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  1. YAY for getting your room and cruise all back together!!!
  2. Anyone hearing that Belize protocols changed for going on shore? App now says can only go onshore with a Royal Excursion, but April 15 it said fully vaccinated do not need a shore tour to go onshore? confused?
  3. I will be on Ovation next week when it comes into Seattle April 26-29th Anything you all want me to photograph or check out?
  4. They sell them in lots of 3 or 6 so yes 9 should be good
  5. Hi all Letter today says only Dec 4, 2022 sailing is cancelled- they are going to have Ship previews for one week only it looks like. So Nov 27, is a go right now as is Dec 11th Just looks like those on Dec 4, 2022 are getting emails for Wonder of the Seas.
  6. the Trifecta - remembers those numbers for Roulette once you are on the ships!
  7. Hey- your TA can give permission for you to talk to Royal about anything to do with your booking -I did that alot during the shutdown. ITs a note your agent would have to call in and do but I do understand wanting to be able to speak directly to the cruise line -
  8. Hi All For anyone that knows this answer or can help a girl out- Cruise planner team was not too helpful unfortunately. from a client: Is there any way you could find out the charge for kayak/paddleboard rental at South Beach on Perfect Day at Coco Cay and for how long we can rent the kayak/paddleboards for?
  9. Glad they answered so quickly - they are trying to be better about allowing you to transfer FCCs at least
  10. thank you for the shoutout to MEI Agents
  11. Thank you for this question - the system we use is great at tracking fares, but LOTS of things factor into the tracker we use too. did you get booked into one of our group rates, do you have a current OBC that will drop if we adjust the fare, are you looking at non-refundable rates online, but you book refundable deposit rates, is the system working correctly to adjust??? (issue lately) and so forth. I work in tandem with my clients and if they see rate drops, I look at them that day they email - sometimes we have to figure it out together and yes, sometimes the system does flag me of a drop, but the system does not grab things like you booked refundable vs non-refundable that is a big one> Clients are never "bugging me" to ask about prices, but it can take me all day to look into if, cause I may be on the phone trying to get a refund due that is taking 5 months ! Our team values every client - this system flags when a sale happens mostly - so if Royal announces a new sale it does sweep but it does not do it all in one day it does it over the course of the sale. Thank you for the support - and mostly for supporting MATT and this blog - Cheers
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