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  1. For my 2022 cruise I tracked old prices from a previous cruise and then the online "brochure" price, which is generally less than onboard by a 10% or more. I found an excursion we liked that was 25% below the brochure price. A few others were also discounted, but most of our other candidate excursions weren't discounted from the brochure. So I'd say it's really hit or miss on Black Friday.
  2. We saved 25% off the online brochure price of an excursion. Only a few excursions were discounted, though. Most were still at the original price I'd been tracking for months.
  3. On my 2022 cruise the listed price is about $43 something plus tip per day. That seems to compare to the other posts.
  4. Instead of trying that, we have used a chat feature of Royal's Ap to contact others. Not sure which ship you will be on or that status of their infrastructure in 2022. With COVID, I believe the Ap will be deployed on all ships. I am sure others have a more direct and accurate answer to your question.
  5. I don't really think it is about the $$, but your enjoyment of the cruise. That is, if you can get the room type you want at a fair price, do it. That has been our strategy. We have learned to get better prices by booking well in advance, but we certainly don't think a $100 here or there would make a difference to our lifestyle. I still regret not paying $300 extra per ticket to fly non-stop to London, choosing a cheaper method that almost caused us to miss our cruise. Having this airline experience behind me, I approach cruise pricing looking for a fair deal but not a "killer price". We
  6. I had under-cooked pasta at Giovanni's, but the waiter let my son eat for free, so it was a wash. His octopus was fantastic -- now I know not to order something mundane at a specialty restaurant.
  7. Last September on the Harmony I remember sitting at the Promenade with my Caribbean Coconut espresso drink and watching all the people in white go by (it was the second Formal Night that day). They really looked sharp, and many attended dinner in their white outfits. I miss the Promenade!
  8. We did this a few years ago with our middle school-aged son, and we enjoyed it. What caught my eye was the ability to snorkel in an artificial lagoon -- I enjoyed that after the turtle tour and before we bought lunch at their restaurant. Next trip we are going to see the sting rays!
  9. If a majority of people wear masks, then mask-wearers are likely to represent a greater portion of a sample, which increases the opportunity for them to be selected randomly by virus particles. Also, mask-wearers may be more likely to be out and about (which is inherently risky). To make a valid and reliable comparison, you must control the risk (sample with different risk categories), then examine mask wearers vs. non-mask wearers and see who is more likely to contract the virus. When making comparisons, sample size is a factor, which is why there are a variety of research designs and stati
  10. I saw on YouTube that another carrier was offering COVID insurance for pier denial at a nominal price, I believe 20 Euros. I think we need a product like that in the US.
  11. Europe would interest us, but probably not the US. We would wait until a vaccine became available, but we'd love to tour Europe, and river cruises are an alternative to the proverbial "bus trip".
  12. I found climbing up Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica a real blast. It is physical, the water is cold, but it is an experience one remembers! We took Royal's excursion.
  13. We do self-assist, as others described, since Royal lost my wife's suitcase once on disembarkation. The advantage is that we are one of the first off the ship, which helps us on our long drive home. The disadvantage is that we miss a leisurely breakfast. When we fly, we try to get the air valet service, which eases the stress on disembarkation. We find that Oasis class ships have two lines leaving the ship, and we move fairly quickly.
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