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  1. YUMMMMM those look amazing!! I have tried similar looking pastries from a Portuguese bakery in Fall River, MA...didn't want to stop eating them!
  2. Good for you...and CONGRATS on your new "fresh out of retirement" job!! Must be something you really love to do which is not always an easy find. Very happy for you.
  3. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.... How badly I want to hear "Clear Sailing Ahead...CRUISING IS BACK"!!!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday!! I turn 64 this Friday...not feeling too old yet...except maybe when my 5 grandkids leave after having done their schoolwork here all day (I just learned new math which was a real challenge!!! ) I've got a second grader...third grader...fifth grader...sixth grader...and seventh grader. Can you see why I want to get back to cruising?????
  5. Flying is much more convenient when travelling with my entire family...only port close to RI is Cape Liberty and yes, I would consider that. But I do not want to cruise to Bermuda and the other cruises from there are 7 or 8 nighters...which I am not sure will be options right away (according to many of the other posts and discussions). For now...our planned cruise in April 2021 is out of Miami so driving would add several days to both ends of the trip. Not a problem for me and my husband (I took early retirement and he is flexible with his work schedule) but our kids' and grandkids' ti
  6. I hear you on that one!! Friday I will turn 64...Oh My!!! Where did the years go?? Only thing keeping me young (sort of) are my 5 grandkids but when they leave to go home after being here all day....boy do I feel OLD!!!!
  7. Keep us updated on that job offer...especially after you provided all your "needed time off"!!! If the job is still being offered to you...just might be an omen to take it!! Extra $$$ for the casino on all those cruises!!
  8. Guess I am VERY late getting in on this blog post...I just read through the entire 3 pages and would like to offer my CONGRATS to you on...buying...selling...and most importantly enjoying your life!!!! Very happy for you...best of luck with the move!
  9. Yes that is one of the videos I watched!! Looks like a lot of fun...and nice if there is a group all wanting to do something together.
  10. Hello...guess no one has responded to your posts. I have not been on the Wave Jet tour but found a few videos on YouTube so that might be something you can check out. I am considering this for my April 2021 cruise to Coco Cay...
  11. Hi it looks like it opens from the 90 side...not sure there are any rooms that have doors on both ends?? I suppose the best bet is to just call Royal and ask.
  12. Found it!! https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/news/video/cruise-lines-extraordinary-measures-set-sail-73163038
  13. My Navigator cruise is back to $53...from $71. Hope we get another limited quick sale for $44 like what was offered a couple weeks ago!!! A few of us missed that deal
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