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  1. Its a great program for many people and sailings - and online they have more options I think - some great deals for sure Good Luck - c'mon 2021!
  2. hang tight I called in on this as well and they are saying system error and for people not to panic yet...
  3. yes, I think Europe will be December or later. They just have too many ships moving and not enough to go on into 2022 for Europe yet Keep watching their announcements, hoping its not too far out
  4. Well this is very exciting news, because its more positive news !!! bring on cruises
  5. thanks - love the _____ above, did not know we could do that Yep Alaska 2022 November 9th and Caribbean Nov 16th is what we have seen
  6. sorry just saw this - we have heard that as long as you have your C&A number in a booking made before 12/31/20 and sailing in 2021 you will get the 2x points.
  7. First Eddie Van Halen died today - now cruises cancelled again until 11/30/20. Time for a nap! Hang in there guys - I do think they may try short cruises in Dec, hoping, hoping, hoping (3-4 nights is my guess) Me from the Oasis sailing next to Celebrity Ship - see ya
  8. I am thinking we will see them right at 5pm est. expected but still sad..
  9. Have not see a Royal UP email come in for about 4 months, but you never know....
  10. hate when planner stuff starts coming in your email as cancelled and you have no idea why! hope your TA figures it out
  11. well for you its been a great program, and for many others - maybe they will bring it back in some form at a later date Maybe you will actually sail on Empress one day, lol.
  12. Weird is they have announced Jewel for Copenhagen cruises - but not if clients will still do a TA on Adventure to Copenhagen, then transfer to the Jewel - would not be ideal for someone wanting a back-to-back
  13. SO you can use (1) FCC per cruise so if you will have $160 left over after you sail then I would hold on to that $160 if you can. They "may" have to extend some of these so you might get more choices once the rest of 2022 is released, but you may not - so that would mean sailing on something by April 2022 but redeeming the $160 by 12/31/21
  14. Probably not but you have to call in and tell them you got X cruise but now want to see if there are any options for that If you lifted though like 3 weeks ago -that could be different. But call and ask them for options.
  15. oh my I'm kind of jealous of your list here!
  16. great input and I agree - to not have to travel by airplane to get to a US port is a great point. I have always wanted to do the Columbia River and Mississippi
  17. European river cruises are great - yes, pricey but I thought worth alot of what I paid for them. Some lines better than others but the excursions I really like and the pulling right up to a city, like Paris was amazing. Will do more of these in my future. You are right -ocean cruising has a better value for sure
  18. Right I agree - I know the prices are higher but they are more inclusive - food is good - drinks (wine, beer) included - excursions like you said. I just think smaller ships could be more desirable to some in the future seeing as how if you are on a river cruise, that ports in a town everyday, then you could kick off anyone with flu systems and not have to keep sailing. Plus an excursion in New Orleans is always a good idea.
  19. yes, and that is one thing most of them do not have, interesting thought though...
  20. Just wanted to start a new discussion since its Friday --- IF Royal Caribbean starts to build River Boats either in Europe or USA (Mississippi River like Viking) would you sail on these? Thoughts? and what would it half to look like for you to consider it.
  21. generally I have seen them move to same cabin on the new ship and price protect that (unless its lower) but with new rules weekly who knows
  22. @WAAAYTOOO this thread is hilarious! I love how excited you all get with cabins, makes my days It is actually kind of fun talking to Royal until I get someone that understands I may not hang up until I get what I want, lol HAPPY for you @WAAAYTOOO and of course @SpeedNoodles too
  23. agree thanks for the insights and @cruisellama - that list of cruises you have going is impressive!
  24. Always happy to help you !!!
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