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  1. I love my cabin. It was very spacious. All the suites amenities come with the cabin. I was amazed with my views. I opened the curtains at night and looked at the sky. It was thundering and lightening one night. I tried to capture the beauty of my new lense (thanks @twangster). You are going to have a blast.
  2. I will be with you traveling. We are doing B3B on Mariner. Have a great time. We are in the panorama suite for two of the cruises. We didn't get a letter either.
  3. I do early bird check in all the time. I only fly SWA. I always get A.
  4. I have liquor 99.9 percent in my luggage. We do early departure. I book early flights. I dislike waiting in airports.
  5. I finally went through the entire live blog. First, Happy Anniversary. Thank you for taking me on your awesome cruise. I lived outside of Roma for 6 months. Thank you for your fantastic pictures.
  6. Husband says the same thing
  7. Thank for the memories of the Vatican. I agree. It's too much to absorb on one afternoon. Red Velvet Cake and I need a piece. Your pictures are awesome.
  8. I had a great time in Cuba also. I hope cruises open up again. I would book again in a heartbeat.
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