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  1. Oh how I love Portugal
  2. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to the RCI Blog Community! What a great resource we have here of like minded cruisers that offer up great advice and information to everyone. Thank you to Matt and his team for all they do to keep all RCI cruise information relevant. Hope to see some of you on a cruise this year in 2020! Here's to a Great Year Ahead Michelle
  3. You can ask them to update and resend you the E-Docs and they can re-generate them for you within 24 hours
  4. thank you for supporting first Matt's blog and second MEI-Travel - we appreciate your support
  5. love all sparkling wines too - wish they did not get rid of the champagne bar idea, I would love to see that on every ship...
  6. thank you for supporting MEI Travel and Matt's Blog
  7. I was just in St Thomas - I took a cab /bus from the Pier and had them drop us in downtown and then got another Cab to take us to Magen's Bay. The driver did tell us what we were seeing on the way but it was not a true "tour". you can look at www.shoretrips.com and they have some tours that will drop you at Magen's Bay for a few hours.
  8. Hawaii is a great place - I think some of the best beaches are in Maui and Kauai - and Kauai has great scenery and hiking. Oahu has more malls and shopping then other places and I think the Northern part of Oahu has some good beaches and you could even see Turtles up here - great local food trucks too in this area. There are several ships/lines that do have over nights - depends on the sailing but there are some that do overnights in Hawaii (NCL) and then Princess, RCI, Celebrity, Azamara, many other lines have over night stays depending on the destination you are going too.
  9. Keep checking back with them just in case more rooms do pop up - but I agree I like the aft area like others have commented
  10. any of the MEI Agents listed would be happy to help you with your future cruise, thanks for thinking of us and supporting the Blog Site
  11. super excited for some of these itineraries - even a Panama Canal cruise from Tampa - that is rare
  12. hi there we are happy to help any time and I have clients all over the country and the world in fact feel free to email us if you want a quote or have a booking you want to transfer to us Give us a Try! Travel Agents aren't all that bad...😁
  13. love this posting - Celebrity is a different line and has some really excellent upgraded I think benefits And ships make a difference too - Elite is a great status to walk into with some already nice additions and they do give some extra things in suites as well. Laundry is a great one!
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