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  1. We completed a Symphony B2B two months ago and really enjoyed our experiences at 150 (we had the UDP 2 weeks in a row). Food was excellent on 3 separate visits, but the service level from our waiter, Ben, was absolutely spectacular! Wonderland was interesting, but the flavor profiles of weren't up to the hype. The Mad Hatter was new to his role and didn't really add much to the atmosphere of the place. I wish Wonderland would focus a bit more on amazing flavors to appeal to us "foodies".
  2. We did a lanyard on our last cruise and decided that's a winner going forward.
  3. I like the crew-serve option to eliminate touching utensil handles. This combined with good handwashing protocols makes norovirus transmission a non-issue.
  4. Considering their debt load has more than doubled during the pandemic shutdown, it's perfectly understandable they pushed back the delivery of these new ships.
  5. You may be correct. We're usually so stuffed with all of the food that it's pretty tough to nibble on additional entrees...hard for this kid to eat more than one filet mignon at a sitting.
  6. If you opt for the UDP, you can get multiple entrees as well.
  7. We renewed my wife's passport and paid the little extra for expedited processing...only took about 3 weeks from door to door. I would do this every time it's up for renewal.
  8. I always remind myself they're human beings just like the rest of us...anyone can have an off day here and there.
  9. They should make a sincere apology and throw in some OBC ($100 or so) to makes things right. Their true "cost" of the $100 OBC is likely in the $20 range or so, but the gesture would be priceless, as it would probably make you a repeat cruise customer for life. Good luck and happy sailing!
  10. In order to save time, I know that the bars on the ships are heavy users of Monin-brand flavored syrups (and yes, they do have a mojito flavor as well). As a former bartender, I can tell you that stuff is EXTREMELY sweet and has a tendency to overpower most cocktails. You may have received a mojito that contained a little too much syrup, thus overwhelming the white rum flavor.
  11. Here's my tipping strategy: I tip my stateroom attendant $20 on day 1 and let him know any specific requests we have (fresh ice, soap, etc.) and tell him I'll give him an extra $20 on the last night of the sailing. For specialty dining, I'll tip the server $20 at dinner and $10 at lunch per meal. The amazing the level of service and extras we enjoy because of this are amazing...let's just say your wine glass will be magically refreshed for the remainder of each meal AND it's not unusual for the managers to comp wine bottles when they learn you take care of their servers. For Main Dining, I'll tip $10 to $20 depending on the level of service. For wine bottles we bring on board, I hand $10 to the server while he opens the wine...no corkage fees for us AND see my comments above about wine comps as well. While we are light drinkers during the day (we usually hang around the Solarium on sea days and after port visits), I'll tip the bartender $5 for each pair of cocktails we order. Striking up friendly conversations with a good bartender will pay dividends when they know you appreciate them for a job well done. While this tipping strategy isn't for everyone, I will add that getting bottles of water for free isn't an issue even though we don't buy the Deluxe Beverage Package. Happy Sailing!
  12. You'll love it. We enjoyed it twice on our Symphony B2B ending a few weeks ago...the lunch is absolutely amazing! Enjoy!
  13. I've never paid for a bottle of water, but I always spot my bartenders and servers a little cash upfront and receive amazing service the remainder of the cruise.
  14. Izumi has some amazing tables right next to some windows for several couples...be sure to request them when making a reservation. Hooked has some nice views, but the food at the other specialty dining venues is better.
  15. We're so stoked for the March 11 sailing of Wonder...can't wait to enjoy our Central Park Balcony!
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