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  1. As everyone else stated everyone in the room must get the alcohol drink package if one does, UNLESS ROyal carribean is contacted for the "excusal" (need a valid reason) and then those excused must buy a royal refreshment package. FYI Black Friday time seems to have the best pricing for drink packages. IF you miss that window you can continuously check for sales. The only problem I have with purchasing a drink package with unrelated people, you make the whole purchase on your credit card and you need to get their money (and then note somewhere you did in case of cancellations). Th
  2. With the drink package-which I'll get when I'm with multiple friends/family Specialty coffee with baileys at breakfast bloody mary-discoverd this last cruise Poolside-I love a Mudslide or a frozen strawberry daiquiri or the drink of the day dinner-whatever- on my last cruise it was Tequila Sunrise or a Cosmo after dinner decaf coffee with baileys night out-chocolate martini or other fun drink (aren't they all fun though?) shots-if I am with those wicked friends who make us drink them (YES, they MAKE US( If I go to late night pizza, beer with pizza! must do! Without
  3. Matt, what would happen if I add people to a room (or swap their name in for someone who was on the reservation) and then all those original people on the room back out before full payment is due? or even after final payment is made?
  4. I emailed my travel agent some questions regarding cancelling of some reservations> below are the questions and answers. I need your input as to whether or not I thought of everything. Background: I have 4 cabins booked -for Junior Suites for a March 28 sailing out of NJ This is a mixed group of Girl Scouts with and without parents attending. Some cabins hold 4 people, others hold 3. our pricing was FANTASTIC, and I'm hoping any changes won't have a negative impact on those who are going. I want to have them all decide sooner rather than later if they are going to bac
  5. Alaska 2019 It was better than anyone could explain. We were fortunate to be with family to celebrate my MIL 75th birthday. We also did a 3 day land tour via the cruise line. Despite the wildfire smoke in some areas and the HEAT WAVE it was a FANTASTIC experience.
  6. Best thing I did was go on a whale watching tour and bring my good camera. The tour ended with a seafood bake that was out of this world. I cannot remember the port we were at-sorry.
  7. I have the card. It is my primary card I use every month and pay off the balance in full monthly. I also have put my 2 sons college tuition onto the card -it is billed monthly, I figure I'm paying for college they are putting me on a cruise or buying me a drink package! LOL I have not yet figured out if I will be applying my points to a cruise any time soon as I believe if you cancel your cruise you lose your points. I can be wrong on that so you might want to call BOA points and ask.
  8. Please clarify if you can. I have a whole bunch of Girl Scouts who put non refundable deposits down for March 28 cruise out of Bayonne NJ. I just had a mom reach out to me today to tell me she is not comfortable sending her daughter. I have a feeling most everyone will cancel but some are die hard cruise people. IF I cancel this one girl she won't get any cash back ?(only deposits were put down of which I believe typically $100 is non refundable) I'm hoping this is not the case, the girls have been saving for a final trip for years and this is their last year in scouting.
  9. I don't see RC taking care of it's LOYAL C&A customers, unless perhaps its the highest of the levels. I've seen many here who have distinction with issues. Why would RC cruise fare cost more for a C&A member than a non C&A member? I did pricing out on a cruise and found that happened when I entered in my C&A number. I feel they only care about selling cruises, and not a thing about their loyal customers.
  10. i hear there are great prices today on multiple items!
  11. I see a lot of talk about people taking the FCC of 125%....the price of my March 28 out of Cape Liberty NJ junior suite is just above double of what I paid for it.
  12. I do not present as handicapped but I have a bad back. At times I can walk stairs, distances and stand on a line with no issues. Other times I am in great pain within minutes of standing on a line or doing stairs. No rhyme or reason. I'm sure a lot of people view me as capable of walking stairs-or even standing still on a line. However, I would never cut people off at an elevator. I really wish RC would have a "take a number" on their Guest services line because I have spent numerous cruises standing on that line -sometimes multiple times on one sailing-and I pay for it with a super ach
  13. Drink packages are on sale today. $46 per day for Deluxe, $20 per day for non alcoholic royal refreshment package Not sure for how long, You can book a drink package and cancel and rebook at any time. The cancellation goes directly back to your method of payment and you can use the same or another method of payment for the new drink package booking.
  14. I'm in awe at this L&S. I have a cruise booked for March of 21.....may I ask why you are waiting for the pricing to go down on your April cruise to L&S to the following year? Do you get the same exact reservation for the same exact price? I have 4 rooms of my Girl Scouts/moms in Junior Suites set for March of 21.....they will be HS seniors....I'm not even sure I will be able to shift to the following year without losing some girls because the Colleges will have different breaks...Do we ALL have to move, can some of us move, what happens if I decide to L&S the whole reservation a
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