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  1. Been trying to check prices as well and white screen appears for me too! Thought it was my computer until I logged into the forums and saw this topic!
  2. I use holiday-weather.com for my CocoCay forecast. This Saturday shows partly Sunny 84 degrees with a spot shower around 9am. Looks pretty decent to me!!! . ENJOY!
  3. Hi. They absolutely loved the entire cruise! Kept commenting on how much they loved the ship, entertainment, food and I have to say this is their first cruise not sailing in a suite and they were just as content. One hiccup…2 days after debarking my SIL felt ill and tested positive for COVID. So she had to have caught it on the ship since they drove to the port. She is a nurse and fully vaccinated and boosted. Not her first go-round with the virus either! So far my brother is ok. Thanks
  4. Sorry but I do not think those prices are worth it at all! Seriously, we paid $79/person back in November and I really wouldn’t justify paying much more than that! Even the cabana cost seems so steep compared to what other options are available. In April we decided to get a cabana at South Beach (which is to the right of CBC when facing the water) and it was so much cheaper than fee for CBC and we were very happy with our choice. But…that is just my opinion and everyone likes different experiences so I figured I would give you my two cents.
  5. Were you able to quarantine in your room or did they move you to the COVID rooms? So sorry you ended up I’ll…and your wife! Hope everyone is doing well now.
  6. Water bottles…anytime you think of it, stop at a bar and ask for one. Bring to your room so you will always have bottled water to drink. Fresh OJ can also be ordered in the MDR if you are eating breakfast there. With the refreshment package you get a soda cup so you can also visit the machine whenever you have that cup with you. There are other choices besides soda in the machine.
  7. If you booked through Royal (on website or on phone) you can call and ask the rep to check the current prices for you. I find they are always willing to help. If you used a TA, then have them do the asking for you. As @Ampurp85 stated…doing a mock booking helps you know what the current pricing is.
  8. I typically find the cruise planner sales happen about every 3-4 weeks so yes, I am expecting one for Memorial weekend since the last one was very early May. The thing I have not seen in recent sales is truly great prices!! It seems (in recent months) right before a sale the prices get “jacked” up so when the sale occurs the price is still not really cheap! Yes, I know inflation has hit us all very hard so I suppose we can’t expect those wonderful prices from a few years ago! Sad…but at least we are all in this together!
  9. On Oasis there really is no bad place for breakfast…just depends on what you are looking for. Now…I have only sailed on Oasis once so this is my opinion only! The MDR has your typical restaurant-style offerings and best part is the waiter attention. It is less busy so wait staff is pretty easy to find when needed. We ate in the MDR on debarkation day so we could enjoy the relaxed atmosphere one last time before heading home. The MDR is not a quick eat and run type of restaurant so if you are in a hurry…go somewhere else. My favorite is the Solarium Bistro because it is less crowded than WJ and although there may be less to choose from…believe me there is plenty! It feels like a more gourmet sort of food is offered. You can eat quickly or take your time and enjoy the scenery. The WJ has so many food choices and sometimes (depending on timing) quite crowded and noisy. It is very large and you should know there are 2 areas of the same selections on each end. A few of my pet peeves about the WJ: I hate it when I finally get to the section with the food I really want and the pan is almost empty! It happens! I will say that I did find they try very hard to keep up with refilling but I did have to wait for a few things. Another thing is when you are in a long line and the people in front of you just take their sweet time looking over everything and hold up the line. Even worse is when one person is in front of you and next thing you know there are 4 or 5 people joining them…just cutting in! All this happened to me which is reason I only ate there once! So there is also the Park Cafe which I did not check out for breakfast and of course Cafe Promenade. But I believe both of these are quick bite sort of places. Johnny Rockets also has a breakfast but that is not for me. Sorry I rambled…hope you first experience on Oasis will be the best!!!
  10. The entire Solarium area is beautiful on the Oasis. We ate lunch there a few times while on our cruise in November. We also had breakfast there. Both are buffet style and much nicer (IMO) and less crowded than the Windjammer. We decided against dinner since the offerings weren't spectacular and we enjoy the MDR ambiance for our dinner experience.
  11. I am not sure that the balcony dividers on Brilliance can be opened. I thought Radiance class balconies do not have that option. Hopefully someone will have the accurate answer.
  12. There is still time but it does sound like your odds are good! Good luck and keep us posted!
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