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  1. Thanks for the info everyone. My kids are still happy with the Chuck E Cheese type games, so we'll be in there a little bit. Fortunately they're still too young to check themselves out of AO. I think that's when my problems will start.
  2. We're taking our kids on their first cruise, and I know they will have the same C&A status as we do. I'm curious if there is a kids' version of the C&A discount coupons that are loaded onto their sea pass cards, and if so would they need their number issued before hand? We're only lowly Gold level, so it's no big deal, but I wouldn't say no to discounted arcade credit or the like. I was wondering if we need to get them a number before the cruise, should we stop by the loyalty desk once on board, or are they only issued a number after their first cruise?
  3. No, everyone 21 or over in the cabin will have to purchase the UDP. Under 21 will not be required to purchase any drink package.
  4. Thanks. That is the one I am looking at, but there is not a place to buy a ticket on their website which says that this is one of the three experiences in the Port Pass.
  5. Can you buy a pass to just the aviary at Costa Maya when you get off the ship, or do you have to buy the Port Pass through the cruise line? We're not interested in the chocolate or tequila tasting, the kids just want to feed the birds.
  6. My daughter has GAD and we were concerned with how she will handle her first cruise in the fall. She occasionally will imagine situations she really hasn't experienced at their outrageous extreme - last year's wildfires in California meant the whole world would eventually be on fire to her. We've had quite a bit of video watching to expose her to the fact that we will be surrounded by water at times and to familiarize her with the ship. I had photos of a life boat drill from a previous cruise that she loved to look at too. The exposure seems to have calmed her quite a bit as I don't get any "what if" questions from her anymore; I get questions about details instead (what will they do in Adventure Ocean on day 4, can I get spaghetti without sauce, etc.).
  7. I just checked Liberty Sept 2020, and that wasn't on the screen. Maybe they're testing the function?
  8. On our first two cruises DH and I stayed in Junior Suites. With the kids this time, we are staying in a Grand 2 BR. DH gets up on his own before 4am, so a space he can go far enough away from the bed I'm still sleeping in is a must for us. We splurged on the 2nd bedroom since this is my 40th birthday cruise, but I'm thinking it's probably going to be the new standard.
  9. Does anyone have a bowling alley on a ship yet?
  10. I teach 1st and 4th grade language, math, science, history, art, and Spanish. Teaching 2nd and 5th next year...#homeschoolerscancruiseanytime
  11. My husband's swim suit has a small pocket that closes securely. We just use that. I have seen people that wear their card on a lanyard and just leave it on while swimming.
  12. I'm past the snot and milk covered stage fortunately, but I usually have at least one color of buttercream icing on me at all times! 🍰
  13. Meanwhile I emailed my TA because there was a price drop along with the KSF. My agent said, you already have KSF. I kindly told her to double check for me. 🙄
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