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  1. We've never cruised out of NOLA before. Suggestions for getting to MSY from the ship on disembarkation day? Pre-book xfer from RC? Taxi? Uber? (for 2 couples) TIA!
  2. We just got off Odyssey and men were almost anything. Even on formal night, I saw one dude with t-shirt, gym shorts and flip flops. However, most guys wore polo shirts or dress shirts. I sort of wish they enforced long pants on guys on formal/dress-to-impress nights.
  3. We just got off Odyssey and the minimum Craps bet was $10. My beef is that every time I ventured into the Casino, the Craps table was closed. They opened it when we were enjoying dinner or shows and after the shows, I was usually too tired to hit the casino. The one time, I did go in there and the Craps table was open, it was packed and I couldn't get a spot at the table.
  4. (I posted this on our FB group but in case people aren't using it) We are staying at the Courtyard Ft Lauderdale beach prior to the cruise. Anyone want to share a ride to the ship on embarkation morning? (we are 2 adults)
  5. We are staying at the Courtyard by Marriott on Ft Lauderdale Beach (I have lots of Bonvoy points). We did not go for the 3-night dining package but did buy one meal at Geovanni's. From what I've read, it one it's a very good restaurant (and we've done Chops before).
  6. Yes, I looked at that website and there is a video of the stateroom directly above us and a video 2 staterooms to our left. I looks like we'll be okay but we won't really know until we get there.
  7. Yes. At the time I made the bid, there were different balcony upgrade options: for a regular balcony and for an obstructed one. The non-obstructed minimum bids were higher than our budget (at the time). I know we're rolling the dice so that we can look out over the lifeboats at the ocean. Plus it will give me a place to enjoy my adult beverage while the wife is getting ready for dinner. FWIW, when we booked the cruise, the obstructed and non-obstructed balconies were very expensive.
  8. We fly a week from today (Friday March 15) and got notified that our RoyalUp bid was accepted. We are moving from an oceanview (e.g. window) to obstructed balcony and hope the obstruction isn't too bad.
  9. This does not answer your question directly but I can offer what happened on another ship: We sailed Radiance in Alaska this June 2023 and the only indoor pool was in the Solarium. They allowed kids in there 8-10am and 1-3PM (may have been 2-4pm). It was not a big deal (but Radiance is much smaller than Odyssey). Kids were never allowed in any hot tubs.
  10. Sometimes, there's an early show that is meant for pre-dining for those eating late and a late show meant for post-dining for those eating early. I guess it depends on the times of the shows.
  11. I wrote this under the article but thought I'd repost here: It will be interesting to see how what changes are made to the entertainment schedule to accommodate the new (middle) dining option. Up to now, there are 2 shows in the theatre. The first show is to accommodate the late diners and the second show accommodates the early diners. On a different note, while we eat early at home, we prefer the late dining on cruises. This is because we don't want to be rushed back to the ship on port days and gives the wife plenty of time to get ready (while I'm enjoying my adult beverages). If we're really hungry, we get a slice or 2 of pizza at Sorentos to hold us over.
  12. I remember "back in the day" when there were $5 craps, they'd allow $6 for 5/9. BFD
  13. We are flying in 2 days before our cruise and staying at the Wyndham.
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