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  1. Only the 8-day Galveston sailings seem to include Coco Cay...I'd take an extra sea day on a 7-day cruise out of Galveston if it included Coco Cay.
  2. OP, I can firm what tj stated. We've done this on multiple cruises without a single issue. Happy Sailing!
  3. No indication of any upcoming changes. I always go directly to the company website, click on the ship I'm interested in sailing and check out the "Things To Do". Happy Sailing!
  4. OP probably needs to stick with the Jungle Cruise.
  5. That's fantastic! Gives us something to look forward to when we can pull off the next B2B.
  6. We did a B2B on Symphony not long after the pandemic hiatus...what an amazing experience...takes less than 30 minutes to leave the ship and then re-embark again. My only complaint is that we don't have enough time off from "real-world" responsibilities to do this again any time soon.
  7. Click the "Cruise Compass" link at the top of this page and look up a recent Liberty cruise compass.
  8. We enjoyed that $79 deal on the 2nd leg of a Symphony B2B in Sep 21 as well...scored it for only $49 on the 1st leg...love that post-pandemic pricing.
  9. Even if food is properly cooked, it could've been been held too long at temps between 40 and 140, thus becoming dangerous for public consumption.
  10. Go the the Cruise Compass button at the top of this page, type in the ship name, and you'll get a terrific idea of all the shows by reviewing past cruise compasses. Happy Sailing!
  11. I'd just ask one of the bartenders to comp me a brewsky on the spot and move on.
  12. Spot on! We're from a suburb of Memphis, TN, and I can tell you there is nothing close to authentic smoked BBQ on any cruise ship.
  13. You also want to see if travel insurance can cover some of the reasons for leaning towards a refundable fare. Some policies (we use Allianz Premier) may offer some protection based on your individual situation.
  14. Perhaps a negative side effect of an over-served DBP guest?
  15. Same on our Canada & Maine cruise on Voyager in Oct 2022. While the same menu wouldn't be exciting to repeat, the 6 glasses of wine they poured for us would make me care less about what they served.
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