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  1. I will be on that cruise with my family. Three cabins booked.
  2. @WAAAYTOOO, sometimes we don't leave the ship. Growing up in Jamaica I lived the island life.
  3. I have done Marnier and Navigator on B2B. I prefer Navigator. I love El Taco. The ingredients are fresh.
  4. I finally will be on a cruise with @twangster. Woohoo!!!!
  5. just booked my parents on the last sailing with me. It's going to be a family affair.
  6. i am so sad. Now I have to book more cruises to console myself. Where is my Husband's card?
  7. I am on the last sailing. I Love Grandeur. Lady G was my first cruise ship. I am going to miss her. I have two more sailings with her.
  8. I will be following. Love Looking forward to the pictures.
  9. My Key on Explorer is $16.99.
  10. Sail on @twangster. I Love Majesty. Have fun on your B3B.
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