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  1. We'll be feeling the same way twice...passing the Antigen test AND putting the luggage tags on just before the embarkation process...it's a two'fer!
  2. Travel insurance is your friend in this type of situation. Check out Allianz if you haven't already done so.
  3. B&W or Color will work for you. We also acquired these RCL-approved luggage tags from Amazon that fit the printed tags perfectly. Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags
  4. I love the tips from everyone...I'll post our "results" when we get back from our B2B.
  5. That's a terrific idea...thanks so much for the scoop. ??
  6. My wife and I are going on our first B2B in only 18 days and we are so excited! While I know we're allowed to bring 2 bottles per stateroom per cruise, can we bring 2 extra bottles for the 2nd leg of a B2B? While I would expect security to possibly hold the extra bottles for us to pick up after the 1st week (as if we were leaving the ship), is there any protocol for us to pick up the bottles on turnaround day to enjoy for the 2nd week? Just curious to know if any of the experienced B2Bers are familiar with this.
  7. We have a B2B sailing out of Miami on 9/18 and we fly Southwest out of Memphis. We are flying in 2 days prior so we can relax at the hotel and roll with the punches should our connecting flight get FUBARed.
  8. I tend to agree it's pretty safe during peak travel times. But it could cause an arrival here and there to get delayed (depending upon where the trip originates) due to having an earlier connecting flight get cancelled.
  9. "The low-cost carrier on Thursday said it will reduce an average of 27 flights a day from Sept. 7 through Oct. 6 and cut 162 flights a day from Oct. 7 through Nov. 5." Southwest Cuts Flights to Fix Operational Challenges
  10. Ikr. I still frequently run into folks who insist that cruise ships are proverbial "floating petri dishes". Of course, when I ask them if they've ever been on a cruise before and/or if they're familiar with the safety protocols onboard a ship, the answer is ALWAYS "No." ?
  11. I commend Royal for correcting this so quickly...makes me feel much better about our B2B sailing next month. ?
  12. We're in the same room as well...totally ridiculous to have to pack our bags, get off the ship with them, get tested, wait for hours and THEN get back on WITH our bags and haul them back to the same room. Seems like a workday to me.
  13. We have a Symphony B2B sailing Sep 18...this will be a far different experience than we were previously expecting to be sure. I suppose they want us to have our bags in hand just in case our test comes up positive? Problem is that it appears we can't get back on board until our 1pm check-in time vs. being escorted quickly back on the ship for the 2nd leg. Where the heck will we hang around for several hours between sailings?
  14. This is where a good TA is your best friend. Most everyone on this board sympathizes with these folks to one degree or another, but we're also all adults who are used to having to verify details of many things in our personal and professional lives. During a time where everyone is dealing with pandemic issues, I can't imagine any reasonable adult NOT double-checking travel restrictions as part of their vacation planning process.
  15. Yep. They may need to adjust their spam filter settings to allow emails from Royal to flow through. One thing's for certain, a good travel agent will ping their customers like crazy with reminders of any protocol changes (my TA's been all over this stuff). Lastly, if this vacation was so important to them (I know ALL of my trips are big deals to me), they should've been PROACTIVELY calling Royal to verify travel requirements during this wacky time of COVID.
  16. After watching the video in the article link, it's pretty clear the couple didn't use a TA. Yet another great reason to enlist the help of a great TA! ?
  17. Anyone else hear about this? Sounds like a horrible experience for a couple attempting to sail out for their anniversary celebration. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/08/20/royal-mess-for-some-galveston-royal-caribbean-customers-no-cruise-no-luggage-no-callback/
  18. Probably should've said "HOURLY" instead of "daily" in my original comment. ? Looks like I'll do a booster shot of whiskey tonight to celebrate the latest CDC suggestions...bottoms up! ?
  19. Everything I read (John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, etc.) indicate they recommend the boosters only for the extremely immuno-compromised at this time. One thing's for certain...we can count on changes to these suggestions on a daily basis.
  20. Thank you for the terrific idea. Based on your advice, I went to our state health department website and requested email copies of our vax records...it'll be our backup doc for our cruise next month. ?
  21. No kidding. How can any half-way responsible adult who knows how to book a cruise, airfare, etc. during the pandemic NOT be aware of various Covid-related travel restrictions/requirements? My travel agent has been pinging us consistently to ensure we are vaxed up and to set up a Covid test 3-days prior to our embarkation day.
  22. Sad thing is the earthquake devastation is so much higher than it should be in Haiti due to poor construction codes. Compared to their Dominican Republic neighbor, the Haitian people needlessly suffer due to their banana republic "government". Prayers sent to those poor people.
  23. I blame the "Kraken Variant" for Matt's delay in getting the message board back up and running. ? Rumor has it that he fell victim to it's insidious effects on his health while on the ship. No doubt he'll recover soon. ?
  24. We've been fully vaxed since April. Based on science, the additional pre-cruise testing requirement is complete overkill. While I understand the cruise lines are attempting to mitigate risk as much as possible (and they seem to be doing a great job thus far), this additional step is silly IMHO.
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