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  1. Please have fun on this ship. This is ship is my first Royal ship. I will be on her again next April 2023.
  2. Put another cruise on the books Mariner of the Seas 8/5/23. Bermuda here I come!!!!
  3. I was on Jewel, masks everywhere and everyone had smiling eyes.
  4. Merry Christmas Mon!!!!
  5. Great cruise. Jewel was great too. Our original plan was to meet on the ship. Covid took over. Glad you celebrated your 25th date anniversary.
  6. With the extra money I saved through Royalup ,I am booking three more cruises on our Jewel cruise. I pointed out the savings to my hubby. I am making sure we have the magical card with his name on it.
  7. I have an eight day in August that will give me 32 days, pluse another 40 with small days. Grand total 72 days. I love the double points.
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