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  1. It's not a soap. It's a liquid that you spray on dry clothes to help remove wrinkles. You can usually find it in the travel/sample size section of Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond (I've seen it in some grocery stores too). I found a full size spray bottle that also contains an odor eliminator in the laundry detergent section of Walmart. We're going to refill the small bottles with that because we like to visit the casino and this way we can "de-smoke" our clothes. To use it, you just spray the item and smooth it out. You can also spray and hang in the bathroom with the shower on so the steam helps too.
  2. I was born, raised, and live in the south. I won't eat them because they have the texture of wet sand. Where do I turn in my southern girl card?
  3. Since you mentioned Cozumel, you'll want to plan on taxi money if you are going to be exploring outside of the immediate port/shopping area. It's about a 30 minute walk to the down town area from the pier, and if you are going in the summer, it can get hot fast. Taxis are plentiful going both ways and it's easy to flag one down - even if you start the walk and decide to give up about half way to town as DH and I did while carrying all of our scuba gear a few years ago. It seemed like a good idea when we got off the ship! 🤣
  4. DH gets up naturally around 4am every day. If it's just us, it won't bother me if he gets up and reads on the sofa or balcony. We're taking our kids on their first cruise in September, and we have one of the 2br GS booked on Liberty. I'm really excited about the second bedroom and bathroom, and he's really worried that he'll never get me back into a JS again!
  5. Does guest services charge a fee to cash travelers checks? Maybe that's an alternative if you don't want to carry a lot of cash onboard.
  6. We bring cash for the casino, small souvenirs in port, transportation and tips in port (taxi, excursion guides), and lots of $1s for tips on the ship ($1-2 for each bag for porters getting on and off the ship, room service). I have never wanted to buy anything big / expensive in port, but we would use a credit card if we did. For the small souvenirs we just use cash.
  7. You didn't mention what type of cabin you are sailing in. If you are in a suite (Grand Suite or above), one of the perks is that room service does not incur a charge and you can order off the main dining room menu in addition to the room service menu.
  8. I feel the same about the men's shaving services in the spa. I always wondered if they cancelled appointments in rough seas. 😳
  9. Somebody on another forum posted a picture of their strawberries and champagne. It looks like a bottle, not just a split, to me. Also, since it is delivered to the cabin, I don't think it would just be two open glasses of champagne - it would get warm and go flat if you are out exploring the ship.
  10. I do. They are cocktail dresses though, not full ballgowns. DH wears the same suit with different shirts and ties to go with my dresses for pictures.
  11. On non formal nights, I would wear a sundress or black pants with a cute top. Here's one from a smart casual night. DH would wear dockers and a polo or shirt like in the picture.
  12. That makes sense - I didn't even look at the water, and it definitely looks like it is more shallow closer to the fountain. Thanks!
  13. It's the pool by the kids splash fountain.
  14. We have the same problem. My youngest is 46 1/2" and was just able to ride all but the very biggest water slides at our water park this summer. We're hoping he grows an inch and a half over the spring and summer because his heart is set on riding the slides on Liberty in September. I can guarantee tears if he can't.
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