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  1. I'm trying to find out just how all this works. Unfortunately like everything that has to do with the Royal Caribbean website you can't find the info you need. That website really stinks.
  2. Does it make any difference that we used FCC to move our cancelled May cruise to Sept which of course is now cancelled and we "Lift and shifted" that cruise to August 2021? Any special rules in a situation like that? I mean the August 2021 Oasis cruise is a "lift and shift" that was paid for with FCC. Yeah I'm dizzy 😵
  3. Thanks, its all a bit confusing. I guess I'll shoot off an email to John at MEI to see what the rules are or how this works. I really hate to bother him, its been such a pain in the butt for him and all TA's.
  4. So when do we have to use it by? Do we have to choose a cruise before a certain date or just have it booked by a certain date? Gonna be looking at cruises in 2022 when the full schedule is released.
  5. Oh man that policy kinda stinks. It would have been fun to do a nice short cruise before the cruise we have been looking forward to on Oasis for over a year and by the time we do that cruise 2 plus years with all the cancellations. I hope they change that policy. How long do you even have to use up all that FCC? I hope its through 2022 because we aren't sailing till August 2021 and then we need to use the rest of the FCC so I hope we have time. I'm getting a nice raise in February too so I was hoping to start booking suites or at least once just to see the difference.
  6. We moved our Oasis cruise in May to Sept and then that was cancelled so we "L & S" to August 2021 using FCC. We have 1,200 FCC left over. As I understand we can't use that or even apply it to a cruise till after our August 2021 cruise. Is that correct? Like if we wanted to take a nice short cruise in say May 2021 before our next scheduled cruise in August. Was looking at a few short Canada 4-5 day Freedom OTS cruises from NJ. If we can't use the left over FCC then its a no go for us. Thanks for any help.
  7. I got the flu really, really bad a few years ago, I missed 6 days off work, I will never ever go without the flu shot again. If it's only 50% then it's 50%, better than 0%. I will get the flu shot going forward. Of course pharma companies are greedy, what American capitalist company isn't? Does big pharma annoy me/piss me off with the prices they charge for some drugs, hell yes. That is a whole discussion about government and private health care that is never ending. As for my state of NJ, I'm proud of how we responded and got this thing down to a manageable level. Did our Governor make mistakes, hell yes. No one is perfect, but do I think for a second he did anything that purposely hurt people, um no. People make mistakes. Do I want things open ASAP, again hell yes but guess what it doesn't work like that. We did go to the mall this yesterday, a different experience definitely. Some rules make sense, some don't, some are a bit hard to follow but I believe people have health and safety at heart. I guess in the end I'm not as jaded as most. I lose trust when it's necessary not because it's the thing to do as it is now.
  8. There is too much here to even get into. Good lord. You used the word "purposely" which means they deliberately hurt or killed people. Are you really comparing a respiratory virus with something as complicated as cancer which comes in a million different forms? Scientists will not put people at risk, the public has no mechanism to force or pressure companies into giving people an incomplete vaccine. Yeah I know about the UV light but it's as far fetched at the moment as going to Mars. Disinfectants though sounds doable in the near future. 😳 Distrust of every institution is the downfall of this country and society as a whole. There are agencies that are there to make sure a vaccine does not harm people. I get the flu shot with no issues. No reason to think this won't be any different at this point.
  9. You think that governors "purposely" hurt people in nursing homes? You think scientists and pharma companies are going to rush something that will hurt or kill people? The distrust of everything is the downfall of society. It's distrust of every single institution the country has. Yet we have people that believe a maniac you talks about "very powerful light" and "disinfectants" as a treatment. We are living in an upside down world.
  10. Well I'm not a business person at all so I hope you were correct they won't go under. To my non business mind no revenue can't go on too long. The reorganizing part in more terrifying because the airlines and flying to suck more and more after they "reorganize". Anyway I just want Royal Caribbean to survive and be there same it always was. On another note we just back from the indoor mall here in NJ for the first time since they opened last week and it was certainly different. It's a bit tough to navigate in they there are specific traffic patterns. Sometimes people follow, sometimes they don't. Sometimes we followed, sometimes we didn't or we made a mistake and went down the wrong way. No body cared. Everyone was wearing a face covering and it was a pleasant. No one way angry or anything.
  11. I have the exact same question. I've heard people say Royal/Carnival/NCL have raised enough money to last till 2022 but I don't buy that. If they aren't up and running by late spring I say all 3 go under as in out of business. I mean what large business can last over a year without revenue? The funny thing is bookings are way up for next year I guess thinking things will be better or a vaccine will be out. If this doesn't clear up very soon small lines are going to disappear like Pulmantur already has.
  12. Well I am more and more optimistic. Here is some more good news. Admittedly I look for good news and am generally more optimistic. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/early-trial-results-keep-pfizer-vaccine-development-track-235001901.html
  13. Then who would you trust? That basically means you wouldn't trust anyone on this issue.
  14. Well I will say it again, any good news on this front I will take at this point. There are some interesting treatments and vaccine possibilities on the horizon.
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