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  1. We are in 1854 on the Freedom July 4-8. I am sure we will see a show out of the windows.
  2. I love 1804 and 1854 for the views. It's just hubby and me. I keep threatening him that his room is the bunk beds. With that said, credit card comes out and another cruise is booked.
  3. Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter. Have fun.
  4. Family of 6 will be on this cruise. I love Mother and daughter get away. My niece and nephew will become diamond on this cruise.
  5. I always take the shuttle to Miami airport at $10 per person. They are outside of the port. We get to the airport before 8am.
  6. We will be on this cruise. All 15 of us. I will be getting a block also.
  7. When booking a cruise, we look at aft cabins first. We love the view.
  8. The number 1 thing I bring is hubby credit card. I need to book a cruise to replace the one I am on.
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