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  1. Did they change all the trivia questions and songs for the name-that-tune type games? We finally got to the point where we knew all the answers to everything when the shutdown happened, and we were looking to clean up on our next cruise.
  2. We want all the information...and pictures. Share every picture! We're all going through cruise withdrawal, so I'm not sure there is such a thing as too much info on a real cruise right now.
  3. A little bit of work got done yesterday on the deck. They started to build the step needed to get to the ground level on the left side of the pool. They dug a trench for the stones, placed them on their ends, and back filled the gap with quickcrete. The guys didn't get too much further when the rain started. They covered the wet, exposed concrete, and tried to wait it out. When it was clear the storm was going to stick around, they packed it in. Here's what it looked like yesterday afternoon after the storm passed. Today was a new day, and the weather gods decided
  4. No, they are the same travertine as the coping.
  5. I'm glad you're seeing progress and hope Friday's appointment goes well!
  6. Today was the time consuming process of filling in the gaps - cutting stones to match the curves of the pool, spa, and firepit. They have a little more to go plus finishing the sides and adding a couple steps. Now that we can see how much room we actually have to work with, we can start to think about furniture. It was a little hard to visualize when it was all dirt.
  7. They just took a break for lunch, and I went out to look at the progress. Think the deck guys would be willing to give the firepit guys lessons?
  8. @JLMoran how are you doing after a few days of the new treatment?
  9. The deck crew was back out yesterday and started by moving loads of the sand around the pool and onto the patio. They spread the sand out and used the vibration machine to settle it down. I thought it looked a lot like wet beach sand at this point, and my 9 year old agreed exclaiming, "Mom! It's just like Paradise Beach!" (Sigh, insert we all miss cruising emoji here ) They then placed rods in the sand. Using the rods as a guide, they ran a 2x4 over the top to make sure everything was even and gently sloping toward the drains. By some magical witch
  10. The two man deck crew was back out this morning using their vibration machine on the areas they dug up yesterday. They finished quickly and said they were going to do a quick repair from the rain on another project in the neighborhood. While they were gone, a truck of sand showed up and unloaded on the sidewalk. This will be the top of the paver base. It started raining as the dump truck was unloading. The deck crew came back about an hour later, and it was still raining so they put up the plastic construction fence and left. Apparently the rest of their guys didn't get th
  11. Today is the first rain break we've had since Sunday. We measured 5.5" of water in the bottom of the spa yesterday afternoon (official total is closer to 2.5"). The deck crew came back out at 3:30 this afternoon to dig new trenches in the base they laid last week for the gutter and deck drain pipes. I hope this means the deck pavers will be laid tomorrow, but it is supposed to start raining again tonight and go through at least noon tomorrow. I plan on painting the bright white pvc that is exposed between where the gutter downspout ends and the deck. The pvc for our auto fill i
  12. Yesterday afternoon, as the crew was loading up their equipment to leave, I saw the PM in the backyard evaluating the firepit. I excitedly stepped outside and asked what he thought. He climbed up on the edge of the spa and declared, "it's not good enough." I got closer and realized what he was talking about. They cut the center hole as a circle, but the outside edge is still elongated and misshapen. He came back by early this morning and took measurements and pictures to send to the subcontractor. So close! On a high note, the level, raised ground makes a huge impa
  13. I'm not sure about the settling; they have been using this vibrating machine to pack down the sand and gravel. I'm hoping that will take care of it, and we won't have to wait since the PM told us it would only take 3-4 days to complete the deck. He may have been talking about working days though. Good news there too! I took the kids bowling (this is the first week of our summer break), and when we got home, the crew had grown by 3. I spy a circle! Right now, they are shoring up the unsupported cinder block under the grill. Since they're here, hopefully they'll
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