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  1. Thanks for all the info and tips. Your 2005 cruise sounds like it was perfect!! Actually the cruise I am looking at begins and ends in Rome so I thought flying in a couple days ahead to really explore Rome would be good and then once off the ship on last day take the train from Rome to Venice and spend a few days there...then fly home from there. I was also considering the Italy/Adriatic cruise from Venice to Rome on Brilliance and then taking train from Rome to Florence before heading home. But I want Venice and not Ravenna so the Western Med cruise makes more sense, I think.
  2. I am looking at the 7 night Western Mediterranean Cruise on Allure leaving from Rome...stopping in Naples...Barcelona...Palma de Mallorca...Provence...Florence...back to Rome. Here is my question to all of you well travelled message boarders: Do you feel there is enough time at each port to really see what that area has to offer? For instance, when in Florence is there enough time to visit the Duomo, Statue of David, and other attractions (maybe even stop in Pisa)? Are the ports really far from the actual 'cities' (I believe the Florence port is about 90 minutes from the town)? I scanned
  3. Welcome to the message boards! I am sure someone will have an answer for you regarding your question since there are many seasoned cruisers who pretty much can help anyone with anything! I am sorry that I do not have an answer...just wanted to welcome you!
  4. As far as I know the L&S is only available through April 2022...but that may have to change now that cruising is cancelled through April 2021!
  5. Glad you guessed right too!! Yeah, we have a mix of JS (7) and Spacious Balconies (5) on Navigator and keeping everyone on the same deck in very close proximity was already almost impossible back in December. And with that many people, I didn't have the luxury of picking and choosing which date to shift to...there was only ONE that we could all do!!! LOL Once this family cruise happens I hope to continue cruising with just me and my husband so I look forward to booking the larger ships...longer cruises...and bigger suites!
  6. So my family is very happy we decided back in early December to Lift & Shift our April cruise to 2022. Since there are 30 of us in 12 rooms, I feel lucky that I was able to keep our rooms almost identical to what we had originally booked for 2020 which then became 2021 (using FCC) and now 2022!! I just tried a fake booking for our cruise and had we waited 'til this cancellation to do the L&S...looks like we would have been more spread out. So doing the L&S ahead of time worked out for us! Since our original booking, I have been the "in-charge" person, opting not to go with a TA
  7. I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy 2021! May this year bring us all back to the sea...enjoying what we love the most with...family, friends, each other...celebrating good times, and CRUISING!!!
  8. I concur with Hagar...takes several days for the "resolutions department" to manually apply FCC's. Sometimes you even have to call more than once to be sure that the "back-end" staff are actually working on it! It's strange that this huge corporation still has to get certain things done MANUALLY!! Patience helps...but it will get done!
  9. Hello. Yes the FCC will carry to April 2022 (I am contemplating doing the same thing and spoke to RC staffer and that was confirmed).
  10. Congrats...enjoy the adventure all the way until you step foot into your brand new, built just for you...HOME!!!
  11. I called and yes I did see several other same itinerary cruises but the staffer I spoke to told me since the Navigator has identical cruise then that is the one I have to L&S to even though it will have changed ports by then. I will try calling again and see if I get same response from next person. Thanks
  12. Wow great deal! I looked into a possible L&S for my April 2021 cruise on Navigator but was only offered the EXACT same ship and itinerary for April 2022...was told no other options are available to me because my exact cruise is available (only difference is the port changed). I was told I couldn't even choose the same itinerary and port (different ship!) that I had to keep the same ship. So I have not made the decision yet to do this.
  13. That's what I keep looking at and it does sound nice. I was thinking while my kids and grandkids are doing the swim with the dolphin experience I might be able to walk over to that area to watch and then relax on the beach while they do the other water stuff.
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