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  1. thank you for the shoutout to MEI Agents
  2. Thank you for this question - the system we use is great at tracking fares, but LOTS of things factor into the tracker we use too. did you get booked into one of our group rates, do you have a current OBC that will drop if we adjust the fare, are you looking at non-refundable rates online, but you book refundable deposit rates, is the system working correctly to adjust??? (issue lately) and so forth. I work in tandem with my clients and if they see rate drops, I look at them that day they email - sometimes we have to figure it out together and yes, sometimes the system does flag me of a drop, but the system does not grab things like you booked refundable vs non-refundable that is a big one> Clients are never "bugging me" to ask about prices, but it can take me all day to look into if, cause I may be on the phone trying to get a refund due that is taking 5 months ! Our team values every client - this system flags when a sale happens mostly - so if Royal announces a new sale it does sweep but it does not do it all in one day it does it over the course of the sale. Thank you for the support - and mostly for supporting MATT and this blog - Cheers
  3. happy it worked out and have no idea how royal is pricing things these days but not going to ask
  4. yes, they actually found some sites on their own but yes, I have the home tests myself for back up and they are much cheaper - thanks raye
  5. Hi all This one maybe I can get help with before calling Royal- I have foreign clients arriving in Miami tomorrow- sailing next week - before they can cruise, they need to get an Antigen test somewhere close to the Port but every site they try and sign up for want a social security number? anyone know if there is a place they can just go to without needing that? ANY help is appreciated
  6. agree - AUS/NZ just are not budging - glad you cancelled ahead too
  7. Howdy! nice to meet you - It Means awesomesauce, lol - welcome to the boards
  8. Oh interesting - I was wondering if they would make changes at all. Labadee does make sense, I agree - but San Juan? Have not seen anything official from our agent side of things
  9. great point on Royal Up - - people do not always consider all the factors and some find Big Box agencies serve them well - I value relationships more - it pays you over an over in the long run - many of my new clients this year simply came to us because their current agent "disappeared" rough year for some indeed. I have also seen big OBCs given, but client is not able to spend all of it - if this happens the agency not the client gets the refund back (whomever paid it) so if you are promised $300 but only use $100, you really only got $100.
  10. @Jill yes, like Sharla said you can apply early on now, but one thing we have learned is if you apply FCC to booking, then change your mind (like want it on another one instead) it can take weeks for them to correct it. So be sure which booking you want it applied to if you can.
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