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  1. I see the 150 on board credit when I go to my cruise planner page. Oh wow I just checked my edocs out and it does say prepaid gratuities for myself and my wife. Just our son has to be paid for on the cruise. That is interesting. Our TA paid the first 2 gratuities.
  2. Mine says there same but we got 150 on board credit and free prepaid gratuities for 2 guests. We only have to pay my son's gratuities. It doesn't say anything about any of that on my edoc.
  3. I just checked for all of 2020 only Empress does 7 day Bermuda cruises from NJ and I that ship ain't got me.
  4. Thanks guys, all interesting info. Appreciate it all. Getting so excited now in 38 days we'll be back on the beautiful, the gorgeous Anthem of the seas! I really wish Royal did 7 days Bermuda cruises like NCL instead of 5.
  5. Great advice, thanks. I will do just that.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. There is a ton of pages not needed to board. Thanks for the help. I have cruised many times now but don't remember all those extra pages but maybe I never paid attention and just printed what I needed to board. Thanks again.
  7. So now that we are close to our cruise, 38 days I see there are edocs on our countdown page. We are all signed in and there is that where the info is we need to print out for boarding. The edocs don't need to be printed out for boarding correct? That's just info that is useful for knowing about the cruise port but nothing to show to staff at the port to board or am I missing something? Do you print those out and bring them out anyway? Thanks for any help.
  8. Oh wow ok, should still be fun. I'm sure everything will be fine. Thanks for the info.
  9. Excellent, that is the exact information I was looking for. Do those cars go fast, hot hard? Just curious, thanks.
  10. Every since we were in Anthem the first time when our son was 4 he couldn't wait to go back and be old enough to do the bumper cars. Now he is 6 so I guess the rule is he can go with an adult. That is correct right? Is it usually hard to get into that or to do that, meaning should you pre book something like that or just show up when they are doing that? Thanks for the help
  11. We always like to be high up in the ship, 11 or 12 and AFT. That is just our preference. Anthem next month, deck 11 and pretty far back AFT.
  12. The check in thing or app is not available for Anthem of the seas. I just checked, it's only for a handful of ships and Anthem isn't one. We will have to print out our docs. It's not a huge deal.
  13. Ok great, thank you so much. I have the Royal IQ app already on my phone. Thank you again, I'll look in that app. right now.
  14. I'm beyond paranoid because I have a serious fear of flying so I CANNOT miss getting back on the ship. I mean cannot under any circumstances miss getting back on the ship. I will never chance it. Back on WELL before the time. I won't book excursions outside the cruise line, pay more for peace of mind is my motto, Money well spent in my book.
  15. Thanks, is it available for Anthem of the seas?
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