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  1. That's cool to read and starting getting an idea of what to expect! A couple things that caught my attention- 1. full service buffet. And 2. no mention about changes to their muster drill (unless I missed it?). I'm wondering how they are going to handle the social distancing during the one time we truly are packed in like sardines- the muster drill! I can't wait for RCCL to post about their protocols. I imagine that the cruise lines probably are keeping similar protocols to each other, for the most part anyway. #StillGoing
  2. I have say, I had the quickest phone call with RCCL in 6 months this morning! I wanted to go ahead and apply my 125% cruise planner credit to our August sailing, so I called the cruise planner line and literally had zero wait time, I was connected immediately. I paused in disbelief when the sweet woman answered. It was refreshing after the hours upon hours many of us have had to wait on the phone for our cancelled sailings (Until many of us smartened up and snagged an MEI TA 😄 ) It's pretty awesome having that leftover amount on my planner. Here's to August guys! #StillGoing
  3. I also received my 125% cruise planner credit today as well. I was happy with the amount. I did see how it says you have to apply it to a single sailing, which I wasn't expecting, but it's totally ok! I know we'll figure out something to apply it to outside of our drink packages. I do have a question as I might have missed it along the lines..let's say, I use it all. What happens if the price drops on my drink package? Normally I would cancel and rebook. But how does it work in this case using a FCC? Do I get that difference back as a cruise planner credit again?
  4. My family and I absolutely will be cruising at first chance. As serious as all this has been, I don't want the fear of "what if" to overrule the possibility of adventure for me. Just as with any disease or pandemic, it very well could hit me or my family at any moment, but the opportunity for memories and living life to its fullest outweighs that fear of there not being a vaccine yet. #StillGoing
  5. Hey! Have you received anything yet? Mine said 05/14 as well, but no emails. Just curious. My final payment on my rebooked cruise is due Monday so i'm like....antsy LOL.
  6. haha! Isn't it sad that we get excited over price JUMPS these days know the possibility it holds! 🙂 Fingers crossed for you!!!
  7. We were on Mariner in December and we had attendants as well for the icecream, which was fine with us!
  8. I've done sugar free redbull and vodka when I need a break from my sugar high. Kraken and Diet is my fave, but I also enjoy a Skinny Pirate (Diet coke and Captain). If you ask the bartender what they have in diet (like gingerale or coke or sugar free juices) they can whip you something special.
  9. I believe when I was on Mariner in December they had White Claws. It might depend on the ship because cruise planner does show Truly in the picture as mentioned above.
  10. Kraken and Diet for me! I've never ventured out much into spiked coffees and teas, but the more posts I read about them...why not try?! I mean, that is what the DX is for right? Sampling... 🙂
  11. 135 days since I walked off Mariner of the Seas and spent a day in pure bliss in Coco Cay. 😞 110 days (fingers, toes crossed and prayers being said) till we go on Indy and go back to Coco Cay! 🙂
  12. haha no problem! It gets confusing when there's so many numbers. Good luck! That's a deal on that drink package! Our sailing in August is only 20% off and still nowhere near the price I want, but hey...things can change 🙂
  13. I used their email to contact them (see below for links), but I believe the direct line for Cruise Planner help is 1-800-398-9819. Shore & Land Excursions, please email us at [email protected] All other reservations using our Cruise Planner please email us at [email protected]
  14. I love this idea! I really miss early mornings in the WJ, late nights in the theater and full days at Coco Cay!
  15. Yikes!!! That's heartbreaking. We paid $61/pp and right now it's $65pp for August. Gonna wait till it goes down for sure. Our cruise in Feb is $90pp, so praying for a Black Friday sale! haha
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