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  1. Elites get 30% off a wifi package plus 90 mins of premium wifi. On a 12 day cruise, could you use the 90 mins on the first three days (to check email) then buy a prorated- so nine day- 30% off wifi package for the rest of the cruise?
  2. App shows the lunch menu with filet. The dinner menu is much more extensive with osso bucco, a different steak cut, etc.
  3. $16 each- gratuity included- for a Giovanni’s lunch eight ounce filet mignon? Count me in. Just booked two lunches on BOTS this November.
  4. Jeez I think if you are buying tickets for 18 you get whatever you want for dinner table setup! Two adjacent 8-tops with an additional kid squeezed in at each table would be what I would shoot for. Maybe change seats each night.
  5. Diamond Plus gets a BOGO specialty dining discount which is booked onboard day 1. The Key has a 20% specialty dining discount which is also booked onboard day 1. Do the two combine? For example if Chops is $50, would the charge be 20% less using both discounts?
  6. Great advice. Thank-you. I hope to resolve this amicably with the cruise line in question but proceeding legally is a possibility. Past precedent seems to indicate that small claims court for an uncomplicated case against a cruise line has happened before even if maritime law is applicable. The way I view this is simple. If it comes to it, a judge will yay or nay my claim for recompense to fix the tooth implant.
  7. I think you have hit on the key to success. Document the event fully including X-rays, dental , witness reports, etc.
  8. The key point in the cruise contract is that any legal action must take place in LA- not in any other city, state, or country. We are getting ahead of ourselves though. Only tomorrow will I contact the cruise line to inform them of incoming. Yes it is kind of fascinating.
  9. Not Royal Caribbean. Filing of liability would be in LA. Small claims court there goes up to $10,000 USD. Covers it. And no lawyers allowed in their small claims court. But hope like heck it doesn’t come to that!
  10. The implant was placed six years ago with no prior issues. Annual checkups showed nothing as well.
  11. The other reports I filed leave this issue open until I return home to consult my dentist/ periodontist.
  12. No the FCC was not a settlement of any sort just their way of compensating me for two far less enjoyable days remaining on the cruise. Just a goodwill gesture on their part unrelated to the other reports I filed.
  13. Yes I have travel insurance but that seems to be for emergency dental treatment. This is not an emergency per se.
  14. We are loyal to Royal but occasionally try other cruise lines. Two weeks ago- on another cruise line- I bit into a seafood cake that contained an olive pit. It loosened my tooth implant to the point that it fell out two days later. Much apologies from the crew members I dealt with. Medical report at the onboard medical clinic. Security report filed. Guest Services notified and they gave me a $200 FCC as a sign of goodwill since I only had half a mouth for the last two days of the cruise. Since returning home, I have seen my dentist and periodontist. Bottom line is a new implant is required. Cost approximately $7,000 Canadian. About 14 months to complete. My question is what can I expect from the cruise line wrt compensation and what records do I need to produce? There is no doubt the cause of the damage. If it matters legally, we were alongside in San Francisco. At a minimum I expect the cost of the new implant to be covered and some form of FCC for the misery of going through this procedure again. What say you? ,
  15. For the Elite and higher loyalty levels, drinks are free from 5-7 pm in “almost all bars and lounges” on the ship. If you were dining in the MDR at 6 pm, would a couple of glasses of wine with dinner be free as part of this benefit?
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