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  1. See my prior post on this thread where I explained everything and how it worked. Also, the other posters have the same info. Happy cruising!
  2. Hello! Update on the Key. Cruised again on the Anthem from Bayonne on April 13th and had The Key. My experience was the same as I posted above. Everyone at the terminal and aboard the ship was aware of the program and there was no confusion or misunderstanding. Everything went as expected. This time, when we arrived back in Bayonne, I took advantage of the Choice Disembarkation. I do the self-walkoff so I had my luggage with me. I chose not to eat breakfast and went directly to the Shore Excursions desk as directed in the letter which was delivered to my cabin the day before. There, I showed my Seapass card with the Key logo to the crew member and took a seat. This is directly across from the disembarkation area. As soon as the ship was cleared, I was directed to scan my card and exit. I was the first one off the ship and breezed through the terminal. For me...well worth it! Happy cruising!
  3. Hi! Just got back yesterday from my Anthem cruise. We sailed from Port Liberty in Bayonne NJ... First...I purchased the Key because it made sense for me. I travel solo so I only had to pay for me. The price was $19.99 per day so considering that I would have purchased the Voom stream package anyway, it was a no-brainer. Upon arriving in Port Liberty...I was directed to a special security line and then the check in kiosk with the Key logo above it. The same security and check in as the upper loyalty levels. After checking in, I was seated in the second row along with the upper loyalty level folks...directly behind the passengers requiring assistance. My trip through the terminal went smooth, as all of the port employees knew about the Key and where to direct me. Upon boarding the ship, i went right to the theater and dropped off my carry-on. I was given a list describing the amenities that come with the Key and a wrist band that identified me as a Key member. Later, when I got to my cabin, I found my bag was stored out of sight in the closet which I thought was a nice touch. On the Anthem, lunch was available in Chops Grille or Jaime Oliver’s. I went to Chops and had a fantastic lunch. There were plenty of empty tables available and the service was typical Chops...perfect. When I received my SeaPass card at my cabin, the Key emblem was on the bottom and I removed my Key wrist band. There was a welcome envelope which contained the schedule with the Key access times for the Rock Climbing Wall, Flow Rider, Northstar and iFly...and my access code for the Voom WiFi. I also received information for disembarkation at Port Canaveral, Coco Cay and Nassau. On day two, I received a complimentary fruit plate in my cabin with a card from the Key program, welcoming me aboard. When I went to the shows (We Will Rock You and The Gift were great!) in the theater...I was directed to reserved Key seating in the third and fourth row center. Excellent seats! Manned by ship personnel to ensure only Key members could sit there. At ten minutes prior to the show, just as the stand by line was admitted, the rows were opened so that any available seats could be filled. In each port...we went to the lower level of the Music Hall and as soon as the ship was cleared by the local authorities, we disembarked. I was late getting to the Music Hall in Port Canaveral. When I got there, I was immediately escorted by a crew member holding up a paddle with the Key emblem on it, past the long line of passengers waiting to disembark, and directly to the security desk at the gangway. On the day before arriving back at Port Liberty, I received an envelope with the Key luggage tags and disembarkation information. This included a sit down breakfast in the MDR and then escort off the ship. After breakfast, we were to go to the Shore Excursion desk which was directly across from the gangway, and then right to the head of the line. I did not take advantage of this perk as I was with others who did not have the Key. We came down early for self walk-off and found ourselves near the head of the line. My conclusions...for me, the purchase of the Key made perfect sense, especially since I needed the WiFi anyway. Being solo, I did not have to pay for more than one as I would have had to do if there were others in my cabin. The VIP treatment at the pier, boarding, carry-on drop off, lunch, theater seating and disembarkation arrangements was very nice and convenient. Although I did not take advantage of the reserved times for the activities, I did see other Key members using them. I was impressed that every employee at Port Liberty...and every ship’s crew member I interacted with...was aware of the Key and the access that came with it. There was no confusion or misunderstanding. All in all it was a very impressive, pleasant and smooth experience and I will definitely do it again. Happy sailings!
  4. I purchased The Key for my cruise on the Anthem out of Cape Liberty NJ on Sunday (March 30, 2019). The price was $19.99 a day and I travel solo so that works very well for me...especially with the Voom WiFi. As far as I can tell, there is nothing on my Set Sail Pass that shows I have purchased The Key so I’ll be sure to bring my email confirmation with me. I’ll definitely report back with my Key experience onboard the Anthem. Happy sailings!
  5. Thank You! i shouldn’t have much of a problem booking onboard as I am solo and like an early dinner...and the late shows.😁
  6. I purchased the dining package for my March 30 cruise on Anthem and when I tried to reserve specialty dining restaurants online, I was prompted to pay the charge for the restaurant...so I logged out and came here to ask; Will I be charged for the purchase now...or will it recognize that I have the package and not charge me? Or do I pay now and be reimbursed? Or must I wait until I board to make my specialty reservations? Thank you!
  7. I think it’s very difficult to determine which suites are available for RoyalUp by looking at which suites haven’t been booked. As the bids are awarded, some passengers in the cabin type you’re bidding on may win their bids to higher categories, thus opening up the suites they had originally booked. By the way, although I have 53 cruises under my belt...I’m brand spanking new here. I love the info on this blog...
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