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  1. Johnson and johnson vaccine was just authorized for use just about an hour ago. We are headed in the right direction. Astrazenca is next I hope. We could be flooded with vaccines soon.
  2. Well if people do not want to be apart of a responsible society they can sit home without their masks. If they don't want the vaccine they can sit home and not cruise or vacation. That's the simply answer to those people.
  3. I think you'll be A-OK for that yes. Have a great time.
  4. Not only that but we don't want to see short cuts and the industry gets shut down again. No offense to anyone but I really hope vaccines are required and capacity is limited also because I really don't want to be on a ship that has a breakout and is on the news and then it's a hassle coming back to the US. I also hope by the time I still we don't have to quarantine for 2 weeks. I don't want to have to blow 10 sick days. Still a lot of questions in the air.
  5. Also having Johnson and Johnson vaccine being approved or going to be tomorrow probably is a huge step. One dose and done. Next is Astrazenca/Oxford Vaccine.
  6. What in the earnings call made you feel that way? That's interesting.
  7. Cool, what cruises do you have in December? Back to back?
  8. I know we have all been at points "optimistic" about cruises restarting. I don't think any of us thought it would last this long but I feel things are finally starting to turn. Its gonna be a bit longer but I feel we are moving, slowly moving in the right direction and cruises will start. I'd say some time in the summer, July/August. Of course that doesn't mean all our cruises will sail off. I'm pretty sure my August Oasis cruise is still in trouble even with my optimism. Anyone else getting a hint, just hint of optimism about cruises finally?
  9. We don't need it to be eradicated altogether, that would be nice but we don't necessarily need that. We just need it to stop spreading as efficiently as it does or to a super low level really, people not to be hospitalized and dying from this virus. Then we can sail, we are headed there ever so freaking slowly. On another very, very frustrating note. The delays of the vaccine excuse my language but are pissing me off to no end. Every single day there is a story on delays in all of them. Johnson and johnson only has a few million ready to go when approved. I mean really! Really! Ford can
  10. The smart people here can correct me here on my thinking when it comes to kids and vaccination. If all the adults on a cruise are vaccinated and this virus doesn't effect kids as bad as adults wouldn't it be OK for them to cruise without being vaccinated? The adults couldn't get sick or severely sick and thus there couldn't be a big break out on a cruise. Flawed thinking?
  11. I just read a study, I think by Israel that the Pfizer vaccine reduced the spread alone by 92%. This means, I think in my feeble mind that the vaccine keeps the infection so low that it can't spread. It can't replicate or spread.
  12. I have to say it would be extremely foolish for the Canadian government not to allow ships to just dock, collect taxes and fees for passengers that done even get off the ship. Then they can sail off to Alaska.
  13. https://youtu.be/hLHL7EPrBJA Don covers this question here. Sounds like this would make it legal and satisfy the PVSA Act.
  14. That's what my question was, that stinks. Seemed like a pretty good loop hole.
  15. Yes this is what I was talking about, and I guess I thought everyone knew about this law. Would just stopping in a Canadian port but not allowing passengers off get around the law? Would it count because to me it would. Nothing in the law says passengers must get off the ship, just to visit a foreign port.
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