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  1. I'm screwed, I'm getting in a lifeboat with the engine crew. 😳
  2. I spilled my caviar when I typed it. 🤣🤣
  3. Oh classic! That actually fits perfectly! Funny freaking movie.
  4. Yeah no way I'm wearing that at Emerald or if we ever get to Pinnacle. Pinnacle is even more obnoxious if you ask me. Its like "here I am bitches, bow down to me". I don't recall seeing anyone in any C&A category where one but I really never looked closely either.
  5. That's great, I think your going to have a awesome time! I always say this, cruises aren't for everyone but for those it isn't, we can't be friends. Just joking of course. Have an awesome cruise in the incredible Oasis of the seas.
  6. Awesome news! We will be on Oasis from NJ in May. Also booked through MEI. Have a GREAT time! Solo sailing?
  7. Explorer was our first "mega" ship which is now not considered a mega ship anymore. Amazing how things change and march forward.
  8. That would be one tough birth as big as these ships are. I think about what my wife when through and our son was of normal size. 🤣 A 200,000 ton birth would be painful. 😬
  9. I really can't wait for some artist renderings of this class of ship. I think this is gonna be revolutionary. I just feel Royal has something huge up their sleeve with this one.
  10. I hope we get one up here in NJ at Cape liberty that's all I know. I would be very excited about that. I would have to book immediately just like when Oasis was announced to be coming up here.
  11. I believe he did what he hated and what he loved about Oasis. Not just what he hated. Don't cherry pick.
  12. I could not disagree more. He is excellent and has a ton of great information.
  13. Exactly, that's the only info. What it's powered by and the size. No info on design, amenities, and no artist renderings. I think Royal has something very big up their sleeve.
  14. The reason why is because RCI is tight lipped, watch the video below.
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