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  1. I never go into the lounge. I get my three drinks, mingle with other guests at the bars and met a lady that was in one of my classes in Boston a few years ago. She said I haven't changed in appearance. I brought her a drink.
  2. We were on her last Summer. Excellent ship. Love the crew. Food was awesome.
  3. Yes. Yes. They have 20 different toppings. My mouth is watering. I will be on Navigator for April spring break. Taco salad is a favorite of mine also.
  4. Congratulations!!! I will be following for this is one on my bucket list.
  5. El Loco is very good. We ate tacos everyday.
  6. Following. I will be on Oasis June 2020. Are you going to try the barbecue?
  7. They just bring the food on an oversized tray.
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