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  1. Hi Jared Thank you for considering using MEI-Travel for a future trip - Yes, you can use the FCC for the deposits now to book cruises -GOOD luck and yes, lets get cruising again so everyone can use their FCCs. Especially @Matt who must have 20 now!!!
  2. no they are not formal on dress code - some people are "country club attire" but that is the most dressed up I have seen. I have never packed more than a summer dress or two so its much more relaxed than I expected as well. really like it and the crew and staff
  3. Totally agree - I really think 2021 is more realistic to get more assurances in place Nice to meet you Mrs Thomas, I'm the spouse of a retired Marine as well. Semper Fi
  4. yes, this is also on my bucket list - great company to work with
  5. I love Azamara and have sailed on the ships two times - One California Coastal and to Cuba I love the small and intimate size of the ship the most and that the Capt. has the ability himself to make decisions and change departure times if need which happened to us while in SFO. He delayed the sail out by 3 hours so guests could go the Chinese New Year Parade The Cabins are nice and larger than on some ships. I have stayed in Ocean View and Balcony rooms And have seen the suites which are nice and big. Very relaxed atmosphere and not "stuffy" which I was worried about - I became easy friends with the staff because of this too. you do get to know the staff well> Their Windows Cafe theme nights are great and we end up having dinner in here most nights because of the more relaxed atmosphere. If you are a fan of lots of entertainment then you may not like it - small bands, singers, casino are about all they have for nightly entertainment but remember on many itineraries, esp. in Europe they stay in port longer or overnight even so you can enjoy the city you are in. Most of all I love the all inclusive drinks, gratuities, meals etc. and based on your level lots of internet minutes as well. The Azamazing evening event we did in California was to a private dinner at a Vineyard in Napa, really well done. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.
  6. Yep watching for sure what Richard Branson is going to do with his new ships.
  7. This is great news and a great cruise line - most likely they are only allowing EU passengers for a bit or people from non-restrictive countries but any means of "back in service" is good to me
  8. ugh hope this is not true as well - I love Key West and getting there by Cruise Ship is so much easier - although the drive down is beautiful and you can fly into Key West so there are options.
  9. Thank you for sticking with us! we appreciated the support.
  10. Thank you and so happy I can save you money $$$.
  11. Thank you for letting me and MEI-Travel help you out!
  12. Have you checked your cruise planner online? if you have actually been lifted to a new date it will show up there too Most of these requests can be submitted online with a form but they are back with 3-4 days with prices protected Good Luck
  13. Hi Michelle,

    one of the member suggests to contact you regarding my question and you may know the answer.

    I got the FCC issued from US RC. Is it possible to book the cruise via UK RC website and apply FCC issued from US RC?

    Thank in advance for your help. 

  14. Woo Hoo! so glad it all worked out for you and so excited for the Owners Suite- it will be hard for you to sail any other way - ask people here lol Thanks for sticking with the Blog and Mei-Travel
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