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  1. Shoot I was hoping the ELITE benefits would be better I'm just about to do an 11 night Celebrity to New Zealand next year so was hoping for some extras - at least Laundry for that length will be good.
  2. Anyone hearing that Belize protocols changed for going on shore? App now says can only go onshore with a Royal Excursion, but April 15 it said fully vaccinated do not need a shore tour to go onshore? confused?
  3. I will be on Ovation next week when it comes into Seattle April 26-29th Anything you all want me to photograph or check out?
  4. They sell them in lots of 3 or 6 so yes 9 should be good
  5. Hi all Letter today says only Dec 4, 2022 sailing is cancelled- they are going to have Ship previews for one week only it looks like. So Nov 27, is a go right now as is Dec 11th Just looks like those on Dec 4, 2022 are getting emails for Wonder of the Seas.
  6. the Trifecta - remembers those numbers for Roulette once you are on the ships!
  7. Hey- your TA can give permission for you to talk to Royal about anything to do with your booking -I did that alot during the shutdown. ITs a note your agent would have to call in and do but I do understand wanting to be able to speak directly to the cruise line -
  8. Hi All For anyone that knows this answer or can help a girl out- Cruise planner team was not too helpful unfortunately. from a client: Is there any way you could find out the charge for kayak/paddleboard rental at South Beach on Perfect Day at Coco Cay and for how long we can rent the kayak/paddleboards for?
  9. Glad they answered so quickly - they are trying to be better about allowing you to transfer FCCs at least
  10. thank you for the shoutout to MEI Agents
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