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  1. Small food containers are good for bacon for your hamburger at lunch.
  2. Please don't forget a small sewing kit. Believe me it comes in handy.
  3. With the highlighters we have two colors. One color for adults and the other for children/family.
  4. I have booked my excursion in Halifax in my cruise planner.
  5. Because of your love for the Oasis ships, I booked Oasis for next year.
  6. We booked early, because we are sure Oasis prices are going to increase.
  7. We have nine cabins on Navigator in June. We have mini white erase boards for each door. We also have magnetic dry erases for each door. We give each cabin a list of everybody's cabin number.
  8. Sweety

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!!! Chicago has a great day for Easter egg hunting.
  9. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I am living for a ride on the Edge. The food pictures are awesome. Now the best was the red velvet cake. When SWA cancelled my flight, I needed a couple of slices. I am glad you had a fantastic cruise. How was the casino?
  10. I will be on Adventure this Summer. Your pictures are beautiful.
  11. I will be on Navigator in June. We have 3 cruises on Marnier in August. So my vote is Marnier. Therefore you will be on both.
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