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  1. I am on Adventure next month. Four Seasons here I come. I will be the one screaming when they sing Sherry Baby.
  2. My family calls me Sherry Baby. The Four Seasons brings fond memory.
  3. Celebrity has more mature clients. I love both, but when I need to unwind it's celebrity.
  4. This is easy for me. SWA is my only airline.
  5. I do all the planning. If I get hubby's credit card, I am going to town. I book the excursions and ships. I get this look in my face that says YOLO book it. I will admit @twangster and @Lovetocruise2002 helps also.
  6. Happy Father's Day to everyone. I surprised my Husband by booking another cruise. Trying to get his credit card again. The next deployment schedule is coming up.
  7. We can't wait to try. My brother is creating different tacos days.
  8. We have the dry erase board too. We are on Adventure in July. Have a great time. I am following.
  9. Booked Navigator, July 17, 2020. I have again a B2B2B. I can't wait.
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