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  1. So I have been playing the slots. What other games are there? Sorry I sound dumb about this…it’s all new to me! Thanks
  2. Wow how long have you been playing to amass that many points? I just started about 3 weeks ago and can’t seem to get out of the 20,000s! Good for you to score such a great deal!
  3. Yes I would like to know this too! I want to be that couple who don’t gamble but get free cruises!
  4. Apparently we have a last cruise planner sale going on BUT no lower prices than have already been offered in the last several months!
  5. I would follow your Oasis “live” blog but I will onboard hopefully enjoying everything you decide to blog about!. I will follow your Freedom cruise once I get back home because I have that cruise coming up in April with all my kids and grandkids…as well as some of their friends! I noticed when we are at PDCC next week Freedom will also be there! It will be fun to actually see both ships side by side!
  6. I don’t think Royal advertises when they give resident discounts…which states…for how many days it’s offered. At least when I got it I had no clue it was part of a sale! It’s like a catch it if you can…and lucky you if you do!
  7. Honestly you could check prices every day and find different pricing and discounts over 50% of the time! Once I book a cruise that is pretty much what I do…I figure the 5 or so minutes it takes me to check prices is worth what I most likely will end up saving! Of course once you have hit your best price (which you really never know when that is) then the checking gets a bit tiring. But…you will never know unless you check!
  8. Not sure what type of hotel you want…low key vs high end. What date do you need? I checked the hotel I am staying in next week on Tuesday night just to see if the price dropped. I am paying $151. Price right now is $175. This is for the Holiday Inn Port Miami Downtown. It is very close to the port and pretty decent reviews. But that’s just me…everyone has their own opinions on hotels, etc.
  9. Yes there are sometimes sales specific to certain states and if you are lucky enough to get one it is awesome. I scored a $500 discount for my nephew because the particular day I was checking prices for our cruise Royal was giving RI residents a discount!
  10. I am on Freedom that day and I believe Freedom docks 2 hours before Allure? So if you really want the Beach club then buy it now and then keep checking for sales so you can lower the price. And you can always cancel and get your money back if you decide it isn’t worth it. My Freedom cruise planner is selling it for $143 right now.
  11. One more thing...as far as the pricing for March...typically Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals bring pricing to a much more suitable value (of course that was typical pre-COVID so not sure what this year's will be). I will say that paying $79/pp was probably the best deal I could have found for this, especially after researching and finding prices upwards of $150!!
  12. So, I have never experienced the CocoCay island so I am not the expert on what to do, what not to do, or whether paying extra for the Beach Club is truly worth it or not. However...since the price for the day pass was soo cheap when I bought it I figured why not try it??!! There are many different places to relax and "beach it" around the island for free and I do plan on doing a short exploration sometime during my day on the island. I know there are some true experts on this topic and hopefully will chime in to help you out. In the meantime, here is a link which does provide a bit of info that might help as well. https://eatsleepcruise.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-coco-beach-club-on-perfect-day-at-cococay/
  13. Guess we will find out for sure in just 9 days…my packing has begun!
  14. I will call this morning and see what gets sent to me
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