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  1. Good luck, I have no hope to be quite honest, no hope for cruises restarting in the US this year, yeah this year. Possibly 2022 sometime. The CDC I have no choice but to say is anti cruise Covid or no Covid. I believe they don't care either way and would prefer the industry stop sailing from the US altogether. I have too much evidence by now not to say that.
  2. We watched this too this morning. Our son loves it. Royal Caribbean is the most clever of the cruise lines.
  3. We watched this video a million times on our last cruise which feels like 10 years ago now. We were just talking about it and found it on YouTube and then got really depressed because we miss this so much. It's utterly brilliant too by Royal Caribbean. Absolutely genius. Hopefully soon we'll see it again....on a cruise ship.
  4. That is a slight problem. Its what I have a problem with what NCL put out a few days ago that everyone must be vaccinated even kids but kids can't. Royal I believe is just saying kids have to have a negative test to cruise. That is fair I think because kids like you said can't get vaccinated.
  5. I don't think this something to get worked up about, at least not yet. I doubt this will happen to be honest and its not in the works Government wise. Private business may require some kind of proof at lease until Covid is such a non story and the disease is down to near nothing.
  6. Those cards can easily be faked which is why if you truly want verification you need a so called "Vaccine passport". I'm not saying that the best idea, certainly controversial but that is the only way to truly verify. I'm OK with the idea, got my first Pfizer shot today.
  7. I should clarify now that I think about it. Our May 2020 cruise was cancelled, with FCC we booked Sept. 2020 naively thinking things will be better in a few months. That was cancelled so we lifted and shifted to August 22, 2021. We never lifted and shifted on a whim or fun, we only did it when we were cancelled. I'm gonna stick it out in the hopes that we will be cancelled again and they hopefully will allow us to lift and shift to 2022. Now I have reverse from killing the CDC to rooting for them to not allow cruises. Honestly I don't need to root for that because they ain't allowing for a lon
  8. I think it was after final payment? I think anyway, in pretty sure. Yes actually now that I think about it.
  9. Yeah I think, "I think" you are safe for October. I'm pulling for you on that one. August, Oasis out of NJ? No doubt it's not happening. I mean it's gonna a few months for cruises ships to get ready to even start. Also Florida, that will be where it starts when it starts. NY/NJ will come later on. In fact later on as in 2022.
  10. Can't do anything but cancel. It was a lift and shift that was from a cruise that was paid for with FCC. It's a whole big mess but our only option is to cancel. I'm gonna wait though because if cruises aren't started by July then this will be cancelled anyway and I win letting them cancel it. Right or wrong?
  11. Yes, US, live in NJ and sailing from NJ. Oh yeah, you are right, we aren't at final payment yet. I forgot about that because we used FCC but owe like 46 bucks that we still didn't pay. I guess we could cancel. I'll email my guy at MEI. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Yes, she is super mad and it's trying to get the hell out of there. And people wonder why people hate corporate America. It's just BS at every turn.
  13. I'm so mad at my wife's work. We have been living through the freaking pandemic, worked right straight through, which in the end is a good thing. But we have our Oasis cruise August 22-29 and her work denied her the time off. They gave some BS excuse. Ok that out of the way. I'm pretty sure we are gonna be cancelled anyway, like 99.9% sure. Should I or could I change this cruise to a week earlier or later? Should I just do nothing because we most likely won't sail anyway? Problem with that is in the off chance we actually end up sailing we are totally screwed. What do you think ab
  14. Because the CDC has a lot of hoops here the main one being test cruises. This all takes time, and I feel we gonna run out of time. I'm hoping not, but to me it ain't looking great.
  15. Same, Oasis August 22. Tried twice last year and this this cruise is very iffy if not slipping away right now unfortunately.
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