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  1. Yes, I cruise out of this port pretty much always, in fact, take out "pretty much" and the garage is for everyone. 99% of the time we get a ride but once in a while we drive and we parked in the garage a few times. I prefer the open lot though.
  2. I'm not a fan of parking garages, I mean I will park in one if I have to but prefer not to. Do you know if we can skip the garage at Port Liberty and go directly to one of the outside overflow lots, or they won't allow that? We might not have a choice on our sailing because we have the earliest arrival time, 10:30 and might be forced to the open outside lots.
  3. Yeah, I was worried about that. I mean giving that crappy test to a 6 month old would suck. It sucks for me and I'm an adult. 6 month old would know what the heck was going on.
  4. Ooh great idea. I also have many, many of those free tests. I'm gonna also test 2-3 days prior to having to be tested for the cruise. Great idea, thanks.
  5. But at the same time it's 99 bucks for a pack of 3. The walk in test is free through insurance. I mean I still might because it is nice to do it in the comfort of your own home.
  6. I wonder if it's not gonna be easy to get a Covid test on Sunday? I mean think it will be easy. We have a walk in docs office I have been tested many, many times. They have the rapid test where you actually see the clock on the machine counting down. Thank you for the info, I'm glad I pretty much have everything down for this new cruising reality. Hopefully we are all negative.
  7. Now that we are close and things are not as simple as they were the last time we cruised, do I have things right? 4 people in our family, 2 adults, 2 kids. One 9 year old fully vaccinated, one 6 month old unvaccinated. Us 2 adults fully vaccinated. We have to have our physical cards with us at the cruise terminal correct? 6 month old has no obligation at all right? No test, and obviously no vaccine? We leave on Tuesday so we need our pre cruise negative test on Sunday? Is all this right? Am I missing anything? We have uploaded our vaccine cards via the app, still verifying from Royals end. Thanks for any help.
  8. and now is back to 10:30, the original time. Must have been a glitch.
  9. Oh wow, very interesting. I guess it happens. Just as long it doesn't go the other way and turn into 1:00 o'clock or something I'm good.
  10. Last week was finally time check in for our cruise in late July. Anyway we like to board as early as possible or at least get to the terminal as early as possible. We chose the earliest time, 10:30/11:30 and now today I see it says, See you at 9:30. Now I love it, earlier the better but have you ever seen an arrival time change before on its own?
  11. Excuse me, did I come here for a lecture? This person is an adult, and it's his decision to do that he likes with his life. He really likes this alcohol that you can't get in the US and I'm getting it for him. Good lord people,relax.
  12. Yeah I do this only when I go on cruises. He's definitely an alcoholic, it runs in his family. There is no doubt about it.
  13. Excellent info. We are sailing Oasis two weeks after Adventure so hopefully find it both times. Yeah, he wants it twice from both sailings. I should charge extra for a profit. Thanks guys.
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