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  1. And just like I was saying the other day. This, this right here is why cruises are coming to and an end for me. This is my absolute nightmare scenario. I can't fly, serious phobia. I don't know what I would do in this situation. I can't have this kinda thing hanging over my head every time I cruise. I just would like to say the media sucks. They love this bullshit. They don't report every successful cruise but this one is top news.
  2. This is a nightmare scenario and ultimately what ends cruising for me, depending of course if this last forever. This is the exact thing that will end me cruising in the future. I don't fly, I simply do not fly. I cruise and cruise from NJ/NYC because I do not fly. If the threat is go on a cruise fully vaccinated, test positive and be stuck in some foreign country/island and be forced to fly home. We have 2 cruises booked with credits from cruises cancelled from last year. June 2022 and August 2022. June is to Canada, no biggie if the shit hits the fan, quarantine in hotel and drive or take the train home. The next is Coco Cay, Florida no issue, the Bahamas would be trouble in this scenario. If things continue to work like this then those 2 cruises may be my last. I can't have that constantly hanging over my head. Am I being unreasonable?
  3. This situation stinks, I feel really bad for you. Its a really crappy position to be in. Its nice that he is understanding and wants to stay with his grandparents. Our son is 8 and would be in the same exact dilemma if we didn't get cancelled for August 22. We were cancelled a while back and actually ended up relieved because of all the crazy protocols and vaccinated/unvaccinated stuff. I feel bad about the choices you had to make. I hope Royal does something more for you. You didn't book under these protocols and rules.
  4. We started sailing on RC on Explorer so Voyager class, then sailed Anthem when she moved to NJ. LOVED Explorer and it has a special place in our hearts as is it was our Honeymoon cruise ship but when Anthem came here we were just blown away by everything she had to offer. 270 is just out of this world amazing. Best place to have breakfast and watch the sea from the very back of the ship. We just loved breakfast from there. Next one of these years when our cruise doesn't get cancelled we are gonna sail Oasis. 3 times cancelled now. Next up for an Oasis try is June 2022 and August 2022.
  5. Well if it is cancelled I would just move it to 2022 because the 9 night Canada/NE cruise is AWESOME. We have done it twice and plan to do it again. Those ports never get old. When you get to go you will love it,
  6. Yes that was our first idea, its only 5 days but all of a sudden my wife is feeling bad in her words "dumping our new baby off" for 5 days. Our in laws LOVE kids and her mother is a nurse.
  7. Thank you guys, I appreciate all the nice comments. We actually booked or really I did refundable on this one, so how does that help us? My TA, MEI said we can just move it to another cruise, how does that work? Just literally take the money paid in and move it to any cruise down the line? The August cruise is paid for already, its a Lift and shift so its all paid up or I think we owe 80 bucks because of taxes/port fee differences. Thanks again guys, truly appreciate everything.
  8. Ok as everyone on here our cruise plans have been on hold for well over a year and are now pushed back to next summer. Well missing cruises so bad and not having a cruise in a few years now we booked a second cruise for next year, June 5th. So we sail June 5th and August 14th. Anyway a few weeks after we booked the June 5th cruise we found out we are pregnant. Baby due February so the June cruise is really not gonna work now because baby won't be 6 months old. The August cruise will just make it. Question is we can move the money from the June cruise to anywhere further out in the future right or at least that is what I read? The other question is how do we add the baby to the August sailing? Is it a pain to do, I mean we have a TA so I guess it'll just be a headache for him? Do they charge for 6 month old baby? I know it's not ideal to sail with a 6 month old but the August cruise is a lift and shift about 10 times from last year. We kinda have to do that one unless I don't understand the rules? Thanks for any help or advice.
  9. Oh thank you very much, that is good news its not just me or this cruise. We have a long, long way to go so its no big deal.
  10. I know our cruises are way off in the distance but shore excursions and even a port is missing on one. We don't sail again till June 2022 now 5 days to Canada. Halifax is only showing 2 excursions which I found odd. Too far off or is it a Covid thing where no one knows what will be offered in a year as far as excursions go? The next cruise after that is 7 days to Coco Cay from NJ on Oasis, well both are on Oasis from NJ, but Port Canaveral isn't showing at all in the cruise planner. I also found that really odd. What do you think is going on, thanks?
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate. It'll be fun to try both and compare both. Central Park is really our first choice. Also we always get an Ocean View Balcony on cruises but these rooms are so unique we really wanted to try both.
  12. Yeah exactly, our preference was and we booked the Central Park balcony first but that cruise was cancelled so many times and now pushed to August 2022. It's been too long with no cruise so we decided to book a pre cruise if that makes sense and why not try the other side with a Boardwalk balcony. That was our thinking anyway. I'm pretty sure we are gonna like the Central Park balcony more. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Let me know what you think of 2 cabins for 2 cruises for next year, one I picked and the other was assigned. Both are on Oasis, 1 is short 5 days to Canada and the other 7 days to Coco Cay. Oasis June 2022 5 days to Canada I chose this cabin, 10725 in the Boardwalk area. I got it as close to the back as I could so we could possibly see some of the water shows but I have no idea if that is possible as I have never sailed Oasis. The 7 day Coco Cay August 2022 cruise is a lift and shift from this August and this cabin was given to us, 12589 in the Central Park area. I am pretty sure we are going to enjoy this section of the ship better. We chose this area when we first planned to sail Oasis but its been cancelled 3 times now so with leftover FCC why not take a pre Coco Cay Oasis cruise and experience both the Boardwalk and Central park. So this is just a fun what do you think of these 2 cabins and location and all that. I can't change the Central park that was assigned to us correct? I'm not overly concerned, just like to see what others think?
  14. I hope its completely back to normal, we just booked Oasis 5 days to Halifax and New Brunswick Canada June 5th 2022. It better be back to normal by then otherwise they are really doing something wrong.
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