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  1. Check your cruise insurance for coverage of missed port or itinerary changes.
  2. In my experience, your points OBC will be applied to room charges, including gratuities that weren't prepaid. In addition to cashing out at casino, some cruisers go to guest services to cash out. Now promotional OBC is use it or lose it. It is non-refundable.
  3. Rock climbing wall or pool? My son did activities like napkin folding contest, arcade, or Ocean Adventure dance. I would check a Cruise Compass to see what is typical.. Also board games are something to consider. And of course, children can be encouraged to read.
  4. MDR staff work in other venues, such as Windjammer. I wouldn't change default gratuities.
  5. We enjoyed Pompei,but in late June, it was hot, so drink lots of water.
  6. You are lucky to find a replacement-- feel good about that. At ABCs our snorkeling was cancelled at last minute and others were sold out. You can also consider other vendors.
  7. Last cruise our Cruise Director wasn't very good and seemed to lack entertainment talent. That was a surprise to us.
  8. As a comparison, we were in Tahiti recently and paid 150 each to stay at a Hilton with coffee, snacks, and pool privileges. We had about 7 hours in comfort instead of standing in line at airport in 80 degree heat. So there can be value to this Royal option. (Our other cruise line didn't offer the stay awhile option.)
  9. Did this at age 70. There is some walking at the ruins, but this is not a strenuous excursion. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  10. I wouldn't waste money on the Key as your time isn't bad and an hour or two on day 1 isn't worth the cost. There is far too much emphasis on being the first to board. I think vacations should be relaxing, so I hate to see anxiety about boarding times. Just a thought as I think of poolside music. .
  11. I have seen other posts about snorkeling through 3rd party vendors at Mahahual, the village a short taxi ride from the secure port area. I haven't tried it though.
  12. "Hell" is overrated. We enjoyed the Turtle Sanctuary, though.
  13. Your cruise documents may not be ready. In my experience, there can be a couple of weeks delay after check in. Monday is a month out. I'd call Royal then if you can't get into app successfully. If you are eager, call Royal now. PS. See thread on luggage tags.
  14. We bought a specialty meal for a September cruise. For our 2025 cruises only packages are currently available. It takes awhile for cruise planner to be fully populated. I would check back later, or consider using BOGO offer when onboard.
  15. When my son flew to Europe and had a major flight change the night before travel, he called Air2sea and got it fixed. Be sure to save their emergency phone number.
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