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  1. **Update… Check-in opened today for my Nov 7 cruise on the Anthem. When I looked last night at 11:30pm, my original check in information was already there…with my 12:30pm boarding time. Hopefully it’s the same with my other Nov cruises.
  2. For my own selfish reasons, I would like to see ports where more passengers get off. I’m done with lines, shuttles, ferries, fees, beach-hawkers…NO! I DO NOT WANT MY HAIR BRAIDED!…iffy food choices, stress. I love having the ship virtually to myself. Calm, quiet, peaceful…. I have had some great times visiting so many wonderful, new and exciting places…been there, done that…but now I’m just content to stay aboard. Except CocoCay. That place is freakin’ great!
  3. On the first day you get a chart inside the cruise compass showing you all of the entertainment times, locations and whether they are vaccinated-only or everyone. Some have no reservations required…such as the BeatleManiacs in the Music Hall. Easy to read and understand. You can make reservations on the app, or by calling during times listed in the cruise compass. You can always call to make changes if your plans change…if there is availability.
  4. Im on Oasis now. As of now…Entertainment reservations need to be made onboard. Only one show time can be reserved…to allow social distancing and the opportunity for everyone to see each show. Shows are either vaccinated-only or for everyone. Some venues are vaccinated-only.
  5. I met people who do that. They miss their old flip phones and only have smartphones because that’s all they could get for a good deal. But…they don’t know…and don’t want to know…how to use them. They use them only as cameras. I had to show them how to put on airplane mode.
  6. On the Oasis...not only did I get the email from the concierge about a week before, but every day while onboard. They send emails giving advice and suggestions for the next day whether we will be at sea or docked. Not via the app. I guess if you don't have wifi access, you don't get the email.
  7. Is the VAT still a thing? Extra tax depending on the port.
  8. I will when I get there. But I saw a video that showed Coco beach club restaurant allows you to order anything. As long as they’re serving. No limit.
  9. Quoting myself for an update... The cruise compass for day 2 shows all breakfast from room service is free. Apparently the door hangers had been printed before the change.
  10. Boarding the Oasis in Port Liberty was a breeze! Just like you...car to ship 20 minutes or less. More than enough port workers who knew what they were doing. Clear, friendly, welcoming and all on the same page. No confusion. I particularly appreciated the emails in the day or two before warning guests to NOT come before their assigned time or they would be turned away. I think they were very effective. And the new muster procedure via the app is absolutely amazing! Kudos to Royal!!!!
  11. I got the email from the Oasis concierge and replied with my requested dining reservations. They responded the next day with a chart showing the reservations had been made. They also made my entertainment reservations around my dining schedule. Very convenient.
  12. I’ll be at Coco beach club this week. The welcome letter in my room says complimentary breakfast pastries and coffee in the morning is included.
  13. I’m on Oasis now. We have the door hangers and it shows the Continental breakfast is free…but the American breakfast has a $7.95 fee per room with an 18% gratuity additional added to the check.
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