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  1. Hi Michelle,

    one of the member suggests to contact you regarding my question and you may know the answer.

    I got the FCC issued from US RC. Is it possible to book the cruise via UK RC website and apply FCC issued from US RC?

    Thank in advance for your help. 

  2. Woo Hoo! so glad it all worked out for you and so excited for the Owners Suite- it will be hard for you to sail any other way - ask people here lol Thanks for sticking with the Blog and Mei-Travel
  3. SO happy to help you and for us - its not as hard cause we know exactly what to ask for - just glad Royal realized the issue as well and are working on them now too! Happy that you are entrusting your trips to us at MEI-Travel - we appreciate the support !
  4. wait I'm funny - good to know - thanks for supporting MEI-Travel!
  5. Dear Club Royale Member, We hope that this message finds you and your family well. The world truly is going through an unprecedented time, and we have all felt the impact of our decision to pause all global sailings. As we continue to evaluate what’s next, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to the cruise industry, and we have been diligently working through how all of this impacts our fleet, crew and staff, and of course you — our Club Royale guests. It means so much to us that many of you have reached out, eagerly awaiting your next offer or looking to rebook your impacted vacation. You want to get back onboard soon — just as much as we do. We are so thankful for your loyalty to Club Royale and we want to show our appreciation by sharing a few key updates we’ve made to the program, so you can enjoy your benefits even longer. 2019 & 2020 TIER STATUS EXTENSION. All Club Royale members will receive an extension of their 2020 tier status through March 31, 2022. Additionally, members who were in jeopardy of losing their tier status on the recent April 1, 2020 renewal date will receive an extension on their status through March 31, 2022. This means you will enjoy all your benefits and perks for the next 24 months. ANNUAL CRUISE BENEFIT. Any members who were not able to take advantage of their 2019 annual complimentary cruise benefit will be able to redeem it through March 31, 2021. CRUISE OFFERS. We remain committed to extending our cruise offers to you, and our Casino Representatives are here to assist whenever you are ready and able to travel once again. As part of the Royal Caribbean and Club Royale family, our Casino Representatives are available at 888-561-2234 to support and assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Or you can visit ClubRoyaleOffers.com and enter your Crown & Anchor Society number to view your current available offers. Please keep in touch and we look forward to welcoming you back onboard. Sincerely, Club Royale
  6. HI there - no - RCI and Celebrity are separate companies so you have to use the FCC for Celebrity with Celebrity, and same with RCI
  7. AND - for those who get an offer that has the SUN word in it, TAs should be able to book those - its just certain offers we can't
  8. Im glad you got this offer - at least they are doing something for Casino guests that are Loyal to Them!
  9. As of now NOTHING official from RCI about anything past April 10 or Alaska- so hang tight! Hoping for some good news !
  10. Do not think that is a worry at this point - but I get why people would be concerned ! they are a great and very supportive company
  11. Thanks Mark - Europe will be back - better and cheaper than every soon for me!!
  12. no it what we are hearing - they have time-stamped the date of cancellation by clients - and are going by this right now New 30 days cancel started 3/13 so those that cancelled before that fall under the rules before this date. BUT things are changing daily too
  13. Cancellations end right now on 4/11 but that could be extended
  14. Thanks for writing this !!! I have the best clients.....
  15. Hi there I was on the EDGE last year and really liked it mostly because it was a little smaller than like an Oasis class but has all sorts of cool and modern fun things and areas to explore AND the motion stabilizers are top notch on these new builds - it maybe that you could try one out in a Caribbean sailing where weather is generally not an issue - And the Rooftop Garden and Solarium were by far 2 of my favorites. Always good to try something new !
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