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  1. Chocolate Sensation in MDR. I used to have it multiple times for dessert...Last cruise I couldn't find it listed.
  2. We had a lunch at Sabor on Harmony, and it was a lot of food. Basically, we didn't have much room for dinner in MDR. My recollection is it was starter, entree, and dessert, but it's been a couple of years. My take away was that next time I won't eat lunch there so late (about 2 PM). Food quality was high.
  3. Thanks everyone! Good suggestions.
  4. There is an iced espresso drink - Caribbean Coconut, I believe, for which I was charged two punches on the Harmony. I have tried making my own iced coffee using complimentary cups and ice, as mentioned above.
  5. We are travelling to the Med in 22 and are trying to plan a Royal Caribbean excursion out of Civitavecchia that doesn't go to Rome (been there, done that). Suggestions? Can't get an updated excursion brochure yet. Thanks for sharing your suggestions.
  6. My wife and I continue to wear masks while shopping, picking up pizza, etc. That in addition to what has been said about social distancing, etc.
  7. One winter we booked a cheap one and froze our rears off in the water. There were too many people crammed into the boat and on the water - kept getting kicked. There was only one stop at a reef outside the harbor (I think a 15 min boat ride). So don't pick the "cheap" one. Next time I will try a catamaran snorkeling adventure!
  8. Yep. They punched by the shot on that cruise. On a different cruise they didn't.
  9. On Monday I tried to take advantage of a cruise planner sale and discovered that $75 promotional OBC was added to my account. I used $25 on one excursion and was going to use the balance on another, but at checkout the OBC had been reduced (it should have been $50 but only $25 showed). So $25 in OBC disappeared. But at the same time, the "sale" discount of 20% jumped to 25%. Given previous posts, IT issues aren't a surprise anymore. But I had never encountered these particular cruise planner issues before. My takeaway is to use all of the promotional OBC at once!
  10. One small note. The last time I sailed on the Harmony, Sep 19, some drinks were charged two punches instead of one (like the Caribbean Coconut iced drink). I don't know if this is still a practice on some ships. Something to think about as it would be moot with the Refreshment package. I still prefer the coffee card, though.
  11. Agree, we've always had travel insurance, but we've only needed to use it for luggage problems.
  12. What really opened my eyes was my first snorkeling excursion out of Labadee over 10 years ago. To a degree, it changed my life. But aside from that, Chacchoben, Dunn's River Falls Climb, and the Amazing Secret River at Playa del Carmen are ones I'd heartily recommend, physical exertion required! In Europe, Pisa and the Acropolis were underwhelming, but Ephesus really piqued my curiosity. Some historical sites you've just got to visit to compare your direct observations with what you've read over the years. The quality of your tour guide makes a difference (not too much talk, not too little).
  13. After being in hibernation for over a year, I've exhausted my supply of Royal Caribbean T-shirts! Now more than ever before, I miss the on-board T-shirt sales. Yes, they can create a bit of a mob atmosphere, but the patient and considerate guest can still enjoy the process and improve one's casual wardrobe. Anyone else have thoughts?
  14. I think we are all waiting for confirmation when Royal will actually begin departures from US ports. Test cruises are first, then the real deal.
  15. 2009, before the remodeling. Snorkeling was a bit better then. Had to deal with tenders, which a couple of years later led to a missed port (waves too high). Frankly, I favor the more primitive settings, but I understand that competitors like Disney drive an effort to create a theme park atmosphere. I love the fact that we have a pier and don't tender anymore.
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