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  1. Oh man those rooms look so cool. We almost booked one in Adventure before Oasis was announced was coming to NJ and we had, we had no choice, had to book Oasis from NJ. I do want to sail Adventure while she is in NJ too though. We love Explorer so we would love Adventure.
  2. What does it tell you when a balcony is less money than a oceanview/window cabin? We are booked on Oasis May 10 2020 and are all set. We like the cabin we got, and the price we paid but I still track prices. We won't do better than what we paid but I still check once in a while. Right now an balcony is less than outside view. Is it as simple as balconies aren't selling as well so the price reflects it? I just found it kinda odd.
  3. Well usually book with cruise.com but switched to MEI for our next cruise in May because I found this site. They are very, very good. Very nice, very helpful. Very happy with the deal we got and cabin too.
  4. Thanks Matt, exactly what I was thinking, but then I read about people posting they got insane OBC for booking with this one or that one and I'm like what the heck am I doing wrong? Our last cruise on Anthem we actually 150 OBC from Royal Caribbean which surprised us. Then when we boarded the ship we had a note in the room from our TA which was a HUGE online TA and they gave us 50 OBC. That surprised me even more. I mean in the end it is what it is.
  5. Do you think its ok to ask about on-board credit with a TA? Meaning is it OK to ask if there will be any on board credit given for booking with them? I always feel awkward about that situation so sometimes I ask after we book or not at all. How do you handle that kinda situation? Should the TA tell you this information without having to be asked? Just some curious questions I've never asked about. Thanks for any insight on this.
  6. Royal sales are a joke, the only one that actually saves money is "Kids sail free" otherwise its kinda a scam. I love Royal but its a scam what they do with sales. Just gotta book when you find a price you can handle or feel comfortable with.
  7. We got to Cape Liberty at 10:15, we were on pace to get there at 10 exactly but got a little messed up. Pretty nice time to get there. We were on the ship before 11 AM. We will do that going forward on cruises. Oasis next might be crazy with the extra passengers and like 3 other ships sailing from Cape Liberty.
  8. We did get there at 10:15 and we did check in quickly. I'm not complaining at all, I'm just curious what priority check in is because I didn't notice anything different. I seemed to be in the regular check in line so I'm guessing there really is not priority check in. On another note diamond and above plus The key only boarded a few minutes before we did. When I saw that I was very glad I didn't buy "The Key" because that was the one thing I thought was the best thing, priority boarding. Also disembarkation was absolutely incredible! We waited till 8:30 and were off the ship in minutes. We got our bags and did that face recognition thing which we had never done before and were out of the terminal. The longest part or slowest part was paying for the parking garage. That was maybe 10-15 minutes. Then out of the garage and home in 30 minutes. Can't beat sailing from Cape Liberty for us.
  9. I should say we didn't say we were Emerald but no asked either. I guess next time we will say it even though I find that tacky a bit. Next time we'll make it known. We are on Oasis from NJ next May where it could be a cluster before of the extra passengers and other ships in port.
  10. What exactly is "priority check-in" because I didn't notice anything different at Cape Liberty when checking in a few weeks ago. When we don't entered the terminal there was a lady that said suite guests and The key and then sent us to the lines to the left which I assume is the check in line for everyone else. We are Emerald, not that I'm blowing my own horn, it's not that big a deal but you are supposed to get priority check in. Just out of curiosity what is it exactly and did we just go into the regular line for check in?
  11. Sounds really awesome. I was just on the Celebrity website, quite expensive. All the cruises are extremely expensive. Too rich for my blood right now. 😅
  12. That's why cruise vacations are the best. Something for everyone. First of all, Iceland and Greenland is incredible! Would freaking love to do that. 14 days is a bit long but I wouldn't mind it. Returns to NJ or is a reposition? That sounds like an awesome cruise.
  13. We like the bigger ships, Empress is kinda a no go for us. I was on the Celebrity website just yesterday and loved a bunch of cruises they do from NJ but not a fan of Summit. I really wish Celebrity would put one of their bigger, newer ships up here but I don't think Royal will do that. I don't think they want anything to take away from the Royal ships they have up here like Oasis and Anthem. We definitely would do an Adventure of the seas cruise. Actually almost booked one before we saw Oasis coming here and almost immediately booked it. I jumped when I saw Oasis coming here and amplified. I waited for a kids sail free and jumped on Oasis. I mean there is no guarantee Oasis will come back to NJ. I think it will but there is no guarantee.
  14. We are only 30 minutes from the port and still consider it not worth it. I mean we go on vacation once a year and to only go on a 5 day cruise is like I said, to us not worth it. We paid 2,150 for 2 adults and a kid who was free in a balcony to Bermuda and not RCI fault but only got 9 hours out of Bermuda. Next May we paid 2,300 for 2 adults and kid was free but for 7 days. Now we are not in a balcony, we have a central park inside view. So we have a view of something and sun light each day. I really, really wish Royal Caribbean would switch to 7 day Bermuda cruises like NCL does and where you are in port for 3 days. In any event we are done with hurricane season and 5 day cruise. I mean when my salary goes up to my top salary we will be able to afford to cruises a year. One short 5 day and then a 7 or 9 day might be a good idea. My wife doesn't get nearly as much time off as I do though. I'll be up to 19 days vacation soon.
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