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  1. DH just said he's going to start brewing again. Beer for everyone! Well in about 6 weeks. 🍻
  2. I'm jealous of some of your stashes...we can't seem to keep more than 1 bottle in our wine table and our racks never got put up.
  3. Yes! I may have teared up a little looking at @JLMoran's Chef's Table photos. We have it booked for May 25...I don't think it is going to happen though. 😭
  4. Liberty now has a couple cases too. 😔 https://www.galvnews.com/news/free/article_86f5f92d-7792-5520-b8f7-3e1b9742bb19.html
  5. That's really interesting. We're supposed to sail 5/25 and have purchased the DBP and Chef's table. I wonder if they will carry this new policy forward if there is yet another round of cancellations?
  6. Grand 2 BR on Liberty last Sept. was a thin, firm mattress. Grand 2 BR on Enchantment 2 months ago was an amazing cloud on which I could rest my head every night. 🤷‍♀️
  7. My husband did this for awhile. I was so much happier when he started brewing in the garage!
  8. We don't have a statewide shelter in place, but Dallas county issued one that goes into effect tonight at midnight. Cities around Dallas have been following their lead, and the mayor of our town, which is in the county just north of Dallas, has said he is making an announcement in the morning regarding a shelter order. I think more rural cities and counties will trickle into the same situation as the virus continues to spread, and at this point April 11 isn't likely. I've pretty much given up hope for my May 25th sailing... I'm feel like I'm playing a game of chicken with Royal to see who will cancel first.
  9. I have 2. The first is us waiting around in the Star Lounge for our rooms to open so we were taking photos of each other. DD decided to photo bomb. 🤣 The second was taken by one of the ship's photographers.
  10. I'll add my very large glass of wine to the party.
  11. I agree. When I price check my cruises, I just get depressed. Like knowing in the back of my head at least the one in May will most likely be canceled. Then I try suppress a why bother attitude while looking at the cruises I have in November and January. 🙄
  12. Forgot about Disney... Because of their prices we tried to instill a 'fear of the mouse' from a very young age with our kids, so I don't even think about them.
  13. Not for Royal. Viking and Princess have canceled all their sailings in the short term.
  14. It says effective Monday the 16th in the line right above section a. 🤷‍♀️
  15. I worked in a call center in college. We couldn't, not we shouldn't... but there was no way to, dial out from the phones lines connected to the computer that had all the contact info on it. Once a call hung up - on the customer's side or mine - all info disappeared from my screen and the next caller's info popped up on my computer. I had a regular old desk phone that I could use, but I wouldn't have had the customer's info written down to call them back.
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