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  1. Its become kinda are thing to have lunch not in every port but a lot of ports we stop in. We don't sail to October but still fun to look at what restaurants are suggested. Halifax Novia Scotia. We planned to eat at just because its right there when you walk out of the terminal Tomavino's. Now that isn't exactly local food in particular. Any other suggestions of course would be great? Now for Saint John we have Grannan's seafood in our sights. Again suggestions would be great there too.
  2. I'm one of the few that would LOVE these rooms. #1 I'm not a fan of heights so kinda being in the room just with a very large window that opens would be better than a balcony. #2 we barely use the balcony now anyway. I love this idea in general.
  3. That would be awesome. We sailed Liberty last Oct and loved her. It was a fun, fun cruise but the shop is showing her age. She just needs love and attention. We sail very again this October, and then May 2025 so it would be interesting to see her transformation between those two cruise if it happens. We sail her again late September 2025 also.
  4. I wonder maybe if you email Royal Caribbean dining they might tell you? Or Crown and Anchor? Oh if you DM Royal Caribbean on Facebook they are really good at getting back to you about diff6 questions.
  5. We had Jamie's on Anthem a few months ago for lunch on embarkation day and it was excellent. So relaxing, nice and quiet. There were people that came up to the hostess to eat there but were turned away, reservations only. It was busy but still relaxing and delicious.
  6. Well I mean who doesn't like a big AFT? Big AFTs are best.
  7. High up in the aft? I always joke with my wife, I like high up in the aft.
  8. We tried that last year on Liberty and it's very combersom and the bar tenders don't want to deal with soda stuff. Felt like we were a burden. That's just the vibe we got.
  9. Yup, without the freestyle machines to me there is no point to the soda package so we are bringing soda for the kids. Never did that before but kinda forced to.
  10. The policy used to be you could pack them in your suitcase but I believe you have you carry them on now. I'm pretty sure that's the deal now.
  11. Exactly, these are the exact things I was thinking about. Great suggestions. I usually make purchases one at a time but then closer to sailing I make a bigger purchase.
  12. I wish in the cruise planner you could pay for items one at a time. Meaning lets say you book a year in advance and then you can load everything you need/want into your cart and then just pay for this item but not the others. Then pay for another item or two down the line. That way everything is there and you can knock off one thing or two things at a time. Am I the only one that would like that? Or does it not make any sense?
  13. Yeah, I actually think that is pretty fair and it's not like me to say that about Royal Caribbean. I mean I love them but they make most decisions based on money. This is pretty fair.
  14. Ok my question is can you bring on 1 bottle of wine and 12 170z sodas also or is it one or the other? We are on Liberty for the best 3 cruises and the soda package is not worth it to us without the freestyle machines. We are gonna bring on soda for our son. Can you bring on both a bottle of win each and soda is our question or is it one or the other? Now we are Diamond so the 4 drinks a day are good enough but still curious about this question.
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