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  1. Exactly what @Twangster posted about new releases on March 29!
  2. Perhaps tomorrow will be THE DAY! If not, then...fingers crossed by Wednesday.
  3. Hope your dream comes true! My goal is to visit (via cruising) as many different ports as I can. I think I would get bored if each cruise I took brought me to the same islands /places to visit. I may have started my cruise passion a little late in life (hitting the big 65 this year!!) but I am hoping as long as my and DH's health holds out we can spend the next 4 or 5 years planning and enjoying our travels...just the two of us mostly...but also with our children and grandchildren.
  4. Yikes...I just happened to check on the Freedom sailings in April 2022 and I was able to "mock book" a cruise for the date I am being moved from Navigator to Freedom!!! I then called the groups department to find out how this will work when they have not moved people yet and the agent didn't have much info to give me! I asked her to note in my reservation that I would like all 12 of our staterooms (as I've mentioned before I have 7JS and 5Spac Balcs) close to each other. Not looking promising especially for the Spacious Balcs as there are not many available in the 4B category on deck 9!! W
  5. Hoping your date is early in the summer rather than late summer!!! Thanks for updating us.
  6. I like the 4 night and 5 night "supposed" itineraries. Hoping to find the perfect one to coincide with my trip out to Tucson next November for a wedding. Might as well spend as much time out West before heading back East!!
  7. Just wondering how high we will count before the sale shows up!!!! 1...2...3...4...5... Can't wait!!!!
  8. Nassau has the Swim with the Dolphins excursion. There are actually a couple of different types to choose from. The one called 'Swim with the Dolphins' ends with each participant floating on their belly in the water and 2 dolphins swim up to their feet and give them a "ride".
  9. Getting excited as we inch closer to April 12th...hoping Navigator sailings get posted earlier in the week and not end of week!! Funny, I looked at the cruise planner for my November cruise and since I was supposed to be on the Navigator for April 18, 2022...it says my cruise itinerary is LA to Catalina Island to Encenada!! Now I just hope that April cruise gets moved this week to Freedom and our 12 staterooms (7 JS and 5 Spac Balc) will still be on same deck in close proximity!
  10. Haven't noticed it for my 2021 November Oasis sailing...still same original design.
  11. I had this happen when I did a L&S from 2021 to 2022. Royal honored the Kids Sail Free for the 2 girls in our group who will now be 13 instead of 12!
  12. As noted above...so if your first cruise was cancelled by Royal and your club chose FCC's and then rebooked a new cruise which also got cancelled then your original FCCs are still usable but time may be running out to book. I have faith that Royal did not keep anyone's monies. And if the first cancellation resulted in choosing to L&S and that cruise also was cancelled then again the time to request a refund is limited and if Royal does not receive the request for refund they issue FCC's.
  13. When it was cancelled did you and the other members let Royal know which option you chose for the cancellation (refund, FCC, L&S)? If I am not mistaken, Royal allows so much time for contact and then automatically does the FCC. The FCC info gets emailed to the 'organizer' of the trip (at least in my case they did) and I think that email doesn't distinguish itself as from Royal...so it could have been missed. All of you could have FCC's in your names sitting in Limbo somewhere!!???
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