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  1. No surprise obc for my February '21 sailing ?
  2. *immediately dumps entire paycheck into 401k* This is incredible!
  3. I forgot about those rolls!!!! Those are the BEST. By night 3 the waiter gets the point and makes us a special basket with just those LOL
  4. Majesty was our first cruise ever back in 2016 and stayed in an interior room, sailed to Coco Cay before they renovated and we felt we were treated like royalty the whole time! Majesty was our “first love” and the reason we will sail. ? Now, 4 years later, we are truly spoiled by offerings of the larger classes and would find it difficult to sail on anything less going forward. Mainly because we love more options for bars and activities and places to eat. That being said......at this point, I would sail on Majesty in a heartbeat if she was the only one sailing for the unforeseen future. If you want a quaint and peaceful getaway, nothing wrong with the Majesty. #stillgoing
  5. This was very cool to listen to! Thanks for shaking things up for us. Great questions from everyone!
  6. 1. Visiting Coco Cay for the 1st time!! 2. A revamped muster drill would be awesome!
  7. Really looking forward to seeing some form of cruising take place soon so we can gauge the aftermath and read about what people are saying about their on board experiences!
  8. My February Odyssey sailing was cancelled (but I didn't have it on the master list anyway), so we moved it to Oasis of the Seas sailing Feb 21. First time on Oasis, so not too disappointed, and I got an extra night out of it!
  9. What about the Cruise Planner FCC? I had $900 in Cruise Planner Credit for a sailing in August. I spent ~$700 and have ~$200 left unspent in my planner. Do I lose the $200 I didn't spend, and they start from scratch? If they do, I would still end up with roughly $900 (I think). Or do I keep the unspent $200 and then I get an additional 125% toward the $700 I spent on packages? I would just like to have the original $900 back to my account, but I'm not sure if it works that way?
  10. White Claw was served on Mariner May 2020. I feel like not alot of people knew about it, they weren't displayed or advertised as much as Truly.
  11. We snagged 40% off. It was originally $89 for my February sailing and we just cancelled and rebooked for $51.
  12. So I’ve never done a dining experience on the ship, but I have cruise planner credit burning a hole in my pocket. ? For those who know what Kobe’s Steakhouse is, is that what it is like? Kobe has it set up where you get soup, salad and then rice, noodles and choice of main meat, and sushi offered if you want. The “Izumi habachi experience” is $45 on sale for my sailing. Does that cover everything on the menu? When I look at the sample menu I only see sushi and soups and salads. ? I’m ready for the experts to let me know! P.S. the UDP is only $119. But Izumi charges a cover charge with that, right?
  13. Same, this is all I received when I opted for 125% OBC. Once I knew I needed to start applying credit to my August sailing, I called RC cruise planner line and they applied in 5 mins to my cruise planner. Now I can go in a use it on anything I want which is nice.
  14. You are correct! I did it this morning! I cancelled on the website and they put it back on my FCC cruise planner credit. I went from $130 in leftover cruise planner FCC to $320, yay! Now I just need to actually set sail in August!
  15. Aww I miss those too! I also miss seeing all the updated cruise compasses posted ? ...the little things.
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