, but that was just going to be too late for the kids. DD was NOT happy. 😞 We decided to call it a night.
  5. I went to two different Dollar Trees and neither had the hampers.
  6. Pop up hampers. We planned on taking 1 for the kids and just a mesh laundry bag for me and DH. Amazon was selling a 2 pack, so we went ahead and brought the second one. It's a little thing, but we loved being able to just toss dirty clothes in instead of having to mess with finding the opening on a shapeless bag.
  7. It was fantastic! You'll have a wonderful time!
  8. I want to say Target, but we've had it for a couple of years now.
  9. Oh ,I almost forgot, my son and I went to deck one after dinner to get my bag. They had the bag marked as possibly having an extension cord in it, which I didn't have in there of course. I told them that they were more than welcome to open it up. They ran it through the x-ray machine again, and it must have been someone else looking at the bag while I was there because he said, "that's not an extension cord, it's just a long cord on the curling iron." So I guess the images are pretty subjective. We were down there all of 2 minutes and most of that was waiting on an elevator to pick us up.
  10. Day 1 - after lunch in the Windjamer we registered for Adventure Ocean, explored the ship a little, and wound up in the Star Lounge to wait for the rooms to open. We were only there about 15 minutes. The day one menu was waiting for us in our cabin when we arrived. We dropped off our carry on bags, put on our swim suits, and headed to the pool. We stayed mostly at Splashaway Bay, and visited the main pools as well. Both areas had lots of people, but I wouldn't call it crowded. The vacation had officially begun! We went back to the room around 3pm to change into dry clothes for Muster. 3 of our 4 bags had arrived by this time - mine was missing. After Muster, we went topside for sail away. We saw several jelly fish and birds, but no dolphins. With a 5:45 MTD reservation, we went back to the room about 5:00pm to get ready for dinner. I still had no bag, so I knew I would be visiting deck one before the night was out. Not a problem, but is was no fun drying my hair with the dryer provided in the room. After dinner we went back to the room and crashed. We planned on getting back out, but everyone was just too tired.
  11. We're back and I have pictures uploaded to my computer. I'll be sorting through them and posting over the next few days. Here's the rest of our cabin and balcony. The master bath was the same as a Jr. Suite bathroom. We loved the space and separation of the living room, and two full bathrooms made getting ready for dinner pretty quick. The balcony was amazing, my kids even had room to practice their tae kwon do forms out there. It would have easily fit two more loungers. The view wasn't too shabby either. We really enjoyed this room. We have the same category booked for our February sailing on Enchantment, and we booked the exact same cabin while onboard for Liberty again in November, 2020.
  12. I'll take your word for it - I just turned it down (and shortly thereafter off) as soon as I came in the room.
  13. Yes- my kids wanted to name him! 🤣 We got the internet today so I'll give a quick update. We explored the ship a little and registered for Adventure Ocean after we ate. We changed for dinner And my bag still had not arrived by then. Turns out my curling iron has an exceptionally long cord and looks like an extension cord. When they ran it through the scanner in front of me the guy at the monitor was pretty sure it was just the curling iron, so I guess there's lot of room for interpretation. 🤷‍♀️ Here are some photos of our room. The kids' room has the standard shower
  14. The chocolate bar was great. Vacation has officially started! I'm going to turn off my phone for a few days. We may get a day of internet half way through, but I'll post the review and lots of photos when we're back. Thanks for all the help (especially @WAAAYTOOO for trying to get our suite email straightened out)!
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