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  1. Oh interesting - I was wondering if they would make changes at all. Labadee does make sense, I agree - but San Juan? Have not seen anything official from our agent side of things
  2. great point on Royal Up - - people do not always consider all the factors and some find Big Box agencies serve them well - I value relationships more - it pays you over an over in the long run - many of my new clients this year simply came to us because their current agent "disappeared" rough year for some indeed. I have also seen big OBCs given, but client is not able to spend all of it - if this happens the agency not the client gets the refund back (whomever paid it) so if you are promised $300 but only use $100, you really only got $100.
  3. @Jill yes, like Sharla said you can apply early on now, but one thing we have learned is if you apply FCC to booking, then change your mind (like want it on another one instead) it can take weeks for them to correct it. So be sure which booking you want it applied to if you can.
  4. That is great news, glad they are doing that for you !
  5. Reminder - the ships departs @ 9PM out of Nassau - to give clients time to fly in but if you are looking for a pre or post hotel. Courtyard Nassau Downtwon- Junkanoo Beach by Marriott has some good rates, not on Paradise Island but reasonable
  6. JUNE 19 Date Junior Suite - $2994 for 2 people / Grand Suite - $4535 total - 2 people
  7. SAILING DATES: June 12, 2021 - SEPT 11, 2021 (last date) Insides, Ocean Views, Balconies, Suites FInal payment date is 31 March 2021 for early June sailings June 12th rates are just about $50 less for these categories below July rates go up and are higher, lower again later Aug - Sept June 19, 2021 - (not putting in any qualifiers, includes all taxes) Inside Cabin - $1994 total - 2 people Ocean View - $2115 total - 2 people Balcony Cabin - 2D - $2214 total - 2 people Connecting balony $2184 total -2 people
  8. Im too afraid of 6/12 having issues and have to delay so banking on going on Cruise #2 for 6/19 instead
  9. So excited for this announcement and cannot wait to see how it all goes on 3/25 when they open!
  10. Bob - thanks for the shout out - so happy to have booked your family on this awesome cruise !
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