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  1. Elegantly explains why we always use a TA when booking a cruise or other potentially complicated vacation...I can't add up the number of hassle hours my TA has saved me when crazy things pop up out of nowhere.
  2. True story. The one time I felt a little nausea on my first sailing 30 years ago, a shot of whisky did the trick for me. I now start every cruise with a quick drink at the bar the moment I board and have never had a problem since then.
  3. Same issue for me today...glad it's a website issue and not my usual fat fingers on the keyboard challenges.
  4. If it's working for you, I can only wish you Happy Sailing!
  5. This is also yet another shining example as to how a great TA can make cruising life better without having to lift a finger!
  6. We receive more bonus dollars with our Costco Visa than the Royal branded credit card...no need to own the stock from our perspective.
  7. If we lived within driving distance in Florida, we'd be copying your Coco Cay strategy for sure!
  8. While we normally don't do GTY bookings, we took advantage of a great deal for double points in a Junior Suite GTY (slightly obstructed) for a 9-night Eastern Caribbean Nov 2023 sailing on Explorer. Two days after booking, Royal pushed the sail date to mid-Dec and gave us the option to move or cancel with no additional fee, My travel agent was able to score us a great Junior Suite without an obstruction and closer to the elevators. Lucky day for sure...and what a terrific way to obtain Diamond status, too!
  9. Right there with you...Diamond in December 2023.
  10. Me too. It's pretty strange to make a negative comment lacking details if one is hoping for feedback from other cruisers. Some folks are just quirky, I suppose.
  11. We're planning on hitting up some local micro-breweries at each port. Bar Harbor, Maine Portland, Maine Halifax, Nova Scotia St. John's, New Brunswick (Bay of Fundy) Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  12. You will receive a bottle of the basic house red or white depending on which you prefer.
  13. We do the same for both Specialty and Main Dining Room meals. The level of "above and beyond" service we receive is amazing because of this strategy.
  14. Did it on our Symphony B2B last fall. If you're a cheese fan, I'd recommend doing it if you don't have the Deluxe Beverage Package.
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