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  1. Be careful with this. Each “small group” gets its own confirmation #. The issue I had with this is the airline moved seats we had together and when I questioned it it was due to the separate bookings. I had 3 different reservations for a family of 6 for combinations of the “2 seats at this price”, “2 seats with points” snd 2 at regular fare. One set of 2 were my kids. This was pre pandemic. No idea why they moved our seats and it was up to us to fix it by asking passengers to move.
  2. NJ gas isn’t priced as great as it used to be as a NYer. It’s within a dime per gallon. No one in NJ has cleaned my windshield either!
  3. Read my post above about making the appeal. If it doesn’t work call back later or the next day. $1000 in freeplay is a lot to lose!! 1 (866) 213-3116
  4. Did you call and go over the booking with a club Royale rep to see why there is still a balance due? my understanding about the free prime cruise is it CAN be cancelled and rebooked. I would verify that with the casino rep before cancelling your cruise. I don’t understand what you mean about your discount being decreased the prime cruise is good for 2. When you add a third person you typically pay the difference to go from a 2person cabin to a cabin that can accommodate 3 plus the passenger fare for person #3
  5. When I decided to try slots, as opposed to my tables, I sat at a machine that was a “set of 4 of the same machine”. I asked the lady next to me what I needed to know and she was very kind. When I hug the gesture I had to make a dad idii on which bonus to play and she told me what she usually did. So I did it. She was super sweet. Most slot players will tell you what they know about the machine. I will say my hand accidentally touched max bet, thankfully I won $700. So be careful about which buttons you push, Some slot machines will say you need to be playing max bet to get the jackpots shown, its in small print on the screen. Press the menu button snd it will show you the payout situations. Be sure you are on 1 penny on your bet unless you wanted to play more money 2 cent machines are double the cost of the button you push so if you are playing a 2 cent machine bet at 50 credits a spin if will he $1.00 per spin not 50 cents like s 1 cent machine would be
  6. The best you can do is go on the computer and price each cruise using the DP340 code odds are it doesn’t even apply-as this code is not available on all sailings. Maybe you’ll find one sailing that the DP340 will give you a better rate. They can’t go backwards and give you a dp340 rate from when you booked your cruise, it would only be at todays rates.
  7. Yes! I usually drink it as a dark n stormy which is ginger beer with gosling rum
  8. Contact Michael Bayley, the CEO. Email is [email protected] mention reservation #’s as well as dates called-lust form is best include name of who spoke with, who admitted it was there error etc. o . Linked reservations and importance of being on the same deck. If C&A members include that as well Examole dear …. on April 1 I booked symphony July 3 2024 sailing reservation # cabin # with Mary Smith C&A# John smith C&A# reservation # cabin # etc on May 1 I added reservation # for Jackie Briwn c&A # on June 1 I realized my cabin was moved, without my permission. I spoke with Jane Die who said…… ‘on June 5 I spoke with Tom Brien who said…..etc asyou can see I’ve made multiple calls and I’d like this rectified. My cabin never should have been moved. Your customer service agent has admitted to their mistake. Can we please have all cabins moved to the same deck (or offer another satisfactory alternative-free internet so you can stay in touch with family on the other deck?) you can contact me at (provide phone #) Good luck!
  9. It will really depend on the weather and it’s effects on the ocean Ive cruised the NJ to Bahamas run a lot on oasis and Anthem. I can recall a May Oasis sailing that was super bad, but don’t recall associated storms. Deck 4 in the casino was very bad, our cabins on deck 8 weren’t much better.other sailings on that run were fine-the ocean was so smooth it looked like glass. I sailed Adventure to New England in the fall and we hit some very tough waters, due to the ripple effect of a hurricane some of the staff were sick and I was green currently on Jewel-rough start and seemed better for a day but it’s rough again thank you Hurricane Lee. best is to not book all the way forward or aft.. if prone to se sickness, like me, take the meclizine ahead of time, be familiar with allowable dosage, chase it with done ginger ale or ginger beer-my go to is the darknstormy which is ginger beer with holding rum. Also ginger chews or candy and green apples. Others swear by the wristbands-pressure points/ and scolpamine patch (Rx) - I’ve never tried them on my Symphony Transatlantic we hit some tough waters, we had gone south to evade the bad stuff from a storm, can’t imagine it could have been worse! Even though I’ve had a few rough sailings, out of many sailings, I still think weather, cabin location and your ability to treat motion sickness all play a factor. I should really be praying to the porcelain god right now on Jewel but im actually doing well!!, in fact better than my Oasis sailing !
  10. I would assume it’s at least the same bottle limit as wine.
  11. If I won I certainly won I certainly would not leave the room without my $ or instructions on how to get it. Maybe there was a communication problem on your sailing
  12. Ask him what he got last week! If it’s less than 10 he’s on his way to retraining if you give him less than 10 as well. I think it’s close to a “3 strikes you’re on probation” or out” type of system
  13. I booked it for 3 upcoming cruises. One cruise is with my young adult kids. They will all be of age, I don’t book excursions for them typically, so this will be a nice thing to try. The second is with a friend, and the third is Easter break with the husband. I figure book now and if it’s “that bad” I can cancel later, otherwise their dynamic pricing might be at double or more if I decided to wait. I feel like this will be like the beach club during the Covid comeback…priced low enough to try it out and then it will become untouchable. If my Feb of ‘25 sailing had it to book at all I’d consider that too. Easter break was $20 more than each of my 2 February cruises. I am hoping the Diamond, D+ and Pinnacle vouchers will work here
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