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  1. John Ames is really, really excellent. Has taken care of us through this last year and all the cancellations and FCC's and re-booking. Its been a pain I'm sure but he has been excellent. Haven't talked to him in a while, hope he is still there.
  2. August 22, 2021 and we are counting down the days. 315 today, our son reads the new number almost every day.
  3. If in the US yes. American cruise lines is very expensive. I'd love to try it but too expensive for me.
  4. No offense because I get it, this is not the cruise lines fault, this totally stinks all the way around but if you, me or some people can't board till 5PM then your vacation is really being cut short. We usually arrive before the cruise terminal even "opens" and are usually on board by 12 noon. If I can't board till 5 we are losing 6 hours of the ship. I don't think that is fair because you are paying for that first day, its part of the cruise. Just my 2 cents, I get its not their fault but this isn't exactly right either.
  5. Morgan is great, just love his channel. I have been watching his channel for years now. H e does these funny "room service" videos on ships where he orders most of everything he can that is or can be vegetarian. The one on Anthem of the seas was absolutely hilarious. He does a ton of cruise stuff, theme parks and LOVES Disney. He worked for Disney as a dancer. My wife and I watch his channel together, he just makes us laugh most of the time.
  6. We tried to sail her twice this year. Original was the very first cruise from NJ, May 10th. I booked it a few days after it went on sail for here in NJ and it was a surprise to my wife and son. I had fake tickets printed out and handed one to them. It was really cool actually, had their names and everything on it. Anyway then we got the FCC and tried for Sept and obviously that was a goner. We did a lift and shift to August 22, 2021. Good God I missed cruising this year.
  7. I hope Oasis or at least an Oasis class ship stays up with us in NJ.
  8. Ok that's good. I thought maybe the cruise had been chartered or something and we were being kicked off.
  9. When I open the Royal Caribbean app I see a box with my cruise August 22 Oasis Coco Cay and all that. When I click it says we are working on the fun and something about questions about sailing on a group or chartered cruise. What the heck does that mean?
  10. And that makes perfect sense with Royal Caribbean unfortunately.
  11. Awesome that is perfect, I think or at least hope that will be pretty close to this year's schedule.
  12. Thank you, John is my TA and he is absolutely excellent. I'll contact him in Jan. when we want to pay off the gratuities.
  13. We always pay gratuities on the cruise by the day and then settles at the end. For our cruise next August I want to pay the gratuities ahead of time. In January I am getting 2 work bonuses, I know strange its after Christmas but that is when I get them. We plan on making all our "pre cruise planner" purchases at that time so we might as well pay the gratuities too. I don't see a way to pay them on the Royal Caribbean website so do I pay it through my TA which is MEI? Is that the only way to do that? Thanks for any help.
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