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  1. Almost every day I go on the Bermuda port webcam and dream because we love Bermuda so much. For some reason it has not been working for a few weeks now. Anyone else do this for this port or others? I like to check out other ones at times but Bermuda the most. I wonder what is going on and not being fixed? https://www.portbermudawebcam.com/
  2. Peggy's Cove might be better for you then. It's a beautiful old fishing village with an awesome lighthouse. It's just gorgeous scenery in every direction.
  3. Halifax is amazing, we absolutely love that city. Peggy's Cove is an excellent excursion and they usually have an excursion to the Titanic victim graveyard and then to a Maritime museum with a bunch of Titanic artifacts. Personal favorite of mine as I'm a bit of a Titanic historian, ok a lot a bit. Are you sailing Oasis from NJ? We are booked on Oasis June 2022.
  4. Well that's good news. I know they are being kinda weird where you need a treat at the exact right time. It's like a shuttle launch but I haven't paid attention lately, this was a few months ago. The rapid test is amazing. I wish I had that machine at home and test once a week myself.
  5. They don't except the "rapid test" correct? That makes no sense, I worked with someone last Monday that tested positive on Tuesday. I gave it 4 days and got tested Friday just to be sure and I asked which test should I get, they said well the rapid test is 95% accurate and the PCR is 98%. I got the rapid test wit those numbers, waited 10 minutes and had my results, negative. I don't understand why they don't except the rapid test? I'm vaccinated also.
  6. What is funny is on land here at home in NJ where I live its basically anything goes. There may be some rules, some "strong suggestions" but no one is following any of it. Out at dinner last Saturday the 2 restaurants next to each other were beyond packed, I mean not an inch between anyone. I said to my wife when we drove in the parking lot and I saw the parking was over filled, Covid may not be technically over but its over.
  7. This is what I feared with cruising now. Now our son is 8 and pretty much stays with us but what you described are all things I feared would be the case. Hopefully by 2030 it'll be back to normal but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Invicta is the scam, cheap Chinese watches they put a huge MSRP on but are on sale 100% of the time, in other words no one pays MSRP for their garbage. Same with MVTM, they don't have sales but its just cheap 15 dollar Chinese watches they sell for 150+.
  9. Same here, we booked the first cruise that was supposed to be from NJ. 3 others cancelled and now June 2022 and then August 2022. Fingers crossed.
  10. And the funny thing now is the data shows that mixed doses creates an even more robust immune response. I didn't think that would be the case but it seems it is.
  11. Awesome post, thank you. I wish there were more and more posts of first cruise after cruise restart. If its good like yours was it gives others [me] more confidence and expectations of what to expect.
  12. That was actually going to be my question, but you answered it. That really stinks because that is what I use, have used since the pandemic started. Even my employer is OK with it and I work for the Government.
  13. Thanks, it seems most ships are sailing less than full. I wonder if that is a demand thing, a Royal Caribbean policy for now or forced local restriction? I assume in Florida its not a local restriction.
  14. Curios if anyone knows if the cruises from NJ at least for now are going to be severely capacity limited? If it is, is it limited by rules or limited by not enough bookings? The idea of being on Oasis with just 50% capacity sounds pretty emjoyable.
  15. I honestly don't know how this industry as a whole survives this. The "start up" or "restart" of cruises is proving to be a bigger mess than the shutdown. Its not getting better, its getting worse. I'm not sure its EVER going to be free going wherever, whenever without issues. You can't go here, you can't go there, you need to jump through hoops, even when you jump through those hoops wherever it was is still taken away. I don't know if this ever ends.
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