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  1. Yes, I am booking my FCC when it comes April 13.
  2. I am glad that I was able to book my family group cruise for next year. Working with students have given me the patience of Job.
  3. I gave my travel agent a standing ovation.
  4. Family Group cruise!!! Navigator, June 28-July 2, 2021. Now I need a cruise after the family cruise. 15 cabins and counting.
  5. Empress 8/9/21 now B2B with 8/16/21.
  6. I moved two cruises and I booked Empress next year. I am using my FCC to pay off my Grandeur this Summer. Now I have a B2B on Empress.
  7. I truly understand. There are many CPS sponsor trips that have been cancelled.
  8. Yes, woohoo to all the travel agents. Thank you for going the extra mile.
  9. Awesome. I love hearing young people successful stories.
  10. I have been on both. I love both ships. I was on Adventure last year Canada/New England. I have been on Grandeur 8 times. You will have fun. Adventure has more restaurants and activities.
  11. Not me. The district is changing athletes games, trips and travel plans for employees.
  12. Sweety because I love sweets (red velvet cake)
  13. CPS closed down the entire school for 14 days. Parents of the students can't go to work. They are closing their work places for 14 days. There are 322 students.
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