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  1. I just got off the Harmony, and you complete them on the TV in your stateroom. There was a general waiver and then a specific waiver for ice skating or flowriding. I don't recall signing anything to go on the zipline.
  2. You get the letter on the ship. There is a summary of benefits at CAS website. I haven't seen changes by itinerary, just CAS level. I attached a diamond letter as an example. At this link you will find member benefits by level.https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cas/ Diamond Benefits.pdf
  3. The adult show is called the Quest, and it has been performed on all of the ships I've sailed. There is a little cross-dressing so minors are discouraged.
  4. Actually, all gratuities are for total compensation, it is just our culture to pretend to "pay for performance". In the US employers pay less than minimum wage because state law in some places allows them to count projected tips as part of their basic pay.....So, yes, we all need to tip but we are free to choose the amount. I've found members of this blog to be on the generous side and support whatever they choose to do.
  5. Yes, as has been stated. There may be two formal nights the first of which could be "wear your best". Recommendation for men is slacks/dockers and a collared shirt with dressier clothes encouraged but not required. Yes, there are informally-dressed folks on formal night, but they are few in number, or like happened to me, they've lost their suitcase.....In the Med you may go to churches/cathedrals so everyone should have at least one pair of slacks, etc.
  6. Seattle's Best was the house coffee on Harmony last week. I bought the coffee card to get espresso or cuppuccino in the morning (the iced latte is charged two punches but the caps are just one). PS. I found the decaf in the MDR and specialty restaurants outstanding and perhaps better than the Café Promenade. Their decaf tended NOT to be hot.
  7. We didn't experience any touching/grabbing, and some of the crafts are truly hand-made. So I recommend taking a look if something piques your interest. That said, you will need to bargain down at least 50%. Most of our purchases in Labadee have come from the fixed price store, which has multiple stalls inside and seems reasonably priced. As a side note I found the merchants in Turkey more aggressive and annoying than Labadee or even Jamaica (Dunn's River Falls), and last week in Mexico the hawkers were everywhere. You just tune them out unless you are really interested. If you ever go to Morocco, beware because that is the only place a hawker grabbed my wife in order to sell a photo (I was off to the restroom and missed the confrontation).
  8. We had a similar issue based on the "plan conversion" that has previously been explained. Our account was first adjusted up one point and then readjusted down one point, both after "audits". Our first cruise was only 5 days, and yours was 7, so it is possible that when they converted plans you were due an extra point. After we lost a point, we stopped asking for the logic behind the plan conversion adjustment. Good luck, and enjoy your cruise.
  9. I can give you an old break out which you can adjust. Guest Services has a business card with the amounts. At $13.50 per day non-suite (in 2018), Dining staff got $8.30 and State Room attendant got $5.20 per person. So percentage-wise, just under 40% for the Stateroom Attendant and balance for Dining Staff. The Waiter gets more than Assistant Waiter, but I don't have the breakdown. Non-suite is now up to $14.50 As you know, suites are a little more, which is what I am guessing you have.
  10. I was on a cruise last week. The tap water on the ship was fine. The bottled water ran $2 or more depending upon size/brand, as I recall. I normally drink the tap water for free unless I need to pack a bottle for an excursion. You and your husband could each get a bottle of water for the road as you get off the ship. They won't give you a 3rd water for your daughter if she doesn't have the package.
  11. On a longer cruise, 7-night Harmony, the first formal night was "wear your best" but the second formal night was still described as formal. As I reported in another thread, I didn't see a lot of difference between the two nights, and guests generally wore nice clothes. There were really very few tuxes. I also noted that with white night scheduled for 11 PM, a number of guests seemed to be dressed for dinner in white. So there is some variety on slightly longer cruises.
  12. To climb the falls we started at the beach and worked our way up. As stated, it is strenuous. but my son and I made it (I was 60). You need old tennis shoes because it is rocky. We didn't do the tubing at Jamaica, but the tubing we tried at Belize was somewhat tame (mentioned previously), as was the raft trip we took out of Costa Maya. So i wouldn't think tubing would be too adventurous. We have found swimming through caverns (Playa del Carmen) and the Dunn's River Falls climb to be the most strenuous excursions we've attempted. Again, even seniors can manage.
  13. My wife and I like the souvenir shopping on Labadee better than Coco Cay, which has the appearance of being made in China. The Harmony is great as a ship, and the Solarium Bistro is a great alternative to Windjammer. We have basically given up on WJ due to the crowds, but last week they weren't bad. But my point is that the Solarium Bistro is a neat resource on the Harmony. For me, the best excursion in Jamaica was climbing Dunn's River Falls, but it is a very physical activity. On the whole, I prefer Roatan to Jamaica (for snorkeling), so a Harmony Western Caribbean itinerary is more to my liking. Mexico also allows visits to Mayan pyramids, which can be great for kids and adults. Whatever you choose, have fun. Eventually you'll do both...
  14. My recollection is that when you check in online you can add that sort of information. Or you can talk to the Loyalty Ambassador on the ship, or if you have an agent, let the agent call RCI. The CAS number isn't critical for a child, but date of birth is. As long as your child has or gets a CAS account, the cruises will be credited. Have a great cruise...
  15. I recommend always wearing a vest when snorkeling. I tried once without and got caught with a bad current. That was the day they had to tow divers and kayakers back to shore. My son made it to shore safely while I had to head for the rocks you aren't supposed to stand on..... I agree you can snorkel off the beach, but after seeing what little was left after the hurricane last week (only one spot at Chill Island had any interesting fish), I think you should consider an inexpensive snorkel tour. Also, i saw a few jelly fish at Chill Island, which was a big change from May. Have a great cruise!
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