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  1. What happened to the short Caribbean schedule?
  2. @Matt released an updated schedule and it had 7+ Caribbean. Please let me know.
  3. What happened to the short Caribbean cruises?
  4. Following. I hope to be on Brilliance again soon.
  5. We bring caps from our professional sports. I always wear Bears' jerseys on the ships. I sent a Walter Payton jersey back to one cabin steward. He was extremely nice. Women like the caps on bad hair days.
  6. @twangster, have you brought any new camera equipment? My retroactive check is coming in from the strike. I need to spend. Hubby works for the school system also. I am spending his money on cruises. @WAAAYTOOO, see what a lemon pound cake can do.
  7. Haven't decided what airlines. I value what people say.
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