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  1. First, I apologize if this idea has already been floated. Also, I'm not a lawyer so I would love it if anyone familiar with the law could chime in. If the Florida law forbids companies from requiring customers from showing evidence of vaccination (or legitimate medical reason not to have it), Could RCL ask guests to voluntarily show evidence of vaccination? Also, (and this might be a stupid idea) what if stateroom attendants were instructed to NOT enter staterooms (for cleaning, changing sheets, etc.) if the guests have not shown shown evidence of their vaccination? Have these i
  2. Hi Everyone, My wife and I are going on Liberty OTS Sept 26 to Western Caribbean. In prior sailings we've gotten 2-device Voom and one of the things we've been able to do is to text between the two of us (we both have iPhones). We have not purchased Voom yet and was thinking of getting just 1-device Voom but that would only work if the Royal App is available on Liberty and if it can be used to text between us. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone know if the Royal App is available on Liberty and if it can be used to text between us. Thanks!
  3. Looking forward to our first "long" (>8 nights) cruise. Itinerary: Ft Lauderdale - Sea Day - Sea Day - Costa Rica - Panama - Cartagena - Sea Day/Aruba - Aruba - Curacao - Sea Day - Sea Day - Ft Lauderdale
  4. Looking forward to the return to cruising! Great ship with very few East-Coasters (and we're from the East Coast)!
  5. Vision leaves on Mondays for 11-night cruises out of Ft Lauderdale.
  6. I can vouch for this. However, you are not limited to "lift and shift". We had a cruise (with Allianz insurance) cancelled due to COVID and simply changed the dates (on the policy) to a future cruise. Our future cruise is more expensive (more nights) so Allianz just charged us the difference. Bottom line is that you won't get any money back for premiums on cruises cancelled due to COVID. However, you can simply change the dates. Pro-Tip: When we book a cruise, we fully intend to buy insurance but we don't do it at the time of the booking. We do it at a later date.
  7. We converted ours. It's always better to book flights with points (rather than with cash). Even if you book "Wanna Get Away" fares (the cheapest) and then cancel, you get your points back.
  8. I remember reading somewhere that RC hopes to have the chatting (texting) feature of their app rolled out by the end of 2020. However, that was "BC" (Before COVID). Does anyone know if they are still working on it? In particular, I'd like to know if it will ready for our Vision OTS cruise at the end of January 2021. Thanks!
  9. We bought "The Key" for our 5-night Indy cruise on 8/31. It turns out to be $44 more than 2-device Surf 'n Stream. So for additional $44, we get the following One of the fist on the ship on embarkation day They hold onto our carry-ons. Embarkation day lunch from Chops menu Great seats in Studio B for ice show Nice sit-down breakfast on disembarkation day and ability to cut the line on the way out. The other perks don't interest us that much but for the additional $44, we thought it was a good deal. Of course, none of this matters if you aren't interested i
  10. We used to bring them but don't anymore. Since most of the walls are metal, the walkies don't work very well (and can be annoying to others). If you daughter has a smartphone, (and depending on which ship you will be on) , you might be able to take advantage of texting. And if the Royal app on your ship does not support texting, you can consider a Voom package where you'll be able to text over Wifi.
  11. Great information (thanks!) and for our next cruise we might choose Travelx. We've been using Allianz and while they do let you change the dates, they do exclude COVID related illnesses.
  12. So, if the "guarantee" stateroom category is more expensive (or same price) than one where you select the stateroom, what's the advantage?
  13. Sometimes when pricing cruises, there is very little (if any) price difference between having RC selecting the stateroom vs. you selecting the stateroom. In fact, I've seen situations where it's even less expensive for you to select your own stateroom. So, is there any advantage to having RC select the stateroom for you? Thanks all!
  14. Is there a way to get Cruise Planner pricing (e.g. drink packages, dining packages, Voom, etc..) before a cruise is booked?
  15. First, I want to apologize because I have a few questions and thought it would be cleaner to put each one in a seperate post. How does the "Cruise With Confidence" promotion affect refundable vs. non-refundable fares?
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