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  1. Not to hijack your post but I am on Symphony heading back to Bayonne and heard several passengers experienced bowel / stomach issues after eating the lobster last night. My grandsons can be included in the number! . I had to cancel Hooked lunch for today because they do not want to look at seafood…even though it is their favorite!
  2. Hope everyone is enjoying this cruise so far. A bit chilly this morning…quite chilly last night! Sitting in Central Park enjoying a bit of solitude…doing my daily Wordle and Connections games to keep my mind sharp and to send to my granddaughters. The four of us do these everyday. Sun is peeking through so now just waiting for the temp to warm up. Have a great day!
  3. No idea about number of passengers but when I was checking out prices yesterday doesn’t look like there are a heck of a lot of rooms available!
  4. Anyone have their reserved HIRO show on Day 3 moved to a different date? My group of 14 did and now our group has been split into 2 different dates! Some of us were moved to Day 5 and some to Day 6… Hopefully we will be able to fix this once onboard Thursday!
  5. I am banking on a 70’s party! Not sure of 80’s though. And yes, I have my white night ready.
  6. Ahhh so now you will be boarding Utopia as Peter and I (and Rich and Rhonda) are disembarking but hanging around PC until the 14th when we board Mardi Gras! I think you made the right choice!
  7. Hey everyone! THREE days to go! Weather forecast for Bayonne: 72 degrees for the high…sunny with some clouds Should be a nice sail away!
  8. I do believe both rooms have a window . I looked on cruise decks.com and viewed a couple of the rooms close by to yours. Found a you tube video of the same rooms but on Wonder
  9. Just one question…were you happy with your connecting balcony rooms?
  10. Love this story! Love the name Ramona too…my kids and grandkids read all those books about her…lol!
  11. Thanks for your input and yours too @asquared17! I’m hoping since it’s lunch my grandsons will be allowed to order from regular menu. They are sooo into and the kids menu just doesn’t cut it for them. Fingers crossed @Lovetocruise2002 we will stay away from the deep fried selection!
  12. Not to downplay Royal as I love this cruise line and am very loyal to it…but if someone is truly looking for kids not messing up their vacation…cruise on Virgin! No one under 18 admitted I believe!
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