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  1. And an example of a triple where it tells you if its an upper berth or sofabed i'm sure these are all not 'absolutely perfect- but its helpful, like when they also added on invoices the percentage of obstruction your cabin has - triple OV balcony on Freedom Bed Configuration: 2 LOWER TWIN BEDS - CONVERTED TO QUEEN Available Upper berths - 1
  2. Yes, agents have the ability to hold longer but its nice they are letting direct 24 hour holds again Yes, they used to do this back in the day.... also we are seeing new enhancements on invoices now - Bedding is a line item Which is very helpful - this below is an example of a quad cabin for clients ex; Bed Configuration: 2 LOWER TWIN BEDS - CONVERTED TO QUEEN, SOFA BED DOUBLE
  3. aw this is just a lack of communication - your agent just has to ask them to refund the $200 and they will - but airfare is so tricky if you or your agent do not know "key words" when talking to air desk people is so confusing - I always tell my clients until they have air ticketed its not really active for them and you can ticket anytime once they are held, but you should not have had to go through the million calls to find this out- bummer air is the hardest part of travel nowadays
  4. I usually get off for 1-2 hours and walk around - have a few shops i like to visit and just walk around but I agree so many people do not like getting off the ship here which is not great for the city itself...
  5. I always upgrade the drinks and the wi-fi before boarding - well worth it I think
  6. SO crazy its not pulling up for me either - i'll be watching my mail too, thanks for the notice
  7. I really like Celebrity - slower pace yes, and more adult friendly - they have fun wine tasting classes and unique dinners. and restaurants that I really like. I took Solstice to Alaska last year and loved the staff and the Sky Suite I had. And your Royal benefits transfer too. The ships are different but I like the change of pace, the all-included packages I can add and the fun shows.
  8. Shoot I was hoping the ELITE benefits would be better I'm just about to do an 11 night Celebrity to New Zealand next year so was hoping for some extras - at least Laundry for that length will be good.
  9. They sell them in lots of 3 or 6 so yes 9 should be good
  10. Hi all Letter today says only Dec 4, 2022 sailing is cancelled- they are going to have Ship previews for one week only it looks like. So Nov 27, is a go right now as is Dec 11th Just looks like those on Dec 4, 2022 are getting emails for Wonder of the Seas.
  11. the Trifecta - remembers those numbers for Roulette once you are on the ships!
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