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  1. I don't have any jokes but we need a thread like this. 😃
  2. You are correct sir. I have a re-booked cruise but I put nothing down so technically its a long hold till my FCC is issued. Once its issued my TA, MEI Travel will apply the FCC to the booking and my current cancelled cruise will disappear from my upcoming cruises and my new cruise for Sept. will then be there to view. Thank the Lord I used a TA and a great one like MEI because this would all have been a hassle. This was all done via email and no hassle to me. I should have 500 FCC left over which we will use for out 2021 cruise.
  3. I do find myself taking at least 2 showers a day on a cruise which is funny. One in the morning and then just walking around the ship, getting sweaty or going in the pool I have to take one before dinner. Wish I could say the same for the last one on your list. 🤣
  4. Alright, we are sailing Oasis for the first time in Sept. Can't wait to sail on her.
  5. Yeah I'd rather be on deck 10 in this cabin category just because you'd be closer to all the beauty of Central Park. That is just my thinking but I have not sailed Oasis so I don't know.
  6. Thanks guys, I should have mentioned this is being paid for with FCC which should be around 2,300/2,400. We will have FCC leftover after this cruise. Looking into 2021 already. I think we will stick to what we have. I like knowing our cabin number and knowing where it is. I usually like to be very high up in the ship when in a ocean view balcony but with a CP Balcony I kinda would like to be on the lowest level of this cabin category. Deck 10 is the lowest in a Central Park balcony?
  7. I'll have to go back in look at the video but I think he said just in general. Either way it's not bad news. If I remember correctly it was a mix or reschedule and new bookings but I'll have to watch the video again.
  8. This is what I was talking about with other threads. Danny CEO of Harr travel said the last 2 weeks been the biggest booking weeks of his entire career. The gloom and doom is I think not warranted.
  9. Just in general is a guaranteed cabin as bad as it sounds? It sounds like you are going to be basically assigned a room in a bad location or whatever is left? You also won't know your room number till it could be just a few days before the cruise? We have never done a "Guaranteed cabin" before. We almost did it on our Oasis cruise but it was cancelled by Royal. We had a Central park interior view/window to Central park for the longest time and then a few weeks before it was cancelled moved to a "guaranteed ocean view". I personally don't like not knowing the cabin number. We now have a Central park balcony for 1,791 but a guaranteed central park balcony is 1,399 but again no idea the room number till who knows when. Insane thing is a "guaranteed ocean view" is only 1,458. Prices are insane. By the way our Central Park balcony is Cabin 12597. Not knowing Oasis much I like the location. Any thoughts in general?
  10. I LOVE Amtrak, I could definitely do that. I like that itinerary too!
  11. Yeah I have been saying this a while now but cruises from NJ are limited, I mean they can only mix it up so much. I only cruise from here because of a serious fear of flying. I accept that I'm not going to get the incredible itineraries if we cruised from Florida and that is OK. To me the ship, especially mega ships like Anthem, like Oasis the ship is 90% of the cruise. I just LOVE the ships, constantly in awe of their size, and the technology and power of these ships. But I also wish they would mix things up and do some cool, different things. Like this, going to Maine and the Bermuda, LOVE it. How about Cape Canaveral, Coco Cay and then Bermuda on the way back? How about Bermuda on the way down and then Florida and then Coco Cay. How about straight to Coco Cay for 2 days and then Bermuda on the way home. I plan on going to Coco Cay a freaking lot. Every year would soot me fine but again I'm limited because I only sail from NJ. Thank goodness Royal had the foresight to place a port here in NJ.
  12. I love this itinerary, I wish they would keep doing cruises like this.
  13. May Oasis cancelled, switch to Sept 6th. No biggies, we just want to go. Just have to wait a little longer. 😥
  14. Hey curious question. When cruises resume, hopefully sooner rather than later but when they do, if there is a cheaper, faster and less invasive test do you think everyone will need to take one before boarding the ship? I mean seems like it would really slow things down, but would make things safer. Cost would play a part here too. Just a curious question.
  15. I'll just add one thing here, Justin Trudeau or trump. Better off with Trudeau.
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