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  1. Can anyone recommend a shuttle service from MCO to a Cape Canaveral hotel? We plan on flying in a day earlier for our cruise, and would like to spend it on the beach in Cape Canaveral.
  2. ? Royal just cancelled this cruise on me. I guess Radiance is no longer going out of Miami. I can’t get the 125% because this cruise was mostly FCC (I had yet to pay the difference). I can’t do lift and shift as the ship is not out of Miami. so back to my original FCC amount. So now I am looking at April 5th going out of Port Carnival on Independence. hopefully that doesn’t get fouled up ?????
  3. 135 days to go! Can’t wait, super excited ?
  4. My Dec 5th cruise on Radiance is slated for Labadee. That was one of the main reasons I chose that cruise.
  5. Anyone here joining me on this cruise?
  6. I hope the new menu includes a Chops Grill fillet, obviously for an up charge.
  7. Looking forward to finally getting back to cruising.
  8. If I am Diamond status and my husband is emerald, will the Diamond level perks extend to both of us when we cruise together?
  9. I just checked in for my March cruise. There wasn’t a place to upload a picture. I am traveling on the Brilliance. There was only a photo cassette box to check When I was on the Navigator, I was able to upload pictures. Is it because I am on the brilliance that they don’t require a picture Ahead of time?
  10. I just received a royal Caribbean gift card but I am wondering how to use it ? Can it be used on board for drinks,gratuities,specialty dining ? Or can it only be used to book a cruise?
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