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  1. My condolences to your family and you. I've no doubt your mother would love for all of you to celebrate her life by going on this cruise if it is the best thing for you to do.
  2. Giving them hand-written requests is a great time-saving idea.
  3. We're right there with you. Being fully vaxed up is pretty much all anyone can do at this juncture. No point worrying about things beyond our control, even though we think it's ridiculous that we have to take a test 3 days prior to sailing.
  4. Here're a few thoughts regarding this new test mandate 3 days prior to embarkation: 1. Vaccinated folks like the missus and me still have to sweat out test results that could screw up our entire vacation plans at the midnight hour...false positives are a thing. 2. The data seems to show that 99% of new cases are occurring in the group that choose to not get vaccinated. 3. Vaccinated folks who do test positive rarely risk hospitalization and/or death...the therapeutics administered to the already-vaxed seem to reduce fatality risk to almost zero. 4. RCG is in a tough spot. They're playing a balancing act between satisfying the CDC rules, assuaging national political shenanigans, managing guest perceptions and overcoming the financial risks of getting back to creating amazing vacation experiences while avoiding the gargantuan risk of cruising lockdowns. Happy sailing to all!
  5. I think we all share the same feeling...just have to remind ourselves how awesome it'll be when we do the embarkation walk onto the ship.
  6. That was the method I used as well...I caught 1 minor glitch that was quickly reversed with a call to guest services.
  7. Can't hurt to check with your TA to ask these questions.
  8. Rental car rental rates have doubled in many parts of the country. All the rental companies dumped their inventory last year to raise cash to stay afloat. With demand picking up again and manufacturing capacity strained as the economy reopens, it's a classic case of supply vs. demand. Uber, Lyft and/or a shuttle are the way to go...I wouldn't even think twice about it for now. Happy Sailing!
  9. While we're down a port (-Labadee-San Juan+Philipsburg) for the first half of our B2B on Symphony sailing Sep 18th, we'll just have to "suffer" with an extra sea day on an Oasis class ship...something tells me we're gonna survive this unforeseen tragic "hardship". With all the COVID-related changes going on weekly (if not daily), I fully anticipate more adjustments will occur over the next several months. The good news is that while all of our itineraries are in flux, we're still sailing on wonderful ships while enjoying great company, imbibing fun cocktails and eating delicious food.
  10. Nordic Empress for me. 5-nighter out of Miami that I won in a sales contest.
  11. Sounds like a plan. We've Ubered from Ft. Lauderdale to the Port of Miami before...it takes slightly under an hour given lighter Saturday morning traffic and you should be in great shape leaving around 11:45 or so.
  12. Upon arriving a little early for embarkation, Matt had mentioned that he was told to go back and wait in his car until his arrival time. Probably worth a call and/or email to RCL a few days prior to your sailing to verify the latest protocols...I definitely plan on doing this prior to our cruise coming up in September. Happy sailing!
  13. As everyone else will likely tell you, better to book it now vs. waiting until you get on the ship...the prices are typically higher if you wait until you're aboard.
  14. This adds an interesting twist to NCL suing the state of Florida for disallowing cruise lines to ask for vaccine passports.
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