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  1. I think shipping costs depends on where you are shipping to
  2. Not in Bayonne, they announced you can’t do that.
  3. I tried on a handful of cruises over the years to put a limit on my kids cards. Guest services couldn’t allow it. So I gave them zero ability to charge.
  4. I wish it would be twice only in the same week. I had a waiter who couldn’t shut up about the survey, every single day…and sometimes twice a meal. Add in the head waiter and it was over the top annoying.
  5. My daughter and friends wanted to go because the drinking age is 18. The cost of the cruise was ok, it was the airfare that made them say no.
  6. Interesting, I wonder if this lawsuit will be settled soon. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/legal-regulatory/cuba-cruise-lawsuit-appears-headed-jury-trial-miami
  7. Unfortunately on my last sailing both the food and the service was bad. If you have to ask for water EVERY NIGHT YOU SIT DOWN.. and again for refills when "the guy" is filling other tables and walks right by...there is a major problem. That was only one aspect of service that was poor. It was only the second time I've done a survey where the rating was not a 10, and I can overlook a lot. I have recently heard them say the food does count against them. I don't know why that would be. I assume to counteract that you could list your waitstaff in the comments and write amazing things about them. I did that for one of the guest service staff on Anthem and when I boarded again a few weeks later and stopped by to say hello she asked if I had written a review for her and I said I did and she asked if I used the word 'wonderful' and I said I did and she told me the review was sent to her boss and she was given accolades for it. I would have no other way of knowing something positive is said to the employee who receives positive feedback so it was nice to learn this firsthand.
  8. My friends had $200 of OBC on their reservation. One used $100 to prebook something in cruise planner. When they boarded Oasis the remaining $100 was split equally between the 2 people. Each had their own credit card on file for the reservation. When it has been my husband and I booked in a cabin with one credit card it's just one bill and the OBC is applied to all purchases/gratuities until it runs out.
  9. Do a mock booking of a test at Walgreens so you can understand exactly what they are booking and if there are any associated costs. I scheduled a test for a friend (computer illiterate) and it did not ask for insurance info from her, nor did they ask for it when she got to Walgreens. So in her case it appears to have been a free test. CVS used to be free-you could select for travel-and that has changed in the past month or so to cost about $129 per person if you do not answer their pre registration survey "correctly". You can experience that yourself if you do the mock booking and answer no to all of their questions, it will be a screen that says you will be expected to pay $129 (or thereabout). If you redo their testing survey and I believe the first question is "unable to maintain social distance" or something of the sort-which really who can if you go out anywhere shopping, work etc-and answer that question as yes you will not get the screen telling you about a $ amount to pay. Now keep in mind that not all Walgreens offer the NAAT (rapid PCR if you will) or PCR and if that is what you are looking for you need to do that mock booking to find a location that offers it. The same can be said for CVS. One last thing, the testing offered at any location can change from week to week. I was registered at a CVS community testing site that used to only give PCR tests, and when I went to do another booking they had changed to only offering rapid (antigen) tests. (I ended up cancelling my tests and decided to go with the at home test kits-so I had no more worries about CVS changing whatever they offer)-if I had a Walgreens near me that offered what I needed I might have considered trying them. One last thing, one of the regular cruisers here who uses CVS had reported that his testing now includes a minute clinic visit for his test, so no more driving up, swabbing and calling it a day. My insurance is not the best, so I wouldn't have risked even trying that to see if it was free (which I am told it is). I'm also sick of seeing explanation of benefits for $300 going to some of these outfits that offer "free" covid tests, at least if I don't have to present my insurance card I don't have to see that it's happening.
  10. I believe you can cancel them any time, even prior to boarding….
  11. I have one end of July on celebrity. Their move up site says apply 30 days out the earliest. I know I’m well outside of that but when I try it gives me a “only available for sailings within 21 days”
  12. I hate to say, but once Covid has hit the majority of staff onboard the staff will all be working and the ship will be back to normal. Unfortunately there’s no way to predict how fast Covid is running through the staff, nor when it started. Assuming it’s the latest variant hitting staff I imagine ships will be better staffed within a month or so. I wonder how long they need to stay in quarantine after they test positive.
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