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  1. Europe would interest us, but probably not the US. We would wait until a vaccine became available, but we'd love to tour Europe, and river cruises are an alternative to the proverbial "bus trip".
  2. I found climbing up Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica a real blast. It is physical, the water is cold, but it is an experience one remembers! We took Royal's excursion.
  3. We do self-assist, as others described, since Royal lost my wife's suitcase once on disembarkation. The advantage is that we are one of the first off the ship, which helps us on our long drive home. The disadvantage is that we miss a leisurely breakfast. When we fly, we try to get the air valet service, which eases the stress on disembarkation. We find that Oasis class ships have two lines leaving the ship, and we move fairly quickly.
  4. We always found Royal kid-friendly, especially on the day I lost my 5-year old son in the men's room (he exited out the 2nd door I never saw). Our son loved to dress up for the MDR...
  5. Great update. We're hoping to get to French Polynesia in 2022 or 2023. Awaiting the vaccine just because of issues like the one you reported.
  6. We actually find it is good cruising with our son once a year as a family get-together. Last year we had to invite his girlfriend, and they will be married in the fall. My point is now that he is out of the house, a cruise is a nice "reunion". We also cruise on our own and are looking forward to the future.
  7. [email protected] stated, cruising in large numbers may not resume until we have a vaccine. 50 years ago last month my Spanish Club in high school visited Spain (under Franco still), and we were required to affix a yellow public health certificate to our passport showing we had vaccinations (I think typhus and smallpox were the concerns then). I envision many countries to require some sort of medical certification before they issue visas or allow cruise ships in port. I think we need our leaders to work through the mass-scale vaccination process and how the record-keeping will occur. I am hopin
  8. Yeah, we know the stats. That wasn't my point -- my point is that the risk has been underestimated, and we are all paying the price for it now. My wife is a nurse, my dad was a physician, and I have a research statistics background. There are too many healthy people who get seriously ill, so as a senior, I am erring to the side of safety, as I believe most new cruisers will do. That said, just this week our veterinarian was talking to clients without a mask while all the techs insisted on wearing them (as did we). If we are patient, we'll get to the other side and enjoy safe cruising.
  9. While the boat ride is bumpy (I get a little queasy but never lose my breakfast), it is worth it for some excursions. We loved the Amazing Secret River, for example (you hike/swim through a cave system), and I know nothing like it in the states. But I wouldn't take the shuttle just to go shopping or snorkeling, which you can do in Cozumel.
  10. I agree with @WAAAYTOOO . CAS "stole" a point from us not too long ago (no explanation, they just changed the total), so I am glad someone is getting our point or two!
  11. I think we will need vaccines before new cruisers are willing to give ships a try. We ourselves are waiting for the vaccines. We don't worry about getting a random virus, but we do worry about dropping dead....
  12. For Athens, I think the Parthenon is good, if you can handle the crowds (get there early in the AM). It's just something worth seeing, as we've all read about ancient Greece. Having done it in 2011, on our next visit we would try museums and shopping at the bazaar.
  13. We are still hoping for a South Pacific cruise with a fall back of the Mediterranean.
  14. I'd give another vote for Stingray City, which is where we'll be headed on our next cruise. We enjoyed the Turtle Farm when our son was younger, and it is possible to snorkel around their pond.
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