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  1. Yeah I actually make it a point to say "could not care less". People say it so far or often I don't think they pay attention. I really could not care less what someone wears to dinner on a cruise ship on vacation. To each their own.
  2. Our first cruise on Anthem a 2 years ago I remember we were headed down to dinner and I completely forgot about the "no shorts" rule and as we were standing online I realized I was wearing shorts. I was like Ut oh are they gonna give me a hard time or turn me away and no one said a word to me. No one even looked or cared I don't think. I too could not care less what someone wears to dinner. This isn't the Titanic in 1912 when there were classes and 10 course dinners in a tux. It's modern day cruising to an island.
  3. Not supposed to but I have seen it plenty of times.
  4. I just wear a nice shirt, and khakis. Its no big deal, you don't have go overboard like you are sailing on Cunard. I lost a lot of weight before our Anthem cruise in September so I was excited to dress up just a bit. I like wearing decent clothes not that I'm not fat. 🤣
  5. Oh awesome, we are on the same cruise. As soon as we saw Oasis was coming to NJ we had to book. Cape Liberty is an extremely easy terminal, very efficient.
  6. Wow awesome shots, really cool to share this. How is Encore because it looks beautiful? Is it just Breakaway on steroids?
  7. I only cruise from NJ/NY and you just take the good with the bad. In the end we are on a big, beautiful and incredible cruise ship so its good no matter what. I typically don't care where we end but next May we on Oasis and REALLY don't want to miss Coco Cay. I mean this is one cruise we don't want to miss Coco Cay and to lesser extent Cape Canaveral either. Really looking forward to this cruise. Oasis from NJ to the new awesome Coco Cay is a big deal to us.
  8. I am out of the loop here, is this because of a hurricane? Are we really still seeing hurricanes in mid November? That really stinks if you can't get to Coco Cay. Bermuda is awesome, been there 4 times and LOVE it but still not great to miss the new Coco Cay. Good luck, I hope everything works out for you.
  9. Man ain't that the truth! I for fun decided to price out a Disney cruise out of NY when one of the ships comes up here because I have a 6 year old. I almost fainted! I mock booked a regular balcony which is normally what we book on Royal Caribbean but you was about triple the cost. Yes triple! I think an inside cabin was still more than a balcony I usually book on Royal Caribbean. I was blown away.
  10. That is true also, I think that was the main reason they stopped the low deposit cruises.
  11. I agree, they used to give breaks at times with deposits but now its full deposit all the time.
  12. Oh man those rooms look so cool. We almost booked one in Adventure before Oasis was announced was coming to NJ and we had, we had no choice, had to book Oasis from NJ. I do want to sail Adventure while she is in NJ too though. We love Explorer so we would love Adventure.
  13. What does it tell you when a balcony is less money than a oceanview/window cabin? We are booked on Oasis May 10 2020 and are all set. We like the cabin we got, and the price we paid but I still track prices. We won't do better than what we paid but I still check once in a while. Right now an balcony is less than outside view. Is it as simple as balconies aren't selling as well so the price reflects it? I just found it kinda odd.
  14. Well usually book with cruise.com but switched to MEI for our next cruise in May because I found this site. They are very, very good. Very nice, very helpful. Very happy with the deal we got and cabin too.
  15. Thanks Matt, exactly what I was thinking, but then I read about people posting they got insane OBC for booking with this one or that one and I'm like what the heck am I doing wrong? Our last cruise on Anthem we actually 150 OBC from Royal Caribbean which surprised us. Then when we boarded the ship we had a note in the room from our TA which was a HUGE online TA and they gave us 50 OBC. That surprised me even more. I mean in the end it is what it is.
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